State of Minnesota by HC121004094615


									State of Minnesota                                                                   District Court
County                                                 Judicial District:   First
Dakota                                                 Court File Number:
                                                       Case Type:           Family

                                                                   Notice of Intent to Enter and
                                               Plaintiff             Docket Support Judgment


To the Above – Named obligor: ____________________________

You are hereby notified pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 548.091, subdivisions 1a, 2a. and
3a., that based on the attached affidavit, judgment shall be entered and docketed upon the filing of
these documents by the court administrator against you in favor of ______________________ __
for the arrears accrued under the court order dated _________________.

The total amount of said judgment shall be $                         .

You may request a hearing under the rules of civil procedure on the issue of whether the judgment
amount has been paid, and may move the court for an order directing the court administrator to
vacate or modify the judgment on the docket register.

Dated                                          Signature



State of Minnesota                                                                     District Court
County                                              Judicial District:     First
Dakota                                              Court File Number:
                                                    Case Type:             Family

                                                                        Affidavit of Default of
                                            Plaintiff               Support and Identification


                                     , being duly sworn on oath deposes and states that she/he is the
obligee. According to the order dated                      , the obligor is to pay $
per                    as and for child support. Judgment was obtained by operation of law for
unpaid child support as follows:

              Payment Due Date(s)           Amount Paid            Amount Unpaid
                                           Total Due

The obligor’s full name is                                        . The obligor’s last known
employer is                                              . The obligors last known address is
                                            in the City of                        , State of
                                    . The obligor is not in the Armed Services. All support
payments are payable to                                  .





Subscribed and sworn to before me
This           day of               , 20

Notary Public/Deputy
                                               AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE BY MAIL

STATE OF ___________________                               )
                                                           ) ss
COUNTY OF _________________                                )

I, ____________________________, do hereby state that on _____________, 20 ___ at
           Person mailing documents
______________________________, in said County and State, did serve the attached:

List titles of documents mailed to other party(ies)

on said party(ies) by mailing a true and correct copy thereof, enclosed in an envelope,
postage prepaid, by depositing the same in the U.S. Mail at _______________________
                                                                                     City and State
and addressed as follows:
                                                           (name and address of party being served)

Dated: __________________
                                                                     Signature of Person mailing documents

Subscribed and sworn to before me on

Notary Public/Court Administration

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