The letter thanked the Board on behalf of the Tuolumne Master Gardner by ls723a4r


									                                                                                                                   Item 4.1
                         WEDNESDAY JUNE 13, 2012 6:00 P.M.
                18603 PINE STREET, TUOLUMNE, CA 95379 209-928-1214

The Board of Directors of the Tuolumne Park and Recreation District met in regular session on Wednesday, June
13, 2012. Directors Bob Fulcher, Steve Artzer and Michelle Hightower were present. Also present were
employees Cindy Wano and Tony Krieg. Absent from meeting were Board Members Debra Munsel and Donnie
Wright also James Wood from Maintenance.

Open Regular Meeting: Fulcher opened meeting at 6:15pm

1. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Artzer

2. Approval of Agenda: Artzer made request to Board to change places of 8.1 and 8.6 because of a large
group of people from the Lumber Jubilee.

                                                Motion: HIGHTOWER Second: ARTZER               Ayes: 3   Nays: 0

3. Oral Communications: There were no comments from the public. Fulcher did advise that 2 Board
Members were absent, Board Members Munsel and Wright.

4. Consent Calendar: Voted on as one item.

         4.1 - Approval of the Minutes from May 09, 2012
        4.2 - Approval of the Routine Bills

                                      Motion: ARTZER            Second: HIGHTOWER          Ayes: 3   Nays: 0

5. Correspondence: Received a Thank You note from Summerville Elementary School for sponsoring the
O’ville Run this year.

6. Safety Meeting: James Wood was absent from meeting, Tony Krieg gave safety report of no Employee
Accidents or Liabilities, both playgrounds are in good shape.

7. Reports:

7.1 - Community Garden (Ingalls) Ingalls gave verbal report to Board about the Community Garden. Ingalls
advised that there were still 6 beds available for rent at the garden, and she also read a letter from the
Master Gardner’s. The letter thanked the Board on behalf of the Tuolumne Master Gardner’s for the use
of the Community Garden for their tour this year. Ingalls also made a request for volunteers to help get
the garden in shape for the tour.

7.2 - Maintenance Report (Wood) Wood was absent from the meeting and Tony Krieg gave the Maintenance
Report. Wood had the Inmate Crew here from May 21st to the 25th to clear brush and trees from Lot “P”,
replaced water valves in Depot Park, cleaned out wishing well in Reid Park, cleaned downspouts at the
Memorial Hall, planted crape myrtle at the Tot Lot, and put up the shades at the Horseshoe Pits.
7.3 - Library/Youth Center (Sorensen)
7.5 - Office Report (Krieg) Received 1st month’s rent for the bldg. and yard. Going on a walk thru Lot P
with the Sonora Area Foundation committee, spoke to Deborah Russell at the County Auditor’s about
sending the warrants with just the account numbers on it, now will be sending the bills along with the
warrant now.
7.6 – Event Report (Wano) Wano advised Board that the sale of tickets for the Giants game on 7/13 are
going well and there are only 4 seats left on the bus.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\26a7a25b-4903-42c5-a556-8b839e72791d.doc – Prepared by Cindy Wano
REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS – JUNE 13, 2012                                  Page 2 of 3

8. Discussion/Action Items

8.1 – Park and Recreation Grants (Krieg) Item 8.6 moved up on agenda. Board wants to address some
concerns about the Jubilee. Hightower started by saying that during the Jubilee she went over to the
Library and talked to Gail. Gail had some concerns about the Carnival and she did write a letter last year,
and she was not sure if the Jubilee received it. Her concerns are that she has supplies that come up missing
out of the bathrooms, she cannot say for sure if it is the Jubilee Carnival, but it seems to happen the first
day that they arrive. She has tried locking up the bathrooms but they need to be open for the people using
the Library and Youth Center. She would like to know if there was some solution that could be made.
JUBILEE QUESTION: What supplies are missing?
HIGHTOWER; All of the toilet paper from the bathrooms.
JUBILEE: Could she lock the bathrooms. The Carnival has use of the lower bathroom at the ball field and
we have porta-potties brought in. We have doubled the amount of porta-potties and even had them
delivered a day early.
HIGHTOWER: Would it be possible to have them delivered on Monday when the Carnival shows up.
JUBILEE: The Carnival is not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, and the porta-potties were to be
delivered then.
HIGHTOWER: Gail’s only other concern was handicap parking for people using the Library.
JUBILEE: There were handicap spaces, it was a condition of getting the permits for the Jubilee, and also
the cables were checked to make sure that they were covered for the wheelchairs.
FULCHER: Another concern was the moving of heavy items and the heavy equipment in the Park. The
heavy equipment is leaving large ruts in the grass, making it hard to mow and water the grass. Maybe
James could work with the Jubilee Committee next year, and maybe the inmate crew could come up and
help with some of the hand work.
JUBILEE: What hand work?
FULCHER: The moving to benches, tables and some of the logs.
JUBILEE: The logs will be too heavy to move by hand.
ARTZER: We need sit down as a group and discuss the rules that we have always talked about. Also
James problem was that he did not know who was in charge, he wants to be able to go to that person and
say let’s fix this.
BOBBIE MILLER: I stopped at the park and talked to James the day he was putting up lights and said to
him that the Jubilee is coming up, and he asked if anything has changed and I told him that it was pretty
much the same, and he said I thought so. I also made sure he had my cell number, and told him if there
were any problems or issues to call me and he said OK.
KRIEG: All that is being said is it would be good to have James there when the logs are being placed in the
park. All we ask that when it comes to this part let James is there to do the directing.
JUBILEE: It will be OK with us if he wants to be out there all day. This is a big production. Also the big
fork lift never went out onto the park, just out on the grass by the train.
KRIEG: We just wanted this problem addressed, what has happened has happened and we would like to
be a little more involved next year. Also, the vehicles driving on the Park lawn. We do not allow vehicles
on the lawn, they cause problems with the grass and they could break off a sprinkler head.
JUBILEE: Is the only problem breaking off sprinkler heads? What is the difference between foot traffic
and vehicle traffic on the lawn? If a sprinkler is broken then the Jubilee will pay to have it fixed.
KRIEG: All that we are asking is to be more involved next year and to have James oversee the use of the
park. We are also offering to help with any other work you may have, and offer the office here for your

8.2 – Sale of Brown Maintenance Vehicle (Artzer) NO ACTION TAKEN, MOVED TO NEXT MONTHS

8.3 - TPRD Community Dinner (Artzer/Hightower) NO ACTION TAKEN, MOVED TO NEXT MONTHS

8.4 – Job Description Change (Krieg) Krieg requested from the board a job description change, from
“Comptroller” to “Business Manager”. Board agreed on the name change.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\26a7a25b-4903-42c5-a556-8b839e72791d.doc – Prepared by Cindy Wano
REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS – JUNE 13, 2012                                                Page 3 of 3

                                               MOTION: ARTZER         SECOND: HIGHTOWER    AYES: 3   NAYS: 0


8.6 – Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee (Fulcher/Hightower) Item 8.1 moved to end. Krieg addressed the Board on a
grant class that was being held in Fresno. The class is combined HCF & LWCF Technical Assistance
Workshop, and will be held on July 10, 2012 from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Krieg requested from the Board that
his mileage and wage be paid for the day. Board agreed on cost.

                                                MOTION: ARTZER         SECOND: HIGHTOWER   AYES: 3 NAYS: 0

9.0 Adjournment         7:10 pm

NOTE: Reminder to add an item to Review Davis’ Restitution Arrangement every January at the regular TPRD
Board Meeting through 2020 or until the debt is paid in full per Board Meeting minutes of 12/09/2009 Item 7.5.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\26a7a25b-4903-42c5-a556-8b839e72791d.doc – Prepared by Cindy Wano

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