Held Tuesday 5th April 2011 in the Carnarvon Rooms, BJ at 7.30pm

Present:       Cllrs. Cluff, Gale, Greenfield, Hazard, Hutt, Hyde, Johnson, Potter (Chair), & Welton
In Attendance: Jackie Dawn (Parish Clerk) and 4 members of the public
10/319 Apologies Cllrs Bilan & Blandamer

10/320 Declarations of Interest None declared
10/321 Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st March 2011
       It was resolved to accept and sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 1st March
       2011 as a true record.
10/322 Matters Arising from the Minutes
       10/292 Correspondence – Library Meeting: Cllr Cluff agreed to attend the Library
       Service meeting to be held on Tuesday 12th April at 7pm in Burton Joyce Library.
10/323 Open Session
       Mr D W raised the issue of the frequency of rail services that stop in Burton Joyce. The
       Parish Clerk advised that contact had been made with Cllr Roger Blaney (Newark &
       Sherwood Council) who sat on the Stakeholder Board at East Midland Trains. Following
       further discussion it was resolved to invite Cllr Blaney to a future meeting, to write to
       Vernon Coaker MP to make him aware of the situation and to write to East Midland
       Trains advising them of the condition of the Station Shelter and to request an upgrade.
10/324 Draft Village Plan
       Fiona Hunter and Angela Davies presented the draft Community Led Action Plan 2011-
       2021 which had been previously circulated. The Plan had been distributed for
       consultation and comments were required by 30th April 2011. Councillors were asked to
       forward their individual responses to the Parish Clerk or the Village Plan Committee by
       the 15th April. The Parish Council congratulated all those who had been involved with
       working on the project.
10/325 Budget Performance/Bank Reconciliation
       The budget performance and bank reconciliation to the end of February was tabled and
       it was resolved that these be approved. The list of cheques paid during March and
       Schedule of Payments for April was approved and signed by the Chair. It was resolved
       that F&GP Committee be tasked to look at the asset register and establish a schedule of
       upgrades or replacements.
10/326 Correspondence
       A full schedule of correspondence received during the previous month had been
       previously circulated, it was agreed that these documents be duly noted and form an
       appendix to the Minutes.
        i.        Burton Joyce Bowls Club– it was resolved to support the request for extending
                  the current rain shelter. It was noted that shelter would be the property of the
                  Parish Council and as such be included within the Council’s insurance schedule.


        ii.     Notts County Council – Cllrs to register interest in attending Civic Service with
                the Parish Clerk.
10/327 Committees
       (i)  Amenities – It was resolved to receive minutes of the meeting held on the 15th
            March 2011.
            a. Allotments:         The meeting resolved to approve the application for
                erection of a shed on plot 39b.
            b. Roberts Recreation Ground: Cllr Cluff gave a brief update on the
                progress with the Friends of Roberts Recreation Ground and commended
                those involved for their energy and enthusiasm. It was noted that the
                consultation process had commenced and that the completion of this would
                aid design of the Roberts Recreation Ground and provide access to further
                funding opportunities.
            c. Best Kept Village Award:           It was resolved that an application would
                be made to enter the award.
        (ii)    Planning – It was resolved to receive minutes of the meeting held on the 15th
                March 2011 and to consider the following applications:
                2011/0271 – 9 St Helens Crescent
                Proposed two storey side and rear ground floor extension
                It was agreed that no objections/comments be made on this application.
                2011/0321 – 1 Crow Park Drive
                Proposed construction of new dwelling at land adjacent to 1 Crow Park Drive.
                It was agreed that no objections/comments be made on this application.
        (iii)   Finance & General Purposes - It was noted that no formal meetings had been
                held in March.
        (iv)    Poplars Sports Ground – It was resolved to receive minutes of the meeting
                held on the 8th March 2011 and it was resolved to accept the lowest quote
                provided for the replacement flooring in the Pavilion Lounge.
10/328 Wind Turbine Update
       Cllr Cluff advised that Gedling Borough Council had still not confirmed the date when the
       Planning Committee would consider Severn Trent Water’s application for the proposed
       wind turbine development. It was noted that there was a legal requirement for this to be
       done within a certain time frame. A draft letter to Gedling Borough Council expressing
       frustration with the delay and the impact of the uncertainty on residents and sports
       ground users had been previously circulated. Following brief discussion, it was resolved
       to agree in principle to write to Gedling Borough Council and to circulate to interested
       parties, Cllrs Hutt and Potter to formalise letter.
10/329 Service Level Agreements
       The Service Level Agreements between Gedling Borough Council and the Parish
       Council and the Parish Council and the Parochial Church Council for the maintenance of
       St Helen’s Churchyard had been previously circulated. It was resolved to approve and
       sign the Service Level Agreements as presented.


10/330 Notts County Council’s Highways Maintenance Policies
       The Briefing Note to outline the changes to Notts County Councils Highways
       Maintenance Policies, as a result of the budget cuts, had been previously circulated. It
       was noted that the key changes would be a substantial reduction in the frequency of
       cutting grass verges, withdrawal of maintenance of public landscaped areas and the
       termination of routine weed-killing on public highways. It was resolved to write to the
       Portfolio Holder for Highways at Nottinghamshire County Council with copies to Gedling
       Borough Council and the local MP in order to register the Parish Council’s dissatisfaction
       with the reduction in services. It was further resolved to raise public awareness by
       including an article in the Parish magazine.
10/331 Vacancy
       It was resolved to approve the revised job description in respect of the Janitors role at
       the Poplars Sports Ground and to advertise the role in the Parish magazine and on the
       Parish notice board. It was further resolved that the Parish Clerk make arrangements to
       bridge the gap in cleaning services.
Date of Next Meeting:        Tuesday 17th May 2011 at 7.30pm
                             Carnarvon Rooms, Chestnut Grove, Burton Joyce.
                                                                     Meeting closed at 9.08pm


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