ESADE Methodology Feb 10 by ls723a4r


									            object of attention ?

            • discover what ?
            • relationship to practice ?
            • exemplars ?
            • organizations - importance
            • individuals - given ?
            • individual - organization relation
            • model of the individual (MoI)

Feb-16-10           ESADE Research Issues          2
            object, method & aesthetic

             • quantitative               • objective

             • qualitative                • subjective

                     where is the researcher ?

Feb-16-10               ESADE Research Issues            3
      Scientific Method ?


            Hypothesis                                 Conclusion

                 Experiment                      Observation

Feb-16-10                ESADE Research Issues                      4
            The Inductive - or Subjective ? - Method


            Interpretation                                      Framework

                   Experience                        Practice

                                         inside ‘truths’

Feb-16-10                    ESADE Research Issues                          5
Pre-test / Post-test Method ?

                     T                                       A
             H               C                       I               F
                 E       O                               E       P

Feb-16-10                    ESADE Research Issues                       6
                    Causality vs Agency
• individual as cause versus
  individual as object
• entrepreneur, leader, strategist,
• von Clausewitz
• synthesis, researcher’s agency
• criticism as method
• upstream / downstream

                                                        concept A

                                                        concept B

                                                        concept C
                                                        concept D
Feb-16-10                       ESADE Research Issues               7
people         behavior-    rationalism,       relativism &     constructi-   organicism
as             ism          heterogeneity      theoretical      vism &
objects                     &                  anarchism        uncertainty
DoL                         specialization
dumb           dys-         economic           subjective       homo faber    org routines
man            functional   man                man              rhetorical
               man                                              man

bureau         behavioral critical theory      organization     political     autopoiesis
cratic         economics theories of the       s                models        evolutionary
theory                    firm                 as cultures      agency        economics
                          game theory                           growth
                            markets         ethnography social                experimental
                            social exchange & cultural  constructio           economics
                            theory          anthro-     n                     institutions

   Feb-16-10                            ESADE Research Issues                           8

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