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									     Issue                                 Index Terms/Keywords                                          Authors                                  Title
Issue 1; Mar                                                                                    D.M. Auslander               What is mechatronics?
                                                                                                N. Kyura; H. Oho             Mechatronics-an industrial perspective
                                                                                                                             Modeling and design methodology for
                                                                                                R. Isermann                  mechatronic systems
                                                                                                                             Modeling, design, and control
                                                                                                                             integration: a necessary step in
                                                                                                K. Youcef-Toumi              mechatronics
                                                                                                                             Sensor technologies and microsensor
                                                                                                R.C. Luo                     issues for mechatronics systems
                                                                                                                             Intelligent control for human-machine
                                                                                                M. Buss; H. Hashimoto        systems
                                                                                                K. Ohnishi; M. Shibata; T.   Motion control for advanced
                                                                                                Murakami                     mechatronics
                                                                                                H. Ishihara; F. Arai; T.
                                                                                                Fukuda                       Micro mechatronics and micro actuators

                                                                                                                         The role of electronic controls for future
                                                                                                M.B. Barron; W.F. Powers automotive mechatronic systems
                Controlled Indexing DC motors machine control mechatronics
                observers parameter estimation robust control servomotors velocity
                control Non-controlled Indexing disturbance observer doubly coprime
                factorization estimation error high performance ultra-low speed servo                                        High performance ultra-low speed servo
                system inertia variation instantaneous speed observer parameter                                              system based on doubly coprime
                identification algorithm robust stability speed controller two-degrees-of-      K. Ohishi; T. Miyazaki; Y.   factorization and instantaneous speed
                freedom speed servo system                                                      Nakamura                     observer

Issue 2; June                                                                                   M. Tomizuka                  Guest Editorial
                                                                                                                             Ten years of mechatronic research and
                                                                                                V. Salminen                  industrial applications in Finland
                                                                                                J. Van Amerongen; W.
                                                                                                Jongkind                     Mechatronics in the Netherlands

                Mecatronics, design, robotics, surgery, active vision, education, automation,                                Mechatronics design for product
                sensors, actuators                                                              J.R. Hewit; T.G. King        enhancement
     Issue                                  Index Terms/Keywords                                   Authors                               Title
                                                                                                                       Mechatronics for the design of human-
                Mechatronics, design, human-oriented machines, manipulators              G. Schweitzer                 oriented machines
                                                                                                                       Mechatronics-a powerful concurrent
                                                                                         H.M.J. Van Brussel            engineering framework
                                                                                         P. Dario; M.C. Carrozza;
                                                                                         B. Allotta; E. Guglielmelli   Micromechatronics in medicine

                                                                                         G. Hirzinger                  Mechatronics for a new robot generation
                                                                                                                       Grasping with hydraulic fingers-an
                                                                                         F. Pfeiffer                   example of mechatronics

                                                                                                                       Another language for describing motions
                                                                                                                       of mechatronics systems: a nonlinear
                                                                                         S. Arimoto; T. Nakayama       position-dependent circuit theory
                robust control, variable structure systems, self-organizing, tracking,                                 Robust tracking control of mechatronic
                mechatronics                                                             A. Denker; K. Ohnishi         arms

Issue 3; Sep.                                                                            Ren C. Luo                    Guest Editorial
                                                                                                                       Integrated structure/control design of
                                                                                                                       mechatronic systems using a recursive
                                                                                         A.C. Pil; H.H. Asada          experimental optimization method
                                                                                                                       Sensor technology integration in an
                                                                                         E.A. Croft; C.W. de Silva;    intelligent machine for herring roe
                                                                                         S. Kurnianto                  grading

                                                                                         Li-Ren Lin; Han-Pang          Integrating fuzzy control of the dexterous
                                                                                         Huang                         National Taiwan University (NTU) hand
                                                                                         T. Shibata; Y. Matsumoto;     Development and integration of generic
                                                                                         T. Kuwahara; M. Inaba; H.     components for a teachable vision-based
                mobile robot, visual feedback, visual teaching                           Inoue                         mobile robot

                                                                                                                       Robotic Office Room to support office
                                                                                         H. Mizoguchi; T. Sato; T.     work by human behavior understanding
                human-robot symbiosis system, behavior, object model, network            Ishikawa                      function with networked machines
     Issue      Index Terms/Keywords           Authors                                Title
                                       M. Nakao; S. Sugiyama;       Remote-centered compliance
                                       Y. Hatamura; T.              mechanism of micro-suspension for
                                       Hamaguchi; K. Watanabe       contact recording head

                                       K. Kosuge; K. Takeo; D.      Task-oriented force control of parallel
                                       Taguchi; T. Fukuda; H.       link robot for the assembly of segments
                                       Murakami                     of a shield tunnel excavation system

                                                                    Hybrid integrator backstepping control
                                       Chun-Yi Su; Y.               of robotic manipulators driven by
Issue 4; Dec.                          Stepanenko; S. Dost          brushless DC motors
                                       M. Dimmler; C. Dayer         Optical encoders for small drives
                                       H.J. Van de Straete; J. De
                                       Schutter                     Hybrid cam mechanisms
                                                                    Application of the encapsulated actuator
                                       M. Oku; T. Kokubu; S.        model to the sequential control of
                                       Masuda; K. Kamiyama          machines






























    Issue                       Index Terms/Keywords                             Authors                                          Title                              Pages
              electrostatic actuators, linear and rotary type, FEM for
              electric field distribution, modified PCB process,       R.X. Gao; J. Fang; B. Rao;      Miniaturized surface-driven electrostatic actuators:
Issue 1; Mar. surface-driven design                                    R.O. Warrington                 design and performance evaluation                      1-7
              flexible manufacturing systems, scheduling               J. Fenchel; Y.-H. Chen                                                                 8-21
                                                                                                       Stable real-time multimodel scheduling for flexible manufacturing syst

                linear piezmotors, monolithic flexure frame, anometer,
                piezoelectric motors, position control, stiffness      B. Zhang; Z. Zhu                                                                     22-29
                                                                                                       Developing a linear piezomotor with nanometer resolution and high st

                active vibration suppression, circuit analogies, control
                systems, flexible structures, smart structures                                        Integration of VLSI circuits and mechanics for vibration30-04 of flex
                                                                         L.G. Lenning; A. Shah; U. Ozguner; S.B. Bibyk                                         control
                magnetic levitation, mechatronics, microactuators,
                micromachines, microrobots, robots                                                    A
                                                                         T. Nakamura; M.B. Khamesee prototype mechanism for three-dimensional levitated 41-50 movement of a
                active magnetic bearing, directional sprectrum,
                extended influence coefficient method, runout
                identifcation                                                                          Lee                                                    51-57
                                                                         Cheol-Soon Kim; Chong-Won In situ runout identification in active magnetic bearing system by exte

Issue 2; Jun.                                                            Kok-Meng Lee                  Guest Editorial                                            62-62
                adaptive control, machine tools, motion control,
                robust control, servo control                                                        High-performance robust motion control of machine tools: an adaptive
                                                                         Bin Yao; M. Al-Majed; M. Tomizuka                                               63-76
                disturbance rejection, hard disk drive, repetitive
                control, robustness, servo control                       Lin Guo                                                                           77-85
                                                                                                       Reducing the manufacturing costs associated with hard disk drives-a
                actuators, fish processing, process automation,
                sensors                                                                              An innovative machine for automated cutting of fish
                                                                         C.W. de Silva; N. Wickramarachchi                                                        86-98
                automation, biotechnology, integrated systems,
                sample processing                                        D.R. Meldrum                                                                      99-109
                                                                                                       A biomechatronic fluid-sample-handling system for DNA processing
                digital control, digital systems, feedforward control,
                machine tools, motion control, optimal control, servo
                control, tracking control                                Lin Guo; M. Tomizuka                                                               110-122
                                                                                                       High-speed and high-precision motion control with an optimal hybrid
                dynamics, reluctance motor drives, servosystems,
                torque control                                                                           Miller                                                     123-135
                                                                         P.C. Kjaer; J.J. Gribble; T.J.E.Dynamic testing of switched reluctance motors for high-bandwidth ac
                median filters, power electronic drives                                                  Applications J.L. Kirtley, median filtering with fast digital and analog s
                                                                         S.B. Leeb; A. Ortiz; R.F. Lepard; S.R. Shaw;of real-time Jr.                               136-143

                approximate reasoning, fuzzy cross-correlation,
                image sensor, neuro-fuzzy system, pattern recognition T. Sarkodie-Gyan; Chun-Wah Development of a novel image sensor and its application to analysis o
                                                                                                 Lam; A.W. Campbell                                    144-150

              DC-DC converter, electrostatic, high voltage, MEMS,
Issue 3; Sep. micromotor                                                                                  H.; Declercq, M.J.; de Rooij, N.F.                    153-160
                                                                         Favrat, P.; Paratte, L.; Ballan, A 1.5-V-supplied CMOS ASIC for the actuation of an electrostatic micro
              cone-shaped active magnetic bearing, position
              control, state feedback, time delay control                                         Time                                                 161-168
                                                                         Ho-Seop Jeong; Chong-Won Lee delay control with state feedback for azimuth motion of the frictio
                adaptive learning rate, artificial neural network, de
                motor, feedback, performance, permanent magnet,
                robust, self-tuning, speed control, stable                                                 Online self-tuning ANN-based speed control of a PM DC motor
                                                                               Azizur Rahman, M.; Ashraful Hoque, M.                                            169-178
                Intelligent control, learning control systems, linear
                synchronous motors, mechatronics, motion control,
                neural network applications.                                                                  Linear motor motion control using a learning feedforward controller
                                                                               Otten, G.; de Vries, T.J.A.; van Amerongen, J.; Rankers, A.M.; Gaal, E.W.            179-187
                Control, kinematics, manipulators, robots.                                                    Second-order kinematic control of robot manipulators with Jacobian d
                                                                               Caccavale, F.; Chiaverini, S.; Siciliano, B.                                         188-194
                Actuator, pneumatic, position control, pulsewidth
                modulation, solenoid valve.                                                                 Accurate position control of a pneumatic actuator using on/off soleno
                                                                               van Varseveld, R.B.; Bone, G.M.                                                    195-204
                LQG control, piezoelectric materials, plate,
                robustness, vibration.                                                                   Plate with piezoelectric actuators/sensors
                                                                               Jin Kwon Hwang; Chong-Ho Choi; Chul Ki Song; Jang Moo Lee                             205-212
                Actuators, feedback systems, laser applications,
                measurement, optical transducer, sensors.                      Ji-Hua Zhang; Lilong Cai                                                        213-216
                                                                                                            An autofocusing measurement system with a piezoelectric translator

Issue 4; Dec.                                                                  Kobayashi, H.                Guest Editorial                                          217-217
                Intelligent control, machine tool control, material
                processing, orthopedics, surgery.                                                              A hand-held drilling tool for orthopedic surgery
                                                                               Allotta, B.; Giacalone, G.; Rinaldi, L.                                               218-229
                Coexistence, pain tolerance limit, reflexive action,
                safeguarding space.                                                                        Human-robot contact in the
                                                                               Yamada, Y.; Hirasawa, Y.; Huang, S.; Umetani, Y.; Suita, K. safeguarding space        230-236
                Adaptive control, biomechanics, hybrid systems,
                intelligent control, passivity, robotics, self-
                optimization, velocity field control.                          Li, P.Y.; Horowitz, R.                                                             237-247
                                                                                                            Control of smart exercise machines. I. Problem formulation and nonad
                Adaptive control, biomechanics, hybrid systems,
                intelligent control, passivity, robotics, self optimization,
                velocity field control.                                        Li, P.Y.; Horowitz, R.                                                               248-258
                                                                                                            Control of smart exercise machines. II. Self-optimizing control
                Human-friendly robot, impedance control, pneumatic
                system, rehabilitation robot, rubber artificial muscle.        Noritsugu, T.; Tanaka, T.                                                             rehabilitation r
                                                                                                            Application of rubber artificial muscle manipulator as a 259-267
                Digital control, feedback linearization, magnetic
                levitation, nonlinear control, nonlinearities, sampled
                data systems.                                                                                                                                       268-280
                                                                               Mittal, S.; Chia-Hsiang Menq Precision motion control of a magnetic suspension actuator using a ro
                Actuator, finite-element method, microrobot.                                                Fiberless flexible microactuator designed by finite-element method
                                                                               Suzumori, K.; Maeda, T.; Wantabe, H.; Hisada, T.                                     281-286
                                                                               Rahman, M.A.; Hoque, M.A. Correction To "On-line Self-tuning Ann-based Speed Control Of A PM
                                                                                                            1997 Index IEEE/ASME Transactions On Mechatronics Vol. 21-7
    Issue                        Index Terms/Keywords                                Authors                                    Title                             Pages
Issue 1; Mar.                                                             Dario, P.; Fukuda, T.         Guest Editorial                                         1-2
                Microconveyors, micromotors, ultrasonics.                                               C.; Tritsch, J.-B.                                      3-8
                                                                          Helin, P.; Sadaune, V.; Druon,A mechanical model for energy transfer in linear ultrasonic micromot
                Endoscopy, micromechatronics, micromotors,
                microrobotics, wobble micromotors.                                                      A mobile microrobot actuated by a new electromagnetic wobble micro
                                                                          Dario, P.; Carrozza, M.C.; Stefanini, C.; D'Attanasio, S.                         9-16
                Microendeffectors, micromachining, micromanipulation.                                   Integrated microendeffector for micromanipulation
                                                                          Arai, F.; Andou, D.; Nonoda, Y.; Fukuda, T.; Iwata, H.; Itoigawa, K.              17-23
                Computer writing tools, concurrent engineering,
                drug delivery, electrodischarge, mechatronics,
                microsystems, silicon micromachining.                                                    A mechatronic approach to microsystem design
                                                                          Reynaerts, D.; Peirs, J.; van Brussel, H.                                             24-33
                Endoscopy, human interface, mechatronics,
                robotics, teleoperation.                                                                 Applications of micromechatronics in minimally invasive surgery
                                                                          Tendick, F.; Sastry, S.S.; Fearing, R.S.; Cohn, M.                                    34-42
                Drives, mechatronics, servo motors.                                                      Servo motor selection criterion for mechatronic applications
                                                                          van de Straete, H.J.; Degezelle, P.; De Schutter, J.; Belmans, R.J.M.                 43-50
                Active magnetic bearing system, gain-scheduling
                sliding mode control, linear parameter-varying system,
                turbomolecular pump.                                      Sivrioglu, S.; Nonami, K.                                                          51-59
                                                                                                       Sliding mode control with time-varying hyperplane for AMB systems
                Distributed parameter systems, Lyapunov theory,
                vibration control.                                                                     Backstepping boundary control of flexible-link electrically driven gan
                                                                          Baicu, C.F.; Rahn, C.D.; Dawson, D.M.                                                60-66
                Resonator, stability, time delay, torsional vibrations,
                vibration absorption.                                     Filipovic, D.; Olgac, N.     Torsional delayed resonator with velocity feedback       67-72

                Linear transport system, magnetic suspension,
                magnetically levitated system, wafer distribution system. Park, K.H.; Ahn, K.Y.; Kim, S.H.; Kwak, Y.K.                                        73-78
                                                                                                        Wafer distribution system for a clean room using a novel magnetic su

Issue 2; Jun.                                                             Hashimoto, H.                Guest Editorial                                          81-81
                Behavior-based systems, client–server systems,
                control architectures, distributed control, intelligent
                control, mechatronics, mobile robots, multisensor
                systems, real-time systems, robot programming.                                          Client-server-based mobile robot control
                                                                          Kubitz, O.; Berger, M.O.; Stenzel, R.                                                 82-90
                Control engineering, magnetic field measurement,
                mechatronics, modeling.                                                                Balancing of an inverted pendulum with a SCARA robot91-97
                                                                          Sprenger, B.; Kucera, L.; Mourad, S.
                Controlled Indexing
                intelligent actuators intelligent sensors mechatronics
                Non-controlled Indexing
                Si micro-machining process artificial cochlea
                microphone finite-element analysis fishbone structure
                  giant impulse generator mechanical cochlea fishbone
                  resonator array structure smart actuators smart
                sensors transmission line model                           Tanaka, K.; Abe, M.; Ando, S.A novel mechanical cochlea “Fishbone” with dual sensor/actuator ch
                Blurring, computer graphics, Monte Carlo, multilayer
                thin-film interference, pearl, physics-based modeling.                                 Implementation of                                         106-112
                                                                          Dobashi, T.; Nagata, N.; Manabe, Y.; Inokuchi, S. a pearl visual simulator based on blurring and inte
                Friction, motion control, position control, position
                measurement.                                                                         Nanometer positioning of a linear motion stage under static loads
                                                                          Awaddy, B.A.; Wu-Chu Shih; Auslander, D.M.                                       113-119
                Brachiation robot, error learning, final-state
                control, motion control.                                  Nishimura, H.; Funaki, K.                                                            120-128
                                                                                                       Motion control of three-link brachiation robot by using final-state con
                Electric actuation, permanent magnet machines,
                thrust vector control.                                                                 Optimal design of electromechanical actuators for active loads
                                                                          Haskew, T.A.; Schinstock, D.E.                                                      129-137
                Distributed-parameter system, flexible
                SCARA/Cartesian robot, regulation.                                                                                                              138-144
                                                                          Ge, S.S.; Lee, T.H.; Zhu, G. Asymptotically stable end-point regulation of a flexible SCARA/Cartes
                Aliasing, computation delay, computer control,
                mechatronic systems.                                                                    Design                                               144-149
                                                                          Sims, J.R.; Durney, A.N.; Smith, C.C. of mechatronic systems with aliased plant modes

                Control, manipulator motion planning, planning, robots.                                                                                       149-152
                                                                          Matsushita, A.; Tsuchiya, T. Control system design with online planning for a desired signal and i

Issue 3; Sep.                                                             Messner, W.C.; Horowitz, R. Guest Editorial                                           153-155
                Hard disk drive, high-bandwidth servo, microactuator.                                 High-bandwidth high-accuracy Patanaik, S.; Chan, S.; for magnetic ha
                                                                          Hirano, T.; Long-Sheng Fan; Wen Y. Lee; Hong, J.; Imaino, W.; rotary microactuators Webb, P.; Horow
                Electrostatic actuator, hard disk drive, head
                slider, microactuator.                                                                 MEMS-based integrated head/actuator/slider                166-174
                                                                          Imamura, T.; Katayama, M.; Ikegawa, Y.; Ohwe, T.; Koishi, R.; Koshikawa, T. for hard disk drives
                Disk drive, electrostatic actuation, microfabrication,
                servo control.                                                                           Microfabricated electrostatic actuators for hard disk drives
                                                                          Horsley, D.A.; Horowitz, R.; Pisano, A.P.                                               175-183
                Coherent demodulation, disk drives, magnetoresistive
                heads, noise immunity, PES Pareto, servo
                demodulation.                                             Abramovitch, D.Y.                                                                 184-193
                                                                                                       Customizable coherent servo demodulation for disk drives
                Accelerometer, disturbance observer, friction
                compensation, hard disk drives.                           Ishikawa, J.; Tomizuka, M.                                                        194-201
                                                                                                       Pivot friction compensation using an accelerometer and a disturbanc
                Disk drive, H2 norm, initial value, initial value
                compensation, mode switching, positioning system,
                servo control.                                                                         Hirai, H.                                            202-209
                                                                          Yamaguchi, T.; Numasato, H.;A mode-switching control for motion control and its application to dis
                Air bearing, dynamics, experiment, suspension
                assembly.                                                 Qing-Hua Zeng; Bogy, D.B.                                                         210-217
                                                                                                       Dynamics of suspension-slider-air-bearing systems: experimental stu
                Controlled Indexing
                automated highways, photodetectors, position control,
                road vehicles
                Non-controlled Indexing
                automated highways, automated vehicles, lateral
                control, lateral position sensing system, lead, vehicle
                following, photodetector, photoresistive light sensor
                arrays, redundancy                                                                      A lateral                                                following
                                                                          Alleyne, A.; Williams, B.; DePoorter, M. position sensing system for automated vehicle218-224
                Active prediction, planning, and execution system,
                robotic interception.                                                                      Fenton, R.G.; Mills, J.K.; Benhabib, B.                 settings:
                                                                          Hujic, D.; Croft, E.A.; Zak, G.; The robotic interception of moving objects in industrial225-239 stra
                Control, Lagrangean mechanics, modeling,
                nonholonomic constraint.                                  Ye-Hwa Chen                                                                        240-248
                                                                                                       Second-order constraints for equations of motion of constrained syst
                Feedforward control, nonminimum-phase system,
                pole–zero cancellation by modified series
                approximation, pole–zero cancellation by series
                approximation algorithm, zero phase error tracking
                control.                                                                            A feedforward controller by modified series approximation
                                                                          Byeong-Kap Choi; Chong-Ho Choi                                                  249-251
              Antenna, contact-point flexible beam, natural
Issue 4; Dec. frequencies, tactile sensing.                                                            Dynamic contact sensing by flexible beam
                                                                          Ueno, N.; Svinin, M.M.; Kaneko, M.                                                 254-264

              Angle measurements, distortion analysis, geometric
              calibration, laser interferometer, miniature disk drives.                                                                                     265-274
                                                                          Duym, S.W.R.; Lumori, M.L.D.Distorted laser interferometric angle measurements of a disk drive piv
              Assembly, complicated shape, image sensing, 2 
              misalignment.                                                                        A                                                     275-292
                                                                          Wan Soo Kim; Hyung Suck Cho novel omnidirectional image sensing system for assembling parts w
              Actuators, benders, piezoelectric, Recurve,
              strain amplification.                                       Ervin, J.D.; Brei, D.                                                              293-301
                                                                                                     Recurve piezoelectric-strain-amplifying actuator architecture

              Fuzzy neural network, permanent-magnet synchronous
              motor, sliding-mode control, toggle mechanism.                                         Comparison Wai                                        302-318
                                                                          Faa-Jeng Lin; Rong-Fong Fung; Rong-Jong of sliding-mode and fuzzy neural network control for mo
                                                                                                     List Of Reviewers For 1998                            319-319
                                                                                                     1998 Index IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics Vol. 3 (Author Index)
                                                                                                     Subject Index                                         3-8
    Issue                       Index Terms/Keywords                                   Authors                                        Title                            Pages
Issue 1; Mar.                                                                Almeida, A.T.; Ohnishi, K.      Guest Editorial                                         1-2
                Disturbance observer, nonlinear friction, table
                drive system, trajectory control.                                                          Disturbance-observer-based nonlinear friction compensation in table d
                                                                             Iwasaki, M.; Shibata, T.; Matsui, N.                                              3-8
                Antiskid braking system, dynamic yaw-moment
                control, electric vehicle, motor control, traction control
                system, vehicle motion control.                              Sakai, S.; Sado, H.; Hori, Y.                                                           9-16
                                                                                                             Motion control in an electric vehicle with four independently driven in-w
                Adaptive control, disturbance observer, feedforward
                control, hard disk drive, reference generation, robust
                control, servo control, two-degree-of-freedom
                structure.                                                   Li Yi; Tomizuka, M.                                                                 17-24
                                                                                                             Two-degree-of-freedom control with robust feedback control for hard d
                Digital servo drives, disturbance observer, doubling
                error, electronic shaft, multimotor drive, paper web
                dynamics, rotary offset printing presses.                                               Multimotor C.; Schall, N.-H.; Schramm, M.                     25-31
                                                                             Brandenburg, G.; Geissenberger, S.; Kink,electronic line shafts for rotary offset printing presses: a rev
                Biologically inspired control, control architecture,
                mammal-like walking machine.                                                                Mechanical construction and computer architecture of the four-legged
                                                                             Berns, K.; Ilg, W.; Deck, M.; Albiez, J.; Dillmann, R.                              32-38
                Automated composite manufacturing, automated
                garment assembly, electrostatic gripper, electrostatic
                gripping device, robotics.                                   Zhengwen Zhang                                                                          39-49
                                                                                                             Modeling and analysis of electrostatic force for robot handling of fabric
                Electrohydraulic servosystems, persistent excitation,
                radial-basis-function neural network, variable
                structure control.                                           Chih-Lyang Hwang                                                                       50-59
                                                                                                             Neural-network-based variable structure control of electrohydraulic ser
                Acceleration control, current control, inverter,
                shaker, vibration.                                                                     Vibration acceleration control of an inverter-fed electrodynamic shaker
                                                                             Thin-Huo Chen; Chang-Ming Liaw                                                     60-70

                Adaptive control, brushless machines, manipulators.          Melkote, H.; Khorrami, F.                                                               motors
                                                                                                             Nonlinear adaptive control of direct-drive brushless DC71-81 and app
                Comparative structural analysis, finite-element
                analysis, fundamental vibration frequencies, semi-
                direct-drive robots, structural optimization                 Roy, J.; Whitcomb, L.L.                                                               82-86
                                                                                                             Comparative structural analysis of 2-DOF semi-direct-drive linkages for
                Contact modeling, force control, industrial robots,
                mechatronics.                                                                               Force                                                    86-91
                                                                             Ferretti, G.; Magnani, G.; Rocco, P. oscillations in contact motion of industrial robots: an experiment
                Fault tolerance, pointing, Stewart platform.                                                Precise,
                                                                             McInroy, J.E.; O'Brien, J.F.; Neat, G.W.fault-tolerant pointing using a Stewart platform91-95

              Digital control, digital redesign, multirate sampling
Issue 2; Jun. control, N-delay control.                                                                   Generalized                                             system
                                                                             Fujimoto, H.; Kawamura, A.; Tomizuka, M. digital redesign method for linear feedback101-109 based o
              Application to dc servo motor system, discretetime
              system, pole placement, repetitive control.                                                Design                                                    110-118
                                                                             Yamada, M.; Riadh, Z.; Funahashi, Y. of discrete-time repetitive control system for pole placement an
              Label-correcting algorithm, mechatronics, modularity,
              product synthesis, testability.                                                                                                                 119-132
                                                                             Chun-Che Huang; Kusiak, A. Synthesis of modular mechatronic products: a testability perspective
              Disturbance observer, inertially decoupled dynamics,
              redundant manipulator.                                                                 Disturbance-observer-based motion control of redundant manipulators
                                                                             Yonghwan Oh; Wan Kyun Chung                                                 133-146
              Contraction mapping, linear output controller,
              rigid robot, uncertainty.                                                                   An output-based controller with two operational modes147-156
                                                                             Ailon, A.; Eun-Seok Choi; Byung-Ha Ahn                                             for a robot with
                Disturbance attenuation, disturbance observer,
                model-based disturbance attenuator, robust control,
                simplified adaptive robust control, tracking
                performance.                                                                        Model-based                                           157-168
                                                                          Byeong-Kap Choi; Chong-Ho Choi; Hyuk Limdisturbance attenuation for CNC machining centers in cut
                Anamorphic optics, diamond turning, diamond
                turning machine, fast tool servo, precision actuator,
                single-point diamond turning, ultraprecision control
                system.                                                                                     Performance optimization of a fast tool servo for single-point diamond
                                                                          Cuttino, J.F.; Miller, A.C., Jr.; Schinstock, D.E.                                        169-179
                Active magnetic bearing, built-in force transducer,
                on-line fault detection and diagnosis, sensor fault.                               Lee                                                    180-186
                                                                          Seung-Jong Kim; Chong-WonDiagnosis of sensor faults in active magnetic bearing system equipped
                Access protocol, data communication,
                microcontroller, network interface.                                                  Integrated wiring system for
                                                                          Jang Myung Lee; Suk Lee; Man Hyung Lee; Kang Sup Yoon construction equipment             187-195
                Disk drives, flexible structures, linear-quadratic-
                Gaussian control, robustness, vibration control.                                     Design and Messner, W.C.                                 196-206
                                                                          Yuhong Huang; Banther, M.; Mathur, P.D.; analysis of a high bandwidth disk drive servo system using
                Air bag deployment, crash sensors, design, modeling,
                planar piezoelectric accelerometer.                                                      Analysis                                             207-212
                                                                          Iula, A.; Lamberti, N.; Pappalardo, M. and experimental evaluation of a new planar piezoelectric acc
                Low power consumption, microsystem control,
                miniaturization,                                                                       On-line arithmetic for real-time control of microsystems213-217
                                                                          Dimmler, M.; Tisserand, A.; Holmbeg, U.; Longchamp, R.

Issue 3; Sep.                                                             Huei Peng; Alleyne, A.        Guest editorial                                            221-222
                Relative steering sensor, road bank estimation,
                side slip observer, yaw control.                                                        The development T.; Recker, D.
                                                                          Tseng, H.E.; Ashrafi, B.; Madau, D.; Allen Brown, of vehicle stability control at Ford   223-234
                Cylinder pressure, failure detection, neural networks,
                on-line learning.                                                                        Methods                                               235-245
                                                                          Leonhardt, S.; Muller, N.; Isermann, R. for engine supervision and control based on cylinder pressure
                Automotive control, automotive systems, hybrid
                electric vehicles, modeling and simulation, road
                vehicle control, road vehicle electric propulsion, road
                vehicle propulsion, road vehicles, vehicular
                technology.                                                                             Unified modeling of hybrid electric vehicle drivetrains 246-257
                                                                          Rizzoni, G.; Guzzella, L.; Baumann, B.M.
                Automated highway systems, automated lane
                change, automatic steering control, automotive,
                steering actuator.                                                                    Development of an Chen; Bougler, B.                    258-272
                                                                          Han-Shue Tan; Guldner, J.; Patwardhan, S.; Chieh automated steering vehicle based on roadway magn
                Force control, force sensor, impedance control,
                robots, stiffness control.                                                                  A survey of robot interaction control schemes with experimental compa
                                                                          Chiaverini, S.; Siciliano, B.; Villani, L.                                              273-285
                Microactuator, micromachine, microrobot, pipe
                inspection.                                                                            Micro M.; Hasegawa, Y.
                                                                          Suzumori, K.; Miyagawa, T.; Kimura, inspection robot for 1-in pipes                      286-292
                Calibration matrix, condition number, force/
                torque fingertip sensor, intrinsic sensing.                                             Microactuator, micromachine, microrobot, pipe inspection.
                                                                          Yu-Chung Huang; Ying-Hwi Chang; Wei-Shu Chang                                       293-300
                Composites, nondestructive testing, ultrasonic.                                         Peterson, M.L.                                        301-311
                                                                          Downs, J., III; Peihong Zhang;A high-speed high-resolution ultrasonic inspection machine

                Learning control systems, manufacturing automation,
                materials processing, nonlinear systems.                  Havlicsek, H.; Alleyne, A.                                                            312-323
                                                                                                        Nonlinear control of an electrohydraulic injection molding machine via
                Electrohydraulic servovalve, nonlinear modeling,
                two-stage spool valve.                                                               Nonlinear modeling F.                                     324-334
                                                                          Khoshzaban Zavarehi, M.; Lawrence, P.D.; Sassani,and validation of solenoid-controlled pilot-operated
              Actuators, motor control, system modeling.                                            Performance                                            3
                                                                     Zhang, Y.; Smith, I.R.; Kettleborough, J.G. evaluation for a limited-angle torque motor 35-339

Issue 4; Dec. Circle packing, rotation group, spherical motor.       Chirikjian, G.S.; Stein, D.                                                            342-353
                                                                                                     Kinematic design and commutation of a spherical stepper motor
              Control, design, integration, mechanism, structure.                                                                                           354-362
                                                                     Zhang, W.J.; Li, Q.; Guo, L.S. Integrated design of mechanical structure and control algorithm for a p
              Dynamics, parallel mechanism, static balancing.                                        Static balancing of 3-DOF planar parallel mechanisms 363-377
                                                                     Laliberte, T.; Gosselin, C.M.; Jean, M.
              Electric motors, optimization, transmission ratio.                                     An efficient procedure for checking performance limits 378-386 drive s
                                                                     Van de Straete, H.J.; De Schutter, J.; Belmans, R.                                     in servo
              Harmonics, manipulator, optimization, Trajectory
              Pattern Method.                                                                       Task-specific optimal simultaneous kinematic, dynamic, and control de
                                                                     Rastegar, J.S.; Lidong Liu; Yin, D.                                                 387-395
              Actuators, compliant mechanisms, compliant
              multiplier, compliant transmissions, stroke
              amplification.                                                                          Tailoring                                             396-408
                                                                     Kota, S.; Hetrick, J.; Li, Z.; Saggere, L. unconventional actuators using compliant transmissions: des
              Compliant mechanism, magnetic particle brake,
              piezoelectric ceramic, proportional drum brake.        Gogola, M.; Goldfarb, M.    Design of a PZT-actuated proportional drum brake          409-416
              Collision/contact force, collision-tolerant control,
              human-friendly robot, passive viscoelastic trunk.      Hun-Ok Lim; Tanie, K.                                                               417-427
                                                                                                 Collision-tolerant control of human-friendly robot with viscoelastic trun
              Adaptive control, feedforward control, motion
              control, optimal control.                                                                                                             428-439
                                                                     Syh-Shiuh Yeh; Pau-Lo Hsu An optimal and adaptive design of the feedforward motion controller
                                                                                               Author Index                                         1-3
                                                                                               Subject Index                                        3-8
    Issue                      Index Terms/Keywords                                 Authors                                   Title                              Pages
              Disk drives, disturbance observer, disturbance
Issue 1; Mar. rejection, position control.                                                            Improved track following in magnetic disk drives using 3-11
                                                                        White, M.T.; Tomizuka, M.; Smith, C.                                                   a disturbance o
              Open-loop control, system inversion, time
              optimization, vibratory systems.                          Piazzi, A.; Visioli, A.                                                                12-22
                                                                                                      Minimum-time system-inversion-based motion planning for residual vib
              Flexible structure, H   -based robust control, vibration
              control.                                                                                Multimode vibration control of a flexible structure using H∞-based robu
                                                                        Indra Narayan Kar; Seto, K.; Doi, F.                                                   23-31
                Digital control, disturbance observer, motion control,
                optimization, robust control.                                                        A sensitivity                                         32-38
                                                                         Tesfaye, A.; Ho Seong Lee; Tomizuka, M. optimization approach to design of a disturbance observe
                Control of robots, Lyapunov stability, regulation,
                transpose Jacobian control, visual servoing.                                              Stable visual servoing                                  39-48
                                                                         Kelly, R.; Carelli, R.; Nasisi, O.; Kuchen, B.; Reyes, F. of camera-in-hand robotic systems

                Actuator design, mesoscale actuators, modeling
                and control, piezoelectric actuators, rainbow actuators. Jun-Kyung Song; Washington,Mechatronic design and control of singly and doubly curved composite
                                                                                                     G.                                                   49-57

                Automotive control, hybrid vehicle control, intelligent
                control of automobiles.                                                                G.; Glenn, B.C.; Rizzoni, G.
                                                                        Baumann, B.M.; Washington, Mechatronic design and control of hybrid electric vehicles 58-72
                Hard disk drive, reference signal generation,
                servosystems, structural vibration minimized
                acceleration trajectory control, two-degree-of-freedom
                control.                                                                               Novel reference signal generation for two-degree-of-freedom controller
                                                                        Hara, S.; Hara, T.; Yi, L.; Tomizuka, M.                                              73-78
                Adaptive control, electrohydraulic system,
                motion control, robust control, servo control.                                         Adaptive robust                                        79-91
                                                                        Bin Yao; Fanping Bu; Reedy, J.; Chiu, G.T.-C. motion control of single-rod hydraulic actuators: theor

Issue 2; Jun.                                                                                         Guest Editorial                                            97-99
                DCOM, distributed systems, JAVA, model-based
                image processing, redundancy, robustness.                                           Distributed control for tele-operations
                                                                         Yeuk Fai Ho; Masuda, H.; Oda, H.; Stark, L.W.                                           100-109
                Coordinate metrology, information automation,
                multiple-sensor integration.                                                        Multiple-sensor integration for rapid and high-precision110-121
                                                                         Tzung-Sz Shen; Jianbing Huang; Chia-Hsiang Menq                                     coordinate met
                Force control, industrial robots, input deadtime,
                robotic assembly, systematic procedure.                                                A systematic design procedure of force controllers for industrial robots
                                                                         Natale, C.; Koeppe, R.; Hirzinger, G.                                                 122-131
                Genetic algorithms, neural network applications,
                parameter estimation, partial differential equations,
                road vehicles.                                                                          A machine learning approach to modeling and identification of automot
                                                                         Glielmo, L.; Milano, M.; Santini, S.                                                132-141
                Exact linearization, force-based motion control,
                modeling, walking machine.                                                               Modeling, simulation, and model-based control of the walking machine
                                                                         Muller, J.; Schneider, M.; Hiller, M.                                                 142-152
                Arthrobots, pneumatics, powered spherical joint,
                Twistor.                                                                                Thermodynamic analysis of a mechatronic pneumatically driven spheri
                                                                         Paynter, H.M.; Juarez, J.M., Jr.                                                  153-157

                Actuator, electrohydraulic, hydrostatic.                 Habibi, S.; Goldenberg, A.                                                        158-164
                                                                                                      Design of a new high-performance electrohydraulic actuator
                Active control stick, motion control, nonlinear
                oscillation systems, piezoelectric ultrasonic motors,
                vibration control.                                                                      Model-based control for ultrasonic motors
                                                                         Maas, J.; Schulte, T.; Frohleke, N.                                                     165-180
                Automatic motion control, bio-mechatronics,
                micro actuator, micro manipulator, micromachine,
                negative galvano-taxis, paramecium.                       Itoh, A.                     Motion control of protozoa for bio-MEMS                  181-188
                Adenovirus, atomic-force microscope, carbon
                nanotubes, deoxyribonucleic acid, fibrin, force,
                nanoManipulator, scanning electron microscope,
                scanning-force microscope, tobacco mosaic virus.                                        Controlled manipulation of molecular Erie, D.A.; Superfine, R.; Brooks, F.
                                                                          Guthold, M.; Falvo, M.R.; Matthews, W.G.; Paulson, S.; Washburn, S.; samples with the 189-198
                Atomic-force microscope, force control, micro/
                nano forces, micro/nano-mechatronics, nanoparticle
                assembly.                                                 Sitti, M.; Hashimoto, H.                                                          199-211
                                                                                                       Controlled pushing of nanoparticles: modeling and experiments
                Actuators, automation, biomechatronics, computer
                control, deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing, genome,
                sensors.                                                                              ACAPELLA-1K: a biomechatronic fluid D.L.; Wiktor, P.J. for genome ana
                                                                          Meldrum, D.R.; Evensen, H.T.; Pence, W.H.; Moody, S.E.; Cunningham,handling system212-220
                Artificial larynx, PZT ceramics vibrator, speech
                production substitutes.                                                                                                                           221-225
                                                                          Ooe, K.; Fukuda, T.; Arai, F. A new type of artificial larynx using a PZT ceramics vibrator as a sound
                Education, mechatronics.                                                                 Preparing for Perez, R.                                  226-227
                                                                          Ebert-Uphoff, I.; Gardner, J.F.; Murray, W.R.;the next century: the state of mechatronics education

Issue 3; Sep.                                                             Kaneko, M.; Luo, R.C.        Guest editorial                                          233-234
                Dexterous manipulation, force/torque sensors, slip
                detection and control, tactile sensors.                   Melchiorri, C.                                                                       235-243
                                                                                                       Slip detection and control using tactile and force sensors
                Active vision, dextrous hand, hierarchical parallel
                processing architecture, high-speed sensory                                               1-ms sensory-motor fusion system
                                                                          Namiki, A.; Nakabo, Y.; Ishii, I.; Ishikawa, M.                                       244-252
                Array, Bessel function, delay line, distributed,
                filter, impulse response, LC  network, sensor, tactile.   Nilsson, M.                                                                         253-257
                                                                                                       Tactile sensors and other distributed sensors with minimal wiring comp
                Haptic interface, resonance measurement, robot
                sensor, sensitive skin, tactile sensor, telemetry,
                wireless sensing.                                         Shinoda, H.; Oasa, H.                                                                resonator
                                                                                                       Wireless tactile sensing element using stress-sensitive 258-265
                Gyroscope, mechanical coupling, parallel-beam
                structure, PZT, resonance frequency.                                                      Parallel-beam sensor/actuator unit and its application to the gyroscope
                                                                          Sato, H.; Fukuda, T.; Arai, F.; Itoigawa, K.; Tsukahara, Y.                             266-272
                Cerebellar model articulation controller, neural
                network, three-degrees-of-freedom nanopositioner.                                     Design, fabrication, and real-time neural network control of a three-deg
                                                                          Sang-Soon Ku; Pinsopon, U.; Cetinkunt, S.; Nakajima, S.                             273-280
                Computerized numerical control, control, digital
                signal processor, machine tool, monitoring, open
                architecture, operating system, real time, robot.                                           Open system architecture modular tool kit for motion and machining pr
                                                                          Erol, N.A.; Altintas, Y.; Ito, M.R.                                                     281-291
                Acceleration feedback, contact transition, force
                tracking control, robot, velocity feedback.                                                                                                    292-301
                                                                          Xu, W.L.; Han, J.D.; Tso, S.K.Experimental study of contact transition control incorporating joint acc
                Homogeneous-type electrorheological fluid,
                poleassignment design, two-inertia system, variable
                viscous damper, vibration suppression control.                                       Vibration suppression control of robot arms using a homogeneous-typ
                                                                          Guoguang Zhang; Furusho, J.; Sakaguchi, M.                                       302-309
                Combined motor–bearing, induction motor, magnetic
                bearing, permanent-magnet motor, rotary machinery.        Ueno, S.; Okada, Y.                                                                   310-318
                                                                                                       Characteristics and control of a bidirectional axial gap combined motor
                Backlash, dead zone, disturbance observers, limit
                cycle, nonlinear systems.                                 Shahruz, S.M.                                                                     319-323
                                                                                                       Performance enhancement of a class of nonlinear systems by disturban
Issue 4; Dec. Piezoelectric, ultrasonic motor.                                                        Shen; Longtu Li                                        325-330
                                                                          Dong, S.; Wang, S.; WenjiangA miniature piezoelectric ultrasonic motor based on circular bending vi
              Charge steering, distributed parameter system,
              hysteresis, piezo-actuated positioning, piezoelectric
              actuator.                                                                                Modeling piezoelectric
                                                                          Adriaens, H.J.M.T.S.; De Koning, W.L.; Banning, R. actuators                        331-341
              Fourier series, learning control.                           Weiqing Huang; Cai, L.                                                              342-348
                                                                                                       New hybrid controller for systems with deterministic uncertainties
              Dynamic similitude, mechatronics, road vehicle
              control, scaling.                                           Brennan, S.; Alleyne, A.                                                               for vehicle dyna
                                                                                                         The Illinois Roadway Simulator: a mechatronic testbed 349-359
              Built-in, Harmonic Drive, sensing, torque.                                                 Accuracy improvement                                    360-366
                                                                          Godler, I.; Horiuchi, M.; Hashimoto, M.; Ninomiya, T. of built-in torque sensing for Harmonic Drives
              Double parallel manipulator, geometric static
              equilibrium, Jacobian, link train, positional and
              orientational workspace, singularity, twist.                Min Ki Lee; Kun Woo Park                                                             manipulator
                                                                                                       Workspace and singularity analysis of a double parallel367-375
              Behavior-programming control, Internet-based
              robotic system, mobile robot, multiagent.                   Luo, R.C.; Tse Min Chen                                                           376-385
                                                                                                       Development of a multi-behavior based mobile robot for remote superv
              Capability index, CD pickup, fall-off rate (FOR),
              finite element analysis, gripping force, laser
              diode/diffraction grating unit (LDGU), production
              creation process (PCP), Robust Design tool, yield.          Lin, T.Y.; Yak, A.S.                                                                  386-393
                                                                                                       Reliability by Robust Design for optical alignment in a CD pickup
              Electromagnetic actuator, hysteresis, Preisach
              model.                                                      Mittal, S.; Menq, C.-H.                                                           394-409
                                                                                                       Hysteresis compensation in electromagnetic actuators through Preisac
              Adaptive control, experiments, mechanical systems,
              mechatronics, time-varying systems.                                                                                                               410-418
                                                                          Pagilla, P.R.; Yu, B.; Pau, K.L.Adaptive control of time-varying mechanical systems: analysis and exp
              Axially moving beam, distributed parameter systems,
              Lyapunov theory, vibration isolation.                       Li, Y.; Rahn, C.D.           Adaptive vibration isolation for axially moving beams 419-428
              Controlled Indexing
              dielectric devices, electric sensing devices, equivalent
              circuits, object detection
              Non-controlled Indexing
              dielectric sensor, equivalent electric circuit, hydraulic
              capsule pipeline, pipeline sensors
                                                                          Du, H.; Liu, H.                                                                    429-436
                                                                                                       Dielectric sensor for detecting capsules moving through pipelines
               Contour control, feedforward compensator, industrial
               robot arm, offline trajectory generation, torque
               saturation.                                                                           Enhanced contour N.                                    437-440
                                                                          Nakamura, M.; Munasinghe, S.R.; Goto, S.; Kyura,control of SCARA robot under torque saturation con
               Linear piezomotor, monolithic flexure frame,
               nanoprecision, ultra-high stiffness.                       Ni, J.; Zhu, Z.                                                                       441-443
                                                                                                       Design of a linear piezomotor with ultra-high stiffness and nanoprecisio
                                                                                                       2000 Index IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics Vol. 5 1-8
    Issue                     Index Terms/Keywords                                   Authors                                     Title                         Pages
Issue 1; Mar. Gyroscopes, microsensors, optical interferometry.                                            Norgia, M.                                        1-6
                                                                            Annovazzi-Lodi, V.; Merlo, S.; Measurements on a micromachined silicon gyroscope by feedback inte
              Contact force, contact point, stiffenss sensing, tactile
              sensor.                                                                                  Vision-based active sensor using a flexible beam
                                                                            Kaneko, M.; Nanayama, N.; Tsuji, T.                                                      7-16
              Active safety, brake control, collision avoidance,
              hydraulic actuator, sliding control, vehicle.                 Kyongsu Yi; Jintai Chung     Nonlinear brake control for vehicle CW/CA systems           17-25
              Force control, legged locomotion, robot sensing
              systems, service robots, tactile sensors.                                                     Intrinsic tactile F.                                     26-35
                                                                            Galvez, J.A.; Gonzalez de Santos, P.; Pfeiffer, sensing for the optimization of force distribution in a pip
              Actuators, motion control.                                                                    Permanent-magnet linear actuator for static and reciprocating short-str
                                                                            Evans, S.A.; Smith, I.R.; Kettleborough, J.G.                                            36-42
              High-speed rotation, magnetic actuator, magnetic
              bearings, magnetic levitation, micromachine,
              permanent magnet (PM) motor, position control.                Komori, K.; Yamane, T.                                                              active
                                                                                                         Magnetically levitated micro PM motors by two types of43-49 magnetic

                Linear systems, multiple-input/multiple-output
                (MIMO) control, parallel systems, two-stage actuators. Schroeck, S.J.; Messner, W.C.; McNab, R.J.                                         50-57
                                                                                                   On compensator design for linear time-invariant dual-input single-outp
                Low-acceleration estimator, low-acceleration region,
                low-velocity region, M/T method.                                                                                                          58-64
                                                                       Se-Han Lee; Jae-Bok Song Acceleration estimator for low-velocity and low-acceleration regions ba

                Discontinuous control, force control, impact,
                Lyapunov stability, robot control, unilateral constraint.   Pagilla, P.R.; Biao Yu       A stable transition controller for constrained robots       65-74
                Computed torque control, fuzzy neural network,
                permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, quick-
                return mechanism, uncertainty observer.                                                                                                       network for mo
                                                                            Faa-Jeng Lin; Rong-Jong WaiA hybrid computed torque controller using fuzzy neural75-89
                Conceptual design, integrated design, mechatronics,
                model reduction, robust control.                                                         Towards Fonseca, P.; den Braembussche, P.
                                                                            Van Brussel, H.; Sas, P.; Nemeth, I.; Dea mechatronic compiler                           90-105

Issue 2; Jun.                                                               Matsul, N.; Tomizuka, M.     Guest editorial                                       109-110
                Dual stage, hard disk drive, servo control.                 Yunfeng Li; Horowitz, R.                                                           111-121
                                                                                                         Mechatronics of electrostatic microactuators for computer disk drive d
                Intelligent observer, nonlinear system, recurrent
                neural network.                                                                           Intelligent modeling, observation, and control for nonlinear systems
                                                                            Schroder, D.; Hintz, C.; Rau, M.                                                      122-131
                Hard disk drive, repeatable runout, repetitive
                controller.                                                 Onuki, Y.; Ishioka, H.                                                              132-136
                                                                                                         Compensation for repeatable tracking errors in hard drives using discre
                Acceleration limit, disturbance observer, external
                force, mobile manipulator, smooth and stable motion.                                       A motion control of mobile manipulator with external force
                                                                            Inoue, F.; Muralami, T.; Ihnishi, K.                                                  137-142
                2-degrees-of-freedom control, autonomous
                compensator design, genetic algorithms, optimization,
                robust control, vibration suppression.                                                                                                           143-148
                                                                            Ito, K.; Iwasaki, M.; Matsui, N. GA-based practical compensator design for a motion control system
                Evolutionary algorithms, high-powered electrical
                drive, parameter estimation, state controller.                                          Commissioning of a state-controlled high-powered electrical drive usin
                                                                            Hans-Peter Beck; Turschner, D.                                                   149-154
                Harmonic Drive, ripple compensation, sensor
                integration, torque sensing.                                                              Performance of gain-tuned harmonic drive torque sensor under load an
                                                                            Godler, I.; Hashimoto, M.; Horiuchi, M.; Ninomiya, T.                             155-160
                Design methodology, mechanism design,
                mechatronic systems, motion control.                                                                                                            161-169
                                                                            Li, Q.; Zhang, W.J.; Chen, L. Design for control-a concurrent engineering approach for mechatronic
                Laser optical system, real-time vehicle detection.                                        A J.; Larson, J.E.; Xudong Hu; Van katwyk, K.         170-187
                                                                            Cheng, H.H.; Shaw, B.D.; Palen,real-time laser-based detection system for measurement of delineatio
               Fuzzy logic, intelligent sensing, multisensor fusion,
               smart health monitoring systems.                                                     Multisensor integration and fusion model that uses a fuzzy inference sy
                                                                         Mahajan, A.; Kaihong Wang; Ray, P.K.                                              188-196
               Bandwidth allocation, cyclic-service, fieldbus,
               real-time.                                                Seung Ho Hong                                                                       197-204
                                                                                                       Bandwidth allocation scheme for cyclic-service fieldbus networks

Issue 3; Sep                                                             Ning Xi                       Guest Editorial                                         209-209
               Haptic interface, human performance, mechanism
               design, minimax optimization.                                                            Sassani, F.
                                                                         Stocco, L.J.; Salcudean, S.E.; Optimal kinematic design of a haptic pen               210-220
               Dynamic performance, gravity compensation,
               haptic device, pantograph, parallel mechanism,
               performance indexes, RRR-type spherical joint.            Jungwon Yoon; Jeha Ryu                                                                221-233
                                                                                                       Design, fabrication, and evaluation of a new haptic device using a para
               Haptic feedback, human factors, human perception,
               multimodal feedback, tactile display, telepresence,
               virtual environments.                                                                 A systems                                             234-244
                                                                         Kammermeier, P.; Buss, M.; Schmidt, G. theoretical model for human perception in multimodal prese
               Force feedback, haptic interface, haptics, perceptual
               experiments, reality-based modeling, vibrations,
               virtual environments.                                                                Reality-based models for vibration feedback in virtual environments
                                                                         Okamura, A.M.; Cutkosky, M.R.; Dennerlein, J.T.                                    245-252
               Haptic interface, rehabilitation robotics, upper
               limb movement assessment.                                                               Upper limb motion
                                                                         Bardorfer, A.; Munih, M.; Zupan, A.; Primozic, A. analysis using haptic interface     253-260
               Haptic sensing, posture classification, posture-
               based interface, pressure-distribution sensors,
               sensing chair.                                                                           A sensing
                                                                         Tan, H.Z.; Slivovsky, L.A.; Pentland, A. chair using pressure distribution sensors    261-268
               Collision detection, computer-based training,
               deformable objects, finite element modeling, haptic
               feedback, laparoscopic surgery, real-time interaction,
               surgical simulation, virtual reality.                                                   Virtual environments for medical training: graphical and haptic simulat
                                                                         Basdogan, C.; Ho, C.-H.; Srinivasan, M.A.                                            269-285
               Anthropocentric mechanism design, ergonomics,
               stochastic reachable workspace.                                                                                                             286-294
                                                                         Venema, S.C.; Hannaford, B. A probabilistic representation of human workspace for use in the desig
               Haptic, internet, supermedia, teleoperation.                                              Haptic information in Internet-based teleoperation
                                                                         Elhajj, I.; Xi, N.; Wai Keung Fung; Yun Hui Liu; Li, W.J.; Kaga, T.; Fukuda, T.       295-304
               Acceleration feedback, active damping, flexible
               base, one sample delayed torque.                          Lew, J.Y.; Moon, S.-M.                                                             305-310
                                                                                                       A simple active damping control for compliant base manipulators
               Digital control, PC-based control, robotics.              Lee, C.J.; Mavroidis, C.                                                          311-321
                                                                                                       PC-based control of robotic and mechatronic systems under MS-Windo

               Adaptive control, robot manipulators, visual servoing.                                  de Querioz, M.S.; Behal, A.                           322-337
                                                                         Zergeroglu, E.; Dawson, D.M.;Vision-based nonlinear tracking controllers with uncertain robot-camer
               Electromagnets, external disturbance, integral
               slidingmode control, robustness, suspension.                                              Integral sliding-mode control of a magnetically suspended balance bea
                                                                         Lee, J.-H.; Allaire, P.E.; Tao, G.; Zhang, X.                                          338-346

               Model-free control, multilink, smart materials robots.                                 Model-free regulation of multi-link smart materials robots
                                                                         Ge, S.S.; Lee, T.H.; Wang, Z.P.                                                      346-351
               End-point sensing, flexible link, Kalman filter,
               observer, robot.                                          Li, Y.F.; Chen, X.B.                                                                  351-356
                                                                                                       End-point sensing and state observation of a flexible-link robot
               Discrete-time asymptotic stability, experimental
               validation, nonlinear controllability, nonlinear visual
               model.                                                    Conticelli, F.; Allotta, B.                                                           356-363
                                                                                                       Discrete-time robot visual feedback in 3D positioning tasks with depth
Issue 4; Dec.                                                            Han-Pang Huang                                                                      365-365
                                                                                                       Guest editorial focused section on internet-based manufacturing syste
                Collaborative scheduling, contract manufacturing,
                information sharing, internet-enabled manufacturing
                networks, private electronic marketplaces.                                          Collaboration and information sharing in global contract manufacturing
                                                                         Gaonkar, R.; Viswanadham, N.                                                      366-376
                Agile manufacturing, environmentally conscious
                design and manufacturing, internet-based
                manufacturing, supply chain management.                                           An integrated                                            377-386
                                                                         Yanchun Luo; MengChu Zhou; Caudill, R.J. e-supply chain model for agile and environmentally cons
                Distributed environment, event solution set (ESS),
                foundry fab, message passing, multi-agents, order
                fulfillment process (OFP).                                                         Development of the order fulfillment process in the foundry fab by appl
                                                                         Chih-Yuan Yu; Han-Pang Huang                                                     387-398
                Internet, LCD photomask, rapid prototyping,
                supervisory control, visual inspection.                                              Desktop                                               399-409
                                                                         Luo, R.C.; Jyh Hwa Tzou; Chang, Y.C. rapid prototyping system with supervisory control and monito
                Assembly, control, Internet, teleoperations.                                         Control strategies for teleoperated Internet assembly 410-416
                                                                         Kress, R.L.; Hamel, W.R.; Murray, P.; Bills, K.
                Haptic interface, micromanipulation, networked
                teleoperation, parallel mechanism.                                                    Development of micromanipulator and haptic interface for networked m
                                                                         Ando, N.; Korondi, P.; Hashimoto, H.                                              417-127
                Learning control, micro-positioning, nonlinear
                PID control, piezoelectric actuators.                                                Micro-positioning of linear-piezoelectric motors based on a learning no
                                                                         Tan, K.K.; Tong Heng Lee; Zhou, H.X.                                               428-436
                Adaptive vibration control (AVC), magnetic bearings.     Betschon, F.; Knospe, C.R.                                                        437-443
                                                                                                       Reducing magnetic bearing currents via gain scheduled adaptive contr
                Adaptive control, linear motors, motion control,
                precision manufacturing, robust control.                 Li Xu; Bin Yao                                                                       444-452
                                                                                                       Adaptive robust precision motion control of linear motors with negligib
                Bound observer, permanent magnet synchronous
                servomotor, recurrent-fuzzy-neural-network, toggle
                mechanism, total sliding-mode control, varied learning
                rates.                                                                               Recurrent-fuzzy-neural-network sliding-mode controlled motor-toggle s
                                                                         Faa-Jeng Lin; Kuo-Kai Shyu; Rong-Jong Wai                                        453-466
                Automatic assembly, impact force, piezoelectric
                element, pneumatic cylinder, precision positioning.      Yung-Tien Liu; Higuchi, T.                                                             467-473
                                                                                                       Precision positioning device utilizing impact force of combined piezo-p
                Adaptive fuzzy systems, manipulator trajectory
                control, sliding-mode control (SMC).                     Erbatur, K.; Kaynak, O.                                                              474-482
                                                                                                       Use of adaptive fuzzy systems in parameter tuning of sliding-mode con
                Acoustic noise, active noise cancellation, feedback
                control, headphones.                                                               Controller design for active noise cancellation headphones using expe
                                                                         Shiang-Hwua Yu; Jwu-Sheng Hu                                                       483-490
                End milling, flute breakage, time-domain averaging.      Xiaoli Li                                                                          491-498
                                                                                                   Detection of tool flute breakage in end milling using feed-motor current
                Finite element analysis, multi-DOF, ultrasonic
                motor, vibration.                                        Takemura, K.; Maeno, T.                                                             499-506
                                                                                                       Design and control of an ultrasonic motor capable of generating multi-D
                Modular systems, product development, system
                integration.                                             Zakarian, A.; Rushton, G.J.   Development of modular electrical systems                507-520
                Flexible rotor, inclination control, magnetic bearing,
                selfbearing motor.                                                                     S.                                                         521-524
                                                                         Okada, Y.; Shimizu, K.; Ueno, Vibration control of flexible rotor by inclination control magnetic bearin

                                                                                                       Author index                                             525-527
                                                                                                       Subject index                                            527-536
    Issue                       Index Terms/Keywords                                  Authors                                      Title                            Pages
                Magnetic levitation, mechatronics, microactuators,
Issue 1; Mar    micromanipulation, robotics.                                                            Design and control T.                                1-14
                                                                            Khamesee, M.B.; Kato, N.; Nomura, Y.; Nakamura,of a microrobotic system using magnetic levitation
                Axial flux, bearingless motor, digital control,
                magnetic bearing, radial force.                                                     Design and control of a disk-type integrated motor-bearing system
                                                                            Woo-Sup Han; Chong-Won Lee; Okada, Y.                                          15-22
                Compliant grippers, coordination, hybrid position/
                force controls, multiple robots, PD control.                Dong Sun; Mills, J.K.                                                                23-34
                                                                                                          Manipulating rigid payloads with multiple robots using compliant gripp
                DCcoil, large dynamic range, magnetic levitation,
                precision stage, superposition, surface actuator.                                     Study on a novel contact-free planar system using direct drive DC coils
                                                                            Kwang Suk Jung; Yoon Su Baek                                                    35-43
                Cross-coupled control, contouring error,
                crosscoupling gains, multiaxis motion systems.                                                                                                44-51
                                                                            Syh-Shiuh Yeh; Pau-Lo Hsu Estimation of the contouring error vector for the cross-coupled control
                Embedded System, imaging, internet, personal
                computer, real-time control.                                                             Integrating embedded PC and Internet technologies for 52-60
                                                                            Xin Feng; Velinsky, S.A.; Daehie Hong                                              real-time contro
                Magnetic bearing, magnetic circuit, tape wound
                core.                                                       Kenny, A.; Palazzolo, A.B.                                                         61-66
                                                                                                          Comparison of the dynamic response of radial and tangential magnetic
                Electromagnetic force modeling, feedback
                linearization, magnetic suspension,         robust
                control, H   synthesis, 2-DOF control.                                                 Ultra precision motion control                         67-78
                                                                            Ximin Shan; Shih-Kang Kuo; Jihua Zhang; Chia-Hsiang Menq of a multiple degrees of freedom magnet
                Hybrid control, nonholonomic systems, the Pendubot,
                underactuated mechanical systems.                           Mingjun Zhang; Tzyh-Jong Tarn Hybrid control of the Pendubot                      79-86
                Damping, piezoelectric, resistor, shunt, synthesis.                                       Optimization and implementation of multimode piezoelectric shunt dam
                                                                            Fleming, A.J.; Behrens, S.; Reza Moheimani, S.O.                                  87-94
                Dynamics, force control, hexapod, precision robots,
                Stewart platform, vibration isolation.                      McInroy, J.E.                                                                        95-99
                                                                                                          Modeling and design of flexure jointed Stewart platforms for control pu

                Control, derivative controllers, micro motors, stability.                                Comments on "Magnetically levitated micro PM motors 99-100 types of
                                                                            Assuncao, E.; Teixeira, M.C.M.                                                   by two

Issue 2; June                                                                                             Guest editorial                                         105-106
                Biomechatronics, cybernetic hand, neural interface,
                prosthetic hand.                                                                         The S.; Lazzarini, of Zecca, prosthetic hand-ongoing research and prel
                                                                            Carrozza, M.C.; Massa, B.; Micera,development R.;a novel M.; Dario, P.              108-114

                                                                                                           A motion base Kohkawa, H.; parallel cable                115-123
                                                                            Tadokoro, S.; Murao, Y.; Hiller, M.; Murata, R.;with 6-DOF byMatsushima, T. drive architecture
                Internet, prediction, remote bilaterial teleoperation,
                time delay, wave variables.                                 Munir, S.; Book, W.J.                                                                  prediction
                                                                                                            Internet-based teleoperation using wave variables with 124-133
                GPS, localization, outdoor mobile robotics.                                                 An outdoor navigation system using GPS and inertial platform
                                                                            Panzieri, S.; Pascucci, F.; Ulivi, G.                                                  134-142
                Corner detection, force control, hybrid position/
                force, machine vision, robotic control, sensor fusion,
                visual servoing.                                            Baeten, J.; De Schutter, J.                                                            143-151
                                                                                                          Hybrid vision/force control at corners in planar robotic-contour followin
                Hard disk drives, modeling, simulation, spindle
                motors, vibrations.                                                                       Modeling and experimental analysis of the vibrations in152-160 drive
                                                                            Ferretti, G.; Magnani, G.; Rocco, P.                                                  hard disk
                Dual-stage actuators (DSAs), friction modeling,
                hard disk drives (HDDs), simulation environment.                                           P.; Soldavini, F.C.                                   161-170
                                                                            Oboe, R.; Beghi, A.; Capretta, A simulation and control design environment for single-stage and dual-
                Electrohydraulic control, motion synchronization,
                nonlinear control, robust control.                          Hong Sun; Chiu, G.T.-C.                                                             171-181
                                                                                                          Motion synchronization for dual-cylinder electrohydraulic lift systems
              Force control, linear actuator, position control,
              sensors.                                                                              A multisensory
                                                                      Kramer, E.; Hong Liu; Seitz, N.; Hirzinger, G. linear actuator system                 182-185
              Automation, force sensing, human skill modeling,
              precision assembly.                                                                 Okubo, T.; Itoh, force sensory information in ultraprecision assembly t
                                                                      Yamamoto, Y.; Hashimoto, T.;Measurement ofT.                                        186-189
              Disturbance observer, multiloop perturbation
              compensator, perturbation observer, robust motion
              control.                                                                         Robust performance of the multiloop perturbation compensator
                                                                      SangJoo Kwon; Wan Kyun Chung                                                 190-200
              Adaptive prediction, fault diagnosis, induction
              motors, recurrent dynamic networks, wavelet signal
              processing.                                             Kyusung Kim; Parlos, A.G.                                                         201-219
                                                                                                   Induction motor fault diagnosis based on neuropredictors and wavelet
              Air bag, automotive safety, crash sensing, occupant
              restraints.                                             Ching-Yao Chan                                                                      220-234
                                                                                                   A treatise on crash sensing for automotive air bag systems
              Angular transmission error, disturbance observer,
              robust control, two degrees-of-freedom (DOF) control
              system, vibration suppression.                       Miyazaki, T.; Ohishi, K.                                                             235-244
                                                                                                   Robust speed control system considering vibration suppression cause
              Automatic tuning, delayed resonator, dynamic
              absorbers, vibration suppression.                    Hosek, M.; Olgac, N.                                                                   245-255
                                                                                                   A single-step automatic tuning algorithm for the delayed resonator vibr
              Calibration, control, CyberGlove, CyberGrasp,
              haptic feedback, position sensor, Rutgers Master
              glove, virtual reality.                                                              The Rutgers R.
                                                                      Bouzit, M.; Burdea, G.; Popescu, G.; Boian, Master II-new design force-feedback glove256-263

              Design, mechatronics, motion control, proportional
Issue 3; Sep. differential (PD) controllers.                                                          Koster, R.                                         269-279
                                                                      Coelingh, E.; de Vries, T.J.A.; Assessment of mechatronic system performance at an early design sta
              Design specifications, haptic interface, haptic
              perception, virtual environment.                        O'Malley, M.; Goldfarb, M.                                                           280-288
                                                                                                   The effect of force saturation on the haptic perception of detail

              Adaptive filtering, disturbance rejection, dynamic
              stiffness, magnetic suspension, sliding-mode control.                              R                                                      289-295
                                                                      Ximin Shan; Chia-Hsiang Menq obust disturbance rejection for improved dynamic stiffness of a magn
              Force sensor, hand, humanoid, multifinger, robot,
              tactile sensor.                                                                     Dexterous                                             296-303
                                                                      Kawasaki, H.; Komatsu, T.; Uchiyama, K. anthropomorphic robot hand with distributed tactile sensor:
              Hyper-redundant manipulator, Moray arm,
              Moray drive control, obstacle avoidance, two-degrees-
              of-freedom (2-DOF) Moray drive control.                                                Control of a multijoint manipulator "Moray arm"
                                                                      Ma, S.; Kobayashi, I.; Hirose, S.; Yokoshima, K.                                      304-317
              Adaptive control, adaptive-resonance theory (ART),
              fuzzy controller, navigation, obstacle avoidance,
              quadruped robot.                                                                  An ART-based fuzzy                                           318-328
                                                                      Xuedong Chen; Watanabe, K.; Kiguchi, K.; Izumi, K. controller for the adaptive navigation of a quadrup
              Biaxial systems, contouring control, cross-coupled
              control, linear motor, polar coordinates.                                          Contouring control                                     329-345
                                                                      Shyh-Leh Chen; Hung-Liang Liu; Sing Ching Ting of biaxial systems based on polar coordinates
              Flexible structures, piezoelectric actuators,
              piezoelectric sensors, smart structures, spatial
              control, vibration control.                                                                                                                  346-356
                                                                      Halim, D.; Moheimani, S.O.R. Experimental implementation of spatial H/sub /spl infin// control on a pi
                Constraints on control input and output, decay
                rate, disturbance rejection, fuzzy control, fuzzy
                modeling, linear matrix inequalities, nonlinear
                systems, relaxed stability condition.                                                   Multiobjective control of a vehicle with triple trailers
                                                                           Tanaka, K.; Hori, S.; Wang, H.O.                                                        357-368
                Adaptive control, current loop, motion control,
                sinusoidal permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motor,
                torque control.                                            Dong Sun; Mills, J.K.                                                              369-377
                                                                                                         Torque and current control of high-speed motion control systems with
                Adaptive system, interpolation, repetitive control,
                tracking.                                                                                                                                       378-384
                                                                           Zhenwei Cao; Ledwich, G.F. Adaptive repetitive control to track variable periodic signals with fixed s
                Friction, mechanical systems, position control,
                predictive control.                                                                  Predictive G.T.-C.                                     385-392
                                                                           Chi-Cheng Cheng; Cheng-Yi Chen; Chiu, control with enhanced robustness for precision positioning
                Automatic implanting, complete denture,
                manufacturing, robotic.                                                              Robotic system approach for complete denture manufacturing
                                                                           Yong-De Zhang; Zhan-Fang Zhao; Pei-Jun Lu; Yong Wang; Ru-Jie Song; Ji-Lian Lu   392-396
                                                                           Miyazaki, T.; Ohishi, K.                                                        397-397
                                                                                                     Corrections to "robust speed control system considering vibration sup

Issue 4; Dec.                                                              Wei-Min Shen; M. Yim          Guest editorial                                           401-402

                Autonomous, modular, reconfigurable, self-sufficient.                                  The
                                                                           A. Castano; A. Behar; P.M. Will Conro modules for reconfigurable robots           403-409
                Control, locomotion, self-reconfigurable robots.                                       Using role-based control to produce locomotion in chain-type self-reco
                                                                           K. Stoy; Wei-Min Shen; P.M. Will                                                  410-417
                Distributed control, metamorphic robots, self-
                reconfiguring robots.                                      Z. Butler; R. Fitch; D. Rus                                                           418-430
                                                                                                         Distributed control for unit-compressible robots: goal-recognition, loco
                Distributed autonomous control, metamorphic
                robotics, modular robot, reconfiguration planning, self-
                reconfiguration.                                                                        M-TRAN: Kurokawa; K. Tomita; S. Kokaji
                                                                           S. Murata; E. Yoshida; A. Kamimura; H. self-reconfigurable modular robotic system       431-441
                Chain, PolyBot, reconfigurable, robot.                                                 Connecting Eldershaw                                      442-451
                                                                           M. Yim; Ying Zhang; K. Roufas; D. Duff; C. and disconnecting for chain self-reconfiguration with PolyB
                Distributed robotics, mobility, modularity, snakes,
                trains.                                                                                 Millibot trains for enhanced mobility
                                                                           H.B. Brown, Jr.; J.M. Vande Weghe; C.A. Bererton; P.K. Khosla                           452-461
                Artificial life, degenerate diffusion, lunar
                resources, moon, proliferation, robot, rotation group,
                self-replication.                                                                         Self-replicating robots for lunar development
                                                                           G.S. Chirikjian; Yu Zhou; J. Suthakorn                                                  462-472
                Assembly, connectors, intelligent robots, mechanical
                factors.                                                   M. Nilsson                    Connectors for self-reconfiguring robots                  473-474
                Hyper-redundant systems, inverse kinematics, object-
                oriented software, self-reconfigurable robots.                                          Generalized software components for reconfiguring hyper-redundant m
                                                                           M.W. Pryor; R.C. Taylor; C. Kapoor; D. Tesar                                     475-478
                Classical Preisach model, hysteresis, piezoceramic
                actuators.                                                 R. Ben Mrad; H. Hu                                                                 479-489
                                                                                                         A model for voltage-to-displacement dynamics in piezoceramic actuato
                Actuators, model-based sliding-mode control,
                pneumatic cylinders, pressure observers.                                               Pressure observer-controller design for pneumatic cylinder actuators
                                                                           S.R. Pandian; F. Takemura; Y. Hayakawa; S. Kawamura                               490-499
                Lyapunov redesign, performance tuning, robust
                internal-loop compensator (RIC).                                                    Performance tuning of robust motion controllers for high-accuracy pos
                                                                           Bong Keun Kim; Wan Kyun Chung                                                   500-514
                Inverse kinematics solution, local structurization
                method, six-leg virtual NC machine, uncoupling
                control.                                                                                Liu                                                     515-518
                                                                           Qingding Guo; Yang Liu; Ying Local structurization kinematic decoupling of six-leg virtual-axis NC ma
Electromagnetic actuator, linear peristaltic pump,
logical control system, portable infusion system.    Min Hu; Hejun Du; Shihfu LingA digital miniature pump for medical applications   519-523
                                                                                  Author Index                                        524-526
                                                                                  Subject Index                                       526-533
    Issue                      Index Terms/Keywords                                Authors                                     Title                           Pages
Issue 1; Mar.                                                              T. Nakamura                Guest editorial                                        2-2

                Bacteria, bio-MEMS, laser trap, microfluid device,
                micromanipulation, microtools (MTs), optical tweezers. F. Arai; H. Maruyama; T. Sakami; A. Ichikawa; T. Fukuda                               3-9
                                                                                                     Pinpoint injection of microtools for minimally invasive micromanipulati
                Force feedback, microgrippers, micromanipulation,
                palpation, tissue characterization.                                                  Force sensing microinstrument for measuring tissue properties and pu
                                                                       A. Menciassi; A. Eisinberg; M.C. Carrozza; P. Dario                                   10-17
                Binary robotics, bistable mechanisms, digital
                mechatronics, electromagnetic actuators, flexures.                                   Optimized binary modular reconfigurable robotic devices
                                                                       M. Hafez; M.D. Lichter; S. Dubowsky                                                   18-25

                Biomimetic flying robots, compliant mechanisms,
                micromechatronics, microrobots, stroke amplification.      M. Sitti                                                                          flexible links fo
                                                                                                      Piezoelectrically actuated four-bar mechanism with two26-36
                1 ms-vision, arm/gripper coupling mechanism,
                capturing robot, spring energy.                                                        The 100 G A. Namiki; M. Ishikawa
                                                                           M. Kaneko; M. Higashimori; R. Takenaka;capturing robot - too fast to see         37-44
                Mechatronics, piezoelectric device.                                                    Control of polishing                                 45-55
                                                                           M.S. Detrick; G.N. Washington; V.V. Subramaniam of diamond films using microactuation and an atm
                Genetic algorithm, linear motor, proportional, integral,
                and derivative (PID) control, stability.                                               GA-based multiobjective PID control for a linear brushless DC motor
                                                                           Chun-Liang Lin; Horn-Yong Jan; Niahn-Chung Shieh                                   56-65
                Flexible fin propulsion, piezoelectric actuator,
                swimming vehicle.                                                                     Design and evolution of a piezoelectrically actuated miniature swimmin
                                                                           M.G. Borgen; G.N. Washington; G.L. Kinzel                                         66-76
                Adaptive control, dual-axis Maglev, hybrid
                magnet, precision guiding.                                                           A novel dual-axis repulsive Maglev guiding system with77-86
                                                                           Mei-Yung Chen; Ming-Jyh Wang; Li-Chen Fu                                         permanent mag
                Adaptive algorithm, homogeneous transformation
                matrix, manipulators, trajectory tracking, visual
                feedback.                                                                             Asymptotic trajectory tracking of manipulators using uncalibrated visu
                                                                           Yantao Shen; Dong Sun; Yun-Hui Liu; Kejie Li                                     87-98
                Flexible XY positioning system, input preshaping,
                residual vibration suppression, robust internal-loop
                compensator (RIC).                                                                   Robust Kyun Chung; Y. Youm                             99-110
                                                                           Bong Keun Kim; Sangdeok Park; Wancontroller design for PTP motion of vertical XY positioning syst
                AC motor, digital control, magnetic bearings, rotary
                machinery.                                                 H. Kanebako; Y. Okada                                                              high-speed spi
                                                                                                      New design of hybrid-type self-bearing motor for small,111-119
                Field programable gate arrays (FPGA), motion
                control, stepper motor.                                                                  Novel stepper motor controller based on FPGA hardware implementatio
                                                                           D. Carrica; M.A. Funes; S.A. Gonzalez                                            120-124
                Controlled Indexing: feedforward neural nets, fuzzy
                control, handicapped aids, manipulator dynamics,
                motion control, neurocontrollers, user interfaces
                Non-controlled Indexing: EMG signals,
                backpropagation, center of rotation, exoskeletal
                robots, fuzzy control, handicapped aids, human
                motion assist, intelligent interface, multilayer neural
                network, neurocontrol, shoulder joint, soft computing
                                                                                                        An exoskeletal robot for human shoulder joint motion assist
                                                                           K. Kiguchi; K. Iwami; M. Yasuda; K. Watanabe; T. Fukuda                            125-135
                Actuator, underwater micro robot.
                                                                                                       A new
                                                                           Shuxiang Guo; T. Fukuda; K. Asaka type of fish-like underwater microrobot         136-141

                                                                                                      List of reviewers for 2002                             142-143
Issue 2; Jun                                                                                          Guest editorial
                                                                          C. Mavroidis; E. Papadopoulos; N. Sarkar                                              149-150
               Mechatronics, motion control, observer-corrector
               feedback, robotic manipulators.                            M. Hosek                                                                             151-164
                                                                                                        Observer-corrector control design for robots with destabilizing unmode
               Closed-loop mechanisms, constrained mechanisms,
               nonlinear holonomic constraint equations, robot
               dynamics, variational methods.                                                           C. Lange                                            165-177
                                                                          J. Kovecses; J.-C. Piedboeuf; Dynamics modeling and simulation of constrained robotic systems

               Cartesian control, heavy-duty hydraulic manipulators,
               hydraulic servo control, parameter identification.                                     On modeling, identification, and control of a heavy-duty electrohydraul
                                                                          E. Papadopoulos; Bin Mu; R. Frenette                                                178-187
               Electromechanical model, friction drive control,
               stick–slip behavior, ultrasonic microconveyer.             A. Ferreira; J.-G. Fontaine                                                      188-202
                                                                                                        Dynamic modeling and control of a conveyance microrobotic system u
               Nonholonomic dynamics, tracking stability,
               wheeled mobile robots, zero dynamics.                                                                                                     203-214
                                                                          Danwei Wang; Guangyan Xu Full-state tracking and internal dynamics of nonholonomic wheeled mo
               Dynamic parameter identification, field robots,
               information theory.                                        V.A. Sujan; S. Dubowsky                                                            215-225
                                                                                                        An optimal information method for mobile manipulator dynamic parame
               Fault adaptive control, hybrid systems, wheeled
               mobile robot (WMR).                                                                    Hybrid fault
                                                                          Meng Ji; Zhen Zhang; G. Biswas; N. Sarkaradaptive control of a wheeled mobile robot226-233
               Gradient descent, nonsmooth optimization, optical
               encoder, rotation group, spherical motion.                                              Mathematical                                          234-244
                                                                          D. Stein; E.R. Scheinerman; G.S. Chirikjian models of binary spherical-motion encoders
               Actuator, EAP, force control, Ionic polymer metal
               composites (IPMCs), impedance control,
               proportional, integral, and derivative (PID), position
               control.                                                                               Control of ionic polymer metal composites
                                                                          R.C. Richardson; M.C. Levesley; M.D. Brown; J.A. Hawkes; K. Watterson; P.G. Walker    245-253
               Actuators, actuation, energy density, human-scale
               robot, hydrogen peroxide, monopropellant,
               pneumatic, power supply, self-powered robot, service
               robot.                                                                                     Design and energetic characterization of a liquid-propellant-powered ac
                                                                          M. Goldfarb; E.J. Barth; M.A. Gogola; J.A. Wehrmeyer                                   254-262
               Dynamics, impedance control, parallel robots.                                              The Tricept robot: dynamics and impedance control
                                                                          F. Caccavale; B. Siciliano; L. Villani                                                 263-268
               Active vibration control, flexible manipulator, inertial
               singularity, inertial vibration damping,
               macro/micromanipulator.                                    L.E. George; W.J. Book                                                                 268-271
                                                                                                        Inertial vibration damping control of a flexible base manipulator
               Impact force control, impedance control,
               impedance/timedelay control (TDC), robot joint
               friction, TDC.                                                                           Loparo; C.B. Schrader; Pyung Hun Chang              272-277
                                                                          Eunjeong Lee; Juyi Park; K.A. Bang-bang impact control using hybrid impedance/time-delay control
               Neuro-fuzzy control, payload estimation, robot
               manipulator.                                               H.C. Nho; P. Meckl                                                                    277-282
                                                                                                        Intelligent feedforward control and payload estimation for a two-link rob
               Grasp control, rolling, soft contact.                      Z. Doulgeri; J. Fasoulas                                                              283-286
                                                                                                        Grasping control of rolling manipulations with deformable fingertips
               Haptic feedback, nanomanipulation, nanomechanics,
               nanorobotics, nanotechnology, telerobotics.                M. Sitti; H. Hashimoto                                                              287-298
                                                                                                        Teleoperated touch feedback from the surfaces at the nanoscale: mode
               Continuum manipulator, dynamics, flexible robot
               control, hyper-redundant robot.                                                           Walker                                                299-307
                                                                          I.A. Gravagne; C.D. Rahn; I.D.Large deflection dynamics and control for planar continuum robots

              Defect detection, Galerkin theory, mirror synthesis,
Issue 3; Sep. vision systems.                                                                           Mirror                                                  309-317
                                                                          M.D. Valle; P. Gallina; A. Gasparetto synthesis in a mechatronic system for superficial defect detectio
              Capacitive sensors, electrostriction, pressure,
              solid-state capacitor, strain, stress, tactile.            Y.M. Shkel; N.J. Ferrier                                                          318-325
                                                                                                     Electrostriction enhancement of solid-state capacitance sensing
              Linear variable-reluctance motor (LVRM), lookup
              table force linearization, low-cost implementation,
              precision manufacturing automation.                        W.C. Gan; N.C. Cheung                                                              326-333
                                                                                                     Development and control of a low-cost linear variable-reluctance motor
              Adaptive control, magnetic-suspension system,
              motion control, system identification.                                                 Large travel ultra                                     334-341
                                                                         Shih-Kang Kuo; Ximin Shan; Chia-Hsiang Menq precision x-y-/spl theta/ motion control of a magnetic-
              Active connectors, modular robots, shapememory-
              alloy (SMA) actuators.                                     M. Badescu; C. Mavroidis    Novel active connector for modular robotic systems        342-351
              Dextrous manipulation, dynamical simulation,
              hybrid discrete-continuous systems, mechatronic
              control design, multifingered grasping.                                                 A                                                         352-361
                                                                         T. Schlegl; M. Buss; G. Schmidt hybrid systems approach toward modeling and dynamical simulation
              Friction, hydraulic actuators, stick-slip friction.        W.S. Owen; E.A. Croft                                                                  3
                                                                                                      The reduction of stick-slip friction in hydraulic actuators 62-371
              CAD/CAM, kinematics, sensor planning.                                                   CAD-guided Chen                                           372-380
                                                                         Weihua Sheng; Ning Xi; Mumin Song; Yifansensor planning for dimensional inspection in automotive
              Basic defuzzification distribution, cluster validity
              index, reconfigurability, saturation-type control, skill
              module, uniformly ultimate boundedness.                                                                                                    381-389
                                                                         W.W. Melek; A.A. GoldenbergNeurofuzzy control of modular and reconfigurable robots
              Behavior-based approach, fuzzy control, genetic
              algorithm (GA), mobile robot, pattern recognition.         Hao Li; S.X. Yang                                                                 390-400
                                                                                                     A behavior-based mobile robot with a visual landmark-recognition syst
              Artificial neural network (ANN), image processing,
              intensity variations, noise tolerance, pipe inspection,
              ring profiler, sewer inspection, system integration.                                     Pipe inspection using a laser-based transducer and automated analysis
                                                                         O. Duran; K. Althoefer; L.D. Seneviratne                                            401-409
              Adaptive genetic algorithm, fuzzy proportional integral
              (PI) control, gain tuning, gas-turbine plant.                                       Design of incremental fuzzy PI controllers for a gas-turbine plant
                                                                         Jong-Wook Kim; Sang Woo Kim                                                      410-414
              Concurrent learning (CL), end milling, fast Haar
              transform (FHT), finite-impulse response (FIR)
              median hybrid filters, recursive, tool-flute breakage.                                    Application of fast Haar transform and concurrent learning to tool-brea
                                                                         H.K. Tonshoff; Xiaoli Li; C. Lapp                                                     414-417
              Energy damping, Lyapunov methods, nonlinear
              control, overhead crane.                                                               Nonlinear coupling                                     418-423
                                                                         Y. Fang; W.E. Dixon; D.M. Dawson; E. Zergeroglu control laws for an underactuated overhead crane s

              Cable, electrorheological (ER) damper, manipulator,
Issue 4; Dec. mechatronics, radio astronomy, system stiffness.                                        B. Peng                                               425-430
                                                                         Y.X. Su; B.Y. Duan; R.D. Nan;Mechatronics design of stiffness enhancement of the feed supporting s
              Dual-actuator system, hard disk drive, positioning
              system, servo control.                                     H. Numasato; M. Tomizuka                                                           431-438
                                                                                                     Settling control and performance of a dual-actuator system for hard dis
              Piezoelectric actuator, robotic workcell,
              servomechanism, vibration control.                                                    Vibration                                                   439-445
                                                                         T.N. Chang; R. Kwadzogah; R.J. Caudill control of linear robots using a piezoelectric actuator
              Fuzzy control, gallop, intelligent control, legged
              Author, please supply your own keywords or send                                         Intelligent control Waldron
                                                                         D.W. Marhefka; D.E. Orin; J.P. Schmiedeler; K.J. of quadruped gallops                 446-456
              a blank e-mail to to receive a list
              of suggested keywords..                                                              Design and                                             457-468
                                                                         W. Wang; J. Wang; G.W. Jewell; D. Howe control of a novel spherical permanent magnet actuator wit
              Robot kinematics, parallel manipulator, singularity
              analysis.                                                                                Singularity analysis of three-legged, six-DOF platform manipulators wit
                                                                         J. Angeles; Guilin Yang; I-Ming Chen                                                  469-475
Dynamics identification, haptic display, support
vector machines (SVM), virtual-reality (VR)-based
training.                                             Y.F. Li; D. Bi                                                                     of the operating
                                                                                 A method for dynamics identification for haptic display 476-482
Control, D’Alembert formulation, dynamics, parallel
manipulator, redundant actuation, singularities.                                  Dynamics and control of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators
                                                      Hui Cheng; Yiu-Kuen Yiu; Zexiang Li                                               483-491
Adaptive control, compression ignition engine,
one-step-ahead (OSA) technique, thermodynamic
engine model, variable geometry turbine.                                            Fortunato
                                                      L. Dambrosio; G. Pascazio; B.VGT turbocharger controlled by an adaptive technique 492-499
Adaptive cruise control, advanced vehicle control
and safety systems (AVCSS), driver assistance,
highway maintenance, intelligent transportation
systems (ITS), magnetic sensing, mechatronics.                                      Ravani                                             500-510
                                                      S.M. Donecker; T.A. Lasky; B.A mechatronic sensing system for vehicle guidance and control
Liapunov function, model-based disturbance
attenuator (MBDA), position control, robot
manipulators, stability.                                                                                                               511-513
                                                      Chong-Ho Choi; Nojun Kwak Robust control of robot manipulator by model-based disturbance atten
Peg-in-hole insertion, sensor fusion.                                           Sensor data Yoo; Man Hyung Lee                         513-516
                                                      Jae Weon Choi; Tae Hyun Fang; Wan-Suk fusion using perception net for a precise assembly task

                                                                                 Author Index                                           517-519
                                                                                 Subject Index                                          519-526
    Issue                      Index Terms/Keywords                                 Authors                                      Title                            Pages
              Analytical modeling, contact modeling, equivalent
              circuit, global modeling, piezoelectric motor, rotating-
Issue 1; Mar. mode.                                                                                    Analytical                                              1-9
                                                                          M. Budinger; J.-F. Rouchon; B. Nogaredemodeling for the design of a piezoelectric rotating-mode mot
              Direct drive robot, finite element analysis (FEA),
              robot structural design.                                                                 Structural design, analysis, and performance evaluation of a new semi-
                                                                          J. Roy; R.P. Goldberg; L.L. Whitcomb                                               10-19
              Bone drilling, breakthrough detection, force control,
              motion control.                                                                        Force control and                                    20-29
                                                                          Wen-Yo Lee; Ching-Long Shih; Shih-Tseng Lee breakthrough detection of a bone-drilling system
              Control, flow control, hysteresis, modeling, saturation,
              shape memory alloy (SMA).                                   M.L. Tharayil; A.G. Alleyne                                                         30-39
                                                                                                        Modeling and control for smart Mesoflap aeroelastic control

               Bragg grating, curing process, fiber optic, refractive-
               index measurements, strain and temperature sensor.                                      Multifunction fiber Cutolo                                40-49
                                                                          A. Cusano; G. Breglio; M. Giordano; L. Nicolais; A.optic sensing system for smart applications
               Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, Petri
               nets (PNs), deadlock avoidance, modeling.                  Naiqi Wu; MengChu Zhou                                                            50-57
                                                                                                        Modeling and deadlock control of automated guided vehicle systems
               Electric circuit, haptic interface, impedance control,
               passivity analysis, stability, virtual reality.            M. Kawai; T. Yoshikawa                                                                58-64
                                                                                                        Haptic display with an interface device capable of continuous-time imp
               Friction-cone constraint, grasping-force optimization,
               linear-matrix inequality, max–det problem.             Guanfeng Liu; Zexiang Li                                                                 manipulation: t
                                                                                                       Real-time grasping-force optimization for multifingered 65-77
               Controlled Indexing: gradient methods,
               mechatronics, parameter estimation, pneumatic
               control equipment, time-frequency analysis, valves
               Non-controlled Indexing: Honeywell -Lucifer type
               EPP3 J-21-U-100-10, Parker P3P-R, downstream
               load, feedback, frequency domain, internal
               mechatronic devices, mechatronic design, nonlinear
               dynamic model, outlet port, pneumatic proportional
               pressure valve, standard working configuration, three-
               way proportional valve, time domain, valve
               functionality                                                                           Dynamic model and experimental investigation of a pneumatic proporti
                                                                      M. Sorli; G. Figliolini; S. Pastorelli                                                   78-86

               Dynamics, multivariable, piezoelctric shunts, stability.                               Dynamics, stability, and control of multivariable piezoelectric shunts
                                                                          S.O.R. Moheimani; A.J. Fleming; S. Behrens                                           87-99
               Genetic algorithms (GA), nonlinear system,
               pneumatic actuators, parameter identification.                                         Q.H. Wu                                                  using genetic a
                                                                          J. Wang; J.D. Wang; N. Daw; Identification of pneumatic cylinder friction parameters 100-107
               Micro air vehicle (MAV), aerodynamics, vision,
               propulsion, flight test.                                                              Micro air                                               108-117
                                                                          Huaiyu Wu; Dong Sun; Zhaoying Zhou vehicle: configuration, analysis, fabrication, and test
               Force control, holonomic, motion control,
               nonholonomic, robust.                                                                                                                        118-123
                                                                          Z.P. Wang; S.S. Ge; T.H. LeeRobust motion/force control of uncertain holonomic/nonholonomic me
               Constraint,experiments,impact, robot.                      P.R. Pagilla; Biao Yu                                                             123-128
                                                                                                      An experimental study of planar impact of a robot manipulator
               Kinematically redundant manipulators, model-based
               control, subtask tracking.                                                              Nonlinear tracking control of kinematically redundant robot manipulato
                                                                          E. Zergeroglu; D.D. Dawson; I.W. Walker; P. Setlur                                  129-132
               Integral control, planar robot, robot control, visual-
               servoing.                                                                                  Vision-based A. control
                                                                          I. Cervantes; R. Garrido; J. Alvarez-Ramirez;PIDMartinez of planar robots             132-136
                                                                                                        List of Reviewers                                         137-138

Issue 2; Jun.                                                              W.J. Li; N. Xi               Guest Editorial                                           309-310
                Adhesion forces, force scaling, micro gripper,
                micro manipulation.                                                                        From Dario                                            311-320
                                                                           A. Menciassi; A. Eisinberg; I. Izzo; P."macro" to "micro" manipulation: models and experiments
                Contact force models, microassembly, microrobotics,
                robotic simulation, virtual reality (VR), visual force/
                position feedback.                                                                         Automatic microassembly system assisted by vision servoing and virtu
                                                                           A. Ferreira; C. Cassier; S. Hirai                                                   321-333
                Cellular grippers, micro manipulation, micro
                polymer actuators, polymer MEMS actuators.                                             Polymer MEMS actuators                                 334-342
                                                                           J.W.L. Zhou; Ho-Yin Chan; T.K.H. To; K.W.C. Lai; W.J. Lifor underwater micromanipulation
                Atomic force microscopy, micro/nanoforces,
                nanomanipulation, nanomechanics, nanotribology.            M. Sitti                                                                         343-349
                                                                                                        Atomic force microscope probe based controlled pushing for nanotribo
                Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), destructive fabrication,
                electron-beam-induced deposition, nanorobotic
                manipulation, nanostructures.                                                                                                                  350-357
                                                                           Lixin Dong; F. Arai; T. FukudaDestructive constructions of nanostructures with carbon nanotubes thr
                Atomic force microscopy (AFM), augmented reality,
                haptic feedback, nanomanipulation.                                                    Development of augmented reality system for AFM-based nanomanipul
                                                                           Guangyong Li; Ning Xi; Mengmeng Yu; Wai-Keung Fung                            358-365
                AC electroosmosis, bio-nano fluidic system,
                dielectrophoresis, electrokinetics, molecular
                manipulation.                                                                        Electrokinetics in micro devices for biotechnology applications
                                                                           Pak Kin Wong; Tza-Huei Wang; J.H. Deval; Chih-Ming Ho                            366-376
                Numerical simulation, microparticles, travelingwave-
                dielectrophoretic, yeast cells.                                                       Manipulation of microparticles using new modes of traveling-wave-diel
                                                                           Lung-Ming Fu; Gwo-Bin Lee; Yen-Heng Lin; Ruey-Jen Yang                           377-383
                Magnetic levitation (maglev) system,
                nanomanipulation, precision positioning, 6-degrees-of-
                freedom (6-DOF) motion, real-time digital control.                                     Six-axis nanopositioning device with precision magnetic levitation tech
                                                                           S. Verma; Won-jong Kim; Jie Gu                                                    384-391
                Direct drive motors, linear piezomotor, passive
                latches, piezoelectric transducers.                                                      The design and E. Grant; J.W. Eischen; A.I. piezoelectric transducer-bas
                                                                           J.A. Palmer; B. Dessent; J.F. Mulling; T. Usher;characterization of a novel Kingon; P.D. Franzon
                Acceleration factor, force sensor, quartz resonator,
                reliability, weight sensor.                                                           Yonggui Dong; Guanping Feng                           399-406
                                                                           Zheyao Wang; Huizhong Zhu; Development of a high-resolution quartz resonator force and weight se
                Control, dynamics, gyroscopical stabilization,
                mobile robot, nonholonomic system.                         Yangsheng Xu; S.K.-W. Au Stabilization and path following of a single wheel robot 407-419
                Piezoelectric transducers, plate, vibration control.                                     A linear coupling controller for plate vibration
                                                                           Baojiang Liu; F. Golnaraghi; G.R. Heppler                                         420-426
                Inchworm piezoelectric motor, linear motor, precision
                motion control.                                            P.E. Tenzer; R.B. Mrad                                                               427-435
                                                                                                        A systematic procedure for the design of piezoelectric inchworm precis
                AC permanent magnet motor, gain scheduled
                (GS) speed regulators, internal model principle (IMP),
                sinusoidal disturbance, torque and velocity ripple
                elimination.                                               W.-C. Gan; Li Qiu                                                                   magnet
                                                                                                        Torque and velocity ripple elimination of AC permanent436-447 motor c
                Design specifications, haptic interface, haptic
                perception, virtual environment.                           M.K. O'Malley; M. Goldfarb                                                             448-454
                                                                                                        The effect of virtual surface stiffness on the haptic perception of detail
                Brake gain, friction coefficient, recursive least square
                method, slip ratio, tractive force.                                                    Real-time                                           454-458
                                                                           Chankyu Lee; K. Hedrick; Kyongsu Yi slip-based estimation of maximum tire-road friction coefficien
                Magnetic leadscrew, mode separation, passband
                control, precision system, vibration control.                                       Ji; R.J. Caudill                                     458-461
                                                                       T.N. Chang; B. Dani; Zhiming Contactless magnetic transmission system: vibration control and reson
                                                                                                    Erratum                                              461-461

Issue 3; Sep.                                                          S. Sugano; H. Hashimoto       Editorial                                                 465-466
                Micromotor design, motor design, piezoelectric
                motor, torsion, ultrasonic actuator.                                                A                                                      467-473
                                                                       J. Friend; K. Nakamura; S. Uehapiezoelectric micromotor using in-plane shearing of PZT elements
                Multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) actuator,
                piezoelectric actuator, self-oscillation, ultrasonic
                motor.                                                                            Design of a plate type multi-DOF ultrasonic motor and its self-oscillatio
                                                                       K. Takemura; Y. Ohno; T. Maeno                                                    474-480
                Force control, friction drive, input shaping,
                nanopositioner, standing wave ultrasonic actuators
                (SWUM).                                                A. Ferreira                                                                            481-490
                                                                                                     Optimized friction drive controller for a multi-DOF ultrasonic nanoposit
                Adaptive control, control systems, dc motors,
                distributed control, Internet, networks, real-time
                system.                                                                                                                                  IP network
                                                                       Y. Tipsuwan; Mo-Yuen Chow On the gain scheduling for networked PI controller over491-498
                Encoder, optical sensor, orientation measurement,
                spherical sensor.                                                                                                                    499-507
                                                                       Kok-Meng Lee; Debao Zhou A real-time optical sensor for simultaneous measurement of three-DOF
                Hysteresis, microgripper, micromanipulation,
                microrobotics, modeling, piezoactuators,
                position/force control.                                                               A smart Breguet                                            control
                                                                       A. Ferreira; J. Agnus; N. Chaillet; J.-M. microrobot on chip: design, identification, and 508-519
                Assembly work cooperation, flexible manufacturing,
                self-organized map, work state identification.                                     Flexible assembly work cooperating system based on work state identi
                                                                       Y. Hayakawa; T. Ogata; S. Sugano                                                520-528
                Behavioral adaptation, behavioral information,
                distributed robot system, human–robot symbiosis.       T. Sato; T. Harada; T. Mori                                                      529-534
                                                                                                     Environment-type robot system "RoboticRoom" featured by behavior m
                Distributed system, intelligent space, ubiquitous
                computing.                                                                          Cooperation of distributed intelligent sensors in intelligent environmen
                                                                       Joo-Ho Lee; K. Morioka; N. Ando; H. Hashimoto                                          535-543
                Autonomous path following, ITS, steering system.                                    Driver-compatible steering system for wide speed-range path following
                                                                       Y. Hayakawa; R. White; T. Kimura; G. Naito                                             544-552
                Incremental encoder, low-velocity estimator,
                lowvelocity measurement.                                                            Velinsky                                              553-560
                                                                       Se-Han Lee; T.A. Lasky; S.A. Improved velocity estimation for low-speed and transient regimes using
                Motion control, optimal tension distribution,
                tendon-based parallel mechanism.                                                     Motion Bekes; M. Hiller                                  561-568
                                                                       Shiqing Fang; D. Franitza; M. Torlo; F.control of a tendon-based parallel manipulator using optimal ten
                Agricultural tractors, automotive, continuously
                variable transmission (CVT), hybrid control.                                          Previdi; system design on a power-split CVT for high-power agricultura
                                                                       S.M. Savaresi; F.L. Taroni; F. Control S. Bittanti                                   569-579
                Anti-windup (AW) control, coarse-fine control,
                discrete control, hard-disk servo-system.                                           Practical implementation                              580-592
                                                                       G. Herrmann; M.C. Turner; I. Postlethwaite; Guoxiao Guoof a novel anti-windup scheme in a HDD-dual-
                Adaptive slicing, rapid prototyping, Taguchi
                method, thermal extrusion.                             R.C. Luo; Jyh Hwa Tzou                                                               593-600
                                                                                                     Implementation of a new adaptive slicing algorithm for the rapid prototy
                Friction modeling, servo-motion systems, support
                vector machine regression (SVMR).                      G.L. Wang; Y.F. Li; D.X. Bi   Support vector machine networks for friction modeling 601-606

              Automated highway systems, autonomous driving,
              boost curve, heavy vehicle, hydraulic power assist,
Issue 4; Dec. steering system, vehicle lateral control.                                            M. Tomizuka                                           609-618
                                                                       Meihua Tai; Pushkar Hingwe; Modeling and control of steering system of heavy vehicles for automate
Adaptive command shaping, flexible manipulator,
time-delay filter, vibration.                            Sungsoo Rhim; W.J. Book                                                               manipulator co
                                                                                       Adaptive time-delay command shaping filter for flexible619-626
Computer numerical control (CNC), control
applications, Ethernet, factory automation, real-time
(RT) operating systems.                                  A. Hace; K. Jezernik          Control system for the waterjet cutting Machine           627-635
Hard disk drives (HDDs), linear matrix inequalities,
mixed-objective optimization, track-following control.                               Guo                                                     636-643
                                                         D.H. Shim; Ho Seong Lee; LinMixed-objective optimization of a track-following controller using linear
Dual-stage actuator system, noncircular turning,
repetitive control.                                                                  Two-parameter robust repetitive control with application to a novel dua
                                                         Byung-Sub Kim; Jianwu Li; Tsu-Chin Tsao                                            644-652
Torque disturbance compensator (TDC), torque
disturbance observer (TDO), TDC stability and
damping analysis.                                                                      Performance                                         653-660
                                                         M. Bertoluzzo; G.S. Buja; E. Stampacchia analysis of a high-bandwidth torque disturbance compens
Cooperative control, distributed systems, force
feedback, internet robots, teleoperation.                                              Cooperative Yuechao Wang; T. Fukuda                        661-670
                                                         Wang-tai Lo; Yunhui Liu; I.H. Elhajj; Ning Xi;teleoperation of a multirobot system with force reflection v
Aerial photographs, aerial robotics, computer
vision, kite, situational awareness, surveillance.       P.Y. Oh; W.E. Green                                                                  671-678
                                                                                       Mechatronic kite and camera rig to rapidly acquire, Process, and distrib
Adaptive state filters, motor anomalies, motor
incipient faults, neural networks, sensorless speed
estimation.                                                                                                                                 679-688
                                                         R.M. Bharadwaj; A.G. Parlos Neural speed filtering for induction motors with anomalies and incipien
Adaptive control, position control, robustness, Sawyer
motor, sensorless control.                                                                                                                 689-696
                                                         P. Krishnamurthy; F. KhorramiRobust adaptive control of sawyer motors without current measuremen
Active damping, drive train oscillations, electrical
vehicle.                                                                             Active damping of drive train oscillations for an electrically driven vehic
                                                         N. Amann; J. Bocker; F. Prenner                                                       697-700
Genetic algorithm, modular robot, neural network,
parameter identification, vibration control.                                         Parameter identification                              700-705
                                                         Yangmin Li; Yugang Liu; Xiaoping Liu; Zhaoyang Peng and vibration control in Modular manipulators
Composite controllers, control system design,
disturbance attenuation, disturbance observers,
nonlinear systems, stability.                            Wen-Hua Chen                                                                        706-710
                                                                                       Disturbance observer based control for nonlinear systems
Condition monitoring, end milling, independent
component analysis, information maximum (InfoMax),
pump.                                                    Xiaoli Li; R. Du; X.P. Guan                                                         711-714
                                                                                       Utilization of information maximum for condition monitoring with applic
                                                                                       Erratum                                               714-714
    Issue                     Index Terms/Keywords                                 Authors                                      Title                            Pages
              Automated highway systems (AHSs), feedback
              linearization, H-infinity optimal control, mismatched
Issue 1; Feb. observer, vehicle lateral control.                         Jihua Huang; M. Tomizuka                                                              1-7
                                                                                                      LTV controller design for vehicle lateral control under fault in rear sens
              Casting process, manufacturing automation,
              optimization methods, sloshing, vibration control.         K. Yano; K. Terashima                                                               8-16
                                                                                                      Sloshing suppression control of liquid transfer systems considering a 3
              Force sensor, mobile manipulation, robotics,
              TerminatorBot.                                             R.M. Voyles; A.C. Larson                                                         for locomotion
                                                                                                      TerminatorBot: a novel robot with dual-use mechanism17-25
              Generalized hold function (GHF), H       control,
              hard disk drives (HDDs), multirate, positioning.                                        A                                                       26-33
                                                                         K. Ohno; M. Hirata; R. Horowitz comparative study of the use of the generalized hold function for HDD
                H  optimization, fault detection, frequency
              shaping, integrated vehicle highway systems, state
              estimation.                                                                             Design of Luenberger state observers using fixed-structure H/sub /spl i
                                                                         S. Ibaraki; S. Suryanarayanan; M. Tomizuka                                         34-42
              Dual-wheel transmission (DWT), epicyclic gear
              trains, wheeled mobile robots.                             J. Angeles                   An innovative drive for wheeled mobile robots            43-49
              Disturbance observer, magnetic suspension
              system, motion control, system identification.                                        Modeling and control of a six-axis precision motion control stage
                                                                         Shih-Kang Kuo; Chia-Hsiang Menq                                                   50-59
              Cuk converter, dc/dc converters, neural network,
              power converter modeling, sliding-mode control, state-
              space averaging.                                                                         Application                                           60-67
                                                                         J. Mahdavi; M.R. Nasiri; A. Agah; A. Emadiof neural networks and State-space averaging to DC/DC PW
              Ferrofluid, microfluidics, multidomain finite element
              analysis.                                                                                Ferrofluid Roh; T.J. Phelps; L.W. Yeary; G.T. Cunningham68-76
                                                                         L.J. Love; J.F. Jansen; T.E. McKnight; Y. field induced flow for microfluidic applications
                Capsule-type endoscopes, clampers, sequential
                control, shape memory alloy (SMA), two-way SMA
                springs.                                                                            Jong Heong Park; Jong-Oh Park                        77-86
                                                                         Byungkyu Kim; Sunghak Lee; Design and fabrication of a locomotive mechanism for capsule-type en
                Angular measurement, corrected transfer
                recording, magneto-optical (MO) technology, rotary
                encoder.                                                                                 A rotary encoder based on magneto-optical storage
                                                                         K. Tobita; T. Ohira; M. Kajitani; C. Kanamori; M. Shimojo; Aiguo Ming                 87-97
                Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), intelligent
                control, machine tool control, machining, motion
                control, process monitoring.                             K.D. Oldknow; I. Yellowley                                                      98-110
                                                                                                      FPGA-based servo control and three-dimensional dynamic interpolation
                Disturbance observer, loudspeaker, sensorless
                control, velocity estimation.                            Yaoyu Li; G.T.-C. Chiu                                                            111-117
                                                                                                      Control of loudspeakers using disturbance-observer-type velocity estim

                Control, damping, electromagnetic, shunt, vibration.                                  Passive vibration control via electromagnetic shunt damping
                                                                         S. Behrens; A.J. Fleming; S.O.R. Moheimani                                         118-122
                Linear matrix inequality, optimal control, servo track
                writing, self-servo track writing.                                                    Guoxiao Guo                                            track writing
                                                                         Chunling Du; Jingliang Zhang;Disturbance modeling and control design for self-servo122-127

                                                                                                      List of Reviewers for 2004                               128-128

Issue 2; Apr.                                                            S.O.R. Moheimani                                                                    and Structures
                                                                                                      Introduction to the Focused Section on Smart Materials133-134
              Active damping, decoupled control, integral force
              feedback, micro-lithography, modal control, multiple-
              input–multiple-output (MIMO) collocated control,
              vibration control.                                      J. Holterman; T.J.A. de Vries Active damping based on decoupled collocated control135-145
              Active vibration suppression, analog implementation,
              broad-band damping, mechanical distributed
              systems, timedelay.                                                                  N.B. Roozen                                          146-153
                                                                      A.J. den Hamer; G.Z. Angelis;Broad-band active vibration suppression using PPF focused on industr
              Flexible joint arm, homogeneous electrorheological
              (ER) fluid, sliding-mode control, viscous control.      T. Nakamura; N. Saga                                                             154-160
                                                                                                  Viscous control of homogeneous ER fluid using a variable structure co
              Control, microgripper, micromanipulation,
              microrobotics, modeling, piezoactuators.                                              Modeling, fabrication,                                  161-171
                                                                      R. Perez; J. Agnus; C. Clevy; A. Hubert; N. Chaillet and validation of a high-performance 2-DoF piezo
              Describing function, feedback, hysteresis,
              magnetostrictive actuators.                                                            Limit cycles                                           172-180
                                                                      A. Cavallo; C. Natale; S. Pirozzi; C. Visone in control systems employing smart actuators with hystere

                                                                                                   Flexure                                                implementation
                                                                      M.R. Kermani; R.V. Patel; M. Moallem control using piezostack actuators: design and 181-188
              Hysteresis, modeling, shape memory alloy (SMA).         S.M. Dutta; F.H. Ghorbel                                                            189-197
                                                                                                   Differential hysteresis modeling of a shape memory alloy wire actuator
              Hysteresis nonlinearity, piezoceramic, Preisach
              model, tracking control.                                                            Tracking control of a piezoceramic actuator with hysteresis compensat
                                                                      G. Song; Jinqiang Zhao; Xiaoqin Zhou; J.A. De Abreu-Garcia                         198-209

              Control systems, cooling, testing, vehicles.                                          An advanced engine thermal management system: nonlinear control an
                                                                      P. Setlur; J.R. Wagner; D.M. Dawson; E. Marotta                                210-220
              Autonomous excavations, Newton–Raphson
              method, soil model, soil parameter estimation.                                        Althoefer; L.D. Seneviratne                         221-229
                                                                      Choo Par Tan; Y.H. Zweiri; K. Online soil parameter estimation scheme based on Newton-Raphson m
              Inverse dynamic operator, inverse Preisach operator,
              piezoceramic, tracking control.                                                     Enhancement of tracking ability in piezoceramic actuators subject to dy
                                                                      H. Hu; H.M.S. Georgiou; R. Ben-Mrad                                               230-239
              Piezoelectric materials, piezoelectricity, power
              generation, PZT ceramics.                                                               On                                                   240-252
                                                                      S.R. Platt; S. Farritor; H. Haider low-frequency electric power generation with PZT ceramics
              Bounded error context, ellipsoidal approximation,
              experimental robot dynamics, parallelotopic
              approximation,set membership identification.            N. Ramdani; P. Poignet                                                            253-256
                                                                                                  Robust dynamic experimental identification of robots with set members

              Nonlinear models, point-to-point control, timeoptimal
Issue 3; Jun. control, velocity control.                              M.D. Baumgart; L.Y. Pao                                                           257-262
                                                                                                  Time-optimal control of web-winding systems with air entrainment
              Harmonic drive transmission, Mitsubishi PA-10,
              model-based control.                                    C.W. Kennedy; J.P. Desai                                                           harmonic drive
                                                                                                  Modeling and control of the Mitsubishi PA-10 robot arm263-274
              Constraint programming, control software testing
              and debugging, dynamics simulator, hybrid modeling
              language.                                               K. Kondo; M. Yoshida                                                                software
                                                                                                   Use of hybrid models for testing and debugging control275-284 for ele
              Biopsy, medical robotics, needle, steerable.                                         Hand-held steerable needle device
                                                                      S. Okazawa; R. Ebrahimi; J. Chuang; S.E. Salcudean; R. Rohling                     285-296
              Automated visual inspection (AVI), color image,
              contaminants, mechatronic sorting system, wool.                                     Development of mechatronic M. Levesley                  297-304
                                                                      Liwei Zhang; A. Dehghani; Zhenwei Su; T. King;aB. Greenwood; sorting system for removing contamina
              Anticipatory learning control, design,
              frequencydomain, iterative learning control (ILC).      D. Wang; Yongqiang Ye                                                             305-313
                                                                                                  Design and experiments of anticipatory learning control: frequency-dom
                Central pattern generator (CPG), evolutionary
                computation, locomotion, modular robot, neural
                oscillator network.                                                                   Automatic locomotion design S. Kokaji                    314-325
                                                                           A. Kamimura; H. Kurokawa; E. Yoshida; S. Murata; K. Tomita; and experiments for a Modular robotic sy
                Control, model, surface mount technology, time–
                pressure dispensing.                                                                  Modeling                                             326-334
                                                                           X.B. Chen; G. Schoenau; W.J. Zhang and control of dispensing processes for surface mount techn
                Linear drive, linear PM motor, magnetic attractive
                force, magnetic drive, microactuator.                      M. Komori; T. Hirakawa                                                              335-338
                                                                                                        A magnetically driven linear microactuator with new driving method
                Free-fall sensors, microsensors, point sensors, smart
                structures.                                                                           Uncoupling micromachined-based piezoelectric             338-341
                                                                           Yu-Hsiang Hsu; Chih-Kung Lee; Long-Sun Huang; Chih-Cheng Chu; Ta-Shun Chuaccelerometer perform
                Hard disk drive, multirate control system.                 Qing-Wei Jia                                                                        341-345
                                                                                                      Intersample ripple-free multirate control with application to a hard disk
                Adaptive control,cr oss coupling,differ ential mobile
                robots,orientation control,synchr onization.                                          Orientation control of                                 345-351
                                                                           Dong Sun; Gang Feng; Chi Ming Lam; Haining Dong a differential mobile robot through wheel synchro
                Fish catching, gazing, genetic algorithm(GA), real-
                time recognition, visual servoing.                         H. Suzuki; M. Minami                                                                 352-357
                                                                                                        Visual servoing to catch fish using global/local GA search

                Controlled Indexing: Coriolis force, closed loop
                systems, control system analysis, control system
                synthesis, electrostatic actuators, gyroscopes, motion
                control, velocity control Non-controlled Indexing:
                Coriolis force, band pass sigma delta converter,
                closed loop system, control loops, electrostatic
                actuator, motion control, signal to noise ratio,
                sinusoidal linear motion, speed control, vacuum
                enclosure, z-axis MEMS vibrational gyroscope
Issue 4; Aug.                                                                                            Control of a Z-axis MEMS vibrational gyroscope
                                                                           Oboe, R.; Antonello, R.; Lasalandra, E.; Durante, G.S.; Prandi, L                      364-370
                Adaptive robust control, linear motor, multirate
                control, non-minimum phase system.                         Fujimoto, H.; Bin Yao                                                                  371-377
                                                                                                          Multirate adaptive robust control for discrete-time non-minimum phase
                Hard disks, motion control, vibration control.                                            Head-positioning                                         disk drives
                                                                           Atsumi, T.; Arisaka, T.; Shimizu, T.; Masuda, H. control using resonant modes in hard378-384
                Motion control, servosystems, sliding mode control,
                timing-belt drive, variable structure systems, vibration
                control.                                                                                Improved design of VSS controller for a linear belt-driven servomechan
                                                                           Hace, A.; Jezernik, K.; Sabanovic, A.                                                385-390

                Fault-tolerance, flexible arm, sensor fault.                                              Fault-tolerant control system of flexible arm for sensor fault by using re
                                                                           Izumikawa, Y.; Yubai, K.; Hirai, J.                                                     391-396
                Bifurcation control, high-frequency excitation,
                motion control, nonlinear systems, pitchfork
                bifurcation, underactuated manipulators.                                               Reachable and stabilizable area of an underactuated manipulator witho
                                                                           Yabuno, H.; Matsuda, T.; Aoshima, N.                                             397-403
                Hand–eye configuration, manipulator, mobile
                robots, robot vision systems.                              Muis, A.; Ohnishi, K.                                                             404-410
                                                                                                        Eye-to-hand approach on eye-in-hand configuration within real-time vis

                Control, pneumatic, robotics.                              Kazerooni, H.                                                                      411-418
                                                                                                        Design and analysis of pneumatic force generators for mobile robotic s
                DC motor, fault-tolerant control,H∞ design, robust
                control.                                                                              Integrated fault-tolerant
                                                                           Campos-Delgado, D.U.; Martinez-Martinez, S.; Zhou, K. scheme for a DC speed drive      419-427
                ConformTM extrusion, control, high temperature
                gap measurement, sensors, waste control.                                                 Benefits of                                           428-436
                                                                           Khawaja, K.; Seneviratne, L.; Clode, M.P. wheel-tool gap sensing in Conform/spl trade/ extrusion mac
              Lyapunov stability theory, motion simulator,
              permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM),
              robust adaptive control.                                                              King-Jet Tseng                                        437-448
                                                                       Xie Yue; Vilathgamuwa, D.M.; Robust adaptive control of a three-axis motion Simulator with state obs
              Basis function, discrete cosine transform (DCT),
              iterative learning control (ILC).                        Yongqiang Ye; Wang, D.         DCT basis function learning control                        449-454
              Orthopedics, piezoelectric (PZT) ceramics,
              piezoelectric (PZT) materials, power generation.                                          The use of H.                                             455-461
                                                                       Platt, S.R.; Farritor, S.; Garvin, K.; Haider, piezoelectric ceramics for electric power generation within o

              Fault diagnosis, gas turbines, signal processing.        Verma, R.; Ganguli, R.                                                             461-464
                                                                                                      Denoising jet engine gas path measurements using nonlinear filters
              Adaptive control, decentralized control, induction
              motors, manipulators.                                    Su-Hau Hsu; Li-Chen Fu                                                                465-468
                                                                                                      Adaptive decentralized control of robot manipulators driven by current-
              Feedback control system, hot embossing, polymer,
              tunneling accelerometer.                                                            Modeling and design of polymer-based tunneling accelerometers by AN
                                                                       Wei Xue; Jing Wang; Tianhong Cui                                               468-472

              Pneumatics, position and stiffness control, serpentine
Issue 5; Oct. robots.                                                  Granosik, G.; Borenstein, J.   Integrated joint actuator for serpentine robots            473-481
              Actuator, cam, camless engine, variable valve
              actuation, variable valve timing (VVT).                                                Design Seeman, M.D.; Perreault, D.J.; Kassakian, J.G.; Keim, T.A.
                                                                       Parlikar, T.A.; Chang, W.S.; Qiu, Y.H.;and experimental implementation of an electromagnetic engine
              Flexure control, input–output linearization, lyapunov
              stability, shape memory actuators (SMAs).                Moallem, M.; Jun Lu                                                                    control:
                                                                                                      Application of shape memory alloy actuators for flexure495-501 theory
              Kinematics, parallel manipulators, rotational
              capability, singularity, workspace.                      Xin-Jun Liu; Jongwon Kim                                                              502-512
                                                                                                      A new spatial three-DoF parallel manipulator with high rotational capab
              Cooperative robot control, intelligent transportation
              systems, mobile robotics, smart work zones.                                           Farritor, S.
                                                                       Xiangrong Shen; Dumpert, J.; Design and control of robotic highway safety markers 513-520
              Disk drive, flexible structures, input shaping,
              multimode, phase-plane, robustness, seek control,
              time optimal.                                                                         Fast and robust control of systems with multiple flexible modes
                                                                       La-orpacharapan, C.; Pao, L.Y.                                                       521-534
              Computation saving, hard disk drives (HDDs),
              initial value compensation (IVC), intersampling
              performance, multirate control, one degree of
              freedom control (ODOF), trackseeking control             Hirata, M.; Tomizuka, M.                                                               535-545
                                                                                                      Short track seeking of hard disk drives under multirate control-comput

              Humanoid robot, joysticks, whole-body teleoperation.                                     S.; Kanehiro, F.; Tanie, K.                     546-559
                                                                       Ee Sian Neo; Yokoi, K.; Kajita,A switching command-based whole-body operation method for humano
              Data transmission, Internet, network protocol,
              remote control, robots.                                                                 P.R.; Yang, S.X.                                      control
                                                                       Liu, P.X.; Meng, M.Q.-H.; Liu, An end-to-end transmission architecture for the remote560-570 of robo
              Adaptive control, asymptotic stability, energybased
              approach, flexible-link mechanism.                       Trevisani, A.; Valcher, M.E.                                                         multibody-mech
                                                                                                      An energy-based adaptive control design technique for 571-580
              Actuator, artificial muscle, biomimetic, dielectric
              elastomer, electroactive polymer (EAP).                                             Jung; Ryew, S.; actuator: design, modeling, control, Koo; Tanie, K.
                                                                       Hyouk Ryeol Choi; KwangmokBiomimetic soft Jae-Do Nam; Jaewook Jeon; Ja Choonand applications
              Axially moving continua, boundary control, Lyapunov
              method, stability.                                                                  Boundary control                                       594-597
                                                                       Kyung-Jinn Yang; Keum-Shik Hong; Matsuno, F. of a translating tensioned beam with varying speed
              Actuators, electrostatic devices, system analysis and
              design.                                                                            Hsu                                                       597-601
                                                                       Kuang-Yuh Huang; Chin-LongElectrostatic linear actuator with a long stroke rolling spring guide
              Adaptive zero-phase error tracking controller,f orce
              control, micr ogripper,micr omanipulation,strain gauge
              sensors.                                                                           Identification and control of a sensorized microgripper for micromanipu
                                                                     Jungyul Park; Sangmin Kim; Deok-Ho Kim; Byungkyu Kim; Sang Joo Kwon; Jong-Oh Park; Kyo-Il Lee

              Bearingless motor, power optimal control, selfbearing
Issue 6; Dec. motor.                                                                                Design aspects of bearingless slice motors
                                                                      Silber, S.; Amrhein, W.; Bosch, P.; Schob, R.; Barletta, N.                            611-617
              AC synchronous motor, active magnetic bearing
              (AMB), integrated motor-bearing, Lorentz force.                                  Lorentz force-type integrated motor-bearing system in dual rotor disk c
                                                                      Sung-Ho Park; Chong-Won Lee                                                    618-625
              Actuators, fault tolerance, magnetic levitation,
              sensors.                                                                           Design and Seung-Kook Ro; Jong-Kweon Park               bearing
                                                                      Noh, M.D.; Seong-Rak Cho; Jin-Ho Kyung;implementation of a fault-tolerant magnetic 626-631 system
              Active magnetic bearings (AMBs), current mode,
              feedback linearization, micro-synthesis.                Min Chen; Knospe, C.R.                                                              632-639
                                                                                                   Feedback linearization of active magnetic bearings: current-mode imple
              Machinery health monitoring,magnetic bearings,
              shaft cracks.                                                                        Damage Bash, T.; of a rotating cracked                     640-647
                                                                      Quinn, D.D.; Mani, G.; Kasarda, M.E.F.;detection Inman, D.J.; Kirk, R.G. shaft using an active magnetic
              Fault identification, rotor/magnetic bearing systems,
              wavelet anaylsis.                                                                     Fault M.N.                                              648-657
                                                                      Cade, I.S.; Keogh, P.S.; Sahinkaya, identification in rotor/magnetic bearing systems using discrete tim
              Artificial heart pump, levitation control, magnetic
              bearing, self-bearing motor.                                                        Mixed flow artificial heart pump with axial Y.; Ueno, S. 658-665
                                                                      Okada, Y.; Yamashiro, N.; Ohmori, K.; Masuzawa, T.; Yamane, T.; Konishi, self-bearing motor

              Active magnetic bearing (AMB), laser communication,
              permanent-magnet (PM) self-bearing motor (SBM),
              precision pointing and tracking.                                                                                                         666-674
                                                                      Zhaohui Ren; Stephens, L.S. Closed-loop performance of a six degree-of-freedom precision magneti
              Active shape, flexible payloads, robotic assembly,
              smart robotic gripper, vibration control.               Park, E.J.; Mills, J.K.                                                              675-687
                                                                                                   Static shape and vibration control of flexible payloads with applications
              Electro-hydraulic, steer-by-wire (SBW), variable
              displacement pump, X-by-wire.                                                         Modeling, control,                                        688-692
                                                                      Haggag, S.; Alstrom, D.; Cetinkunt, S.; Egelja, A. and validation of an electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire s
              Automatic assembly, impact force, micropositioning,
              piezoelectric (PZT) element.                                                         Higuchi, T.                                           692-696
                                                                      Yung-Tien Liu; Yamagata, Y.; Micropositioning device using impact force of piezoelectric flying wires
                                                                                                   Erratum                                               696-696
    Issue                     Index Terms/Keywords                                    Authors
              Feedback control, legged locomotion, navigation,
Issue 1; Feb. sensor fusion.                                               Go, Y.; Xiaolei Yin; Bowling, A.
              Hard disk drives (HDDs), multirate control, short
              seeking.                                                     Li Yang; Tomizuka, M.
              Automated manual transmissions (AMTs), automotive
              control, clutch engagement control, dry clutch,
              gearshift.                                                   Glielmo, L.; Iannelli, L.; Vacca, V.; Vasca, F.
              Bang-bang control, motor drives, permanentmagnet
              motors.                                                      Fiene, J.; Niemeyer, G.
              Contact dynamics, force/motion control, robot
              emulation, space robots.                                     Aghili, F.; Piedboeaeuf, J.-C.

                Arc welding, control, electrode extension, modeling.       Bingul, Z.; Cook, G.E.
                Flexible structure, industrial robot, input shaping,
                iterative learning algorithm, residual vibration.          Juyi Park; Pyung-Hun Chang; Hyung-Soon Park; Eunjeong Lee
                Colloid thruster, electric field, microfabrication,
                onset voltage.                                             Jijun Xiong; Dong Sun; Zhaoying Zhou; Wendong Zhang
                Control, flexible robots, friction, neural networks
                (NNs).                                                     Gomes, S.C.P.; da Rosa, V.S.; Albertini, Bd.C.
                Control, electromagnetic, inertial, proof mass,
                senorless, shunt damping, vibration.                       Fleming, A.J.; Moheimani, S.O.R.
                Control, dynamic equations, dynamics, haptic device,
                kinematics, real time, rehabilitation.                     Mali, U.; Munih, M.

                Adaptive, damping, electromagnetic, shunt.                 Niederberger, D.; Behrens, S.; Fleming, A.J.; Moheimani, S.O.R.; Morari, M.
                Kinematics and dynamics, modeling, parallel
                kinematic machine (PKM), tripod.                           Bi, Z.M.; Lang, S.Y.T.

Issue 2; Apr.                                                              S.K. Agrawal; V. Krovi

                Acceleration feedback, accelerometer, force
                feedback, force sensor, telemanipulation,
                teleoperation, telerobotics, time delay, wave variables.   N.A. Tanner; G. Niemeyer
                Biomimetics, exoskeletons, mechatronics,
                robotics.                                                  A.B. Zoss; H. Kazerooni; A. Chu
                Shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator array,
                thermoelectric device (TED).                               L.U. Odhner; H.H. Asada
                Flapping wing flight, hovering, micro air vehicles
                (MAVs), ornithopter.                                       S.H. McIntosh; S.K. Agrawal; Z. Khan
              Rapid prototyping, robotic grasping, robot hand
              design, shape deposition manufacturing, unstructured
              environments.                                        A.M. Dollar; R.D. Howe
              Biped robot, nearly linear dynamics, nonlinear
              controller.                                                 S.K. Agrawal; A. Fattah
              Cooperative robotic system, in-parallel system,
              mobile manipulator, nonholonomic constraints, screw
              theory.                                                     Chin Pei Tang; R.M. Bhatt; M. Abou-Samah; V. Krovi
              Control ability and limitation, dissipative passive
              haptic interface, motion redirection, steerability.         D. Gao; W.J. Book

              Rough-terrain mobile robotics, slip and sinkage
              detection.                                                  G. Reina; L. Ojeda; A. Milella; J. Borenstein
              Energetic characterization, monopropellantpowered
              actuation, power-autonomous robots.                         K.B. Fite; M. Goldfarb
              Bezier trajectory, follow-the-leader control,
              heterogeneous robot groups.                                 Jiangyang Huang; S.M. Farritor; A. Qadi; S. Goddard
              funtional MRI (fMRI), force feedback, haptic interface,
              MR-compatible sensors and actuators,magnetic
              resonance imaging (MRI), neuroscience, robotics.            R. Gassert; R. Moser; E. Burdet; H. Bleuler
              High-precision localization, line-of-sight (LOS)
              guidance, task-space sensing.                               G. Nejat; B. Benhabib
              Exercise machine, nonlinear controller, passive
              controller.                                                 X.T. Zhang; D.M. Dawson; W.E. Dixon; B. Xian

                                                                          E. Ottaviano; M. Ceccarelli

              Haptic devices, multivariable optimization, training
Issue 3; Jun. medical simulators.                                         Vlachos, K.; Papadopoulos, E.
              Air-bearing slider, flying height modulation
              (FHM), hard disk drives, head-disk interface (HDI),
              intermolecular and electrostatic forces, observer-
              based sliding mode control.                                 Juang, J.-Y.; Bogy, D.B.
              Actuator, complementary, inchworm, piezoelectric.           Salisbury, S.P.; Waechter, D.F.; Mrad, R.B.; Prasad, S.E.; Blacow, R.G.; Yan, B.
              Hard disk drive (HDD), mechanical vibration
              suppression, optimal control, target trajectory, two
              degrees of freedom (TDOF) control.                          Byung-Hoon Chang; Hori, Y.
              Arm exoskeleton, design methodology, force
              feedback, haptic interface, robot aided rehabilitation.     Gupta, A.; O'Malley, M.K.
              Electric drives, electric vehicle, field-oriented control
              (FOC), fuzzy techniques, hybrid vehicle, inverter,
              machine learning, model-based diagnostics, motor,
              neural network, power electronics.                          Yi Lu Murphey; Masrur, M.A.; ZhiHang Chen; Baifang Zhang
                Adaptive, estimation, robot, end-effector,
                Kalman filter, laser tracker.                                Lertpiriyasuwat, V.; Berg, M.C.
                Angle gyro, inclinometer, orientation estimation,
                pose estimation.                                             Leavitt, J.; Sideris, A.; Bobrow, J.E.
                Active-mode damping (AMD), dual-stage servo
                systems, self-sensing actuation (SSA).                       Chee Khiang Pang; Guoxiao Guo; Chen, B.M.; Tong Heng Lee
                Digital control, disk drives, multirate control, vibration
                control.                                                     Seung-Hi Lee; Chung Choo Chung; Choong Woo Lee
                Agricultural tractors, automotive systems, cascade
                control, hybrid control, power-shuttle transmission,
                servo systems.                                               Savaresi, S.M.; Tanelli, M.; Taroni, F.L.; Previdi, F.; Bittanti, S.
                Induction machine (IM), robustness, sliding mode,            Betin, F.; Sivert, A.; Nahid, B.; Capolino, G.A.
                Hybrid stepping motor, learning control system, torque
                ripple, tracking control.                                    Chen, W.D.; Yung, K.L.; Cheng, K.W.
                                                                             Ferreira, A.; Agnus, J.; Chaillet, N.; Breguet, J.-M.
                                                                             Fleming, A.J.; Behrens, S.; Moheimani, S.O.R.

Issue 4; Aug.
                Electric control equipment, handicapped aids,
                robots, wear.                                                Y. Mori; J. Okada; K. Takayama
                Electrohydraulics, nonlinear system identification,
                onboard modeling, parameter estimation, valves.              Song Liu; Bin Yao
                Dynamic friction compensation, force control,
                uncalibrated visual servoing.                                E.C. Dean-Leon; V. Parra-Vega; A. Espinosa-Romero
                Deformable object manipulation, graph structure,
                knot invariant, shape recognition.                           T. Matsuno; D. Tamaki; F. Arai; T. Fukuda
                Magnetic field, spherical actuator, torque model.            Liang Yan; I-Ming Chen; Guilin Yang; Kok-Meng Lee
                Actuator, force balance, force sensor,
                microautomation, microrobotics, optimal control,
                polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).                              Yantao Shen; E. Winder; Ning Xi; C.A. Pomeroy; U.C. Wejinya
                Caster walker, exoskeleton, tendon-driven
                mechanism, wearable robot.                                   Kyoungchul Kong; Doyoung Jeon
                Design, energetics, flapping wing machines,micro
                air vehicles.                                                R. Madangopal; Zaeem Ashraf Khan; S.K. Agrawal
                Anomaly detection, fatigue crack damage, symbolic
                dynamics, time-series analysis.                              A. Khatkhate; A. Ray; E. Keller; S. Gupta; S.C. Chin
                Binary actuation, bistable mechanism design,
                hyperredundant manipulator, polymer actuators.               A. Wingert; M.D. Lichter; S. Dubowsky
                Compliance, harmonic drive, ripple tuning,
                torque control.                                              J.W. Sensinger; R.Fff. Weir
                Active control, local control, mode control, vibration
                isolation, zero-power control.                               Md.E. Hoque; M. Takasaki; Y. Ishino; T. Mizuno
                Fuel cells, mechatronic courses, mobile robots.              A.N. Wilhelm; B.W. Surgenor; J.G. Pharoah
                Actuation, mobile robot, monopropellant, power
                supply, self-powered robot.                              B.L. Shields; K.B. Fite; M. Goldfarb
                Macro–micro manipulators (M3), neural networks,
                nonlinear identification, nonlinear system.              F. Abdollahi; H.A. Talebi; R.V. Patel

Issue 5; Oct.
                Automotive applications, direct-injection engines,
                model predictive control (MPC), powertrain control.      N. Giorgetti; G. Ripaccioli; A. Bemporad; I.V. Kolmanovsky; D. Hrovat
                Optimum control, tire force, vehicle dynamics.           Y. Hattori; E. Ono; S. Hosoe
                Control, dynamics, modeling, power train, road
                vehicles.                                                J. Deur; J. Petric; Asgari; D. Hrovat
                Hard disk drives, microactuators (MAs), servo
                control, vibration control.                              X. Huang; R. Horowitz; Y. Li
                DC power systems, power line communication
                (PLC), reconfigurable architectures, sensor network.     E.R. Wade; H.H. Asada
                Bioengineering, biomedical, centrifugal blood
                pumps, finite element methods (FEM), induction
                motors.                                                  P. Wu; K.-J. Tseng
                Brushless dc motor, cogging torque, finite-element
                analysis, kinematic analysis, planetary gear train.      H.-S. Yan; Y.-C. Wu
                Distributed application framework, man–
                machine interface, reflected force feedback,
                telerobotics, threedimensional
                (3-D) visualization.                                     M.A. Al-Mouhamed; O. Toker; A. Iqbal
                DGPS/inertial navigation system (INS) integration,
                differential GPS (DGPS), extended Kalman filter
                (EKF), global positioning system (GPS), urban
                environment, vehicle positioning.                        J. Huang; H.-S. Tan
                Friction compensation, model-based control,
                rapid prototyping, robotics.                             B. Bona; M. Indri; N. Smaldone
                Deicing, leading edge structure, piezoelectric,
                power efficient, self-actuating.                         S.V. Venna; Y.-J. Lin
                Fuzzy neural network (FNN), inverse kinematics,
                joint limits avoidance, neural network (NN), redundant
                manipulators.                                            S.F.M. Assal; K. Watanabe; K. Izumi
                Adaptive control, harmonic drives, motion control,
                precision control systems, torque control, virtual
                decomposition control.                                   W.-H. Zhu; E. Dupuis; M. Doyon; J.-C. Piedboeuf

                Autopilot, Kiteplane, fuzzy control, unmanned air
                vehicle (UAV)                                            M. Kumon; Y. Udo; H. Michihira; M. Nagata; I. Mizumoto; Z. Iwai
                Maglev system, multivariable optimal control,
                nanomanipulation, nanomanufacturing, nanoscale
                path planning, precision positioning.                    H. Shakir; W.-J. Kim
              Extended Kalman filter (EKF), field-oriented
              control (FOC), induction motor, Kalman filtering,
              speed estimation, state observer, unscented Kalman
              filter (UKF).                                           . Akin; U. Orguner; A. Ersak; M. Ehsani
              Casing oscillator, forward kinematics.                  Y.-J. Nam; M.-K. Park
              Actuator design, actuator model, piezoelectric
              actuator, piezotranslator.                              Y. Zhang; G. Liu; J. Hesselbach

              Automated highways, laser scanning radar, vehicle       Guang Lu; Masayoshi
Issue 6; Dec. following, vehicle lateral guidance.                    Tomizuka
              Digital observer, estimation, intersample, stability,   Lilit Kovudhikulrungsri;
              variable sampling rates.                                Takafumi Koseki
              Directionality, horizontal vibration, microparts        Atsushi Mitani; Naoto
              feeding, saw-tooth surface, symmetric vibration.        Sugano; Shinichi Hirai
              Multi dimensional positioner, precision motion
              control, real-time digital control, semiconductor
              manufacturing.                                          Tiejun Hu; Won-Jong Kim
              Backstepping, flexible link, shape memory alloys        Shuzhi Sam Ge; Keng Peng
              (SMAs), singular perturbation, vibration.               Tee; Ivan E. Vahhi; Francis
              Constrained predictive control, deployable
              manipulator, multi-parametric quadratic programming     Richard A. McCourt;
              (mp-QP), robotic satellite capture.                     Clarence W. de Silva
                                                                      Matthew G. Feemster;
              Disturbance rejection, learning control, magnetic       Yongchun Fang; Darren M.
              levitation, saturated control input.                    Dawson
                                   Title                                     Pages

Navigability of multi-legged robots                                        1-8

Short seeking by multirate digital controllers for computation saving with9-16 value adjustment

Gearshift control for automated manual transmissions                       17-26

Toward switching motor control                                             27-34

Emulation of robots interacting with environment                           35-46

A real-time prediction model of electrode extension for GMAW               47-54

Design of learning input shaping technique for residual vibration suppression in an industrial robot

Investigation of the onset voltage for the design of a microfabricated colloid thruster

Active control to flexible manipulators                                    75-83

Inertial vibration control using a shunted electromagnetic transducer      84-92

HIFE-haptic interface for finger exercise                                  93-102

Adaptive electromagnetic shunt damping                                     103-108

Kinematic and dynamic models of a tripod system with a passive leg         108-111
List of Reviewers for 2005                                                 113-113

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on Biomimetics and Novel Aspects in Robotics

High-frequency acceleration feedback in wave variable telerobotics         119-127

Biomechanical design of the Berkeley lower extremity exoskeleton (BLEEX)

Sensorless temperature estimation and control of shape memory alloy actuators using thermoelectric devices

Design of a mechanism for biaxial rotation of a wing for a hovering vehicle45-153
A robust compliant grasper via shape deposition manufacturing            154-161

Motion control of a novel planar biped with nearly linear dynamics       162-168

Screw-theoretic analysis framework for cooperative payload transport by 169-178manipulator collectives

Steerability for planar dissipative passive haptic interfaces            179-184

Wheel slippage and sinkage detection for planetary rovers                185-195

Design and energetic characterization of a proportional-injector monopropellant-powered actuator

Localization and follow-the-leader control of a heterogeneous group of mobile robots

MRI/fMRI-compatible robotic system with force feedback for interaction with human motion

Line-of-sight task-space sensing methodology for the localization of robotic end-effectors

Extremum-seeking nonlinear controllers for a human exercise machine      233-240

Application of a 3-DOF parallel manipulator for earthquake simulations   241-246

Transparency maximization methodology for haptic devices                 249-255

Nonlinear compensator design for active sliders to suppress head-disk spacing modulation in hard disk drives
Design considerations for complementary inchworm actuators             265-272

Trajectory design considering derivative of jerk for head-positioning of disk drive system with mechanical vibration

Design of a haptic arm exoskeleton for training and rehabilitation       280-289

Model-based fault diagnosis in electric drives using machine learning    290-303
Adaptive real-time estimation of end-effector position and orientation using precise measurements of end-effector position

High bandwidth tilt measurement using low-cost sensors                   320-327

Self-sensing actuation for nanopositioning and active-mode damping in dual-stage HDDs

Active high-frequency vibration rejection in hard disk drives            339-345

Analysis and design of an automatic motion inverter                       346-357
Position control of an induction machine using variable structure control 358-361

A learning scheme for low-speed precision tracking control of hybrid stepping motors
Corrections to “A Smart Microrobot on Chip: Design, Identification and Control”
Corrections to “Inertial Vibration Control Using a Shunted Electromagnetic Transducer”

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics

Development of a standing style transfer system "ABLE" for disabled lower limbs

Automated onboard modeling of cartridge valve flow mapping               381-388
Electrohydraulics, nonlinear system identification,
onboard modeling, parameter estimation, valves.                          389-400

Manipulation of deformable linear objects using knot invariants to classify the object condition based on image sensor information
Analytical and experimental investigation on the magnetic field and torque of a permanent magnet spherical actuator

Closed-loop optimal control-enabled piezoelectric microforce sensors     420-427

Design and control of an exoskeleton for the elderly and patients        428-432

Energetics-based design of small flapping-wing micro air vehicles        433-438

Symbolic time-series analysis for anomaly detection in mechanical systems

On the design of large degree-of-freedom digital mechatronic devices based on bistable dielectric elastomer actuators

Improved torque fidelity in harmonic drive sensors through the union of two existing strategies

Development of a three-axis active vibration isolator using zero-power control
Design and evaluation of a micro-fuel-cell-based power system for a mobile robot
Design, control, and energetic characterization of a solenoid-injected monopropellant-powered actuator

Stable identification of nonlinear systems using neural networks: theory and experiments

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on Mechatronics in Industrial Electronics

Hybrid Model Predictive Control of Direct Injection Stratified Charge Engines
Optimum Vehicle Trajectory Control for Obstacle Avoidance Problem         507-512

Recent Advances in Control-Oriented Modeling of Automotive Power Train Dynamics

A Comparative Study of MEMS Microactuators for Use in a Dual-Stage Servo With an Instrumented Suspension

Design of a Broadcasting Modem for a DC PLC Scheme                       533-540

Feasibility Study on Inductively Driven Shaftless Centrifugal Pump for Biomedical Applications

A Novel Design of a Brushless DC Motor Integrated with an Embedded Planetary Gear Train

A Multithreaded Distributed Telerobotic Framework                        558-566

A Low-Order DGPS-Based Vehicle Positioning System Under Urban Environment

                                                                      for a Direct-Drive Robot
Rapid Prototyping of a Model-Based Control With Friction Compensation 576-584

Mechatronic Development of Self-Actuating In-Flight Deicing Structures 585-592

Neural Network-Based Kinematic Inversion of Industrial Redundant Robots Using Cooperative Fuzzy Hint for the Joint Limits Avoidance

Adaptive Control of Harmonic Drives Based on Virtual Decomposition       604-614

Autopilot System for Kiteplane                                           615-624

Nanoscale Path Planning and Motion Control with Maglev Positioners       625-633
Simple Derivative-Free Nonlinear State Observer for Sensorless AC Drives 34-643
Forward Kinematics of Casing Oscillator                                644-647

On Development of a Rotary–Linear Actuator Using Piezoelectric Translators

LIDAR Sensing for Vehicle Lateral Guidance: Algorithm and Experimental Study
Precise Speed Estimation From a Low-Resolution Encoder by Dual-Sampling-Rate Observer
Microparts Feeding by a Saw-Tooth Surface
Extended Range Six-DOF High-Precision Positioner for Wafer
Tracking and Vibration Control of Flexible Robots Using Shape Memory
Alloys                                                                690-698
Autonomous Robotic Capture of a Satellite Using Constrained
Predictive Control
Disturbance Rejection for a Magnetic Levitation System

2006 Index
    Issue                    Index Terms/Keywords                   Authors
                                                                    Maria Chiara Carrozza; Alessandro Persichetti; Cecilia Laschi;
                                                                    Fabrizio Vecchi; Roberto Lazzarini; Pierpaolo Vacalebri; Paolo
              Human–robot interaction, mechatronic insole,          Dario
Issue 1; Feb. wearable foot interface.
                                                                   Claude Kaddissi; Jean-Pierre Kenn; Maarouf Saad
              Backstepping, electrohydraulic systems,
              nonlinear control.
              Distributed micro motion system (DMMS),              Philippe Basset; Andreas Kaiser; Bernard Legrand; Dominique
              electrostatic actuator, high-voltage IC,             Collard; Lionel Buchaillot
              microelectromechanical system (MEMS), microrobot,
              remote control, wireless powering.
              Feedforward (FF) control, mechanical cables, optimal Casey Lambert; Meyer Nahon; Dean Chalmers
              control, position control, radio astronomy.
                                                                   Rares Stanciu; Paul Y. Oh
              Image processing, robotics, visual servoing.
                                                                   Kensuke Harada; Shuuji Kajita; Fumio Kanehiro; Kiyoshi
                                                                   Fujiwara; Kenji Kaneko; Kazuhito Yokoi; Hirohisa Hirukawa
              Biped gait, force control, gait planning, humanoid
              robot, manipulation, pushing, real time.
              Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, deadlock
              avoidance, petri nets, routing.                      NaiQi Wu; MengChu Zhou
              Actuators, electroactive polymer actuators,          Gursel Alici; Nam N. Huynh
              flexure-based devices, micromanipulation, system
              Mathematical modeling, nonlinear control,            Wolfgang Kemmetmller; Steffen Mller; Andreas Kugi

              Image-guided intervention, magnetic resonance         Dan Stoianovici; Alexandru Patriciu; Doru Petrisor; Dumitru
              imaging (MRI) compatibility, medical robotics,        Mazilu; Louis Kavoussi
              pneumatic hydraulic motor, step motor, stepper.

                                                                    Wail Gueaieb; Fakhreddine Karray; Salah Al-Sharhan
              Adaptive control, multiple manipulators, fuzzy
Issue 2; Apr. control, robustness.
              Active suspension, force allocation, proprioceptive   Kenneth J. Waldron; Muhammad E. Abdallah
              control, robotic vehicle, traction control.
                                                                    Wei Tech Ang; Pradeep K. Khosla; Cameron N. Riviere
              Feedforward controller, hysteresis modeling,
              piezoelectric actuators.
                                                                    Nabil Zemiti; Guillaume Morel; Tobias Ortmaier; Nicolas Bonnet
              Force control, force measurement, minimally
              invasive surgery (MIS).
                Decentralized control, large-scale systems, material       Prabhakar R. Pagilla; Ramamurthy V. Dwivedula; Nilesh B.
                processing, model reference adaptive control               Siraskar
                (MRAC), tension control, web handling systems.
                Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), integrator          Erfu Yang; Dongbing Gu
                backstepping, formation control, Lyapunov direct
                method, nonholonomic systems.
                                                                           M. Necip Sahinkaya; Abdul-Hadi G. Abulrub; Patrick S. Keogh;
                Contact dynamics, flexible rotors, Lagrangian              Clifford R. Burrows
                dynamics, magnetic bearings, model reduction.
                Embedded microsensors, microtemperature sensor,            Ren C. Luo; Yen-Lin Pan
                rapid tooling (RT).
                                                                           Yun Hong; Bin Yao
            Adaptive control, input saturation, linearmotors,
            motion control, nonlinear systems, robust control.
            Coordinated motion control, electrohydraulic control, Yunhua Li; Liman Yang; Guilin Yang
            multimode steering, networked control system (NCS),
            transportation vehicle.
            Fluid power, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic control, T. Nguyen; J. Leavitt; F. Jabbari; J. E. Bobrow
Short paper pulsewidth modulation, sliding-mode control.
                                                                  Hamed Mojallali; Rouzbeh Amini; Roozbeh Izadi Zamanabadi;
Short paper Equivalent circuit, modeling, ultrasonic motor.       Ali A. Jalali
            Harmonic distortion, hysteresis motor control drives, Kayhan Gulez; Ali Ahmed Adam; Halit Pastaci
Short paper permanent-magnet motors, torque control.
            Design criteria, design evaluation, fuzzy integral,            Saeed Behbahani; Clarence W. de Silva
Short paper mechatronics.

Issue 3; June                                                              Huang, H.-P.; Cheng, F.-T.
                                                                           Ming-Yih Lee; Chin Feng Lin; Kok Soon Soon

                gait analysis, neuromuscular stimulation, position
                control, pressure sensors, applying subsensory
                stimulation, foot pressure activated sensory
                compensation system, gait performance, postural
                sway indexes, posture-control enhancement,
                proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, push-off
                condition, single-leg quiet standing, single-leg support
                time index, subsensory electrical stimulation, treadmill
                ambulation, treadmill walking, unilateral transtibial
                amputees, visual-auditory biofeedback, Foot
                pressure, posture control, visual&ndash, auditory
                                                        Fatikow, S.; Wich, T.; Hulsen, H.; Sievers, T.; Jahnisch, M.

CCD image sensors, client-server systems,
micromanipulators, mobile robots, scanning electron
microscopes SEM, automatic nanohandling, charge-
coupled device cameras, client-server control system,
closed-loop controller,microrobot system, mobile
microrobots, pose estimation, scanning electron
microscope, vacuum chamber, Intelligent control,
microrobots, nanohandling automation, scanning
electron microscope (SEM) image processing
                                                        Yi-Hung Liu; Han-Pang Huang; Chang-Hsin Weng

autoregressive processes, digital control,
electromyography, feature extraction, learning
(artificial intelligence), medical signal processing
prosthetics, radial basis function networks, signal
classification, support vector machines,EMG
classifier, EMG histogram, EMG recognition,
autoregressive model, cascaded kernel learning
machine, electromyographic signals recognition,
feature extraction, generalized discriminant analysis,
linear optimal separating hyperplane, multidegrees-of-
freedom prosthetic hand pattern recognition, radial-
basis function, support vector machine,
Autoregressive model (ARM),electromyography
(EMG), generalized discriminant analysis (GDA),
prehensile postures' classification, prosthetic hand,
support vector machine (SVM)
cardiology, manipulator dynamics, manipulator           Yangmin Li; Qingsong Xu
kinematics, medical robotics,3-PUU, TPM,
cardiopulmonary resuscitation, chest compression
computed torque method, dynamic control, inscribed
cylinder-usable workspace, mechanical joints,
medical parallel robot, physical constraints robot
architecture, robot-reachable workspace, three-
prismatic-universal-universal, trans- lational parallel
manipulator, Control, design theory, dynamics,
medical robots, parallel manipulators
                                                            Luo, R.C.; Su, K.L.
building management systems, fires, intelligent
robots, safety, sensor fusion, smoke detectors,
temperature sensors, Taylor expression, adaptive
sensory fusion, autonomous fire-detection system,
flame sensor, intelligent buildings, intelligent security
robot, ionization smoke sensor, temperature
semiconductor sensor, ultraviolet sensor, Adaptive
fusion algorithm, intelligent security robot, multisensor
fire-detection algorithm (MSFDA)
                                                          Jun-Uk Chu; Inhyuk Moon; Yun-Jung Lee; Shin-Ki Kim; Mu-
electromyography, feature extraction, linear matrix       Seong Mun
inequalities, medical signal processing, multilayer
perceptrons, wavelet transforms,
electromyographic pattern recognition, feature vector
extraction,feature-projection method, four-channel
EMG signals, linear discriminant analysis, linear
matrix, linear supervised feature projection,
multifunction myoelectric hand, multilayer perceptron,
real-time pattern-recognition system, wavelet packet
transform, Electromyographic (EMG), linear
discriminant analysis (LDA), myoelectric hand control,
pattern recognition, wavelet packet transform (WPT)
                                                          Shao-Kang Hung; En-Te Hwu; Mei-Yung Chen; Li-Chen Fu
interferometers, optical fibres, position control, Fabry-
Perot interferometer, adaptive-sliding controller,
ambiguity problem, dual-stage nanopositioning
system, dual-stage piezoelectric nano-positioner, high-
order harmonic information, piezoelectric actuator,
range-extended optical fiber, scheduled proportional-
integral controller, Adaptive control, interferometry,
modulation, nanopositioning, optical fiber
                                                       Liang-Chia Chen; Yao-Ting Huang; Kuang-Chao Fan
cantilevers, light interferometry, mechatronics,
micromechanical devices, stroboscopes, vibration
measurement, ANSYS, MEMS characterization, MHz
bandwidth, atomic force microscopy, dynamic 3D
surface profilometer, microcantilever beam
nanoscale measurement resolution, resonant
vibratory behavior, size 3 nm to 5 nm, stroboscopic
LED light source, stroboscopic illumination vertical
measurement, white light interferometric scanning
principle, white light vertical scanning, Dynamic
profilometry, integrated mechatronics,
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) dynamic
characterization, stroboscopic interferometry
backpropagation, chemical vapour deposition,           Min-Hsiung Hung; Tung-Ho Lin; Fan-Tien Cheng; Rung-Chuan
production equipment, radial basis function networks, Lin
semiconductor device manufacture
CVD, CVD thickness, VMS, back-propagation,
chemical vapor deposition, novel virtual metrology
scheme, online quality monitoring, production
equipment, production wafers, radial basis function
neural network, semiconductor manufacturing,
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), model parameter
coordinator (MPC), radial basis function neural
network (RBFN), virtual metrology (VM)
                                                       Aghili, F.; Hollerbach, J.M.; Buehler, M.
feedback, machine control, motion control,
synchronous motor drives, torque control, direct-drive
synchronous motor, integrated direct-drive joint,
integrated motor, joint stiffness, motion control
system, motor torque control, optimal joint torque
sensory feedback, position sensor, positive joint
torque feedback, reference trajectory tracking,
thermal response, torque disturbance rejection,
torque ripple, Actuator, brushless motor, direct-drive
motor, integrated mechatronics, mechatronics
system, modular controller, modular joint, motion
control system, robot joint, robust control
               elastomers, mobile robots, robot dynamics, Vytaflex   Murphy, M.P.; Sitti, M.
               10, adhesive elastomer, agile small-scale wall-
               climbing robot, compact design, dry elastomer
               adhesives, foot design, gait dynamics, mobile robots,
               passive revolute joints, rotary motion,
               semiautonomous operation, wireless communication,
               Dry adhesives, mechatronics, miniature robotics,
               mobile robotics, wall climbing
               Gaussian processes, cameras, image registration,      Jwu-Sheng Hu; Tzung-Min Su
               image resolution, statistics, Gaussian mixture model,
               PTZ camera, pan-tilt-zoom camera, pixel space, pixel
               statistics, robust environmental change detection,
               spatial-temporal probabilistic modeling, stationary
               cameras, time-consuming image registration,
               Gaussian distributions, machine vision, pattern
short paper    recognition, surveillance
                                                                     Chih-Lyang Hwang; Li-Jui Chang

               CCD image sensors, Hinfin control, collision
               avoidance, decentralised control, mobile robots,
               tracking, H2 decentralized control, Hinfin
               decentralized control, PID control, car-like mobile
               robots, distributed charge-coupled device camera,
               intelligent space, microprocessor control system,
               obstacle avoidance, trajectory tracking, Car-like
               mobile robot, decentralized control, intelligent space
               microprocessor control,
               qloc =others&history=yes" class="bodyCopy"> mixed
               $H_{2}/H_{infty}$ optimization, obstacle avoidance,
short paper    trajectory tracking
                                                                        Xiaobu Yuan; Yang, S.X.
               microrobots, mobile robots, motion control, multi-
               robot systems, neurocontrollers, path planning,
               robotic assembly, self-organising feature maps
               automated multirobot nanoassembly planning,
               automated path generation, nanorobots assembly
               tasks, neural network, optimized motion paths self-
               organizing map, Multirobot coordination,
               nanoassembly planning, self-organizing map (SOM),
short papers   shunting neural networks
                                                                      Ki-Uk Kyung; Seung-Chan Kim; Dong-Soo Kwon
              display devices, haptic interfaces, human computer
              interaction, mouse controllers (computers), haptic
              mouse, human-computer interface, planar-distributed
              pin array, roughness display, tactile display, texture
              display mouse, vibrotactile pattern, Pattern, mouse,
short paper   roughness, tactile display, texture, vibrotactile
              telerobotics, bilateral teleoperation, communication    Polushin, I.G.; Liu, P.X.; Chung-Horng Lung
              delay, force-reflecting teleoperation, force-reflection
              algorithm, human operator, input-to-output stability,
              time-varying communication delay, Force reflection
              (FR), teleoperation, time-delay systems
              controller area networks, gradient methods, road        Mangan, S.; Jihong Wang
              vehicles, acceleration-based error correction,
              controller area network, gradient benchmark system,
              inclinometer sensor, sensorless longitudinal road
              gradient estimation, vehicle CAN bus data, vehicle
              control, Estimation, road vehicle control, road vehicle
              identification, system modeling, wall-climbing

              Kalman filters, damping, optical sensors, vibration   Bes, C.; Belloeil, V.; Plantier, G.; Gourinat, Y.; Bosch, T.
              measurement, extended Kalman Filter, frequency
              response function, noncontact sensor, optical
              displacement sensor, optimal online structural
              analysis, passive damping, self-mixing laser sensor,
              vibration measurement, vibrometer,
              Displacement sensors, extended Kalman filter, optical
              interferometry, structural analysis, vibration

                                                                      Masia, L.; Krebs, H.I.; Cappa, P.; Hogan, N.
              medical robotics, patient rehabilitation, patient
              treatment, rotors, stators, MIT-MANUS, elbow
              rehabilitation, hand module, kinematic configuration,
              neurorehabilitation, rehabilitation robotics, rotor,
              shoulder rehabilitation, single-degree-of-freedom
              mechanism, stator, stroke patients, whole-arm
              rehabilitation, Hand rehabilitation, rehabilitation
              robotics, rotary to linear, stroke
Issue 4; August
artificial limbs, dexterous manipulators, haptic         Perry, J.C.; Rosen, J.; Burns, S.
interfaces, patient rehabilitation, virtual reality,
anthropomorphic 7DOF powered arm exoskeleton,
dexterous exoskeleton, haptic device, human-
machine interface, neurorehabilitation, physiotherapy,
upper-limb powered exoskeleton, virtual reality
simulation, Activities of daily living (ADLs), cable-
actuated dexterous exoskeleton for
neurorehabilitation (CADEN)-7, exoskeleton design,
human arm, wearable robotics
                                                         Zollo, L.; Roccella, S.; Guglielmelli, E.; Carrozza, M.C.; Dario, P.
biomechanics, closed loop systems, humanoid
robots, prosthetics, robot dynamics, robot kinematics,
CAD mechanical tool, anthropomorphic artificial hand,
biomechatronic design, closed-loop control system,
computer-aided design, hand control system,
humanoid robotics, kinematic structure, prosthetics,
Biomechatronic design, biorobotics, hand motor
control, prosthetics
                                                         Tanaka, M.; Miyata, K.; Chonan Seiji
biosensors, handicapped aids, polymer films, PVDF,
compact tactile sensor system, letter string,
polyvinylidene fluoride film, robust recognition system,
sensory receptor, wearable Braille sensor system,
Braille, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film, post
processing, recognition system, tactile sensor
actuators, catheters, finite element analysis, laser     Tung, A.T.; Byong-Ho Park; Niemeyer, G.; Liang, D.H.
beam machining, medical control systems, shape
memory effects, surgery, active catheters, catheter-
based surgeries, finite-element analysis, laser-
machined shape memory alloy actuators, minimally
invasive surgery, Active catheters, actuators, laser
machining, minimally invasive surgery, shape
memory alloy (SMA)
PI control, force feedback, medical robotics, stability, Mitsuishi, M.; Sugita, N.; Pitakwatchara, P.
abdominal laparoscopic surgery, dual-arm
master/slave telesurgical manipulator system, force-
feedback augmentation modes, force-feedback
control, gain scheduling algorithm, laparoscopic
minimally invasive telesurgical system, maximum-
allowable force perception, proportional-integral gain-
scheduling, Automatic switching of the augmentation
modes, force-feedback gain scheduling,
master&#x2013, slave teleoperation, minimally
invasive surgical system
DC motors, design engineering, end effectors,           Kode, V.R.C.; Cavusoglu, M.C.
medical robotics, microactuators, micromotors, shape
memory effects, surgery, DC micromotor, end-
effectors, hybrid actuator, millimeter-scale actuator,
minimally invasive surgery, shape memory alloy,
sliding link mechanisms, spherical wrist, state-of-the-
art robotic tools, tendon-driven mechanisms, Medical
robotics, millimeter-scale actuators, minimally
invasive surgery (MIS), shape memory alloy (SMA)
                                                        Suryanarayanan, S.; Tomizuka, M.
automated highways, fault tolerance, position control,
road vehicles, sensors, fault-tolerant lane-keeping
control, front-wheel-steered automated vehicles,
sensor placement, Automated vehicles, fault tolerance
Nyquist diagrams, digital filters, disc drives, hard    Atsumi, T.; Okuyama, A.; Kobayashi, M.
discs, position control, Nyquist diagram, circular
vector focus, digital filters, disturbance suppression,
hard disk drives, head-positioning systems, resonant
filter, servo bandwidth, track-following control,
Disturbance suppression, hard disk drives, positioning
control, vector locus
                                                        Chin-I Huang; Li-Chen Fu

Lyapunov methods, adaptive control, control system
synthesis, linear induction motors, machine control,
nonlinear control systems, observers, Lyapunov
theory, adaptive approach, adaptive backstepping
controller, facilitate controller design, friction
compensation, friction dynamics, linear induction
motor, motion controller, nonlinear adaptive controller,
nonlinear transformation, observer-based
compensation, position tracking,
Adaptive control, induction motor drives
                                                                       Han-Xiong Li; Liu, J.; Chen, C.P.; Hua Deng
               approximation theory, computational fluid dynamics,
               flow control, flow instability, non-Newtonian flow,
               parameter estimation, pipe flow, Newtonian fluids,
               approximation method, computational fluid dynamics,
               estimation method, fluid dispensing analysis, fluid
               dispensing control, model-based run-by-run control,
               nonNewtonian fluids, parameters estimation, pipe
               flow, simple model-based approach, steady fluid
               dispensing, unsteady fluid dispensing, Modeling and
               control, numerical simulation, steady/unsteady flow,
               time--pressure dispensing

                                                                       Arimitsu, S.; Sasaki, K.; Hosaka, H.; Itoh, M.; Ishida, K.; Ito, A.
              belts, electro-oculography, road safety, safety
              devices, seats, vibrations, awakening drivers,
              electrooculography, eye movements, facial
              expression, pulsation tension, safety driving system,
              seat belt motor retractor, seat belt vibration, Drowsy
Issue 5: Oct. driving, seat belt, stimulation device, vibration
                                                                       Huayong Yang; Wei Sun; Bing Xu
               hydraulic systems, lifts, cabin, energy regeneration,
               energy-regenerative system, energy-saving
               performance, hydraulic elevators, power installation,
               Energy regeneration, energy saving, hydraulic
               accumulator counter balance, hydraulic elevator
               backpropagation, medical robotics, neurocontrollers,    Junchuan Liu; Yuru Zhang; Zhen Li
               position control, robot kinematics, surgery,
               backpropagation neural network, joint transmitting
               error, neurosurgical robot system, positioning
               accuracy, robot arm, robot-assisted neurosurgery,
               Neurosurgical robot, positioning accuracy, robot
                                                                       Esfahani, E.T.; Elahinia, M.H.
               legged locomotion, robot dynamics, robot kinematics,
               SMA-actuated biped robot, actuators, delay times,
               human walking motion, motion dynamics, motion
               kinematics, robot mimicking, shape-memory-alloy,
               smooth trajectories, stable walking pattern, zero
               moment point, Biped robot, shape memory alloy
               (SMA), walking pattern, zero moment point (ZMP)
              control system synthesis, fuzzy control, intelligent    Gaudiller, L.; Matichard, F.
              actuators, intelligent structures, iterative methods,
              motion control, nonlinear control systems,
              piezoelectric actuators, shear modulus, vibration
              control, active control efficiency, articulated smart
              structure, control law parameters iteration,
              disturbance levels, embedded flexible structure, fuzzy
              logic controllers design, mechanical work, nonlinear
              control, piezoelectric actuators, relative actuation
              capabilities, rigid body motions, smart actuators,
              vibration control, Fuzzy control, mechanical couplings,
              nonlinear control, piezoelectric actuators, smart
              Hall effect transducers, compensation, interactive      HongZhe Jin; Hao Lu; SeungKeun Cho; JangMyung Lee
              devices, magnetic fields, magnetic flux, 2D detecting
              area, 2D motion sensing, Hall sensor, dynamic
              horizontal vector, magnetic field, magnetic flux,
              noncontact electronic joystick, nonlinear
              compensation, nonlinear modeling equations,
              permanent magnet, Hall sensor, joystick, magnetic
              field, nonlinear characteristics equation, nonlinear
              mean square error methods, nonlinear control            Bone, G.M.; Shu Ning
              systems, pneumatic actuators, position control,
              servomechanisms, variable structure systems,
              linearized plant model, nonlinear plant model,
              pneumatic cylinder actuators, pneumatic servo
              positioning systems, position tracking control, root-
              mean-square error, sine wave reference trajectory,
              sliding-mode control, Actuators, pneumatic systems,
              position control, servosystems, tracking, variable-
short paper   structure systems
                                                                      Dongfeng Shi; Gindy, N.N.

              Fourier transforms, data acquisition, machine tools,
              machining chatter, process monitoring, production
              engineering computing, wavelet transforms,
              Fourier transform, automatic online acquisition, data
              acquisition, machining process chattering,
              malfunction-free machining, multivariate statistical
              process monitoring techniques, online machining
              process monitoring system, sensor technology, signal
              processing, tool malfunctions wavelet transform,
              Process monitoring, signal processing, statistical
short paper   process control, wavelet transform
              aerospace robotics, control system synthesis, rotors, Tanaka, K.; Suzuki, R.; Emaru, T.; Higashi, Y.; Wang, H.O.
              cyclogyro, eccentric point, flying machine, flying robot,
              power-driven rotors, variable attack angle
              mechanisms, Cyclogyro, eccentric point, flying robot,
short paper   variable attack angle mechanism
                                                                        Duchaine, V.; Bouchard, S.; Gosselin, C.M.
              manipulator dynamics, nonlinear control systems,
              optimal control, position control, predictive control,
              three-term control, velocity control, PID controller,
              direct-drive pendulum, linear controllers, nonlinear
              control, optimal control, parallel manipulator, position
              tracking, predictive robot control, robot manipulators,
              velocity control, Cable-driven mechanism, nonlinear
              control, parallel mechanism, position control,
short paper   predictive control, robot manipulators, velocity control

                                                                      Nan Jia; Jihong Wang; Nuttall, K.; Jianlin Wei; Hongming Xu;
              ignition, internal combustion engines, mathematical     Wyszynski, M.L.; Jun Qiao; Richardson, M.J
              analysis, HCCI, autoignition timing, engine control,
              engine work output, gas temperature, mathematical
              model, propane-fueled homogeneous charge
              compression ignition engine modeling, single-zone
              combustion, Control systems, homogeneous charge
              compression ignition (HCCI) engine, simulation,
Issue 6; Dec. system modeling
              closed loop systems, delays, open loop systems,         Salisbury, S.P.; Waechter, D.F.; Mrad, R.B.; Prasad, S.E.;
              piezoelectric actuators, tracking, clamp piezoworm      Blacow, R.G.; Bin Yan
              actuator, closed-loop tracking controller, diode-
              shunted delay circuit, open loop system, prototype
              testing, resistance 1000 ohm, trapezoidal waveform,
              two-channel controller, velocity 440 mum/s, Actuator,
              complementary, inchworm, piezoelectric, tracking
                                                                        Djeziri, M.A.; Merzouki, R.; Bouamama, B.O.; Dauphin-Tanguy,
              bond graphs, fault diagnosis, sensitivity analysis,       G.
              bond graph approach, bond graph representation,
              dead zone magnitude, electromechanical test bench
              system, fault detectability indexes, fault indicators,
              linear fractional transformation, online fault detection,
              parameter uncertainty, residual thresholds, robust
              fault diagnosis, sensitivity analysis, Bond graph, fault
              detection and isolation (FDI), linear fractional
              transformation (LFT), mechatronic systems,
              parameter uncertainties, residuals' sensitivity analysis
angular velocity control, control system analysis,        Lee, D.V.; Velinsky, S.A.
feedback, magnetic sensors, magnetometers,
manipulators, mobile robots, motion control,
permanent magnets, tracking, wheels, angular speed
control, ball wheel mechanism, magnetometry
principle, mobile manipulator, omnidirectional
wheeled mobile platform, permanent disc magnet,
rigid-body motion tracking, rigid-body rotation
tracking, three-dimensional noncontacting angular
motion sensor analysis, time-varying magnetic field,
tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer, velocity feedback,
Ball wheel, magnetic sensing, noncontact
omnidirectional mobile platform, spherical motion
automobiles, closed loop systems, control system          Shiang-Lung Koo; Han-Shue Tan
synthesis, tyres, vehicle dynamics, closed-loop
scenarios, longitudinal control designs, longitudinal
tire behaviors, open-loop scenarios, passenger car,
static tire behaviors, tire dynamic deflection, tire
transient properties, tire-vehicle structure modes,
vehicle control, vehicle longitudinal dynamics, vehicle
speeds, Dynamic deflection tire (DDT) model, low
speed, relaxation length, tire compliance, tire-mode
switching behavior, vehicle longitudinal control
fuzzy control, position control, road safety, road        Goodarzi, A.; Esmailzadeh, E.
vehicles, vehicle dynamics, all-wheel independent
drive vehicles, driver safety, passengers safety,
vehicle dynamic control system, vehicle yaw moment,
way fuzzy control, Dynamics, fuzzy control, road
vehicle control, road vehicle electric propulsion,
variable structure systems
acceleration measurement, accelerometers, angular         Parsa, K.; Lasky, T.A.; Ravani, B.
velocity measurement, design, mechatronics,
sensors, accelerometers, all-accelerometer inertial
measurement unit, angular acceleration, body angular
velocity, gravitational acceleration measurements,
kinematically redundant inertial measurement unit,
mechatronic design, offline iterative processing,
orientational installation error, sensor unit,
Acceleration measurement, inertial measurement unit
(IMU), inertial navigation
adaptive control, braking, friction, observers, road        Baffet, G.; Charara, A.; Dherbomez, G.
vehicles, tyres, vehicle dynamics, active security
vehicle system, adaptive tire force model, estimation
process, observer, road friction identification method,
vehicle sideslip angle, Sideslip angle estimation, state
observers, tire force estimation, tire force models,
vehicle dynamics
end effectors, feedback, haptic interfaces,                 Tholey, G.; Desai, J.P.
manipulator kinematics, medical robotics, surgery,
end-effector tool, force feedback, general-purpose 7
DOF haptic device, grasping mechanism, kinematic
chain, linear motion, position feedback capability,
robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery, slave robot,
user interface, Haptics, haptic feedback devices,
minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
actuators, control system synthesis, cost optimal           Santosh Devasia
control, feedforward, dual-stage actuators, dual-stage
system model, feedforward input design, optimal-
output-transition problem, settling cost, Disk drives,
dual stage, optimal control, settle
Lyapunov methods, biosensors, cantilevers, chemical         Miheer Gurjar and Nader Jalili
sensors, micromechanical devices, piezoelectric
actuators, stability, Lyapunov-based stability analysis,
adaptive mechanism, adaptive self-sensing
piezoelectrically driven microcantilevers, biochemical
particles capacitance bridge mechanism,
piezoelectric capacitance, piezoelectric patch
actuator, ultrasmall mass detection, Adaptive self-
sensing, mass estimation, microcantilever sensors,
piezoelectric actuation, self-sensing
actuators, attitude control, machine bearings,              An Wu, Zhijun Cai, and Marcio S. de Queiroz
nonlinear control systems, position control, rotors,
thermodynamics, three-term control,
PID control, active tilting-pad bearing, hydrodynamic
force, linear actuator, model-based control, nonlinear
control, nonlinear dynamic model proportional
integral derivative control, rotor position, squeeze-film
damper, Active bearings, model-based control,
nonlinear control, tilting-pad bearings
Title                                                       Pages
A Wearable Biomechatronic Interface for Controlling
Robots with Voluntary Foot Movements

Identification and Real-Time Control of an
Electrohydraulic Servo System Based on Nonlinear
Backstepping                                             12-22
Complete System for Wireless Powering and Remote
Control of Electrostatic Actuators by Inductive Coupling

Implementation of an Aerostat Positioning System With
Cable Control                                          32-40
Human-in-the-Loop Camera Control for a Mechatronic
Broadcast Boom                                         41-52
Real-Time Planning of Humanoid Robot's Gait for Force-
Controlled Manipulation

Shortest Routing of Bidirectional Automated Guided
Vehicles Avoiding Deadlock and Blocking                 63-72
Performance Quantification of Conducting Polymer
Actuators for Real Applications: A Microgripping System
Mathematical Modeling and Nonlinear Controller Design
for a Novel Electrohydraulic Power-Steering System
A New Type of Motor: Pneumatic Step Motor

List of Reviewers for 2006                              107-108

A Robust Hybrid Intelligent Position/Force Control
Scheme for Cooperative Manipulators

An Optimal Traction Control Scheme for Off-Road Operation of Robotic Vehicles
Feedforward Controller With Inverse Rate-Dependent
Model for Piezoelectric Actuators in Trajectory-Tracking
Applications                                             134-142
Mechatronic Design of a New Robot for Force Control in
Minimally Invasive Surgery
A Decentralized Model Reference Adaptive Controller
for Large-Scale Systems
Nonlinear Formation-Keeping and Mooring Control of
Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Multiple Sliding and Rolling Contact Dynamics for a
Flexible Rotor/Magnetic Bearing System
Rapid Manufacturing of Intelligent Mold With Embedded
Microsensors                                          190-197
A Globally Stable High-Performance Adaptive Robust
Control Algorithm With Input Saturation for Precision
Motion Control of Linear Motor Drive Systems          198-207
Network-Based Coordinated Motion Control of Large-
Scale Transportation Vehicles
Accurate Sliding-Mode Control of Pneumatic Systems
Using Low-Cost Solenoid Valves                        216-219
Systematic Modeling for Free Stators of Rotary
Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors                       219-223
A Novel Direct Torque Control Algorithm for IPMSM
With Minimum Harmonics and Torque Ripples             223-227
Mechatronic Design Quotient as the Basis of a New
Multicriteria Mechatronic Design Methodology             227-232

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on
Advanced Integrated Mechatronics                         233-235
New Foot Pressure Activated Sensory Compensation
System for Posture-Control Enhancement in Amputees

Microrobot System for Automatic Nanohandling Inside a
Scanning Electron Microscope

Recognition of Electromyographic Signals Using
Cascaded Kernel Learning Machine

Design and Development of a Medical Parallel Robot for
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Autonomous Fire-Detection System Using Adaptive
Sensory Fusion for Intelligent Security Robot

A Supervised Feature-Projection-Based Real-Time EMG
Pattern Recognition for Multifunction Myoelectric Hand

Dual-Stage Piezoelectric Nano-Positioner Utilizing a
Range-Extended Optical Fiber Fabry–Perot

A Dynamic 3-D Surface Profilometer With Nanoscale
Measurement Resolution and MHz Bandwidth for MEMS

A Novel Virtual Metrology Scheme for Predicting CVD
Thickness in Semiconductor Manufacturing

A Modular and High-Precision Motion Control System
With an Integrated Motor

Waalbot: An Agile Small-Scale Wall-Climbing Robot
Utilizing Dry Elastomer Adhesives

Robust Environmental Change Detection Using PTZ
Camera via Spatial-Temporal Probabilistic Modeling

Trajectory Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance of Car-Like
Mobile Robots in an Intelligent Space Using Mixed
$H_{2}/H_{infty}$ Decentralized Control

Multirobot-Based Nanoassembly Planning with
Automated Path Generation

Texture Display Mouse: Vibrotactile Pattern and
Roughness Display

A Force-Reflection Algorithm for Improved
Transparency in Bilateral Teleoperation With
Communication Delay

Development of a Novel Sensorless Longitudinal Road
Gradient Estimation Method Based on Vehicle CAN Bus

A Self-Mixing Laser Sensor Design With an Extended
Kalman Filter for Optimal Online Structural Analysis and
Damping Evaluation


Design and Characterization of Hand Module for Whole-
Arm Rehabilitation Following Stroke

Upper-Limb Powered Exoskeleton Design

Biomechatronic Design and Control of an
Anthropomorphic Artificial Hand for Prosthetic and
Robotic Applications

A Wearable Braille Sensor System With a Post

Laser-Machined Shape Memory Alloy Actuators for
Active Catheters


Force-Feedback Augmentation Modes in the
Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Telesurgical System

Design and Characterization of a Novel Hybrid Actuator
Using Shape Memory Alloy and DC Micromotor for
Minimally Invasive Surgery Applications

Appropriate Sensor Placement for Fault-Tolerant Lane-
Keeping Control of Automated Vehicles

Track-Following Control Using Resonant Filter in Hard
Disk Drives

Adaptive Approach to Motion Controller of Linear
Induction Motor with Friction Compensation

A Simple Model-Based Approach for Fluid Dispensing
Analysis and Control


Seat Belt Vibration as a Stimulating Device for
Awakening Drivers

New Investigation in Energy Regeneration of Hydraulic

Improving the Positioning Accuracy of a Neurosurgical
Robot System

Stable Walking Pattern for an SMA-Actuated Biped

A Nonlinear Method for Improving the Active Control
Efficiency of Smart Structures Subjected to Rigid Body


Nonlinear Compensation of a New Noncontact Joystick
Using the Universal Joint Mechanism

Experimental Comparison of Position Tracking Control
Algorithms for Pneumatic Cylinder Actuators

Industrial Applications of Online Machining Process
Monitoring System

Development of a Cyclogyro-Based Flying Robot With
Variable Attack Angle Mechanisms

Computationally Efficient Predictive Robot Control


HCCI Engine Modeling for Real-Time Implementation
and Control Development

Closed-Loop Control of a Complementary Clamp
Piezoworm Actuator

Robust Fault Diagnosis by Using Bond Graph Approach

Analysis and Experimental Verification
of a Three-Dimensional Noncontacting
Angular Motion Sensor

Tire Dynamic Deflection and Its Impact on Vehicle
Longitudinal Dynamics and Control

Design of a VDC System for All-Wheel Independent
Drive Vehicles

Design and Implementation of a Mechatronic, All-
Accelerometer Inertial Measurement Unit

An Observer of Tire–Road Forces and Friction
for Active Security Vehicle Systems

A General-Purpose 7 DOF Haptic Device:
Applications Toward Robot-Assisted Surgery

Design of Feedforward Input for Output-Settling Control
With Dual-Stage Actuators

Toward Ultrasmall Mass Detection Using Adaptive Self-
Sensing Piezoelectrically Driven Microcantilevers

Model-Based Control of Active Tilting-Pad Bearings

    Issue                  Index Terms/Keywords                Authors
Issue 1; Feb. Focused Section on Smart Mechatronic Systems and Guest Editors: FAKHREDDINE
              Embedded Design                                  KARRAYand CLARENCE W. DE SILVA

            Coarse seek control, fuzzy control, genetic algorithm    Leehter Yao and Po-Zhao Huang
            (GA), optical data storage device, optical head unit
            Design criteria, design evaluation, fuzzy integral,      Saeed Behbahani and Clarence W. de
            mechatronics                                             Silva

            Fuzzy control, mechatronics, servo systems, stability,   Radu-Emil Precup, Stefan Preitl, Imre
            tuning                                                   J. Rudas, Marius L. Tomescu, and
                                                                     J´ozsef K. Tar
            Embedded systems, Lyapunov stability, linear matrix Insop Song, Sehjeong Kim and
            inequalities (LMIs), real-time scheduler, soft real-time Fakhreddine Karray
            systems, switched system, time-varying uncertainty
            $pi$%20theoremde)&valnm=Buckingham%27s+%3Cf Rajeev Verma, Domitilla Del Vecchio,
            ormula+formulatype%3D%22inline%22%3E%3Ctex% and Hosam K. Fathy
            theorem&reqloc =others&history=yes"
            class="bodyCopy">Buckingham's $pi$ theorem,
            drivetrain, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)
            Electromechanical coupling, nonlinear flexural           Seyed Nima Mahmoodi, Nader Jalili,
            vibration, piezoelectrically actuated microcantilevers   and Mohammed F. Daqaq
            Atomic force microscopy (AFM), fault detection, local Lianqing Liu, Yilun Luo, Ning Xi, Fellow,
            scan, nanomanipulation                                   Yuechao Wang, Jiangbo Zhang, and
                                                                     Guangyong Li,
            Fault detection and diagnosis, fuzzy pattern matching, Jian Huang, Member, Toshio Fukuda,
            modeling, robotic wiring harness assembly                and Takayuki Matsuno

            Deformation, friction estimation, mobile robot,          Jingang Yi
            polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), tire/road friction

            Adaptive controller, microdispensing, piezoelectric      Andi Sudjana Putra, Sunan Huang, Kok
            actuator, self-sensing actuation, smart materials        Kiong Tan, Sanjib Kumar Panda, and
                                                                     Tong Heng Lee
            Field-programmable gate array (FPGA), hysteresis         Hartmut Janocha, Denis Pesotski, and
            compensation, magnetostrictive actuator, modified        Klaus Kuhnen
            Prandtl&#x2013, Ishlinskii method
            Electroactive polymers, finite elements, stress analysis Arun Rajamani, Michael D. Grissom,
                                                                     Christopher D. Rahn, and Qiming Zhang
               Autonomous vehicles, embedded design,field-          Willie Tsui, Mohamed Slim Masmoudi,
               programmable gate array (FPGA), fuzzy logic control, Fakhreddine Karray, Insop Song,
               neural network control                               Member, and Mohamed Masmoudi
               Compliant mechanism, haptic interface                       R. Brent Gillespie, Taeyoung Shin, Felix
                                                                           Huang, and Brian Trease

               Active&#x2013, passive hybrid, dual-stage servo        K. W. Chan, W. H. Liao, and I. Y. Shen
               system, hard disk drive (HDD), piezoelectric actuator,
               precision positioning

Issue 2; April drilling, mining, optimisation, drill feed force, drill     Cavanough, G.L.; Kochanek, M.;
               rotational torque, drilling efficiency, hard rock           Cunningham, J.B.; Gipps, I.D.
               percussive drilling, oscillating force signal, self-
               optimizing control system, drill control system, mining,
               percussive drilling, rock excavation
               artificial limbs, force sensors, microsensors, tactile      Beccai, L.; Roccella, S.; Ascari, L.;
               sensors,anthropomorphic artificial hand, dynamic test,      Valdastri, P.; Sieber, A.; Carrozza,
               electronic hardware, maximum load test, noise test,         M.C.; Dario, P.
               sensor signals, slip event detection, slippage
               experiment, soft compliant tactile microsensor, static
               calibration, tactile device, triaxial force microsensor,
               Artificial hand, microelectromechanical systems
               (MEMS) packaging, slippage detection, tactile
               CMOS integrated circuits, brushless machines,               Quirini, M.; Menciassi, A.; Scapellato,
               legged locomotion, micromotors, CMOS frontal                S.; Stefanini, C.; Dario, P.
               camera, brushless minimotor, capsule locomotion,
               gastrointestinal tract exploration, legged locomotion
               system, motor legged capsule, superelastic legs,
               transmission mechanism, Brushless minimotor,
               capsular endoscopy, legged locomotion, microlegs,
               flexible manipulators, position control, SIMO system,       Mahmood, I.A.; Moheimani, S.O.R.;
               feedback loop, flexible robotic arm, frequency-domain       Bhikkaji, B.
               system identification method, high-gain integral
               controller, precise tip positioning, resonant control,
               single-link flexible manipulator,Flexible manipulator,
               integral controller, resonant controller, tip positioning
conducting polymers, electric sensing devices,             Alici, G.; Spinks, G.M.; Madden, J.D.;
mechanical variables measurement, transfer                 Yanzhe Wu; Wallace, G.G.
functions, cantilever beam, displacement inputs,
dynamic behavior dynamic response, electroactive
polymers, frequency responses, low-frequency
behavior, mechanical lever system, mechanical
sensors, response characterization sensing ability,
transfer function identification, transfer function
models, trilayer polypyrrole type conducting polymer
sensors, Conducting polymer sensors and actuators,
sensors, system identification/characterization

gait analysis, neuromuscular stimulation,hip angular       To, C.S.; Kobetic, R.; Schnellenberger,
velocities, hip joint kinematics, hip rotation, hybrid     J.R.; Audu, M.L.; Triolo, R.J.
neuroprosthesis, hydraulic system, neuromuscular
stimulation passive resistive torques, postural
stability, restore gait, sensor based feedback
controller, spinal cord injury, uninhibited sagittal hip
rotation, variable constraint hip mechanism,
Functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS), hybrid
neuroprosthesis (HNP), mechanical orthosis
biomedical ultrasonics, manipulators, medical               Koizumi, N.; Warisawa, S.; Hashizume,
robotics, medical signal processing, motion control,        H.; Mitsuishi, M.
position control, velocity control, alternative orientation
controller, asymmetric digital subscriber line,
continuous path controller, impedance controller,
integrated services digital network, local area
network, master and slave manipulators, master
motion tracking performance, master-slave type
remote ultrasound diagnostic system, remote medical
systems, slave manipulator safety, velocity-control-
based CP controller, Continuous path (CP) control,
impedance control, master&#x2013, slave
manipulation, remote medical system, remote
ultrasound diagnostic system
manipulators, mobile robots, redundant manipulators, Andruska, A.M.; Peterson, K.S.
compliant channel, elastically deformable channel,
multilink actuated endoscope, robotic manipulators,
snake-like robot, Biologically inspired methods,
control systems, robotics, snake-like robot
                electromagnetic actuators, magnetic fields, magnetic      Hungsun Son; Kok-Meng Lee
                forces, magnetisation, permanent magnets, sensors,
                PM actuators, dipole model, distributed multipole
                models, magnetic field, magnetic fields, magnetic
                forces, magnetization, multidegree-of-freedom
                electromagnetic actuators, permanent magnet based
                devices, sensors, Actuator magnetic field,
                permanent magnet, sensor, spherical motor, torque
                actuators, permanent magnets, coil poles, maximum Liang Yan; I-Ming Chen; Chee Kian
                torque output, permanent magnet parametrization,      Lim; Guilin Yang; Wei Lin; Kok-Meng
                permanent magnet spherical actuator, singularity free Lee
                workspace, Actuator design, spherical actuator,
                torque model
                closed loop systems, electromagnetic devices,             Mi-Ching Tsai; Chun-Hsien Yang
                feedback, magnetic flux, motion control, position
                control, servomechanisms, Hall probe, closed-loop
                scheme, contouring control, flux density feedback
                control, flux-density-based electromagnetic servo
                system, inner position control loop, magnetic flux
                density, magnetic tracking, multiaxis motion control,
                outer magnetic control loop, real-time magnetic
                servoing, space vector expression, Electromagnetic
                servo system, flux-density-based feedback control,
                magnetic servoing, magnetic tracking
                fault diagnosis, induction motors, machine bearings,      Onel, I.Y.; El Hachemi Benbouzid, M.
                rotors, Concordia transform, Park transform, artificial
                bearing damage, failure detection, failure diagnosis,
                induction motor bearing, induction motor rotor, power
                0.75 kW, two-pole induction motor, Bearing failure,
                Concordia transform, Park transform, diagnosis, fault
                detection, induction motor

Issue 3; June                                                          Guest Editors: Azadeh Khanicheh,
                                                                       Nikolaos Tsekos and Constantinos
                Actuation, MRI, control, functional MRI (fMRI), haptic Yu, N.; Hollnagel, C.; Blickenstorfer, A.;
                interaction, hydrodynamic, neuroscience, pneumatics, S. Kollias, S.; Riener , R.
biological tissues, biomechanics, biomedical MRI,        Rajendra, M.; Yamamoto, A.; Oda, T.;
data visualisation, electrostatic motors, force sensors, Kataoka, H.; Yokota, H.; Himeno, R.;
image motion analysis, MR environment, MR                Higuchi, T.
scanner, biomechanical measurement, biomechanical
modeling, electrostatic film motor, force sensor,
motion generation, motion-triggered cine-MRI, object
deformation, tissue deformation visualization,
Biomechanics, MR-compatibility, electrostatic motor,
shielded strain gauge, tagged cine-MRI

actuators, biomedical MRI, brakes, electrorheology,     Khanicheh, A.; Mintzopoulos, D.;
shock absorbers,ERF brake actuation principle, MRI      Weinberg, B.; Tzika, A.A.; Mavroidis, C.
environment, actuators, electrorheological fluid
dampers, magnetic resonance imaging, resistive
force generation, resistive force-torque generation,
semiactive variable impedance material, Actuator,
brake, damper, electrorheological fluid (ERF),
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI),
magnetic resonance (MR) compatible
robotic/mechatronic systems, magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible             Fischer, G. S.; Iordachita, I.; Csoma,
robotics, pneumatic control, prostate brachytherapy     C.; Tokuda, J.; DiMaio, S. P.; Tempany,
and biopsy                                              C. M.; Hata , N.; Fichtinger, G.
Computer-assisted medical interventions (CAMIs),        Zemiti, N.; Bricault, I.; Fouard, C.;
interventional radiology, localization, magnetic        Sanchez, B.; Cinquin, P.
resonance (MR) compatibility, registration
biological tissues, biomedical MRI, diseases, medical   Tsz Ho Tse, Z.; Elhawary, H.;
robotics, patient diagnosis, 3-DOF magnetic             Zivanovic, A.; Rea, M.; Paley, M.;
resonance-compatible mechatronic system, Achilles       Bydder, G.; Davies, B.L.; Young, I.;
tendon cartilage, closed-bore scanners, diseases        Lamperth, M.U.
diagnosis, magic angle effect, magnetic resonance
imaging, medical robot, pneumatic air motor,
tendinous diagnosis, tissue
MR-compatible mechatronics, MRI, Magic angle,
medical robotics
biomedical MRI, medical control systems, noise              Roozen, N.B.; Koevoets, A.H.; den
abatement, vibration control, Lorentz-force-induced         Hamer, A.J.
vibrations, MRI systems, acoustic noise reduction,
active vibration control, gradient coils, seismic mass
actuators, typical field gradient-echo planar imaging
gradient sequence, Acoustic noise, actuators, control
systems, dynamics, feedforward systems, magnetic
resonance imaging, piezoelectric transducers,
vibration control
biomedical MRI, fibre optic sensors, force sensors,         Gassert, R.; Chapuis, D.; Bleuler, H.;
medical robotics, position control, strain gauges, MR       Burdet, E.
compatible force-torque sensors, electromagnetic
interference functional MRI, magnetic resonance
imaging, optical encoders, optical fibers, strain
gauges, Electromagnetic compatibility, MR-
compatible sensor, force/torque sensor, functional
MRI (fMRI), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
optical fiber, strain gauge
biomedical MRI, brain, distributed sensors,                 Vanello, N.; Hartwig, V.; Tesconi, M.;
mechatronics, statistical testing, tactile sensors,         Ricciardi, E.; Tognetti, A.; Zupone, G.;
biomimetic-fabric-based sensing glove, brain studies,       Gassert, R.; Chapuis, D.; Sgambelluri,
distributed sensor network, fMRI, functional MRI,           N.; Scilingo, E.P.; Giovannetti, G.;
gesture monitoring, hand posture monitoring,                Positano, V.; Santarelli, M.F.; Bicchi, A.;
mechatronic devices, piezoresistive conductive              Pietrini, P.; de Rossi, D.; Landini, L.
elastomers, statistical test, Brain activity exploration,
MRI compatibility, fabric sensing glove, piezoresistive
elastomers, statistical test
force feedback, man-machine systems, manipulators, Greer, A.D.; Newhook, P.M.;
medical robotics, robot vision, surgery, telerobotics, Sutherland, G.R.
audio feedback, force-feedback handcontrollers,
hand-eye coordination, human-machine interface,
imaging technologies, liquid crystal displays,
neuroArm, robotic surgery, robotic technologies,
telerobotic surgical system, visual information,
wireless communication system, Haptics, MR-
compatible, human&#x2013, machine interface
(HMI), microsurgery, surgical robotics
biomedical MRI, graphical user interfaces,                  Ozcan, A.; Tsekos, N.
mechatronics, medical robotics, surgery,GUI, MR-
compatible robotic device, MRI scanner, graphical
user interface, image-guided interventions, magnetic
resonance imaging, mechatronic system, surgical
robots, Image-guided interventions (IGI), MRI,
surgical robotics
               actuators, elastomers, magnetic resonance imaging, Carpi, F.; Khanicheh, A.; Mavroidis, C.;
               mechatronics, silicones, MRI-compatible mechatronic De Rossi, D.
               systems, actuator electromechanical performance,
               electroactive polymers, linear contractile actuator,
               silicone elastomer, silicone-made contractile dielectric
               elastomer actuators, soft actuation technology,
               Actuator, MRI compatibility, MRI-compatible,
               contractile, dielectric elastomer (DE), electroactive
               polymer (EAP), folded, functional MRI (fMRI), silicone

               actuators, biomedical MRI, brachytherapy, laser         Goldenberg, A.A.; Trachtenberg, J.;
               ablation, medical robotics, ultrasonic motors,ablation, Kucharczyk, W.; Yang Yi; Haider, M.;
               biopsy, brachytherapy, closed-bore MRI-guided           Ma, L.; Weersink, R.; Raoufi, C.
               prostatic interventions, image-guided prostatic
               interventions, magnetic resonance imaging
               compatible robotic system, robot actuators, ultrasonic
               motors,MRI compatible, Magnetic resonance imaging
               (MRI), surgical robotics, ultrasonic motors

               biomedical MRI, manipulators, medical robotics, robot       Rea, M.; McRobbie, D.; Elhawary, H.;
               vision, tracking, 3D real-time tracking, 5-DOF              Zion Tsz Ho Tse; Lamperth, M.; Young,
               manipulator arm, MRI-compatible devices, image              I.
               guidance, image processing, mechanical devices,
               passive microcoil fiducials, prostate biopsy, Device
               tracking, MRI, fiducials, mechatronics
               buckling, mobile robots, pipelines, service robots,         Zhelong Wang; Hong Gu
               traction, bristle mechanism, bristle traction force,
               bristle-based pipeline robot, brush pipeline robots, ill-
               constraint pipes, Bristle mechanism, pipeline robot,
               traction force
               end effectors, interpolation, least squares                 Bonkovic, M.; Hace, A.; Jezernik, K.
               approximations, optimisation, visual servoing, goal
               function, interpolation, least-squares sense, nonlinear
               function, nonlinear optimization, population-based
               uncalibrated visual servoing, robot manipulator,
               secant method, Broyden&#x2013, Jacobian
               estimation, fixed imaging, nonlinear optimization,
               population-based generalization, uncalibrated
               systems, visual servoing

Issue 4; August ctuator, conducting polymers, identification,              John, S. W.; Alici, G.; Cook, C. D.
               Encoder, motor drive, resolution, signal processing       Feng, Z.; Acarnley, P. P.

               Inverse kinematics, mobile haptic interface,              Peer, A.; Buss , M.
               performance evaluation
               Adaptive control, extended Kalman filters (EKFs),         Gartley, E.; Bevly, D. M.
               ground vehicle control, online estimation
               Adaptive robust control (ARC), parallel manipulator,      Zhu, X.; Tao, G.; Yao, B.; Cao, J.
               pneumatic muscle, redundancy, uncertainties

               λ-geometry maze router, path planning, piano       Jan, G.; Yin Chang, K.; Parberry, I.
               mover’s problem
               Dexterous robot hand, DSP, field-programmable gate Liu, H.; Meusel, P.; Hirzinger, G.; Jin,
               array (FPGA), modular                              M.; Liu, Y.; Xie, Z.
               Actuator saturation, feedforward input, final-state       Itagaki, N.; Nishimura, H.; Takagi, K.
               control, gain-scheduled (GS) control, servo
               Gough–Stewart platforms (GSPs), isotropy, kinematic       Ukidve, C. S.; McInroy, J. E.; Jafari, F.
               design, parallel manipulators
               Inertial sensors, mobile robot, outdoor vehicles, Real-   Low, C. B.; Wang, D.
               Time Kinematic (RTK)-GPS, slipping, tracking control,
               wheel skidding
               Mechatronic systems, object-oriented modeling,            Thramboulidis, K.
               software engineering, Unified Modeling Language
               (UML) extension
               Manufacturing automation, mechatronics, modeling          Cristian Secchi, Marcello Bonf´e,
                                                                         Cesare Fantuzzi, Roberto Borsari,
                                                                         and Davide Borghi

Issue 5; October
              adaptive control, compensation, disc drives, hard           Chunling Du; Lihua Xie; Jingliang
              discs, linear matrix inequalities, microactuators,          Zhang; Guoxiao Guo
              nonlinear control systems, position control,
              servomechanisms,Youla parameterization approach,
              adaptive nonlinear compensation, adaptive nonlinear
              compensation scheme, data storage system,
              disturbance rejection, friction torque generalized
              Kalman-Yakubovic-Popov lemma, high-accuracy
              positioning, linear controller, linear matrix inequalities,
              microactuator, sensitivity loop shaping servo system,
              Adaptive nonlinear modeling and compensation,
              Kalman–Yakubovic–Popov (KYP) lemma, hard disk
              drives (HDDs), microactuators, servo control
FIR filters, actuators, adaptive filters, disc drives, hard Semba, T.; White, M.T.
discs, optimal control, vibration control, actuator,
adaptive filtering, cost function, finite-impulse-
response filter, hard disk drive, optimal seek control
trajectory, seek-settling vibration minimization, simple
least-square algorithm, Access control, adaptive
filters, disk drives, motion control, vibration control

closed loop systems, control system synthesis, disc       Jinchuan Zheng; Minyue Fu; Youyi
drives, hard discs, microactuators, nonlinear control     Wang; Chunling Du
systems, piezoelectric actuators, target
tracking,closed-loop system, hard disk drive dual-
stage actuator system, nonlinear target tracking
control design, piezoelectric microactuator, voice coil
motor actuator,Dual-stage actuator (DSA), hard disk
drive (HDD), motion control, nonlinear control,
Hinfin control, Laplace equations, control system         Zheng Chen; Xiaobo Tan
synthesis, electric actuators, reduced order systems,
Hinfin controller, IPMC, Laplace domain, actuation
dynamics, biomedical devices, biomimetic robotics,
control design, control-oriented model, infinite-
dimensional transfer function, ionic polymer-metal
composite actuators micromanipulation, model
reduction, nanomanipulation, partial differential
equation, physics-based model, Electroactive
polymers, ionic polymer--metal composite (IPMC)
actuators, model-based control design, physics-based
damping, feedback, nanopositioning, piezoelectric         Bhikkaji, B.; Moheimani, S.O.
actuators, position control, atomic force microscopes,
fast nanoscale positioning, feedback control, integral
resonant control, piezoelectric tube actuator,
scanning tunneling microscopes,Control systems,
piezoelectric transducers, vibration control

biological tissues, biomedical measurement,               Bebek, O.; Cavusoglu, M.C.
biosensors, medical robotics, position measurement,
surgery,contact sensor design, medical robotics
application physiological motion measurement, soft
tissue motion, surgery, whisker-like 3D position
sensor design, 3-D sensor, Flexible structures,
medical robotics, physiological motion sensing,
whisker like
design engineering, light rail systems, pantographs,     Allotta, B.; Pugi, L.; Bartolini, F.
power overhead lines, suspensions (mechanical
components), Italcertifer, Italian Universities, Italian
high-speed lines T2006, Trenitalia SPA, active
suspension system, articulated suspension system,
current collection, high-speed pantograph, high-speed
trains, overhead line, semiactive suspension system,
Active suspension, catenary, pantograph, rail
transportation control systems, railway

aerospace components, aircraft maintenance,                Bin Zhang; Khawaja, T.; Patrick, R.;
condition monitoring, convolution, fault diagnosis,        Vachtsevanos, G.
frequency-domain analysis, helicopters, iterative
methods, optimisation signal denoising, vibrations,
blind deconvolution denoising, condition-based
maintenance, critical component health monitoring,
failure detection, flight regime, frequency domain,
helicopter vibration signal, innovative technology,
iterative optimization process, Blind deconvolution,
planetary gear train, vibration signal denoising

delays, haptic interfaces, sampled data systems,           Changhyun Cho; Jae-Bok Song;
telecommunication computing, transforms, virtual           Munsang Kim
reality,communication line, force display, haptic
display, haptic interface, multirate control scheme,
multirate wave transform, time delay, virtual
environment, Haptics, multirate wave transform, rate
transitions, slow update rate, wave variables
end effectors, industrial robots, mechanical variables     Caccavale, F.; Chiacchio, P.; Marino,
control, multi-robot systems, three-term                   A.; Villani, L.
control,centralized impedance control strategy,
decentralized impedance control strategy, dual-arm
cooperative manipulators, industrial manipulators,
proportional integral derivative inner motion loop, six-
DOF impedance control, Control, cooperative
manipulators, robotics
image resolution, image sensors, image sequences,          Shimizu, S.
Cartesian coordinates, fovea sensor, image height,
image resolution, log-polar chip system, logarithmic
coordinates, optical flow, pinhole camera, wide-angle
foveated lens, wide-angle space-variant image, Active
sensing, all-purpose use, biomimetics, fovea sensor,
image processing, wide-angle foveation (WAF)
              Kalman filters, automobiles, control system synthesis, Sankaranarayanan, V.; Emekli, M.E.;
              shock absorbers, vehicle dynamics, vibration control, Gilvenc, B.A.; Guvenc, L.; Ozturk, E.S.;
              wheels, Kalman filter, accelerometer, continuously     Ersolmaz, E.S.; Eyol, I.E.; Sinal, M.
              varying damper, ground-hook control, light
              commercial vehicle, onboard processor, quarter car
              vehicle model, road holding, semiactive suspension
              control system design, sky-hook control, wheel
              acceleration, Automotive control, controller
              implementation, semiactive suspension

              nonlinear control systems, piezoelectric actuators     Guyomar, D.; Lallart, M.; Monnier, T.
              vibration control, electromechanical systems, low-cost
              semiactive nonlinear technique, nonlinear treatment
              piezoelectric element, stiffness control, stiffness
              tuning, Nonlinear, piezoelectric, vibration control

              adaptive control, continuous time systems, control      Tayebi, A.; Abdul, S.; Zaremba, M.B.;
              system synthesis, convergence of numerical              Ye, Y.
              methods, feedback, iterative methods, learning
              systems, linear systems, manipulators, robust control,
              uncertain systems, Youla parameterization,
              convergent iterative learning law, feedback controller,
              mu-synthesis approach, robot manipulator, robust
              iterative learning control design, robust performance
              weighting function, uncertain single-input-single-
              output linear time-invariant system, Iterative learning
              control (ILC), robot manipulators, robust performance

Issue 6; December
              adaptive control, compensation, force control, linear   Lu Lu, Zheng Chen, Bin Yao, Qingfeng
              motors, machine control, materials handling             Wang
              equipment, motor drives, precision engineering,
              robust control, splines (mathematics), B-spline
              function, cogging force compensation, desired
              compensation adaptive robust control, discontinuous-
              projection, linear parametrization, linear-motor-driven
              system, precision industrial gantry, sinusoidal
              function, cogging force, motion control
              Actuators, electromechanical, finite-element method    di Gaeta, A.; Glielmo, L.; Giglio, V.;
              (FEM), internal combustion engine (ICE),               Police, G.
              lumpedparameter model (LPM), modeling, variable
              valve actuation (VVA).
Computer-aided engineering, machine tools,              da Silva, M.M.; Desmet, W.; Van
optimization methods, simulation, time-varying          Brussel, H.
Device dynamics, hybrid test, semiactive devices,       Xiao Qi Chen; Chase, J.G.; Mulligan,
structural response                                     K.J.; Rodgers, G.W.; Mander, J.B.
Bearingless motor, large air gap, magnetic bearing,     Karutz, P.; Nussbaumer, T.; Gruber,
permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM),              W.; Kolar, J.W.
process chamber
Eddy current brake (ECB), haptic rendering, passivity   Gosline, A.; Hayward, V.
Modeling and verification, multibody dynamics,          Jin-Chern Chiou; Chih-Liang Chen
narrow-tilting vehicle (NTV).
Aerial imagery, European geostationary navigation       Shair, S.; Chandler, J.H.; Gonzalez-
overlay service (EGNOS), GPS, map datum, mobile         Villela, V.J.; Parkin, R.M.; Jackson, M.R.
robot, orthorectification, overhead images,
synchronous drive robot, waypoints, wide area
augmentation system (WAAS).
Feedback control, micropositioning, piezoactuator,      Yingfeng Shan; Speich, J.E.; Leang,
proximity sensing.                                      K.K.
Title                                                      Pages
Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on   1-2
Smart Mechatronic Systems and Embedded Design

Learning of Hybrid Fuzzy Controller for the Optical      3-13
Data Storage Device

System-Based and Concurrent Design of a Smart          14-21
Mechatronic System Using the Concept of Mechatronic
Design Quotient (MDQ)
Design and Experiments for a Class of Fuzzy Controlled 22-35
Servo Systems

A Real-Time Scheduler Design for a Class of Embedded     36-45
Development of a Scaled Vehicle With Longitudinal        46-57
Dynamics of an HMMWV for an ITS Testbed

Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Identification of a    58-65
Piezoelectrically Actuated Microcantilever Sensor
Sensor Referenced Real-Time Videolization of Atomic      76-85
Force Microscopy for Nanomanipulations

Model-Based Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis    86-94
for Mating Electric Connectors in Robotic Wiring
Harness Assembly Systems
Huang, J.; Fukuda, T.; Matsuno, T. System for Mobile
A Piezo-Sensor-Based “Smart Tire”                        95-103
Robots and Vehicles

Self-Sensing Actuation With Adaptive Control in          104-111
Applications With Switching Trajectory

FPGA-Based Compensator of Hysteretic Actuator            112-116
Nonlinearities for Highly Dynamic Applications

Wound Roll Dielectric Elastomer Actuators: Fabrication, 117-124
Analysis, and Experiments
Soft-Computing-Based Embedded Design of an                125-135
Intelligent Wall/Lane-Following Vehicle

Automated Characterization and Compensation for a         136-146
Compliant Mechanism Haptic Device

Precision Positioning of Hard Disk Drives Using           147-151
Piezoelectric Actuators With Passive Damping

A Self-Optimizing Control System for Hard Rock            153-157
Percussive Drilling

Development and Experimental Analysis of a Soft           158-168
Compliant Tactile Microsensor for Anthropomorphic
Artificial Hand

Design and Fabrication of a Motor Legged Capsule for      169-179
the Active Exploration of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Precise Tip Positioning of a Flexible Manipulator Using   180-186
Resonant Control
Response Characterization of Electroactive Polymers as 187-196
Mechanical Sensors

Design of a Variable Constraint Hip Mechanism for a    197-205
Hybrid Neuroprosthesis to Restore Gait After Spinal
Cord Injury

Continuous Path Controller for the Remote Ultrasound   206-218
Diagnostic System

Control of a Snake-Like Robot in an Elastically        219-227
Deformable Channel
Distributed Multipole Models for Design and Control of   228-238
PM Actuators and Sensors

Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Spherical      239-248

A Flux-Density-Based Electromagnetic Servo System for 249-256
Real-Time Magnetic Servoing/Tracking

Induction Motor Bearing Failure Detection and            257-262
Diagnosis: Park and Concordia Transform Approaches
Comparative Study

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on   265-267
Mechatronic Systems for MRI Applications

Comparison of MRI-Compatible Mechatronic Systems         268-277
With Hydrodynamic and Pneumatic Actuation
Motion Generation in MR Environment Using                278-285
Electrostatic Film Motor for Motion-Triggered Cine-MRI

Evaluation of Electrorheological Fluid Dampers for       286-294
Applications at 3-T MRI Environment

MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Robot for Transperineal         295-305
Prostate Needle Placement

LPR: A CT and MR-Compatible Puncture Robot to            306-315
Enhance Accuracy and Safety of Image-Guided

A 3-DOF MR-Compatible Device for Magic Angle Related 316-324
In Vivo Experiments
Active Vibration Control of Gradient Coils to Reduce     325-334
Acoustic Noise of MRI Systems

Sensors for Applications in Magnetic Resonance           335-344

Sensing Glove for Brain Studies: Design and              345-354
Assessment of Its Compatibility for fMRI With a Robust

Human–Machine Interface for Robotic Surgery and          355-361

The Interconnection of MRI Scanner and MR-Compatible 362-369
Robotic Device: Synergistic Graphical User Interface to
Form a Mechatronic System
MRI Compatibility of Silicone-Made Contractile            370-374
Dielectric Elastomer Actuators

Robotic System for Closed-Bore MRI-Guided Prostatic       374-379

System for 3-D Real-Time Tracking of MRI-Compatible       379-382
Devices by Image Processing

A Bristle-Based Pipeline Robot for Ill-Constraint Pipes   383-392

Population-Based Uncalibrated Visual Servoing             393-397

Validation of Resonant Frequency Model for Polypyrrole 401-409
Trilayer Actuators
Extrapolation Technique for Improving the Effective       410-415
Resolution of Position Encoders in Permanent-Magnet
Motor Drives
A New Admittance-Type Haptic Interface for Bimanual       416-428
Online Estimation of Implement Dynamics for Adaptive      429-440
Steering Control of Farm Tractors
Adaptive Robust Posture Control of Parallel Manipulator   441-450
Driven by Pneumatic Muscles With Redundancy

Optimal Path Planning for Mobile Robot Navigation         451-460

The Modular Multisensory DLR-HIT-Hand: Hardware and 461-469
Software Architecture
Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control System Design in      470-475
Consideration of Actuator Saturation

Using Redundancy to Optimize Manipulability of Stewart 475-479
GPS-Based Tracking Control for a Car-Like Wheeled      480-484
Mobile Robot With Skidding and Slipping

Comments on “Object-Oriented Modeling of Complex          485-487
Mechatronic Components for the Manufacturing
Authors' Reply to “Comments on Object-Oriented            487-489
Modeling of Complex Mechatronic Components for the
Manufacturing Industry”

Disturbance Rejection for a Data Storage System via       493-501
Sensitivity Loop Shaping and Adaptive Nonlinear
Seek Control to Suppress Vibrations of Hard Disk Drives 502-509
Using Adaptive Filtering

Nonlinear Tracking Control for a Hard Disk Drive Dual-   510-518
Stage Actuator System

A Control-Oriented and Physics-Based Model for Ionic     519-529
Polymer--Metal Composite Actuators

Integral Resonant Control of a Piezoelectric Tube        530-537
Actuator for Fast Nanoscale Positioning

Whisker-Like Position Sensor for Measuring               538-547
Physiological Motion
Design and Experimental Results of an Active             548-557
Suspension System for a High-Speed Pantograph

Blind Deconvolution Denoising for Helicopter Vibration   558-565

Stable Haptic Display of Slowly Updated Virtual          566-575
Environment With Multirate Wave Transform

Six-DOF Impedance Control of Dual-Arm Cooperative        576-586

Wide-Angle Foveation for All-Purpose Use                 587-597
Semiactive Suspension Control of a Light Commercial        598-604

Stiffness Tuning Using a Low-Cost Semiactive               604-607
Nonlinear Technique

Robust Iterative Learning Control Design: Application to   608-613
a Robot Manipulator

Desired Compensation Adaptive Robust Control of a          617-624
Linear-Motor-Driven Precision Industrial Gantry With
Improved Cogging Force Compensation

Modeling of an Electromechanical Engine Valve              625-637
Actuator Based on a Hybrid Analytical--FEM Approach
Design of Mechatronic Systems With Configuration-      638-646
Dependent Dynamics: Simulation and Optimization

Novel Controllable Semiactive Devices for Reshaping    647-657
Structural Response
Novel Magnetically Levitated Two-Level Motor           658-668

Eddy Current Brakes for Haptic Interfaces: Design,     669-677
Identification, and Control
Modeling and Verification of a Diamond-Shape Narrow-   678-691
Tilting Vehicle
The Use of Aerial Images and GPS for Mobile Robot      692-699
Waypoint Navigation

Low-Cost IR Reflective Sensors for Submicrolevel       700-709
Position Measurement and Control
                Issue                                 Index Terms/Keywords                           Authors
Issue 1; Feb.                          Dynamometer, energy, microrobots, piezoelectric, power        Steltz, E.; Fearing, R. S.

                                         Adaptive control, parallel kinematics and machines,               Bashash , S.; Jalili, N.
                                         piezoelectric devices, piezo-flexural stages, robustness

                                       Control engineering, mechanical systems, motion control,      Merry, R. J. E.; de Kleijn, N. C. T.; van
                                       piezoelectric transducers                                     de Molengraft, M. J. G.; Steinbuch, M.

                                       Actuator design, balanced gramian, compliant mechanisms, Grossard, M.; Rotinat-Libersa, C.;
                                       controllability, microgripper, microrobotics, observability, Chaillet, N.; Boukallel, M.
                                       piezoelectricity, topology optimization, vibrations control

                                       Dipole force model, electromagnet (EM), inverse torque        Lee, K.-M.; Bai, K.; Lim, J.
                                       model, spherical actuator
                                       Teleoperation, time delay, wave variables                     Alise , M.; Roberts, R. G.; Repperger,
                                                                                                     D. W.; Jr., C. A. M.; Tosunoglu, S.
                                       Data fusion, decentralized systems, navigation of vehicles,   Asadi, E.; Bozorg, M.
                                       simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).
                                       Actuation redundancy, parallel manipulator, position and      Wang, L.; Wu, J.; Wang, J.; You, Z.
                                       force switching control, predictive control.

                                       Actuator, motor, pneumatic control equipment.                 Uzuka, K.; Enomoto, I.; Suzumori, K.

                                       Adaptive control, control engineering, uncertainty.           Tang, H.; Weng, L.; Dong, Z. Y.; Yan ,
                                       Disturbance observer (DOB), force-mode control,               Kong , K.; Bae, J.; Tomizuka, M.
                                       human–robot interaction, motor impedance, rotary series
                                       elastic actuator (RSEA).
                                       Arrayed microactuators, feedback control, microconveyance Ataka, M.; Legrand, B.; Buchaillot, L.;
                                       system.                                                   Collard, D.; Fujita, H.

Issue 2; Apr                           Focused Section on Mechatronics in Multirobot                 Chow, M.-Y. Chiaverini, S. Kitts, C.
                                         Coordinated control, fleet control, hybrid network, multiple      Liman Yang, Zhongwei Guo, Yunhua Li,
                                         mobile robot system (MMRS), real-time kinematic (RTK)       and Chao Li
                                         global positioning system (GPS) location

                                       Control systems, mechatronics, mobile robots, positioning     Pugh, J. Raemy, X. Favre, C. Falconi,
                                       systems.                                                      R. Martinoli, A.
                                     Cooperative exploration, decentralized algorithms,              Franchi, A. Freda, L. Oriolo, G.
                                     multirobot systems.                                             Vendittelli, M.
                                     Auctions, market-based coordination, multirobot teams,          Viguria, A. Howard, A.M.
                                     task allocation.
                                     Communication timing control, mesh sensor network,              Takahashi, J. Yamaguchi, T.
                                     mobile robot collaboration, topology reconfiguration.           Sekiyama, K. Fukuda, T.

                                     Distributed multirobot task allocation, incremental task        Sariel-Talay, S. Balch, T.R. Erdogan,
                                     selection, multiple traveling robot problem (MTRP),             N.
                                     Cluster space, collaborative control, formation control,        Kitts, C.A. Mas, I.
                                     multirobot systems, robot teams.
                                     Finite-time consensus, multiagent systems, multirobot           Suiyang Khoo Lihua Xie Zhihong Man
                                     systems, terminal sliding-mode (TSM) control.
                                     Configuration state matrix, group configuration, module         Minghui Wang Shugen Ma Bin Li
                                     state vector, wheel-manipulator robot                           Yuechao Wang
                                     Decentralized, decision-making, multirobot system               Parker, C.A.C. Hong Zhang

                                     Linear-quadratic control, mobile robot dynamics, mobile         Oryschuk, P. Salerno, A. Al-Husseini,
                                     robot motion planning, mobile robots, motion control.           A.M. Angeles, J.
                                     Control engineering, control systems, Markov processes,         Siqueira, A.A.G. Terra, M.H.
                                     robots, robustness, stochastic systems.
                                     Dynamics, motion control, motion planning, vibration control.   Huaizhong Li Le, M.D. Gong, Z.M.
                                                                                                     Lin, W.

Issue 3; June                        Humanoid robot finger, interpolation, inverse kinematics,       Li Jiang Dong Sun Hong Liu
                                     lookup table, nonlinear coupled joints.

                                         Force control, impedance control, internal model control        Sang Hoon Kang Maolin Jin Pyung
                                         (IMC), time-delay control.                                  Hun Chang
                                         Pneumatic actuators, pressure observer, slidingmode         Gulati, N. Barth, E.J.
                                         control design.

                                     Bidirectional communications, componentswapping                 Cakmakci, M. Ulsoy, A.G.
                                     modularity, networked control systems (NCSs) design.

                                     Emotional interaction, intelligent robots,                      Eun Ho Kim Kyung Hak Hyun Soo
                                     speakerindependent system, speech emotion recognition.          Hyun Kim Yoon Keun Kwak

                                     Computed torque method, landing posture control,                Yi-Ling Yang Chao, P.C.P. Cheng-Kuo
                                     nonlinear control system.                                       Sung
                                    Frequency weighting, jitter suppression, laser beam control,     Perez-Arancibia, N.O. Gibson, J.S.
                                    minimum-variance adaptive control,                               Tsu-Chin Tsao
                                    microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fast steering
                                    Dynamic redundancy resolution, hardwarein-the-loop (HIL),        White, G.D. Bhatt, R.M. Tang, C.P.
                                    nonholonomic wheeled mobile manipulator (NH-WMM),                Krovi, V.N.
                                    virtual prototyping (VP).
                                    Abnormality detection, gait monitoring device, human gait        Kyoungchul Kong Tomizuka, M.
                                    phase detection, smart shoes.
                                    Electronic nose (e-nose), odor dispersion, odor monitoring,      Leilei Pan Yang, S.X.
                                    wireless sensor network.
                                    Least-squares methods, mobile robots, modeling,                  Conceicao, A.S. Moreira, A.P. Costa,
                                    parameter estimation.                                            P.J.
                                    Internal force control, mobile robots, motion control,           Dongbin Zhao Xuyue Deng Jianqiang
                                    redundant systems.                                               Yi
                                    Iterative learning control, precision motion control, subspace   Mishra, S. Tomizuka, M.
                                    projection, wafer stage control.

Issue 4; Aug                        Focused Section on Mechatronics for MEMS and NEMS                Jalili, N. Liu, P. X. Alici, G. Ferreira, A.

                                         Atomic force microscopy, control systems, nanotechnology, Clayton, G.M. Devasia, S.
                                         piezoelectric transducers, scanning probemicroscope
                                         (SPM), scanning tunneling microscope (STM).

                                    High bandwidth, high resolution, linear matrix inequalities      Chibum Lee Salapaka, S.M.
                                    (LMIs), robust nanopositioning, 2-DOF control design
                                    Feedback, microelectromechanical (MEM) resonator,                Mestrom, R.M.C. Fey, R.H.B.
                                    nonlinear oscillations, oscillator circuit                       Nijmeijer, H.
                                    Magnetic levitation, microelectromechanical systems              Elbuken, C. Khamesee, M.B. Yavuz,
                                    (MEMS), microgripper, micromanipulation, microrobot.             M.
                                    Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), mode matched,             Sangkyung Sung Woon-Tahk Sung
                                    phase domain, phase-locked loop (PLL), vibratory                 Changjoo Kim Sukchang Yun Young
                                    gyroscope.                                                       Jae Lee
                                    Compensation, disturbance observer (DOB), hysteresis,            Jingang Yi Chang, S. Yantao Shen
                                    piezoelectric actuator, smart materials.
                                    Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), micromotor,               Wen-Ming Zhang Guang Meng
                                    rough, slider bearing, slip effect.
                                    Actuators, fluid flow measurement, ionic polymers,               Peterson, S.D. Porfiri, M. Rovardi, A.
                                    underwater vehicle propulsion, vibration measurement

                                    Doppler, field robotics, slippage, rover, wheel–soil             Lhomme-Desages, D. Grand, C.
                                    interaction.                                                     Guinot, J.-C. Ben Amar, F.
                                    Design optimization, giant magnetostrictive thin films           Yongshun Zhang Ming Cong
                                    (GMFs), microswimming robot, mode shape, resonance               Dongming Guo Dianlong Wang
                                        Adhesion forces,microassembly, micromanipulation,               Savia, M. Koivo, H.N.
                                        strategic planning

Issue 5; Oct                             Flexure-based mechanism, function approximation,               Hwee Choo Liaw Shirinzadeh, B.
                                         hysteresis, micro-/nanomanipulation, neural network
                                         control, piezoelectric actuator
                                         Stair climbing, tipover prediction, trackedmobile robot,                                           Yugang Liu Guangjun Liu
                                         track–stair interactions.

                                        Bilateral teleoperation, linear matrix inequalities             Walker, K.C. Ya-Jun Pan Gu, J.
                                        (LMIs),Markov jump linear system (MJLS), network, packet
                                        loss, stochastic stability, switching control, time-varying
                                        Dye recording, genetic algorithm (GA), jitter, optical          Yao, L. Chun-Kai Huang Yi-Hong Chen
                                        recording device (ORD).
                                        Electric drives, permanent-magnet (PM) machines,                Zwyssig, C. Kolar, J.W. Round, S.D.
                                        turbomachinery, ultrahigh speed
                                        Compliance control, dextrous, force control, isotropically      Patel, R.V. Talebi, H.A. Jayender, J.
                                        enhanced, Mitsubishi PA10-7C, redundant, redundant              Shadpey, F.
                                        manipulators, seven-turning pair robot (REDIESTRO).
                                        Phase shifting technique, solder paste inspection, 3-D          Xinyu Wu Hang Tong Wing Kwong
                                        measurement.                                                    Chung Jun Cheng Yangsheng Xu
                                        Actuators, hysteresis, piezoelectric ceramics                   U-Xuan Tan Win Tun Latt Cheng Yap
                                                                                                        Shee Riviere, C.N. Wei Tech Ang
                                        Force feedback, haptics,magnetorheological fluid (MRF),         Blake, J. Gurocak, H.B.
                                        virtual reality (VR).
                                        Dual servo control, dynamicmodeling, microparallel              Tae Won Seo Deuk Soo Kang Hwa
                                        positioning platform, robust control                            Soo Kim Jongwon Kim
                                        Miniaturization, ON–OFF valve, piezoelectric actuator           Jien, S. Hirai, S. Honda, K.
                                        (PEA), pneumatic, unconstrained

Issue 6; Dec.                            Focused Section on Anthropomorphism in                         Krovi, V. N. Goldfarb, M. Laumond,
                                         Mechatronic Systems                                            J.-P.
                                         Biped, differential flatness, limit cycles, underactuated.                                           Sangwan, V. Agrawal, S.K.

                                        Anthropomorphic robots, humanoid robots, legged                 Lohmeier, S. Buschmann, T. Ulbrich,
                                        locomotion, robot design, robot dynamics, walking control       H.

                                        Biomechatronics, gait analysis, impedance control,              Sup, F. Varol, H.A. Mitchell, J.
                                        mechanical system design, powered prosthesis                    Withrow, T.J. Goldfarb, M.
                                        Anthropomorphic robots, compliance, force control,              Sang-Ho Hyon
                                        musculoskeletal systems, posture control, redundancy,
                                        Assistive devices, biologically inspired control, exoskeleton   Kyoungchul Kong Tomizuka, M.
Artificial limbs, mechatronics, prosthetics                  Dalley, S.A. Wiste, T.E. Withrow, T.J.
                                                             Goldfarb, M.
Center of mass, estimation, humanoids                        Cotton, S. Murray, A.P. Fraisse, P.

Biped walking, legged robots, underactuate                   Aoyama, T. Hasegawa, Y. Sekiyama,
                                                             K. Fukuda, T.
Biomimetic, dexterous manipulators, grip control, tactile    Wettels, N. Parnandi, A.R. Ji-Hyun
sensor.                                                      Moon Loeb, G.E. Sukhatme, G.S.
Complementary, control, piezoworm, precision, stage          Salisbury, S.P. Ben Mrad, R.
                                                             Waechter, D.F. Prasad, S.E.
                                                             Rakotondrabe, M. Haddab, Y. stick–slip
Linear and angular motion, micropositioning device,positioning control, state-space modeling, Lutz, P.

                                                          Bassan, H.S. Patel, R.V. Moallem,
Image-guided surgery, manipulator design, percutaneous needle insertion, prostate brachytherapyM.
Title                                                Pages
Dynamometer Power Output Measurements of Miniature 1 - 10
Piezoelectric Actuators
Robust Adaptive Control of Coupled Parallel Piezo- 11-20
Flexural Nanopositioning Stages

Using a Walking Piezo Actuator to Drive and Control a    21-31
High-Precision Stage

Mechanical and Control-Oriented Design of a Monolithic 32-45
Piezoelectric Microgripper Using a New Topological
Optimization Method

Dipole Models for Forward/Inverse Torque Computation 46-54
of a Spherical Motor
On Extending the Wave Variable Method to Multiple-   55-63
DOF Teleoperation Systems
A Decentralized Architecture for Simultaneous            64-71
Localization and Mapping
An Experimental Study of a Redundantly Actuated           72-81
Parallel Manipulator for a 5-DOF Hybrid Machine Tool

Comparative Assessment of Several Nutation Motor         82-92

Adaptive and Learning Control for SI Engine Model With 93-104
Control of Rotary Series Elastic Actuator for Ideal Force- 105-118
Mode Actuation in Human–Robot Interaction
Design, Fabrication, and Operation of Two-Dimensional 119-125
Conveyance System With Ciliary Actuator Arrays

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on   130-140
Mechatronics in Multirobot Systems
Posture Measurement and Coordinated Control of Twin      141-150
Hoisting-Girder Transporters Based on Hybrid Network

A Fast Onboard Relative Positioning Module for           151-162
Multirobot Systems
The Sensor-based Random Graph Method for                 163-175
Cooperative Robot Exploration
An Integrated Approach for Achieving Multirobot Task     176-186
Communication Timing Control and Topology                187-197
Reconfiguration of a Sink-Free Meshed Sensor Network
With Mobile Robots
Multiple Traveling Robot Problem: A Solution Based on    198-206
Dynamic Task Selection and Robust Execution

Cluster Space Specification and Control of Mobile        207-218
Multirobot Systems
Robust Finite-Time Consensus Tracking Algorithm for      219-228
Multirobot Systems
Reconfiguration of a Group of Wheel-Manipulator          229-239
Robots Based on MSV and CSM
Cooperative Decision-Making in Decentralized Multiple-   240-251
Robot Systems: The Best-of-N Problem
Experimental Validation of an Underactuated Two-         252-257
Wheeled Mobile Robot
A Fault-Tolerant Manipulator Robot Based on H2 , H∞,     257-263
and Mixed H2/H∞ Markovian Controls
Motion Profile Design to Reduce Residual Vibration of    264-269
High-Speed Positioning Stages

An Inverse-Kinematics Table-Based Solution of a       273-281
Humanoid Robot Finger With Nonlinearly Coupled Joints

A Solution to the Accuracy/Robustness Dilemma in      282-294
Impedance Control
A Globally Stable, Load-Independent Pressure Observer 295-306
for the Servo Control of Pneumatic Actuators

Improving Component-Swapping Modularity Using            307 - 316
Bidirectional Communication in Networked Control
Improved Emotion Recognition With a Novel Speaker-       317 - 325
Independent Feature

Landing Posture Control for a Generalized Twin-Body      326 - 336
System Using Methods of Input–Output Linearization
and Computed Torque
Frequency-Weighted Minimum-Variance Adaptive             337 - 348
Control of Laser Beam Jitter

Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Redundancy            349 - 357
Resolution in a Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile
A Gait Monitoring System Based on Air Pressure           358 - 370
Sensors Embedded in a Shoe
An Electronic Nose Network System for Online             371 - 376
Monitoring of Livestock Farm Odors
Practical Approach of Modeling and Parameters            377 - 381
Estimation for Omnidirectional Mobile Robots
Motion and Internal Force Control for Omnidirectional    382 - 387
Wheeled Mobile Robots
Projection-Based Iterative Learning Control for Wafer    388 - 393
Scanner Systems

Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on   397-404
Mechatronics for MEMS and NEMS
Conditions for Image-Based Identification of SPM-        405 - 413
Nanopositioner Dynamics

Fast Robust Nanopositioning—A Linear-Matrix-             414 - 422
Inequalities-Based Optimal Control Approach
Phase Feedback for Nonlinear MEM Resonators in           423 - 433
Oscillator Circuits
Design and Implementation of a Micromanipulation         434 - 445
System Using a Magnetically Levitated MEMS Robot
On the Mode-Matched Control of MEMS Vibratory            446 - 455
Gyroscope via Phase-Domain Analysis and Design

Disturbance-Observer-Based Hysteresis Compensation       456 - 464
for Piezoelectric Actuators
Property Analysis of the Rough Slider Bearings in        465 - 473
Micromotors for MEMS Applications
A Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Vibrating Ionic    474 - 483
Polymer Metal Composites in Aqueous Environments

Doppler-Based Ground Speed Sensor Fusion and Slip        484 - 492
Control for a Wheeled Rover
Design Optimization of a Bidirectional Microswimming     493 - 503
Robot Using Giant Magnetostrictive Thin Films
Contact Micromanipulation—Survey of Strategies           504 - 514

Neural Network Motion Tracking Control of Piezo-         517 - 527
Actuated Flexure-Based Mechanisms for Micro-
Track--Stair Interaction Analysis and Online Tipover     528 - 538
Prediction for a Self-Reconfigurable Tracked Mobile
Robot Climbing Stairs
Bilateral Teleoperation Over Networks Based on           539 - 554
Stochastic Switching Approach

Write Strategy Learning for Optical Dye Recording        555 - 563

Megaspeed Drive Systems: Pushing Beyond 1 Million      564 - 574
A Robust Position and Force Control Strategy for 7-DOF 575 - 589
Redundant Manipulators

A Parallel-Structure Solder Paste Inspection System      590 - 597

Feedforward Controller of Ill-Conditioned Hysteresis     598 - 605
Using Singularity-Free Prandtl–Ishlinskii Model
Haptic Glove With MR Brakes for Virtual Reality          606 - 615

Dual Servo Control of a High-Tilt 3-DOF Microparallel    616 - 625
Positioning Platform
Miniaturized Unconstrained on– off Pneumatic Poppet      626 - 635
Valve—Experiment and Simulation

Guest EditorialIntroduction to the Focused Section on    641-646
Anthropomorphism in Mechatronic Systems
Differentially Flat Design of Bipeds Ensuring Limit      647 - 657
System Design and Control of Anthropomorphic             658 - 666
Walking Robot LOLA

Preliminary Evaluations of a Self-Contained              667 - 676
Anthropomorphic Transfemoral Prosthesis
A Motor Control Strategy With Virtual Musculoskeletal    677 - 688
Systems for Compliant Anthropomorphic Robots

Control of Exoskeletons Inspired by Fictitious Gain in   689 - 698
Human Model
Design of a Multifunctional Anthropomorphic Prosthetic     699 - 706
Hand With Extrinsic Actuation
Estimation of the Center of Mass: From Humanoid            707 - 712
Robots to Human Beings
Stabilizing and Direction Control of Efficient 3-D Biped   712 - 718
Walking Based on PDAC
Grip Control Using Biomimetic Tactile Sensing Systems      718 - 723

Design, Modeling, and Closed-Loop Control of a             724 - 732
Complementary Clamp Piezoworm Stage
Development, Modeling, and Control of a Micro-             733 - 745
/Nanopositioning 2-DOF Stick–Slip Device
A Novel Manipulator for Percutaneous Needle Insertion:     746 - 761
Design and Experimentation
                    Issue                                    Index Terms/Keywords
                                                 Active control, array operation, interferometer,
Issue 1; Feb.                                    metrology
                                                 Mobile robot, nonholonomic system, nonlinear
                                                 Hall sensor, haptic interface, joystick, mobile
                                                 robot, teleoperation

                                                Haptic feedback, mechanical haptic display,
                                                miniature haptic device, multifunction tactor,
                                                upper extremity prosthesis.
                                                Bearingless motor, nonlinear control system,
                                                selfbearing motor
                                                Nonholonomic, nonlinear control, paper sheet
                                                control, state feedback linearization
                                                Active magnetic bearings, electromagnetic
                                                actuators, electromagnetic suspension,
                                                fractional-order systems
                                                Bearing fault diagnosis, shaft speed detection,
                                                smart sensor, wavelet energy spectrum.

                                                Fuzzy control, ground-based physical
                                                simulation, nanosatellite, space radiator,
                                                thermoelectric cooler
                                                Actuators, digital mechanisms,
                                                electromagnetic devices
                                                Bearingless motor, hollow-shaft motor,
                                                magnetic bearing, sealed chamber
                                                Environment estimation, force estimation,
                                                planetary gear train, redundant actuation,
                                                variable impedance approach (VIA)
                                                Cooling system, multiple loop, temperature

                                                Flexure mechanism, micromanipulator, motion
                                                control, parallel mechanism, piezoelectric
                                                actuation, system identification

                                                Dynamic system, genetic algorithm (GA),
                                                inverse double nonlinear autoregressive with
                                                exogenous input (NARX) fuzzy (IDNF) model,
                                                modeling and identification, two-axis
                                                pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) robot arm
                                                Actuators, feedforward systems,
                                                intelligentmaterials, modeling
                                                Grasp-type recognition, human tactile
                                                receptor, tactile sensor

                                                 Focused Section on Healthcare Mechatronics
Issue 2; Apr.
                                                 Capsule endoscopy, endoscopic capsule,
                                                 magnetic,locomotion, robotic surgery
                                               Cancer bone metastasis, intelligent corset,
                                               rehabilitation engineering, rollover movement,
                                               trunk-twist range of motion
                                               Aquatic therapy, exoskeleton, healthcare
                                               mechatronics, rehabilitation
                                               Gait rehabilitation, upper and lower limbs,
                                               virtual reality navigation, walking velocity
                                               Force-field control, gait rehabilitation,
                                               rehabilitation robotics
                                               Hardware/software co-design, inertial sensors,
                                               postural control, vibrotactile biofeedback,
                                               virtual instrumentation
                                               Body transfer, mechanism design,
                                               mechatronic control, posture change, robotic
                                               Feedforward systems, holographic recording,
                                               mode-switching control, repeatable run out,
                                               servo systems, tracking control

                                               Biped robot, dynamic walking, equilibrium
                                               point (EP) control, legged locomotion
                                               Decision making, multirobot systems,Q-
                                               Dynamics, identification, model-based control,
                                               parallel robots
                                               Belt drive, dynamic modeling, H-frame, XY
                                               positioning system.
                                               Discrete-time systems, feedback systems,
                                               force control, stability.
                                               Finite-element methods, linear motors,
                                               magnetostriction ,relay control systems
                                               Actuator, dielectric elastomer (DE),
                                               electroactive polymer (EAP), fluid, hydrostatic,
                                               liquid, membrane
                                               Control systems, marine vehicle control,
                                               Passivity, teleoperation, time delay, trajectory
                                               tracking, wave variables.

Issue 3; Jun.                                    Force feedback, four-wheel independent
                                                 steering (4WIS), steering control, steering
                                                 Doubly coprime factorization (DCF), dual-
                                                 stage actuator (DSA), motion control, 2-DOF
                                                 Disturbance rejection, identification, linear

                                               Actuators, atomic force microscope (AFM),

                                               Axiomatic design, dynamics, modeling,
                                               piezoelectricn actuators (PEAs).
                                                Active magnetic bearing (AMB), backstepping,
                                                integral sliding-mode control (ISMC), three
                                                poles, voltage controlled mode.

                                                Adaptive control, force control, uncertain
                                                kinematics and dynamics, visual servoing.
                                                Piezoelectric transducers, power harvesting.

                                                Learning control systems, linear motors, linear
                                                parameter-varying (LPV) system, motion
                                                Terms—Four quadrants, fuzzy logic, generator
                                                control, motor control, pulsewidth modulation
                                                (PWM), switched reluctance
                                                Mechatronics, piezoelectric transducers,
                                                position control.

                                                Biologically inspired robots, hydrodynamic
                                                modeling, ionic polymer–metal composites,
                                                robotic fish
                                                Actuator, actuation, cylindrical, dielectric
                                                elastomer (DE), distributed, electroactive
                                                polymer (EAP), fluid, peristaltic, pump,
                                                Biomedical equipment, bones, cutting,
                                                machine tool control, manufacturing
                                                Adaptive control, hard disks, servosystems

Issue 4; Aug.                                   Focused Section on Healthcare Mechatronics, microelectromechanical
                                                 systems (MEMS) , micromirror
                                                 Fiber Bragg grating , metal coating
                                                 , temperature sensitivity , thermal stress
                                                Birefringence , blood vessels , photoelasticity
                                                , stress measurement
                                                Binning , charge-coupled device (CCD)
                                                , correlation , fluid flow measurement ,particle
                                                tracking , particle-image velocimetry (PIV)

                                                Adaptive signal processing , BiCMOS
                                                technology , data buffering , integrated optical
                                                receiver , optical data link , optical wireless
                                                (OW) , orthogonal frequency-division multiplex
                                                (OFDM) , visible-light communications

                                                $H_infty$ control , Adaptive optics (AO)
                                                , dynamic aberrations , magnetic-fluid-
                                                deformable mirrors (MFDMs) , mixed sensitivity
                                               Acousto-optic deflector (AOD) , fringe
                                               projector , interferometry , structured light
                                               Ceiling vision , localization , multirobot
                                               formation , simultaneous localization and
                                               mapping (SLAM)
                                               Control system human factors , control
                                               systems , man–machine systems
                                               ,rehabilitation robotics , robots
                                               Describing function , force ripples , friction
                                               , limit cycles , permanent-magnet linear
                                               motors (PMLMs) , relay feedback
                                               Electromagnetic , flowmeter , magnetic field
                                               , measured boundary condition (BC)
                                               ,mechatronic system , reconstruction
                                               , spherical motor

                                               Force measurement , hydrodynamics
                                               , intelligent actuators , underwater vehicle
                                               propulsion , underwater vehicles , vibrations
                                               Magnetic levitation , system analysis and
                                               Mobile manipulator , reconfigurable modular
                                               robot , slope negotiation , tip-over avoidance
                                               , track–terrain interaction , tracked mobile
                                               robot , vehicle–manipulator interaction

                                               Force estimation , haptic feedback , image
                                               processing , physically based modeling
                                               , telemanipulation
                                               Flexible manipulators , input shaping , robust
                                               control , vibration control
                                               Intelligent vehicle guidance , magnetic marker
                                               coding , magnetic sensing method, magnetic
                                               sensing system

Issue 5; Oct.                                    2.5-D nanometrology, magnetic actuation, two-
                                                 axis compliant micromanipulator, two-axis
                                                 probing system
                                                 Double-screw-drive (DSD)
                                                 mechanism , minimally invasive surgery
                                                 , robotic forceps , tracking control
                                                 Design optimization , elevators , linear motors
                                                 , safety methods
                                               Biped gait , humanoid robot , motion planning

                                               Magnetic circuit , magnetic force model
                                               , magnetic monopole , magnetic tweezers
                                               Injection molding control , nonlinear systems
                                               , observers , state estimation
                                               Adaptive control , contouring , coordinated
                                               control , linear motor , task coordinates

                                               Feeder pipe inspection , nuclear robot
                                               , pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR)

                                               Friction compensation , gain-scheduling
                                               control , linear matrix inequality (LMI) ,local
                                               modeling , state feedback
                                               Mobile robots , Q-learning , robustness , visual
                                               Actuators , flexible structures , piezoelectric

                                               Anthropomorphic whole-body model , legged
                                               locomotion , multibody dynamics ,optimal
                                               control , running robot
                                               Hall diode , permanent-magnet bearing
                                               , redundant coordinates , three-pole active
                                               magnetic bearing
                                               Driving simulator , identification , modeling
                                               , motorcycle , platform mechanics
                                               Dynamic inversion , equilibrium manifold
                                               , flexible systems , singular
                                               perturbation, trajectory planning

Issue 6; Dec.                                  Instruments , Laparoscopes , Mechatronics
                                               , Needles , Robots , Surgery , Tumors

                                                 Air-jet , Biomedical optical imaging , Force
                                                 , Humans , Lungs , Optical sensors , Surgery
                                                 ,Tumors , clinical application , lungs
                                                 , noncontact stiffness sensor , video-assisted
                                                 thoracic surgery (VATS)
                                                 Computed tomography , Humans , Image-
                                                 guided surgery , Iterative closest point
                                                 algorithm , Kidney , Phantoms , Robots
                                                 , Surgery , minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
                                                 , registration , robotic surgery , segmentation

                                               Manipulators , medical robotics , surgery
                                               Manipulators , mechanical systems , medical
                                               devices , medical robotics
                                               Bimanual robot , miniature robotic arm
                                               , minimally invasive surgery , robotic surgery
                                               ,single-port laparoscopy (SPL)
                                               Automatic instruments detection and
                                               tracking , clinical experiments , laparoscopy
                                               , robotic endoscope holder , robotic surgery
                                               , vision-based control
Automatic ablation planning , medical device
, radiofrequency ablation , surgical robotics

Coaxial transmission , Endoscopes , Laser
beams , Lenses , Measurement by laser beam
,Mirrors , Optical imaging , Power lasers , fetal
surgery , laser beam steering , laser
endoscope , wavelength separation
Biomedical transducers , Bragg gratings
, biopsy , magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
,optical fiber sensors , strain measurement

Accelerometer , activity detection , artificial
urinary sphincter (AUS) , implantable
electrical medical device , stress urinary
Force feedback , haptics , minimally invasive
surgery (MIS) , palpation , tactile sensor
,tumor localization
Cable-driven parallel manipulator, Cable-
driven parallel manipulator , Equations ,
Feeds , Manipulators , Mathematical model
, Mechanical cables , Optimization , Poles
and towers , optimization design , radio
telescope , similarity model

Automata , Automation , Automation work
cell , Computer architecture , Middleware ,
Mobile agents , Mobile communication ,
mobile agents , robotics , system integration

Electrorheological fluids (ERFs),
Electrorheological fluids (ERFs) , Gears ,
Knee , Magnetic resonance imaging ,
Performance evaluation , Sensors , Torque
, Torque control , rehabilitation robotics ,
smart brakes
Actuators , Actuators and sensors , Gears ,
 Hardware , Mechatronics , Rails , Safety ,
 Switches , automotive systems , electronic
joystick , intelligent controls , mechatronic
gearshift lever , shift-by-wire

Pneumatic systems , position control
, solenoids , switched input
Hall-effect sensor , Magnetic levitation
, Magnetic sensors , Motion measurement
, Planar motors , Real time systems , Real-
Time Application Interface (RTAI)
, Transmission line matrix methods
, precision manufacturing , precision
positioning , real-time digital control
Actuators , Analytical models , Coils
, Magnetic field , Mechatronics , Rotors
, Stators , Torque , spherical actuator, torque
Authors                                                 Titles
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Kyoung Kwan Ahn Ho Pham Huy Anh                   Identification
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John, S.W. Alici, G. Cook, C.D.                   Polypyrrole Trilayer Bender Actuators
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Hai-Gui Xu Ming Yang Chun-Xiang Wang Ru-Qing           Magnetic Sensing System Design for Intelligent
Yang                                                   Vehicle Guidance

Jayanth, G.R. Chia-Hsiang Menq                         Control of a Two-Axis Micromanipulator-Based
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Onat, A. Kazan, E. Takahashi, N. Miyagi, D. Komatsu,   Design and Implementation of a Linear Motor for
Y. Markon, S.                                          Multicar Elevators
Harada, K. Hattori, S. Hirukawa, H. Morisawa, M.       Two-Stage Time-Parametrized Gait Planning for
Kajita, S. Yoshida, E.                                 Humanoid Robots
Zhipeng Zhang Kui Huang Chia-Hsiang Menq               Design, Implementation, and Force Modeling of
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Lin, Y.-W. John Cheng, J.-W.                           A High-Gain Observer for a Class of Cascade-
                                                       Feedback-Connected Nonlinear Systems With
                                                       Application to Injection Molding
Chuxiong Hu, Bin Yao, Qingfeng Wang                       Coordinated Adaptive Robust Contouring Controller
                                                          Design for an Industrial Biaxial Precision Gantry

Changhwan Choi, Byungsuk Park, Seungho Jung               The Design and Analysis of a Feeder Pipe Inspection
                                                          Robot With an Automatic Pipe Tracking System

Mostefai, L. Denaï, M. Hori, Y.                          Robust Tracking Controller Design With Uncertain
                                                          Friction Compensation Based on a Local Modeling
Ying Wang Haoxiang Lang de Silva, C.W.                    A Hybrid Visual Servo Controller for Robust Grasping
                                                          by Wheeled Mobile Robots
Ueda, J. Secord, T.W. Asada, H.H.                         Large Effective-Strain Piezoelectric Actuators Using
                                                          Nested Cellular Architecture With Exponential Strain
                                                          Amplification Mechanisms
Schultz, G. Mombaur, K.                                   Modeling and Optimal Control of Human-Like

Sang-Hyun Park Chong-Won Lee                              Decoupled Control of a Disk-Type Rotor Equipped
                                                          With a Three-Pole Hybrid Magnetic Bearing

Arioui, H. Nehaoua, L. Hima, S. Séguy, N. Espié, S.     Mechatronics, Design, and Modeling of a Motorcycle
                                                          Riding Simulator
Youngjin Choi, Joono Cheong, Hyungpil Moon                A Trajectory Planning Method for Output Tracking of
                                                          Linear Flexible Systems Using Exact Equilibrium

                                                          Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section
                                                          on Surgical and Interventional Medical Devices

Kawahara, T.; Miyata, Y.; Akayama, K.; Okajima, M.; Kaneko, M.; Noncontact Tumor Imager for Video-
                                                       Design of
                                                          Assisted Thoracic Surgery

                                                             P.; Herrell, S. D.; Galloway, R. L.;
Ong, R. E.; Glisson, C.; Altamar, H.; Viprakasit, D.; Clark,Intraprocedural Registration for Image-Guided
                                                          Kidney Surgery

Zahraee, A. H.; Paik, J. K.; Szewczyk, J.; Morel, G.; Toward the Development of a Hand-Held Surgical
                                                      Assemblable N.;
Oshima, R.; Takayama, T.; Omata, T.; Kojima, K.; Takase, K.; Tanaka,Three-FingeredNine-Degrees-of-
                                                          FreedomHand for Laparoscopic Surgery
                                                             Design of a Menciassi, A.; Dario, P.;
Piccigallo, M.; Scarfogliero, U.; Quaglia, C.; Petroni, G.; Valdastri, P.; Novel Bimanual Robotic System for
                                                          Single-Port Laparoscopy

                                                          iKY P.;
Voros, S.; Haber, G.-P.; Menudet, J.-F.; Long, J.-A.; Cinquin, Robotic Scope Holder: Initial Clinical Experience
                                                          and Preliminary Results Using Instrument Tracking
Yang, L.; Wen, R.; Qin, J.; Chui, C.-K.; Lim, K.-B.; Chang, S. K.-Y.; System for Overlapping Radiofrequency
                                                          A Robotic
                                                           Ablation in Large Tumor Treatment

                                                      Dohi, T.;
Yamanaka, N.; Yamashita, H.; Masamune, K.; Chiba, T.; An Endoscope With 2 DOFs Steering of Coaxial
                                                           Nd:YAG Laser Beam for Fetal Surgery

Park, Y-.L.; Elayaperumal, S.; Daniel, B.; Ryu, S. C.; Shin, M.; Savall, J.; Black, R. J.; Moslehi, B.; Cutkosky, M. R.;
                                                           Real-Time Estimation of 3-D Needle Shape and
                                                           Deflection for MRI-Guided Interventions

Lamraoui, H.; Bonvilain, A.; Robain, G.; Combrisson, H.; Basrour, S.; Moreau-Gaudry, A.; Cinquin, P.; Mozer, P.;
                                                         Development of a Novel Artificial Urinary Sphincter:
                                                           A Versatile Automated Device

                                                             Initial R. A.;
Perri, M. T.; Trejos, A. L.; Naish, M. D.; Patel, R. V.; Malthaner, Evaluation of a Tactile/Kinesthetic Force
                                                           Feedback System for Minimally Invasive Tumor
Yao, R.; Tang, X.; Wang, J.; Huang, P.;                    Dimensional Optimization Design of the Four-Cable-
                                                           Driven Parallel Manipulator in FAST

Nestinger, S. S.; Chen, B.; Cheng, H. H.                   A Mobile Agent-Based Framework for Flexible
                                                           Automation Systems

Nikitczuk, J.; Weinberg, B.; Canavan, P. K.; Mavroidis, C.;
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                                                           Variable Damping Characteristics Implemented via
                                                           an Electrorheological Fluid

Lindner, M.; Tille, T.;                                    Design of Highly Integrated Mechatronic Gear
                                                           Selector Levers for Automotive Shift-by-Wire Systems

Langjord, H.; Johansen, T. A.;                             Dual-Mode Switched Control of an Electropneumatic
                                                           Clutch Actuator
Yu, H.; Kim, W.-j.;                                        A Compact Hall-Effect-Sensing 6-DOF Precision
Yan, L.; Chen, I-.M.; Son, H.; Lim, C. K.; Yang, G.;   Analysis of Pole Configurations of Permanent-
                                                       Magnet Spherical Actuators
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                               Index Terms/Keywords
Actuator , artificial muscle , electroactive polymer (EAP) , electronic , ionic
Analytical models , Boundary conditions , Corrugated surfaces , Dielectric elastomer (DE) sheets , Electrodes , Materials , Math
Dielectric materials , energy conversion , generators , modeling
Active vibration control (AVC) , Actuators , Approximation methods , Automatic voltage control , Equations , Harmonic analysis ,
Dielectric materials , energy conversion , generators , modeling
Active catheter , actuator , analytical model , constant phase element , electrochemical double layer capacitor , polypyrrole , tran
Active catheter , actuator , analytical model , constant phase element , electrochemical double layer capacitor , polypyrrole , tran
Applications , dielectric elastomer stack actuators (DEAs) , electroactive polymers (EAPs) , fabrication
Compliant mechanisms , dielectric elastomer actuators , optimal design
Ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) , inverse compensation , modeling , sensors , temperature-dependent dynamics
Carbon , electromechanical effects , nanotechnology , transducers
Actuators , Actuators , Electrodes , Materials , Optical sensors , Position measurement ,Sensitivity , Voltage measurement , man
Bloch waves , dielectric elastomers , electroactive polymers (EAPs) , finite elasticity , smart structures
Dielectric elastomer , energy harvesting , fuel cells (FCs) , power generation , robots
Geometry , mathematical description , scroll air motors , simulation study
Geometry , mathematical description , scroll air motors , simulation study
Adaptation model , Adaptive control , Force , Friction , Mechatronics , Observers , PD control , Trajectory , friction compens
Flexure , Force , Grippers , Resistance , Sensors , Shape , Strain , Wire , microgripper , micromanipulation , self-se
Biological cells , Control , Control design , DC motors , Genetic algorithms , Interpolation , Optimization , microbrushless dc
Charge control , current control , piezoelectric actuator
Actuator , artificial muscle , dielectric elastomer actuator , robotic application
Bladder , Force , Friction , Hysteresis , Mathematical model , Muscles , Trajectory , modeling , nonlinear systems , pn
Industrial robot controller , output feedback , perturbation , robotics

Bio-inspired reactive algorithm , biomimetic robotics , mechatronic design , moisture sensor , osmotic actuator
Motion capture and analysis , wearable sensors
Actuators , Camera orientation , Cameras , Humans , Joints , Kinematics , Robot vision systems , Solid modeling , he
Flexible manipulators , integral resonant control (IRC) , precise tip-positioning , vibration damping
Capsule robot with variable diameter , multiple wedge effects , radial clearance compensation , rotating magnetic field
Mobile robots , optical scanners , range sensing , sensor fusion
Atomic force microscope (AFM) , flexible system , micro- and nanomanipulation , robot
Depth-from-focus , microassembly , micromanipulation , microrobotic , multiple scale visual servoing
Adaptation model , Adaptive fuzzy systems , Joints , Mathematical model , Observers , Robots , Robustness , Uncertainty ,
Heave compensation , heave prediction , marine operation , nonlinear control , offshore technology
Biped robot , cyclic walking gait , parametric optimization , robot dynamics
Intelligent actuators , intelligent sensors , microcontrollers , mobile robots
Disturbance estimation , disturbance observer (DOB) , disturbance rejection , dual-stage feed drive , equivalent input disturba
Accuracy , Actuators , Context , Design methodology , Frequency response , Parametric statistics , Systematics , Transient
Brushless dc (BLDC) motor , Couplings , Estimation , Hysteresis motors , Rotors , Stators , Torque , direct torque control (D
Actuator , camless engine , variable valve actuation , variable valve timing
Actuators , Adaptive-neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) , Coils , Current measurement , Inductance , Magnetostriction , S
Control bandwidth , flexible link , force control , nonminimum-phase (NMP) systems , output redefinition
Eye-in-hand , nonlinear observer , visual tracking
Dynamics , friction , modeling , piezoelectric devices

Electromagnetic actuators , magnetic bearings , precision positioning , spindles
3-D magnetic actuation , Magnetic circuit , magnetic force model , magnetic micromanipulation
Bearingless motor , bioreactor stirring , high torque , large air gap , permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Distributed multiple dipoles , magnetic field , magnetic sensor , optimization , orientation/position sensor
Electromagnetic actuator , hybrid magnetic and fluid mechanism , positioner , robust adaptive sliding-mode controller
Haptic , magnetic levitation , mechatronics , microrobotic , teleoperation
Cascade , current control , electromagnetic guiding system , genetic algorithm , magnetic levitation (maglev) , pulse width modu
Dual-stage actuator (DSA) , hard disk drives (HDDs) , linear quadratic regulation (LQR) , optimal reset control (ORS) , reset law
Dynamics , iterative methods , magnetostrictive devices , microforming , search methods
Automatic transmission (AT) , backstepping , clutch-slip control , input-to-state stability , nonlinear control
Cadence , derailleur , electronic control unit (ECU) , gear shifting , intelligent transmission
Axial-gap self-bearing motor (AGBM) , DC motors , Force , Permanent magnet motors , Reluctance motors , Rotors, Stators
Actuators , Camless engines , Engines , Mathematical model , Reservoirs , Springs , Timing , Valves , electrohydraulics , fu
Fillet weld , fuzzy controller , image-based visual control , seam tracking , self-tuning , structured light vision
Cameras , Estimation , Kalman filter (KF) , Mobile robots , Optical filters , Optical imaging , Optical sensors , Robot vision sy
Automated manual transmission (AMT) , clutch engagement , cushion spring , dry clutch , friction , transmission control
Combined design and control , coupling , robust control , robust design
Cable-driven , Couplings , Feeds , Force , Grasping , Joints , Robots , Thumb , grasping , prosthesis , robot hand
Accuracy , Arrays , Global Positioning System , Global positioning system (GPS) , Kalman filtering , Robot sensing systems , Ve

Force , Lateral tire--road forces , Load modeling , Observers , Tires , Vehicle dynamics , Vehicles , sideslip angle , state obs
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Common rail , estimator , fuel injector , multipulse , piezoelectric
Contour error , coordinate transformation , cross-coupled control (CCC) , stability analysis
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Actuators , Actuators , Approximation methods , Mechatronics , Optimization , Pulse width modulation , Valves , multiparam
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Automatic , Benchmark testing , Drilling machines , Grippers , Lifting equipment , Production systems , Tin , distributed emb
Modular and reconfigurable robot (MRR) , robot control , robot manipulators , spring-assisted operation , static balancing
Adaptive control , Algorithm design and analysis , Estimation , Manipulators , Robust control , Robustness , Uncertainty , Va
Biped navigation , Collision avoidance , Foot , Humanoid robots , Legged locomotion , Navigation , Planning , deterministic s
Flexure stage , nanopositioning , parallel kinematic mechanism (PKM) , piezoelectric actuator
Analytical inversion , Analytical models , Density functional theory , Hysteresis , Intelligent actuators , Magnetostriction , Num
Autonomous docking , modular robot , self-assembly , self-reconfiguration
Actuators , Control design , Damping , Dual-stage actuator (DSA) , Equations , Manifolds , Mechatronics , Silicon , motion c
Adaptation model , Control systems , Dynamics , Gain scheduling , Mechatronics , Mobile robots , Stability analysis, one-wh
DC motors , Differential flatness , Hardware , Joints , Manipulators , Mobile communication , Planning , Trajectory, integrate
Flexure-prismatic joint , medical robotics , micromanipulator , parallel mechanism , rapid prototyping (RP)
Cameras , Indoor navigation , Laser beams , Measurement by laser beam , Robot vision systems , Surface emitting lasers , lase
3-D linear inverted pendulum model (3D-LIPM) , Equations , Humanoid robots , Leg ,Legged locomotion , Mathematical model ,

Piezoelectric energy harvesters, postoperative instability, self-powered sensors, total knee replacement
Hand rehabilitation, haptic interface, manipulation rehabilitation, multicontact point, multifinger haptic device, virtual environment
Evoked electromyography (eEMG), functional electrical stimulation (FES), Kalman filter with forgetting factor, muscle fatigue trac
Biofeedback, postural control, rehabilitation, wearable sensors.
Disabled people, electronics, electrooculography (EOG), human–machine interface, robot.
Microsensors, hydrogel, photolithography, image color analysis
Force measurement, force control, tactile display
Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) , imaging , phased array , ultrasound
Force sensors, rapid prototyping, sensor design.
Disabled people , electronics , electrooculography (EOG) , human--machine interface , robot
Expert opinion elicitation, fatigue inference, human state inference, integrated framework.
Biomechatronics , gait , sport , wireless sensors
Damping , Integer programming , Joints , Leg , Piezoelectric actuators , Silicon , microactuators , microelectromechanical de
Bioinspired design , Climbing robots , Dynamics , Gears , Grippers , Resonant frequency , Robot kinematics , climbing robot
Algorithm design and analysis , Angular velocity , Biological system modeling , Cooperation , Mobile robots , Robot kinematic
Cell manipulation , cell orientation , inverted microscopy , microrobotics , rotational stage , visual servo control
Electromagnets , magnetic levitation , motion control
Acceleration , Acceleration field , Accelerometers , Angular velocity , Arrays , Estimation , Gyroscopes , Robustness, accele
Backlash , Equations , Gears , Geometry , Mechatronics , Optimization , Pumps , Teeth , gear pump and motor , optimizat
Actuators , Automotive system , DC motors , Force , Friction , Hysteresis motors , Springs , Torque , clutch actuator , moti
Image-based method , optomechatronics , position-based method , robot visual servoing (RVS)

Brushless motors , Electromechanical brake , Fasteners , Force , Friction , Shafts , Springs , Torque , friction clutch , mag
Closed-loop control , Electrodes , Electrostatics , Micromirrors , Optical attenuators , Optical switches , PD control, electrost
Force sensing , manipulation strategy , robot-assisted microinjection , survival rate , zebrafish embryo
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Collision avoidance , Coordination , Mobile robots , Optimization , Planning , Robot kinematics , Robot sensing systems , format
Adaptation model , Dynamics , Force , Force control , Friction , Mathematical model ,Power measurement , Welding , friction sti
Force , Force sensors , Friction , Long transmission line , MRI , Magnetic resonance imaging , Pneumatic systems , Power trans
Computer-aided engineering (CAE) , System Modeling Language (SysML) , Unified Modeling Language (UML) , object-oriented
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Human--robot interaction , magneto-rheological (MR) fluids , safety and performance
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Absolute stability , controller optimization , kinesthetic perception , psychophysics ,scaled teleoperation
Automatic voice detection , laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) , multimodal sensing , stereo vision
Admittance , dynamic analysis , impedance control , inertia , magnetic gears , planetary gearbox (PG)
Acceleration , Accelerometer , Accelerometers , Kinematics , Manipulators , Sensors ,State estimation , Velocity measurement ,
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Adaptive control , Adaptive control , Joints , Mechatronics , Servomotors , Torque ,Trajectory , Uncertainty , constant velocity mo
Add-on feature , hard disk drive (HDD) , reset control , vibration detection , vibration rejection
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Guest Editorial Introduction to the Focused Section on Electroactive Polymer Mechatronics
Fully Coupled Electromechanical Model for Dielectric Elastomer Sheets
Granularly Coupled Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
Electroactive Polymer Actuators in Dynamic Applications
Dielectric Elastomer Generators: How Much Energy Can Be Converted?
A Dynamic Electromechanical Model for Electrochemically Driven Conducting Polymer Actuators
Electroactive Elastomeric Actuators for the Implementation of a Deformable Spherical Rover
Fabrication and Application of Miniaturized Dielectric Elastomer Stack Actuators
Optimal Synthesis of Conically Shaped Dielectric Elastomer Linear Actuators: Design Methodology and Experimental V
Modeling and Inverse Compensation of Temperature-Dependent Ionic Polymer–Metal Composite Sensor Dynamics
Mechanoelectrical Force Sensors Using Twisted Yarns of Carbon Nanotubes
Actuated Micro-optical Submount Using a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
Controlling Bandgap in Electroactive Polymer-Based Structures
Power for Robotic Artificial Muscles
Mathematical Modeling Study of Scroll Air Motors and Energy Efficiency Analysis—Part I
Mathematical Modeling Study of Scroll Air Motors and Energy Efficiency Analysis—Part II
Adaptive Friction Compensation With a Dynamical Friction Model
A Self-Sensing Microgripper Module With Wide Handling Ranges
Microbrushless DC Motor Control Design Based on Real-Coded Structural Genetic Algorithm
Displacement Control of Piezoelectric Actuators Using Current and Voltage
Fabrication and Control of Rectilinear Artificial Muscle Actuator
A New Approach to Modeling Hysteresis in a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Using The Maxwell-Slip Model
PD Output Feedback Control Design for Industrial Robotic Manipulators

A Miniaturized Mechatronic System Inspired by Plant Roots for Soil Exploration
A Wearable Sensing System for Tracking and Monitoring of Functional Arm Movement
Design and Control of a Compact High-Dynamic Camera-Orientation System
Integral Resonant Control for Vibration Damping and Precise Tip-Positioning of a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator
A Variable-Diameter Capsule Robot Based on Multiple Wedge Effects
On Solving Mirror Reflection in LIDAR Sensing
Development of a Flexible Robotic System for Multiscale Applications of Micro/Nanoscale Manipulation and Assembly
Robotic Micromanipulation and Microassembly Using Monoview and Multiscale Visual Servoing
Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Control System for Robot Manipulators
Active Control for an Offshore Crane Using Prediction of the Vessel’s Motion
Human-Like Walking: Optimal Motion of a Bipedal Robot With Toe-Rotation Motion
ASEBA: A Modular Architecture for Event-Based Control of Complex Robots
Equivalent-Input-Disturbance Approach—Analysis and Application to Disturbance Rejection in Dual-Stage Feed Drive C
Axiomatic-Design-Theory-Based Approach to Modeling Linear High Order System Dynamics
Direct Torque and Indirect Flux Control of Brushless DC Motor
A Fully Flexible Valve Actuation System for Internal Combustion Engines
Adaptive-Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Sensorless Control of a Smart-Material Actuator
Improving Force Control Bandwidth of Flexible-Link Arms Through Output Redefinition
A New Approach to Dynamic Eye-in-Hand Visual Tracking Using Nonlinear Observers
Modeling of Piezoelectric-Driven Stick–Slip Actuators

Introduction to the Focused Section on Electromagnetic Devices for Precision Engineering
Radially Biased Axial Magnetic Bearings/Motors for Precision Rotary-Axial Spindles
Design and Modeling of a 3-D Magnetic Actuator for Magnetic Microbead Manipulation
Bearingless Permanent-Magnet Motor with 4/12 Slot-Pole Ratio for Bioreactor Stirring Applications
Optimization of Measuring Magnetic Fields for Position and Orientation Tracking
Design and Implementation of a New Six-DOF Maglev Positioner With a Fluid Bearing
Bilateral Macro--Micro Teleoperation Using Magnetic Levitation
Cascade Modeling and Intelligent Control Design for an Electromagnetic Guiding System
Optimal Reset Control for a Dual-Stage Actuator System in HDDs
Dynamics Compensation and Rapid Resonance Identification in Ultrasonic-Vibration-Assisted Microforming System U
Design of Clutch-Slip Controller for Automatic Transmission Using Backstepping
Design and Simulation of an Intelligent Bicycle Transmission System
Modeling and Control of Salient-Pole Permanent Magnet Axial-Gap Self-Bearing Motor
Design, Modeling, and Control of a Camless Valve Actuation System With Internal Feedback
A Vision-Based Self-Tuning Fuzzy Controller for Fillet Weld Seam Tracking
A Kalman Filter-Integrated Optical Flow Method for Velocity Sensing of Mobile Robots
Torque Transmissibility Assessment for Automotive Dry-Clutch Engagement
Combined Robust Design and Robust Control of an Electric DC Motor,
High-Performance Anthropomorphic Robot Hand With Grasping-Force-Magnification Mechanism
A Low-Cost Sensor Array and Test Platform for Automated Roadside Mowing

Onboard Real-Time Estimation of Vehicle Lateral Tire--Road Forces and Sideslip Angle
Modeling and Waveform Optimization of a Nano-motion Piezo Stage
Piezoelectric Fuel Injection: Pulse-to-Pulse Coupling and Flow Rate Estimation
A Novel Contour Error Estimation for Position Loop-Based Cross-Coupled Control
Fiber-Directed Conjugated-Polymer Torsional Actuator: Nonlinear Elasticity Modeling and Experimental Validation
Design and Comparison of Explicit Model Predictive Controllers for an Electropneumatic Clutch Actuator Using On/Off
Modeling and Robust Control Strategy for a Control-Optimized Piezoelectric Microgripper
Reconfiguration of Distributed Embedded-Control Systems
Design, Analysis, and Control of a Spring-Assisted Modular and Reconfigurable Robot
Integrated Direct/Indirect Adaptive Robust Control of Hydraulic Manipulators With Valve Deadband
Global Navigation for Humanoid Robots Using Sampling-Based Footstep Planners
Development of a High-Bandwidth XY Nanopositioning Stage for High-Rate Micro-/Nanomanufacturing
An Analytical Generalized Prandtl--Ishlinskii Model Inversion for Hysteresis Compensation in Micropositioning Control
Sambot: A Self-Assembly Modular Robot System
Preview Control of Dual-Stage Actuator Systems for Superfast Transition Time
A Balancing Control Strategy for a One-Wheel Pendulum Robot Based on Dynamic Model Decomposition: Simulations
Differential-Flatness-Based Planning and Control of a Wheeled Mobile Manipulator--Theory and Experiment
A Low-Cost Flexure-Based Handheld Mechanism for Micromanipulation
An Integrated Triangulation Laser Scanner for Obstacle Detection of Miniature Mobile Robots in Indoor Environment
Command State-Based Modifiable Walking Pattern Generation on an Inclined Plane in Pitch and Roll Directions for Hum

Introduction to the Focused Section on Sensing Technologies for Biomechatronics
The Use of Piezoceramics As Electrical Energy Harvesters Within Instrumented Knee Implant During Walking
Haptic Device for Capturing and Simulating Hand Manipulation Rehabilitation
FES-Induced Torque Prediction With Evoked EMG Sensing for Muscle Fatigue Tracking
A Wearable Real-Time Intelligent Posture Corrective System Using Vibrotactile Feedback
Estimating System State During Human Walking with a Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis
Photofabrication of Hydrogel Mircosensor for Local Environment Measurement on a Microfluidic Chip
Series Viscoelastic Actuators Can Match Human Force Perception
A 1-D Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Imaging Array Fabricated with a Silicon Nitride Based Fusion Bonding
Design Principles for Rapid Prototyping Forces Sensors Using 3-D Printing
Wireless and Portable EOG-Based Interface for Assisting Disabled People
A Socially Inspired Framework for Human State Inference Using Expert Opinion Integration
A Wearable Sensor Network for Gait Analysis: A 6-day Experiment of Running Through the Desert
Modeling and Optimal Low-Power On--Off Control of Thin-Film Piezoelectric Rotational Actuators
ROCR: An Energy-Efficient Dynamic Wall-Climbing Robot
Hierarchical Fuzzy Cooperative Control and Path Following for a Team of Mobile Robots
Orientation Control of Biological Cells Under Inverted Microscopy
A High-Precision Dual-Servo Stage Using Halbach Linear Active Magnetic Bearings
A Nonlinear Program for Angular-Velocity Estimation From Centripetal-Acceleration Measurements
The Optimal Design in External Gear Pumps and Motors
Design and Modeling of a Clutch Actuator System With Self-Energizing Mechanism
Comparison of Basic Visual Servoing Methods

Design of a Multidisc Electromechanical Brake
Electrostatic Torsional Micromirror With Enhanced Tilting Angle Using Active Control Methods
Force Sensing and Manipulation Strategy in Robot-Assisted Microinjection on Zebrafish Embryos
Toward a Robot-Assisted Breast Intervention System
Coordinated Motion Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots Along Designed Paths With Formation Requirement
Observer-Based Adaptive Robust Control of Friction Stir Welding Axial Force
Design and Control of a 1-DOF MRI-Compatible Pneumatically Actuated Robot With Long Transmission Lines
A SysML-Based Methodology for Manufacturing Machinery Modeling and Design
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Atomic Force Microscopy Under Bounded Noise Parametric Excitation
On the Feasibility and Suitability of MR Fluid Clutches in Human-Friendly Manipulators
Mobile Robot Navigation Through a Hardware-Efficient Implementation for Control-Law-Based Construction of Generalized Voro
Enhancement in Operator's Perception of Soft Tissues and Its Experimental Validation for Scaled Teleoperation Systems
Vision-Aided Laser Doppler Vibrometry for Remote Automatic Voice Detection
Development of a Variable-Inertia Device With a Magnetic Planetary Gearbox
An Accelerometer Configuration for Reference-Frame-Independent Linear-State Estimation
A Grey Synthesis Approach to Efficient Architecture Design for Temporal Difference Learning
Dynamic Force Sensing Using an Optically Trapped Probing System
Adaptive Tracking Control of Hybrid Machines: A Closed-Chain Five-Bar Mechanism Case
Add-On Feedforward Compensation for Vibration Rejection in HDD
Indirect Adaptive Control of an Electrohydraulic Servo System Based on Nonlinear Backstepping
Vision-Based Force Sensing for Nanomanipulation
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       Issue                                Index Terms/Keywords
Issue 1; Feb.
Focused Section   Calibration, fluid flow, measurement.
                  Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) , intervention AUV , vehicle design
                  Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) , coastal sea ice , launch and recovery , navigation
                  Cluster space , collaborative control , formation control , multirobot systems , robot teams
                  Biomimetic , compliant mechanisms , computational modeling , energy efficiency , fluid flow , fluid jet ,
                  Biomimetic robot , central pattern generator (CPG) , coupled nonlinear oscillators , fish robot , locomotio
                  Depth adjustment, marine control, sensing,underwater sensor network.
Regular Papers    Actuators, position control, sliding-mode control, velocity control
                  Learning , Mobile robots , Navigation , Probabilistic action selection , Quantum computing , Robot sensi
                  Atmospheric modeling , Bronchoscopy , Compass , Endoscopes , Force feedback , Rails , Solenoids , end
                  Comb electrostatic microactuators , dynamics , finite-time control , microelectromechanical system (MEM
                  Bilateral coupling , Force , Grippers , Haptic interfaces , Microassembly , Optical feedback , Photodiodes
                  Adjustable joint stiffness , force sensing , multidirectional passivity , robot finger
                  Hand rehabilitation , master slave , self-motion control , thumb opposition , virtual reality (VR)
                  Actuated dynamic walking , Actuators , Joints , Knee , Legged locomotion , Robot kinematics , Trajector
                  4-BAR , Actuators , Joints , Kinematics , Manipulators , Mechatronics , Surgery , single port access (SPA
                  Cranes , Iterative learning strategy , Kinematics , Mechatronics , Payloads , Planning , Trajectory , Trans
                  Force control , MRI intervention , medical robotics , piezoceramic electric motor
                  Haptics and haptic interfaces , human factors , physical human--robot interaction
                  Discrete-time perturbation observer (POB), grinding, hydroelectric dams, linear motors, machine tool con
                  Actuator system, dual-motors, mobile robot, planetary gear, speed–torque characteristic.
                  Artificial muscle, dielectric elastomer, ring oscillator, switch.

Issue 2; April    Antisway control , Asymptotic stability , Containers , Cranes , Dynamics , Marine vehicles , Mobile com
                  Accelerometers , Estimation , Gravity , Inertial navigation , Instruments , Magnetometers , Navigation , S
                  DC motors , Fasteners , Force , Force , Gears , Grasping , Grippers , Joints , grasping , mechanism , robo
                  Delay systems , Internet , hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS) , stochastic systems , transparency
                  Atomic force microscope (AFM) , finite-element modeling (FEM) , haptics , modeling , real-time interac
                  Actuator , Bandwidth , Control design , Hydraulic systems , Manifolds , Reduced order systems , Traject
                  Impact drive , piezoceramics , piezoelectric motor , torsional actuator
                  Coupling , Couplings , Damping , Gears , Magnetic separation , Magnetomechanical effects , Rotors , To
                  Active lubrication , Engines , Equations , Friction , Lubrication , Mathematical model , Petroleum , Valv
                  DC motors , Embedded system , Gears , Grippers , Humans , Joints , Springs , Torque , force mode actua
                  Biological systems, control systems, vibration control
                  Adaptation model , Adaptive modeling , Belts , Materials , Robot kinematics , Robot sensing systems , S
                  Actuator , contractile , dielectric elastomer , helical , model
                  Electric and mechanical equations , minimum energy , point-to-point (PTP) , real-coded genetic algorithm
                  Electric and mechanical equations , minimum energy , point-to-point (PTP) , real-coded genetic algorithm
                  Ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) actuators , repetitive control , strain gage sensors
                  Atomic force microscopy , compliant mechanisms , control systems , high-speed electronics , nanopositio
                  Backstepping , magnetorheological (MR) damper , quantitative feedback control , semiactive control , su
                  Automated insertion tool , cochlear implants , force sensor , image-guided surgery , robotic surgery
                  Image enhancement , optical imaging , spatial light modulators
Issue 3; June      Mechatronics, radio-frequency identification (RFID), wireless devices.
                   Efficiency estimation, embedded systems, induction motors, torque measurement, wireless sensor netwo
                   Electromagnetic generator/model, harvesting, magnetically sprung, nonlinear suspension, vibration
                   Wearable Sensors, Gait Rehabilitation, SensoryFeedback.
                   Minimally invasive surgery, surgical instructionand training, hands-free pointer, wireless system.
                   Fuzzy control, shared control, Takagi–Sugeno
   (T-S) fuzzy model, time-varying delay, wireless-based remot
                   Electric vehicles, State of Charge, Smartphone,Control theory.
                   Radio frequency; real-time location; cranes;input shaping; oscillation.
                   Piping Inspection Robot, Magnetic Force, Climbing the Wall, Camera , Radio control.
                   Haptic interface, Markov models, networked control systems, stochastic systems
                   Bilateral control, energy monitor (EM), haptic,switching, wireless.
                   Finite element (FE) model updating, mobile sensor network,modal analysis, structural system identificatio
                   Intelligent Vehicular Network, Embedding System,Radio Fading, Packet Loss Estimation, MESH Netwo
FS Short Papers    Guaranteed cost control, indoor microhelicopter, simultaneouslocalization and mapping (SLAM), wirele
Regular Papers     Actuators , dielectric materials , traveling-wave (TW) devices
                   Automotive transmission , clutch dynamics , pressure-based control , sliding-mode control
                   Cell micromanipulation , Prandtl--Ishlinskii , hysteresis , mechanobiology , piezoelectric micromanipulat
                   Biomimetic , computational fluid dynamics (CFD) , hydrodynamic model , propulsion , robotic fish , und
                   Thrust-vectoring , underwater vehicle propulsion , underwater vehicles
                   Biomedical transducers , piezoresistive devices , semiconductor device modeling , semiconductor materi
Short Papers       Hydraulic systems , mechatronics , motion control , pressure control
                   Control algorithm, design, machine body, robustness, task, tracking.

Issue 4; August    Constraint handling , mechatronic systems , model predictive control (MPC) , motion control , repetitive
                   Buckling , compliant mechanism , constraint , flexible (mobile) robot , flexible structure , large deformat
                   Microresonators , nonlinear oscillators , phase-locked loop (PLL)
                   Adaptive robust control , contouring , coordination , motion control , task space
                   Flow measurement , fluid flow control , system integration , virtual reality , wind tunnels
                   Force feedback , force sensor , minimally invasive surgery (MIS) , optical fiber sensor , tissue palpation
                   Accelerometer , body state , gyroscope , inertial measurement unit (IMU)
                   Contour control , cross-coupled control , motion control , predictive control
                   Auditory display , ecological approach , teleoperation , telepresence
                   Artificial neural networks (ANNs) , electromagnetic devices , magnetic sensors , signal mapping
                   Electromagnet , inchworm , low-inertia , omnidirectional , piezoelectric actuator
                   Magnetic flux feedback , motion trajectory detection , position vector expression
                   Integral resonant control , linear feedback control , negative imaginary systems , piezoelectric actuators
                   Micromanipulation , microrobotics , visual servoing
                   Autoregressive moving average (ARMA) process , hysteresis , piezoelectric devices
                   Adaptive sliding-mode control (ASMC) , air hybrid engines , engine torque control , regenerative braking
                   Adaptive control , hard disks , servosystems
                   Kinematic performance , Macpherson suspension system , ride comfort , robust control
                   3-D glass measurement , Back-imaging sensor , robot planning
                   Adaptive control , ionic polymer metal composites (IPMC) , iterative feedback tuning (IFT) , micropump

Issue 5; October   2.5-D nanometrology , Magnetic actuation , reorientable micromanipulator with axially located tip
                   Compliance , gripping forces , lateral contact , microassembly , microrobotics , planar micropart , two se
                   Controllable orthosis , functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) , hybrid neuroprosthesis (HNP) , loco
                   Nonlinear control, real-time tracking, state space, visual servoing.
                    Amphibious robot , bio-inspired robot , mechanical design , motion control , multimodal motion
                    Antagonistic , bistable , dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA) , viscoelastic model
                    Actuators , electromagnetic forces , motion measurement , permanent-magnet motors
                    Active catheter , hybrid microstereolithography , hydraulically driven system , minimally invasive surger
                    Axes misalignment , Bowden cables , hand exoskeleton , hand rehabilitation , underactuation
                    Dual-user teleoperation , kinesthetic performance measures , multilateral control , transparency
                    Adaptive estimation , hydraulic systems , leak detection , wind energy
                    Constraints generation , passive haptics , programmable brake , robotics , rotary joint
                    Actuator , hovering , ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) , underwater robotics , wireless powering
                    Control design , robotics , visual servoing (VS)
                    Embedded system , hyper-redundant robot , robotics , wire-driven control
                    Dielectric elastomer actuator , frequency response , spring--dashpot networks , system modeling
                    Bistable mechanism, dielectric elastomer actuator, shape memory polymer, smart structure
                    Adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode control (AFSMC),hydraulic pressure coupling systems, hydraulic systems,
                    Actuator, contractile, dielectric elastomer (DE), electroactive polymer, fluid, hydrostatic, liquid, membra
                    Electrets, electrostatic transducer, energy harvester, power generation, tire pressure monitoring systems

Issue 6; December   Automatic gain control (AGC), oscillation control, resonance condition, resonant sensor, tracking
                    Decentralization, duct flow network, flow measurement, sliding-mode control, system modeling
                    Electromagnetic transducer, semipassive, switching shunt damper, vibration control
                    Force and displacement sensing, robotic end effector, piezoelectric stack actuator
                    Motion control, nonlinear feedback, time-optimal performance
                    Differential kinematics, extended Kalman filter (EKF), kinematic calibration, structured laser module (SL
                    Collision avoidance, mobile robots, multirobot systems, robot control.
                    Actuators,magnetic fields, modeling, permanentmagnet motors, torque
                    Brushless motors, finite elements methods, magnetic levitation, mathematical analysis, permanent-magne
                    Nonlinear friction model, open-loop control, optimal cam design, variable valve timing (VVT).
                    Rescue robotics, structured light sensing, 3-D active sensory system, urban search and rescue.
                    Flexure mechanisms, micro-/nanopositioning, motion control, parallel manipulators, piezoelectric actuati
                    Control moment gyro (CMG), decoupling control, exact linearization, internal model control (IMC), inve
                    Energy harvesting, equivalent impedance network, harvested power optimization, impedance matching, p
                    Contact modeling, force and tactile sensing, underactuated robots .
                    Active magnetic bearings, magnetic levitation, modeling and identification, rotor dynamics.
                    Estimation, observer, tire-road friction coefficient, vehicle dynamics.
                    Adaptive control, boundary control, Lyapunov’s direct method, ordinary differential equation (ODE), pa
Authors                                                Titles
Kitts, C. Bingham, B. Chen, Y. Griffiths, G. Kirkwood, W. Williams, S.on Marine Mechatronic Systems
                                                       Guest Editorial
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Strefling, P. C. Hellum, A. M. Mukherjee, R.           Modeling, Simulation, and Performance of a Synergistically Propelled
Zhou, C. Low, K. H.                                    Design and Locomotion Control of a Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle
Carrick Detweiler, Marek Doniec, Iuliu Vasilescu, and Daniela Rus Depth Adjustment for UnderwaterSensor Networks: Des
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K. Tanaka, M. Tanaka, H. Ohtake, and H. O. Wang           Shared Nonlinear Control in Wireless-Based Remote Stabilization: A
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Tang, L. Landers, R. G.                               Predictive Contour Control With Adaptive Feed Rate
Liu, R. Wang, Y.-X.                                   Auditory Feedback and Sensory Substitution During Teleoperated Nav
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Mas, I. Kitts, C.                                      Obstacle Avoidance Policies for Cluster Space Control of Nonholonom
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Qiu, Y. Perreault, D. J. Keim, T. A. Kassakian, J. G.  Nonlinear System Modeling, Optimal Cam Design, and Advanced Sys
Mobedi, B. Nejat, G.                                   3-D Active Sensing in Time-Critical Urban Search and Rescue Missio
Li, Y. Xu, Q.                                          Design and Robust Repetitive Control of a New Parallel-Kinematic XY
Fang, J. Ren, Y.                                       Decoupling Control of Magnetically Suspended Rotor System in Cont
Liang, J. Liao, W.                                     Impedance Modeling and Analysis for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
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Mushi, S. E. Lin, Z. Allaire, P. E.                    Design, Construction, and Modeling of a Flexible Rotor Active Magne
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Rajamani, R. Phanomchoeng, G. Piyabongkarn, D. Lew, J. Y.
Zhang, S. He, W. Sam Ge, S.                            Modeling and Control of a Nonuniform Vibrating String Under Spatio
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  Linear Periodically Time-Varying Systems in Hard Disk Drive
                                            Rodriguez-Fortun, J. M. Orus, J. Alfonso, J. sky-hook. Active Vibration J. A.
Active vibration control, differential flatness, nonlinearcontrol, piezoelectric actuators, Gimeno, F. B. Castellanos, Control for Piezoelectric Actuators
Contact detection, nanomanipulation system,scanning electronRu, C. Chen, B.A Load-Lock-Compatible Nanomanipulation System for Scanning Electron Microscope
                                                                                        K. system
                                            Zhang, Y. L. Zhang, Y. microscope (SEM), Sun, Y. characterization, visualservoing.
                                            Deshpande, A. D. Xu, Z. Weghe, M. J. Mechanisms of the Anatomically Correct Testbed Hand
Biomimetics, movement control, muscle moment arms, robotic hands.                      V. Brown, B. H. Ko, J. Chang, L. Y. Wilkinson, D. D. Bidic, S. M. Matsuoka, Y.
Integer programming, microactuators, microelectromechanical devices, ON–OFF control, piezoelectric devices, switched systems. With Charge Recovery for a Microrobotic Le
                                            Edamana, B. and Oldham, K. R.              Optimal Low-Power Piezoelectric Actuator Control
Antiwindup compensation, dynamic testing, dynamicallysubstructured systems, Application of Robust Antiwindup Techniques to Dynamically Substructured Systems
                                            Li, G. Herrmann, G. Stoten, D. P. Tu, J. Turner, M. C. actuatedsystems.
                                            Krieger, A. Song, S.-E. Bongjoon
Image-guided intervention, MRI, prostate cancer, robot manipulators.                   Development and Evaluation of an Actuated MRI-Compatible Robotic System for MRI-Guided P
                                            Wakita, K. Huang, J. Di, P. Sekiyama, Human-Walking-Intention-Based Motion Control of an Omnidirectional-Type Cane Robot
Admittance control, human walking intention estimation, rehabilitation robot.          K. Fukuda, T.
                                            Li, swapping modularity (CSM) , A. G. design , smart Design for Component Swapping Modularity in Control Systems
Bidirectional communication , component S. Kolmanovsky, I. V. Ulsoy, optimal Direct Optimal components
                                            Sato, K. permanent magnets (PMs)           Ultrahigh-Acceleration Moving-Permanent-Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor With a Long Wor
Acceleration , linear synchronous motor (LSM) , Katori, M. Shimokohbe, A. , thrust , thrust density
                                            Cole, M. O. motion control , vibration A Direct Method of Adaptive FIR Input Shaping for Motion Control With Zero Residual Vibratio
Adaptive control , flexible structure , input shaping ,T. Wongratanaphisan, T. control
                                            environments (VEs) , wave variables Passive Multirate Wave Communications for Haptic Interaction in Slow Virtual Environments
Haptics , multirate control , slow virtual Yasrebi, N. Constantinescu, D.
                                                                                       Technologies for Powered G. F.
Active assist , ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) , fluid power ,Xia, J. Hsiao-Wecksler, E. T. Durfee, W. K. Kogler,Ankle-Foot Orthotic Systems: Possibilities and Challenges
                                            Shorter, K. A. gait
                                                                                       Optimal Single-Pulse (SA) model
                                            Shi, W. V. , optimization , pacemaker , single-pulse , sinoatrialfor Pacemakers Based on a Sinoatrial Model
Control system , entrainment , heartbeat recovery Zhou, M.
                                            , natural Tsagarakis, N. G. Caldwell, D.A Novel Intrinsically Energy Efficient Actuator With Adjustable Stiffness (AwAS)
Adjustable stiffness , energy efficiency Jafari, A. dynamics                            G.
                                                                                       Simple 3-D Point Reconstruction Methods
Accuracy prediction, multiocular system,perpendicular Hu, Wei Liu, Ning Wei, Max Q.-H. Meng, Fellow, and Chenxi Wang WithAccuracy Prediction for Multiocular System
                                            Qing He, Chao feet, 3-D point reconstruction (3DPR).
                                       Authors                                  Titles
Index Terms/Keywords
Distributed parameter systems, force control,prostheses,and Sanford G. Meek Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Prosthetic Handsto Simultaneously Prevent Slip and Minimiz
                                          Erik D. Engeberg sliding mode control.
                                                                                     Triaxial Catheter-Tip Force Sensor
                                          Polygerinos, P. Seneviratne, L. D. Razavi, R. Schaeffter, T. Althoefer, K. for MRI-Guided Cardiac Procedures
Cather, fiber optic, MRI, triaxial force sensor.
Magnetic, piezoelectric, power conversion, running,walking. A.
                                          Elvin, N. G. Elvin, A.                     Vibrational Energy Harvesting From Human Gait
                                          Xilun Ding and Yushu Yu
Aerial robot, modeling, motion planning, trajectorylinearization control (TLC). Motion Planning and Stabilization Control of aMultipropeller Multifunction Aerial Robot
                                          Hong, pendulum J-.H.                       3-D Command State-Based Modifiable Bipedal Walking on Uneven Terrain
3-D command state (CS) , 3-D linear invertedY-.D. Kim, model (LIPM) , Bipedal robot , modifiable walking pattern generator (MWPG) , uneven terrain locomotion
                                                                                     Modeling T.
Actuation, robotic hands, tendons, transmissionsystem. C. May, C. Melchiorri, C. Wurtz, and Control of the Twisted String Actuation System
                                          Palli, G. Natale,
                                          Zhang, Z. Zhang, Y.                        Variable Joint-Velocity Limits of Redundant Robot Manipulators Handled by Quadratic Programmin
Numerical quadratic-program (QP) solver, physicalexperimental verification, push-rod (PR) robot manipulator,resolving redundancy, variable joint-velocity limits (VJVL).
                                           force sensitivity,2.5-D C.-H.             Two-Axis Force
Reorientable scanning probe, two-axis Jayanth, G. R. Menq, nanometrology and manipulation. Sensing and Control of aReorientable Scanning Probe
                                          Morales,tability, tip-over L. Mandow, A. Static Tip-Over Stability Analysis for a RoboticVehicle With a Single-Axle Trailer on SlopesBased o
Mobile robots, robot control, slope negotiation,
J. Martinez, J. avoidance, tractor–trailer, vehicles.
                                                                                      Seron, J. Garcia-Cerezo, A. J.
                                          Wu, Y. Sun, D. Huang, W. Xi, N.
Cell transportation, force characterization,motion plan, optical tweezers.           Dynamics Analysis and Motion Planningfor Automated Cell TransportationWith Optical Tweezers
                                           control,slosh.                            Sliding Mode Control for
Nonlinear sliding surface, sliding modeKurode, S. Spurgeon, S. K. Bandyopadhyay, B. Gandhi, P. S. Slosh-Free Motion Using aNonlinear Sliding Surface
                                          Sabzehgar, R. Moallem, M.                  A Boost-Type Power Converter forEnergy-Regenerative Damping
Automotive electronics, energy conversion,energy harvesting, power control, vibrations.
                                          Seo, T. Sitti, flat
Active tail, climbing robot, directional compliantjoint, M. elastomer adhesive, overcoming obstacle, transition.
                                                                                     Tank-Like Module-Based Climbing Robot UsingPassive Compliant Joints
                                               transformer, Chen, Y.                 A Hydraulic Pressure-Boost
Hydraulic pressure-boost system, hydraulic
 F. Gu, L. high-speed ON–OFF valve, switching hydraulic
 System Based on High-Speed ON–OFF Valves
                                          Laffranchi, M. Tsagarakis, N. G. Caldwell, Analysis
Compliant actuation, mechatronic design, robotics, variable impedance actuation. D. G. and Development of a Semiactive Damperfor Compliant Actuation Systems
                                          Wang, Y.-J. Chen, C.-D. Sung, C.-K. System Design of a Weighted-Pendulum-TypeElectromagnetic Generator for Harvesting EnergyFr
Electromagnets, energy harvester, kinematics, power generation.
                                          Hua, C-.C. Liu, X. P.                      A New Coordinated Slave Torque Feedback ControlAlgorithm for Network-Based Teleoperation Sy
Control design, delay-dependent exponential stability,linear matrix inequality (LMI), teleoperation, time delays.
                                            impedancecontrol, stochastic estimation. Stochastic Estimation of Human Arm ImpedanceUsing Robots With Nonlinear Frictions:An Experim
Arm impedance measurement, friction,Chang, P. H. Park, K. Kang, S. H. Krebs, H. I. Hogan, N.
                                          Arabagi, V. Hines, L. Sitti, M.            A Simulation and
Flapping wing, passive wing pitch reversal, simulationand design tool, wing lift force modulation. Design Tool for a Passive RotationFlapping Wing Mechanism
                                          Qiao, J. Shang, J. Goldenberg, A.
Inchworm in-pipe robot, self-locking, tractionability.                               Development of Inchworm In-Pipe Robot Based on Self-Locking Mechanism
                                          Xie, hysteresis,micropositioning stage, neural network, sandwich Decoupling Control of XY Micropositioning StagesWith Piezoelectric Actua
Decoupling control, expanded input space, Y. Tan, Y. Dong, R.                        Nonlinear Modeling and system.
                                          Ahmad, S.; Zhang, H.; multiple             mode control.
Door-opening, mobile manipulation, motion andpath planning,Liu, G. working Multiple Working Mode Control of Door-OpeningWith a Mobile Modular and Reconfigurable Robot
                                          Luo, R. C.; Chen, O.                       Wireless and Pyroelectric robotics,wireless pyroelectric IR (WPIR) sensory fusion.
Data fusion, localization, pyroelectric IR (PIR),pyroelectric sensor, received signal strength (RSS), service Sensory Fusion System forIndoor Human/Robot Localization and Monito
Autonomous robots , Petri nets (PNs) ,Kuo, C.-H.; Chen, T.-S.; Chou,humanoid PN-WSNA-Based Eye–Hand–Leg Coordination
ith a FIRA HuroCup Basketball Game
                                            eye--hand--leg coordination , H.-C.; Chen, G.-Z.
                                          Yang, Y.; Balakrishnan,                    Electrohydraulic
Adaptive control , electrohydraulic systems , neural networks S. N.; Tang, L.; Landers, R. G. Control Using Neural MRAC Basedon a Modified State Observer
                                          Tsai, M.-S.; Yen, C.-L.; Yau, H.-T.        Integration of an Empirical Mode , zero-phase filtering
Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) , intrinsic mode function (IMF) , iterative learning control (ILC) , resonanceDecompositionAlgorithm With Iterative Learning Control forHigh-
                                            , Gaeta, A.; Montanaro, U.; Giglio, method (FEM) , model-based a Hybrid Analytical-FEMModel of an Electromagnetic Engine Valve Actu
Actuator , automotive , camless enginedi electromechanical , finite elementV. Experimental Validation of control , nonlinear modeling
                                          Stolle, C.; Bartenwerfer, M.; Celle, , nanorobotics , silicon-nanowires
                                                                                     Nanorobotic Strategies for
Electrical characterization , handling strategies , material characterization C.; Simonato, J.-P.; Fatikow, S. Handling andCharacterization of Metal-AssistedEtched Silicon Nanowir
                                          Cao, Y.; Cheng,                              Y.
Hysteresis , piezoelectric devices , predictive control L.; Chen, X. B.; Peng, J.An Inversion-Based Model Predictive Control Withan Integral-of-Error State Variable forPiezoelectr
                                            Acceleration feedback LAC/HAC , Amerongen, J. , collocation , control engineering , feedback , poles and zeros , rocking mode , root-lo
                                                                                     A damping
(leaking) integral force feedback (IFF) ,Babakhani, B.; de Vries,, T. J. A.; van activeComparison of the Performance Improvementby Collocated and Noncollocated Active Dampingi
                                          Stoianovici, D.; Kim, of motion (RCM) , Endocavity ultrasound (TRUS)Manipulators
                                                                                     transrectal Ultrasound Probe Han, , ultrasound
Image guide , medical robot , prostatectomy , remote centerC.; Schafer, F.; Huang, C.-M.; Zuo, Y.; Petrisor, D.; probe M.
                                          Ghaffari, A.; stiffness ratio
Limit cycles , machine tool control , servo systems ,Mohammadiasl, E.                Calculating the Frequency of Oscillation for ServoAxes Distressed by Clearance or Preloading
                                          Chen, estimation , ionic X.; Hung, D. L. Model-Based Estimation of Flow minimization , U
Dynamic model , flow sensing , fluid property X.; Zhu, G.; Yang,polymer--metal composite (IPMC) , least-squaresCharacteristics
sing an Ionic Polymer–Metal Composite Beam
                                                                                     S.; Tan, X.                                      parameter estimation
                                          Kongthon, J.; Devasia, S.
Mechatronic systems , microsystems: nanotechnologies and microtechnologiesIterative Control of Piezoactuator for EvaluatingBiomimetic, Cilia-Based Micromixing
                                          Bannan, K. E.; Handler, W. B.; Wyenberg, C.; Chronik, B. A.; Salisbury, Artifacts Under MRIfor Metals Used in Medical Devices
                                                                                     Prediction of Force and Image S. P.
Artifact , MR compatibility , magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) , magnetic susceptibility
                                          Yang, Y.-P.; energy compensation control , hybrid magnetic force , soft and Soft
Camless engine , electromagnetic valve actuator , Liu, J.-J.; Ye, D.-H.; Chen, Y.-R.; Lu, P.-H. Optimal Design landing Landing Control of an Electromagnetic Valve Actuator for a
                                          Araghi, M. H.; Salisbury, S. frequency shift , phase-locked loop (PLL) , soft tissue mechanical properties
Mechanical impedance , minimally invasive surgery (MIS) , naturalP.                  Improved Evaluation of Dynamic MechanicalProperties of Soft Materials With Applicationsto Minim
                                          Qin, Y.; , hysteresis reduction , inverse modeling Direct Inverse Modeling Approach forHysteresis Compensation of Piezoelectric Actuatorin
                                                                                      B.; Fatikow, S.
Compliant mechanism , Prandtl--Ishlinskii (PI) Tian, Y.; Zhang, D.; Shirinzadeh, A Novel , rate-dependent
                                          Cheng, M. H.; Chiu, G. T.-C.; Franchek, Real-Time Measurement of Eccentric Motion WithLow-Cost Capacitive Sensor
Capacitive sensor , eccentric motion measurement , total capacitance method M. A.
                                          Celik, accelerometers artificial M. K. Dynamic Displacement Sensing, System Identification,and Control , kinesthetic illusions , tendon v
Accelerometer-based displacement sensing ,O.; Gilbert, H. B.;, O'Malley,proprioception , double integrator , frequency domain system identification of a Speaker-Based Tendon Vib
                                          Hashimoto, T.; Yoshioka, Y.; Ohtsuka, T. Receding Horizon
Nonlinear system , optimization algorithm , partial differential equation , receding horizon control Control for Hot StripMill Cooling Systems
                                          Rossini, L.; Chetelat, O.; Onillon, E.; Perriard, Y. Torque Analytical Models of a ReactionSphere Actuator Based on Spherical HarmonicR
                                                                                     Force and
Force and torque model , reaction sphere , satellite attitude control , spherical actuator
                                           , quasi-standing wave
Acoustic levitation , noncontact gripperWang, S.-H.; Tsai, M.-C.                     Implementation and Analysis of Noncontact AcousticTweezers Using Quasi-Standing Waves
                                          mechanical R.; Yang, Q.; Tan, M.; , multimodal motion
                                                                                     On a Zhang, J.
Amphibious robot , bio-inspired robot , Yu, J.; Ding, design , motion controlWang, W.; Bio-inspired Amphibious Robot Capableof Multimodal Motion
                                        Authors                                   Titles
Index Terms/Keywords
                                          Wen, L.; Wang, , self-propulsive , J.        efficiency
Digital particle image velocimetryn (DPIV) , robotic fish T.; Wu, G.; Liang, thrust Quantitative Thrust Efficiency of a Self-PropulsiveRobotic Fish: Experimental Method andHydrodyn
                                          Mateo Sanguino, robotic Gonzalez Ramos, J. E.Smart
Li--Po battery , mechatronic system , photovoltaic (PV) , T. de J.;vehicle , solar tracker Host Microcontroller for Optimal BatteryCharging in a Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle
                                          Lippiello, V.; Ruggiero, F.; , vision        Visual Grasp Planning for Unknown Objects Using aMultifingered Robotic Hand
Grasping , multifingered hands , robotics , surface reconstruction Siciliano, B.; Villani, L.
                                          Yong, Y. K.; Bhikkaji, B.; Reza , high-speed atomic force microscope (AFM) integral a High-Speed Atomic ForceMicroscope Nanopositio
Field-programmable analog array (FPAA) , flexure-guided positionersMoheimani, S. O. Modeling, and FPAA-Based ,Controlofresonant control (IRC) , nanopositioner , piezoelectric
Control systems , manipulators , robots   Salvucci, V.; Kimura, Y.; Oh, S.; Hori, Y. Force Maximization of Biarticularly ActuatedManipulators Using Infinity Norm
                                          Nguyen, V. H.; Kim, W.-J.                    Design and Control of a Compact
Concentrated-field magnet matrix , multiaxis positioner , permanent-magnet actuator , precision planar positioner Lightweight PlanarPositioner Moving Over a Concentrated-Field
                                                                                       A Pan–Tilt                                            o
Bioinspired robot eye , camera-orienting device , flexible mechanism , parallelC.-M.; Chen,Orienting Mechanism With Parallel Axes
f Flexural Actuation
                                          Lee, Y.-C.; Lan, C.-C.; Chu, C.-Y.; Lai, mechanism Y.-J.
                                          Yong, Y. K.; Fleming, A. J.; Moheimani, S. O. R. Piezoelectric
                                                                                       A Novel
Atomic force microscope (AFM) , control , high speed , nanopositioning , piezoelectric , strain sensor Strain Sensor for SimultaneousDamping and Tracking Control of a High-Spe
                                          Chen, Z.; (ARC) , Wang, Q.                   Accurate Motion electromagnetic field effect
Adaptive compensation , adaptive robust control Yao, B.; linear motor , motion control , nonlinearControl of Linear Motors WithAdaptive Robust Compensation of NonlinearElectro
                                          Boudaoud, quadratic Gaussian (LQG) force control , Optimal Force Control of a NonlinearElectrostatic Microgripper
Electrostatic microgripper , Kalman filtering , linearM.; Haddab, Y.; Le Gorrec, Y.Modeling andmicroglass balls manipulation , noise analysis , nonlinear modeling
                                          Ding, motion planning , movement primitive
Anthropomorphic arm , human arm triangle ,X.; Fang, C.                                 A Novel Method of Motion Planning for anAnthropomorphic Arm Based on MovementPrimitives
                                          Simi, M.; Silvestri, M.; Cavallotti, C.; Vatteroni, M.; Valdastri, P.; Menciassi, A.;Vision Systemfor Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery
Image sensors , medical robotics , robotic camera , stereo vision                      Magnetically Activated Stereoscopic Dario, P.
                                          Otero, J.; Gonzalez, L.; Cabezas, G.; Puig-Vidal, M.
                                                                                       Multitool Platform for Morphology andNanomechanical Characterization of BiologicalSamples With
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) , multitool , nanobiocharacterization , self-sensing probes
                                          Shin, manipulators , parallel Kim, ,         Antagonistic Stiffness Optimization of RedundantlyActuated Parallel Manipulatorsin a Predefined W
Antagonistic stiffness , mechanism design ofH.; Lee, S.; Jeong, J. I.;robotsJ. redundant robots
                                           thermal variables control                   A Combined Force
Haptic interfaces , medical simulation ,Guiatni, M.; Riboulet, V.; Duriez, C.; Kheddar, A.; Cotin, S. and Thermal Feedback Interfacefor Minimally Invasive Procedures Simulation
                                          Yorukoglu, A.; Altug, ,
Fuzzy neural networks (FNNs) , unbalanced load estimationE. washing machineEstimation of Unbalanced Loads in WashingMachines Using Fuzzy Neural Networks
                                          Hoover, C. D.; prosthetics stair ascent Stair Ascent With a Powered Transfemoral ProsthesisUnder Direct Myoelectric Control
Lower limb prosthesis , myoelectric control , powered Fulk, G. D.; ,Fite, K. B.
                                          Messina, M.; Njuguna, J.; Dariol, sensors silicon nanowires of a Novel BiomechanicPiezoresistive Sensor With Silicon Nanowires
                                                                                       Design and Simulation
Accelerometer , biomedical devices , giant piezoresistance , implantableV.; Pace, ,C.; Angeletti, G. (SiNWs)
                                          Ko, C.-H.; Young, K.-Y.; Huang, walk-assist robot K.
                                                                                       Active S.
Differential flatness , model predictive control (MPC) , slope guidance ,Y.-C.; Agrawal, and Passive Control of Walk-Assist Robotfor Outdoor Guidance
                                          , bearingless induction motor (BIM)          Speed-Sensorless Vector Control of a BearinglessInduction Motor With Artificial Neural NetworkInv
Artificial neural network (ANN) inverse Sun, X.; Chen, L.; Yang, Z.; Zhu, H. , speed-sensorless , vector control
                                          Yaguchi, inside mover , reversible motion , wireless magnetic actuator
Electrical dc--ac inverter , motion principle , pipeH.; Izumikawa, T.                  Wireless In-Piping Actuator Capable of High-SpeedLocomotion by a New Motion Principle
                                          Dietrich, F.; filters quantization            measurement
Adaptive signal processing , differentiation , digital MaaB,, J.; Raatz, A. , velocityComputationally Efficient Adaption of the WindowSize of Discrete Position Differentiators
                                          Lin, C.-J.; Yau, H.-T.; Tian, Y.-C.          Identification and Compensation of NonlinearFriction Characteristics and Precision Controlfor a Lin
Disturbance observer (DO) , genetic algorithm (GA) , linear servomotor , particle swarm optimization (PSO) , variable structure control (VSC)
Automation , material handling , robot control L.; Iida, F.                            Physical Connection and Disconnection ControlBased on Hot Melt Adhesives
                                          Kemmetmuller, W.; Holzmann, absorberElectrorheological Semiactive Shock IsolationPlatform for Naval Applications
Electrorheological fluid , modeling , semiactive shock isolation , shock K.; Kugi, A.; Stork, M.
                                          Chen, H.; pulsewidth modulation (PWM) , switched reluctance
Motor drive , motor configuration , motor control ,Gu, J. J.                           Switched Reluctance Motor Drive With ExternalRotor for Fan in Air Conditioner
                                           motion control piezoelectric positioningMotion robust of Piezoelectric Positioning Stages:Modeling, Controller Design, andExperimental E
Electromechanical model , hysteresis , Gu, G-.Y.; Zhu,,L-.M.; Su, C-.Y.; Ding, H. stage ,Control control
                                           , Maxwell coil K.; Jeong, S.; Park, J.-O.;3-D Locomotive and Drilling Microrobot Using NovelStationary EMA System
                                                                                        Park, , microrobot
Drilling and locomotion , Helmholtz coilChoi, H.; Cha, , electromagnetic , intravascular S.
                                          , stereo vision , visual tracking             P.
Motion compensation , robotic surgery Wong, W.-K.; Yang, B.; Liu, C.; Poignet, A Quasi-Spherical Triangle-Based Approach forEfficient 3-D Soft-Tissue Motion Tracking
                                          , nickel titanium (NiTi) coil springs , peristaltic locomotion , shape memory alloy (SMA) actuation , soft robotics
                                                                                        R. J.; Rus, A Kim, S.
Bioinspired robotics , earthworm robot Seok, S.; Onal, C. D.; Cho, K-.J.; Wood, Meshworm:D.;Peristaltic Soft Robot WithAntagonistic Nickel Titanium Coil Actuators
                                          Sun, , backstepping control ,
Active suspension system , adaptive control W.; Gao, H.; Kaynak, O.hard constraints    Adaptive Backstepping Control for ActiveSuspension Systems With Hard Constraints
                                           control , piezomicropositioning actuator Inverse Rate-Dependent Prandtl–Ishlinskii Model
 Feedforward Compensation of Hysteresis
Hysteresis , Prandtl--Ishlinskii , inverseAl Janaideh, M.; Krejci, P.                  , rate dependent                                                                              in
                                          Luo, X.; Wang, J.; Sun, pneumatic W.; Study process Strategy
                                                                                        Mangan, New
Energy efficiency , exhaust recycling , mathematical modeling ,H.; Derby, J.actuators , of aS. J. control for Pneumatic ActuatorSystem Energy Efficiency Improvement via the Sc
                                          Harris, P.; O'Donnell, G. E.; Whelan,
Air consumption , automated production , dyna-mic modeling , pneumatics T. Predictive Consumption Models forElectropneumatic Production Systems
                                          Khameneifar, F.; Arzanpour, S.; Moallem, M.  A Piezoelectric Energy
Cantilever beam , energy harvesting , piezoelectric transducers , power optimization , rotational motionHarvester for Rotary MotionApplications: Design and Experiments
                                          Montague, R. G.; Bingham, C.; Atallah, K.
Magnetic gear , model predictive control (MPC) , pole slip                             Magnetic Gear Pole-Slip Prevention Using ExplicitModel Predictive Control
                                          Aghili, F.                                   Adaptive Control of Manipulators Forming ClosedKinematic Chain With Inaccurate Kinematic Mod
Adaptive control , cooperative manipulators , kinematic uncertainty , least-squares estimation , robot control , self-tuning control
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                                             IEEEXPORE URL
1996 Index Terms/Keywords                   1997 Index Terms/Keywords
active vision                               active magnetic bearing
actuators                                   active vibration suppression
automation                                  Actuator
behavior                                    Actuators
DC motors                                   adaptive control
design                                      adaptive learning rate
                                            speed control
disturbance observer                        anometer
doubly coprime factorization                approximate reasoning
education                                   artificial neural network
estimation error                            automation
high performance                            biomechanics
human-oriented machines                     biotechnology
human-robot symbiosis system                circuit analogies
inertia variation                           Coexistence
instantaneous speed observer                cone-shaped active magnetic bearing
machine control                             Control
manipulators                                control systems
mechatronics                                DC-DC converter
mobile robot                                de motor
network                                     digital control
object model                                digital systems
observers                                   directional sprectrum
parameter estimation                        disturbance rejection
parameter identification algorithm          dynamics
robotics                                    electrostatic
robust control                              electrostatic actuators
robust stability                            extended influence coefficient method
self-organizing tracking                    feedback
sensors                                     feedback linearization
servomotors                                 feedback systems
speed controller                            feedforward control
survery                                     FEM for electric field distribution
two-degrees-of-freedom speed servo system   finite-element method
ultra-low speed servo system                fish processing
variable structure systems                  flexible manufacturing systems
velocity control                            flexible structures
visual feedback                             fuzzy cross-correlation
visual teaching                             hard disk drive
                                            high voltage
                                            Human-friendly robot
                                            hybrid systems
                                            image sensor
                                            impedance control
                                            integrated systems
                                            Intelligent control
                                            laser applications
                                            learning control systems
                                            linear and rotary type
                                            linear piezmotors
linear synchronous motors
LQG control
machine tool control
machine tools
magnetic levitation
median filters
modified PCB process
monolithic flexure frame
motion control
neural network applications
neuro-fuzzy system
nonlinear control
optical transducer
optimal control
pain tolerance limit
passivity, robotics
pattern recognition
permanent magnet
piezoelectric materials
piezoelectric motors
position control
power electronic drives
process automation
pulsewidth modulation
reflexive action
rehabilitation robot
reluctance motor drives
repetitive control
robust control
rubber artificial muscle
runout identifcation
safeguarding space
sample processing
sampled data systems
servo control
servo systems
smart structures
solenoid valve
state feedback
surface-driven design
time delay control
torque control
tracking control
velocity field control

                         sliding-mode co
                         smart actuators
                         smart sensors
                         strain amplificat
                         suspension ass
                         tactile sensing
                         thrust vector co
                         time delay
                         toggle mechani
                         torsional vibrati
                         transmission lin
                         vibration absorp
                         vibration contro
                         wafer distributio
                         wobble microm
                         zero phase erro
1998 Index Terms/Keywords        1999 Index Terms/Keywords
2  misalignment                 Acceleration control                   H
Accelerometer                    Access protocol
Active magnetic bearing system   Active magnetic bearing
Active prediction                Actuators
Actuators                        Adaptive control
Air bearing                      Air bag deployment
position control                 nonlinear systems
Aliasing                         Anamorphic optics
Angle measurements               Antiskid braking system
Antenna                          Application to dc servo motor system
artificial cochlea microphone    Automated composite manufacturing
Assembly                         automated garment assembly
Behavior-based systems           Automated highway systems
benders                          automated lane change
Blurring                         automatic steering control
Brachiation robot                automotive
client–server systems            Automotive control
Coherent demodulation            automotive systems
compensation                     Biologically inspired control
complicated shape                brushless machines
computation delay                built-in force transducer
computer control                 Calibration matrix
computer graphics                Circle packing
Computer writing tools           Collision/contact force
concurrent engineering           collision-tolerant control
contact-point flexible beam      Comparative structural analysis
Control                          Compliant mechanism
control architectures            compliant multiplier
Control engineering              compliant transmissions
Disk drive                       Composites
distortion analysis              condition number
distributed control              Contact modeling
Distributed-parameter system     Contraction mapping
disturbance observer             Control
Drives                           control architecture
drug delivery                    crash sensors
dynamics                         current control
Electric actuation               Cylinder pressure
electrodischarge                 data communication
electrostatic actuation          design
Electrostatic actuator           diamond turning
Endoscopy                        diamond turning machine
error learning                   Digital control
execution system                 digital redesign
experiment                       Digital servo drives
Feedforward control              discretetime system
final-state                      Disk drives
finite-element analysis          Disturbance attenuation
fishbone structure               Disturbance observer
flexible SCARA/Cartesian robot   doubling error
Friction                         dynamic yaw-moment control
friction compensation               Dynamics
Fuzzy neural network                Electric motors
gain-scheduling                     electric vehicle
geometric calibration               Electrohydraulic servosystems
giant impulse generator             Electrohydraulic servovalve
H2 norm                             electronic shaft
Hard disk drive                     electrostatic gripper
head slider                         electrostatic gripping device
high-bandwidth servo                failure detection
human interface                     fast tool servo
image sensing                       Fault tolerance
initial value                       feedforward control
intelligent actuators               finite-element analysis
intelligent control                 flexible structures
intelligent sensors                 force control
Lagrangean mechanics                force sensor
laser interferometer                force/torque fingertip sensor
linear parameter-varying system     fundamental vibration frequencies
Linear transport system             hard disk drive
Lyapunov theory                     Harmonics
magnetic field measurement          human-friendly robot
magnetic suspension                 hybrid electric vehicles
magnetically levitated system       impedance control
magnetoresistive heads              industrial robots
manipulator motion planning         inertially decoupled dynamics
mechanical cochlea fishbone         integration
mechatronic systems                 intrinsic sensing
mechatronics                        inverter
microactuator                       Label-correcting algorithm
Microconveyors                      Learning control systems
Microendeffectors                   linear output controller
microfabrication                    linear-quadratic-Gaussian control
micromachining                      Low power consumption
micromanipulation                   magnetic particle brake
micromechatronics                   mammal-like walking machine
micromotors                         manipulator
microphones                         manufacturing automation
microrobotics                       materials processing
microsystems                        mechanism
miniature disk drives               mechatronics
mobile robots                       Microactuator
mode switching                      microcontroller
modeling                            micromachine
Monte Carlo                         microrobot
motion control                      microsystem control
multilayer thin-film interference   miniaturization
multisensor systems                 modeling
natural frequencies                 model-based disturbance attenuator
noise immunity                      modeling and simulation
nonholonomic constraint             modularity
nonminimum-phase system             motion control
pearl                               motor control
permanent magnet machines                                  multimotor drive
permanent-magnet synchronous motor                         multirate sampling control
PES Pareto                                                 N-delay control
physics-based modeling                                     network interface
piezoelectric                                              neural networks
planning                                                   nondestructive testing
pole–zero cancellation by modified series approximation    nonlinear friction
pole–zero cancellation by series approximation algorithm   nonlinear modeling
position measurement                                       on-line arithmetic
positioning system                                         on-line fault detection and diagnosis
real-time systems                                          on-line learning
Recurve                                                    optimal control
regulation                                                 optimization
Resonator                                                  paper web dynamics
resonator array structure                                  passive viscoelastic trunk
robot programming                                          persistent excitation
robotic interception                                       piezoelectric ceramic
robotics                                                   pipe inspection
robots                                                     planar piezoelectric accelerometer
servo control                                              pointing
servo demodulation.                                        pole placement
servo motors.                                              precision actuator
Si micro-machining process                                 product synthesis
silicon micromachining                                     proportional drum brake
sliding-mode control                                       radial-basis-function neural network
smart actuators                                            real-time control
smart sensors                                              redundant manipulator
stability                                                  reference generation
strain amplification                                       Relative steering sensor
suspension assembly                                        repetitive control
tactile sensing                                            rigid robot
teleoperation                                              road bank estimation
thrust vector control                                      road vehicle control
time delay                                                 road vehicle electric propulsion
toggle mechanism                                           road vehicle propulsion
torsional vibrations                                       road vehicles
transmission line model                                    robotics
turbomolecular pump.                                       robots
ultrasonics                                                robust control
vibration absorption                                       robustness
vibration control                                          rotary offset printing presses
wafer distribution system                                  rotation group
wobble micromotors                                         semi-direct-drive robots
zero phase error tracking control                          sensor fault
                                                           servo control
                                                           side slip observer
                                                           simplified adaptive robust control
                                                           single-point diamond turning
                                                           spherical motor
                                                           static balancing
                                                           steering actuator
Stewart platform
stiffness control
stroke amplification
structural optimization
system modeling
table drive system
tracking performance
traction control system
trajectory control
Trajectory Pattern Method
transmission ratio
two-degree-of-freedom structure
two-stage spool valve
ultraprecision control system
variable structure control
vehicle motion control
vehicular technology
vibration control
yaw control

                                  system inversio
                                  systematic proc
                                  tactile sensor
                                  time optimizatio
                                  time-varying sys
                                  tobacco mosaic
                                  torque saturatio
                                  transpose Jaco
                                  two-inertia syste
ultra-high stiffne
ultrasonic moto
variable viscous
velocity feedbac
vibration contro
vibration isolatio
vibration suppre
vibratory system
visual servoing
walking machin
wireless sensin
2000 Index Terms/Keywords                  2001 Index Terms/Keywords
H-based robust control                    2-degrees-of-freedom control
Acceleration feedback                      Acceleration feedback
Active control stick                       Acceleration limit
Active vision                              Acoustic noise
Actuator                                   active damping
Actuator design                            active noise cancellation
mechatronics                               mechatronic systems
Adaptive control                           Active safety
Adenovirus                                 Actuators
Array                                      Adaptive control
Arthrobots                                 Adaptive fuzzy systems
Artificial larynx                          Adaptive vibration control (AVC)
atomic-force microscope                    Agile manufacturing
Automatic motion control                   Anthropocentric mechanism design
automation                                 Assembly
Automotive control                         Automatic assembly
Axially moving beam                        autonomous compensator design
Backlash                                   Bandwidth allocation
Behavior-programming control               Bound observer
Bessel function                            brake control
biomechatronics                            Collaborative scheduling
bio-mechatronics                           collision avoidance
Built-in                                   Collision detection
Capability index                           Computed torque control
carbon nanotubes                           computer-based training
CD pickup                                  Conceptual design
Cerebellar model articulation controller   Contact force
Charge steering                            contact point
Combined motor–bearing                     contract manufacturing
computer control                           control
Computerized numerical control             cyclic-service
contact transition                         deformable objects
Contour control                            Design methodology
control                                    Digital control
Control of robots                          Discontinuous control
Coordinate metrology                       Discrete-time asymptotic stability
DCOM                                       Distributed environment
dead zone                                  disturbance observer
delay line                                 Dual stage
deoxyribonucleic acid                      Dynamic performance
deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing           Electromagnets
Dexterous manipulation                     End milling
dextrous hand                              End-point sensing
dielectric devices                         environmentally conscious design and manufacturing
dielectric sensor                          ergonomics
Digital control                            event solution set (ESS)
digital signal processor                   Evolutionary algorithms
Disk drives                                experimental validation
distributed                                external disturbance
distributed parameter system               external force
distributed systems                        feedback control
disturbance observer                            fieldbus
Double parallel manipulator                     Finite element analysis
Dynamic similitude                              finite element modeling
Education, mechatronics.                        flexible base
electric sensing devices                        flexible link
electrohydraulic                                Flexible rotor
electrohydraulic system                         flute breakage
Electromagnetic actuator                        force control
equivalent circuits                             Force feedback
equivalent electric circuit                     foundry fab
Exact linearization                             Fuzzy logic
experiments                                     fuzzy neural network
fall-off rate (FOR)                             genetic algorithms
feedforward compensator                         gravity compensation
fibrin                                          Gyroscopes
filter                                          Haptic
finite element analysis                         haptic device
Flexible structure                              haptic feedback
force                                           Haptic interface
force control                                   Haptic sensing
force tracking control                          haptics
force/torque sensors                            hard disk drive
force-based motion control                      Hard disk drive
Fourier series                                  Harmonic Drive
Genetic algorithms                              headphones
genome                                          high-powered electrical drive
geometric static equilibrium                    High-speed rotation
gripping force                                  human factors
Gyroscope                                       human perception
Haptic interface                                human performance
Hard disk drive                                 hydraulic actuator
Harmonic Drive                                  impact
hierarchical parallel processing architecture   impact force
high-speed sensory feedback                     inclination control
Homogeneous-type electrorheological fluid       information sharing
hybrid vehicle control                          integral slidingmode control
hydraulic capsule pipeline                      integrated design
hydrostatic                                     Intelligent observer
hysteresis                                      intelligent sensing
impulse response                                Internet
induction motor                                 internet-based manufacturing
industrial robot arm                            internet-enabled manufacturing networks
industrial robots                               Kalman filter
information automation                          laparoscopic surgery
input deadtime                                  Laser optical system
intelligent control of automobiles.             LCD photomask
Internet-based robotic system                   Learning control
Jacobian                                        legged locomotion
JAVA                                            linear motors
laser diode/diffraction grating unit (LDGU)     Linear systems
learning control                                Low-acceleration estimator
limit cycle                                     low-acceleration region
Linear piezomotor                           low-velocity region
link train                                  Lyapunov stability
Lyapunov stability                          M/T method
Lyapunov theory                             magnetic actuator
machine tool                                magnetic bearings
magnetic bearing                            magnetic levitation
mechanical coupling                         manipulator trajectory control
mechanical systems                          mechanism design
mesoscale actuators                         mechatronics
micro actuator                              message passing
micro manipulator                           micromachine
micro/nano forces                           micromanipulation
micro/nano-mechatronics                     micro-positioning
micromachine                                microsensors
minimized acceleration trajectory control   minimax optimization
mobile robot                                mobile manipulator
model-based image processing                model reduction
modeling                                    Model-free control
modeling and control                        Modular systems
monitoring                                  motion control
monolithic flexure frame                    multi-agents
motion control                              multi-DOF
multiagent                                  multilink
multiple-sensor integration                 multimodal feedback
nanoManipulator                             multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) control
nanoparticle assembly                       multisensor fusion
nanoprecision                               networked teleoperation
negative galvano-taxis                      nonlinear controllability
LC network                                  nonlinear PID control
neural network                              nonlinear system
neural network applications                 nonlinear visual model
nonlinear oscillation systems               observer
nonlinear systems                           one sample delayed torque
object detection                            optical interferometry
offline trajectory generation               optimization
open architecture                           order fulfillment process (OFP)
Open-loop control                           pantograph
operating system                            parallel mechanism
optimization                                parallel systems
parallel-beam                               parameter estimation
paramecium                                  PC-based control
parameter estimation                        perceptual experiments
partial differential equations              performance indexes
permanent-magnet motor                      permanent magnet (PM) motor
piezo-actuated positioning                  permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
Piezoelectric                               permanent magnet synchronous servomotor
piezoelectric actuator                      piezoelectric actuators
piezoelectric ultrasonic motors             piezoelectric element
pipeline sensors                            pneumatic cylinder
pneumatics                                  position control
poleassignment design                       posture classification
position control                            posture-based interface
positional and orientational workspace    precision manufacturing
powered spherical joint                   precision positioning
Preisach model                            pressure-distribution sensors
production creation process (PCP)         private electronic marketplaces
PZT                                       product development
PZT ceramics vibrator                     quick-return mechanism
rainbow actuators                         rapid prototyping
real time                                 reality-based modeling
redundancy                                real-time
reference signal generation               real-time interaction
regulation                                real-time vehicle detection
resonance frequency                       recurrent neural network
resonance measurement                     recurrent-fuzzy-neural-network
road vehicle control                      rehabilitation robotics
road vehicles                             repeatable runout
robot                                     repetitive controller
robot sensor                              ripple compensation
robotic assembly                          robot
robust control                            robot control
Robust Design tool                        robot manipulators
robustness                                robot sensing systems
rotary machinery                          robotics
scaling                                   robust control
scanning electron microscope              robustness
scanning-force microscope                 RRR-type spherical joint
sensing                                   selfbearing motor
sensitive skin                            sensing chair
sensor                                    sensor integration
sensorymotor fusion                       service robots
servo control                             servo control.
servosystems                              sliding control
singularity                               sliding-mode control (SMC)
slip detection and control                smart health monitoring systems
speech production substitutes             smart materials robots
structural vibration                      smooth and stable motion
structure                                 state controller
system inversion                          stiffenss sensing
systematic procedure                      stochastic reachable workspace
tactile                                   supermedia
tactile sensor                            supervisory control
telemetry                                 supply chain management
three-degrees-of-freedom nanopositioner   surgical simulation
time optimization                         suspension
time-varying systems                      system integration
tobacco mosaic virus                      tactile display
torque                                    tactile sensor
torque saturation                         teleoperations
transpose Jacobian control                telepresence
twist                                     time-domain averaging
Twistor                                   toggle mechanism
two-degree-of-freedom control             torque sensing
two-inertia system                        total sliding-mode control
ultra-high stiffness            two-stage actuators
ultrasonic motor                ultrasonic motor
variable viscous damper         uncertainty observer
velocity feedback               unilateral constraint
vibration control               upper limb movement assessment
vibration isolation             varied learning rates
vibration suppression control   vehicle
vibratory systems               vibration
visual servoing                 vibration suppression
walking machine                 virtual environments
wireless sensing                virtual reality
yield                           visual inspection
                                visual servoing

                                                                 virtual environm
                                                                 virtual reality
                                                                 visual servoing
                                                                 wave variables
                                                                 wavelet signal p
2002 Index Terms/Keywords                 2003 Index Terms/Keywords
 2-DOF control                            1 ms-vision
Actuators                                 AC motor
Adaptive control                          Active connectors
Adaptive filtering                        Active vibration control
Adaptive prediction                       actuation
Adaptive system                           Actuator
magnetic suspension                       Ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs)
adaptive-resonance theory (ART)           Adaptive algorithm
Air bag                                   Adaptive control
Angular transmission error                Adaptive cruise control
Artificial life                           Adaptive genetic algorithm
Assembly                                  advanced vehicle control and safety systems (AVCSS)
Automatic implanting                      arm/gripper coupling mechanism
Automatic tuning                          Artificial neural network (ANN)
Automation                                backpropagation
automotive safety                         Bacteria
Autonomous                                Basic defuzzification distribution
Axial flux                                Behavior-based approach
bearingless motor                         Binary robotics
Biaxial systems                           bio-MEMS
Biomechatronics                           Biomimetic flying robots
Calibration, control                      bistable mechanisms
Chain                                     Cable
Classical Preisach model                  CAD/CAM
complete denture                          Capacitive sensors
Compliant grippers                        capturing robot
connectors                                Cartesian control
Constraints on control input and output   center of rotation
contouring control                        Closed-loop mechanisms
contouring error                          cluster validity index
Control                                   compliant mechanisms
coordination                              compression ignition engine
Corner detection                          Concurrent learning (CL)
crash sensing                             constrained mechanisms
cross-coupled control                     Continuum manipulator
crosscoupling gains                       Control
current loop                              D’Alembert formulation
CyberGlove                                Defect detection
CyberGrasp                                Dextrous manipulation
cybernetic hand                           digital control
Damping                                   digital mechatronics
Dccoil                                    driver assistance
decay rate                                Dual-actuator system
degenerate diffusion                      dual-axis Maglev
delayed resonator                         Dynamic parameter identification
derivative controllers                    dynamical simulation
Design                                    dynamics
Design specifications                     Dynamics identification
digital control                           EAP
Distributed autonomous control            electromagnetic actuators
Distributed control                       Electromechanical model
Distributed robotics             electrorheological (ER) damper
Disturbance observer             electrostriction
disturbance observer             EMG signals
disturbance rejection            end milling
Dual-stage actuators (DSAs)      Energy damping
dynamic absorbers                energy density
dynamic stiffness                exoskeletal robots
Dynamics                         fast Haar transform (FHT)
Electrohydraulic control         Fault adaptive control
Electromagnetic actuator         feedforward neural nets
Electromagnetic force modeling   Field programable gate arrays (FPGA)
Embedded System                  field robots
fault diagnosis                  finite-impulse response (FIR) median hybrid filters
feedback linearization           Flexible fin propulsion
Flexible structures              flexible manipulator
force control                    flexible robot control
force sensing                    Flexible XY positioning system
Force sensor                     flexures
Friction                         force control
friction modeling                Force feedback
fuzzy control                    Friction
fuzzy controller                 friction drive control
fuzzy modeling                   fuzzy control
GPS                              fuzzy proportional integral (PI) control
hand                             gain tuning
haptic feedback                  Galerkin theory
haptic interface                 gallop
haptic perception                gas-turbine plant
hard disk drives (HDDs)          genetic algorithm (GA)
hexapod                          Gradient descent
human skill modeling             Grasp control
humanoid                         handicapped aids
Hybrid control                   haptic display
hybrid position/force            Haptic feedback
hybrid position/force controls   hard disk drive
Hyper-redundant manipulator      heavy-duty hydraulic manipulators
Hyper-redundant systems          highway maintenance
hysteresis                       homogeneous transformation matrix
imaging                          human motion assist
induction motors                 human-scale robot
intelligent robots               hybrid discrete-continuous systems
Internet                         hybrid magnet
interpolation                    hybrid systems
inverse kinematics               hydraulic actuators
Inverse kinematics solution      hydraulic servo control
large dynamic range              hydrogen peroxide
linear actuator                  hyper-redundant robot
linear matrix inequalities       image processing
linear motor                     Impact force control
linear peristaltic pump          impedance control
local structurization method     impedance/timedelay control (TDC)
localization                     inertial singularity
locomotion                           inertial vibration damping
logical control system               information theory
lunar resources                      input preshaping
Lyapunov redesign                    integral
machine vision                       intelligent control
magnetic bearing                     intelligent interface
magnetic circuit                     intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
magnetic levitation                  intensity variations
manufacturing                        kinematics
mechanical factors                   laser trap
mechanical systems                   legged vehicles
mechatronics                         Liapunov function
metamorphic robotics                 linear motor
metamorphic robots                   Linear variable-reluctance motor (LVRM)
micro motors                         lookup table force linearization
microactuators                       low-cost implementation
micromanipulation                    Lyapunov methods
mobility                             macro/micromanipulator
model-based sliding-mode control     magnetic bearings
modeling                             magnetic sensing
modular                              magnetic-suspension system
modular robot                        manipulator
modularity                           manipulator dynamics
moon                                 manipulators
Moray arm                            mechatronic control design
Moray drive control                  mechatronics
motion control                       microfluid device
motion synchronization               microgrippers
multiaxis motion systems             micromanipulation
multifinger                          micromechatronics
multiloop perturbation compensator   microrobots
multiple robots                      microtools (MTs)
navigation                           mirror synthesis
neural interface                     mobile robot
nonholonomic systems                 model-based disturbance attenuator (MBDA)
nonlinear control                    modular robots
nonlinear systems                    monopropellant
object-oriented software             motion control
obstacle avoidance                   multifingered grasping
occupant restraints                  multilayer neural network
outdoor mobile robotics              nanomanipulation
PD control                           nanomechanics
performance tuning                   nanorobotics
personal computer                    nanotechnology
perturbation observer                neurocontrol
piezoceramic actuators               neurocontrollers
piezoelectric                        Neuro-fuzzy control
piezoelectric actuators              noise tolerance
piezoelectric sensors                Nonholonomic dynamics
pneumatic cylinders                  nonlinear control
polar coordinates                    nonlinear holonomic constraint equations
PolyBot                              nonsmooth optimization
portable infusion system                      observer-corrector feedback
position control                              one-step-ahead (OSA) technique
position sensor                               optical encoder
precision assembly                            optical tweezers
precision robots                              overhead crane
precision stage                               palpation
prediction                                    parallel manipulator
predictive control                            parallel robot
pressure observers                            parameter identification
proliferation                                 pattern recognition
proportional differential (PD) controllers    payload estimation
prosthetic hand                               Peg-in-hole insertion
quadruped robot                               piezoelectric actuator
radial force                                  piezoelectric device
real-time control                             pipe inspection
reconfigurable                                pneumatic
reconfiguration planning                      position control
recurrent dynamic networks                    positioning system
relaxed stability condition                   power supply
remote bilaterial teleoperation               precision guiding
repetitive control                            precision manufacturing automation
resistor                                      pressure
robot                                         proportional
robotic                                       proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) control
robotic control                               radio astronomy
robotics                                      reconfigurability
robust control                                recursive
robust internal-loop compensator (RIC)        redundant actuation
robust motion control                         residual vibration suppression
rotation group                                ring profiler
Rutgers Master glove                          robot dynamics
self-reconfigurable robots                    robot joint friction
self-reconfiguration                          Robot kinematics
self-reconfiguring robots                     robot manipulator
self-replication                              robot manipulators
self-sufficient                               robotic manipulators
sensor fusion                                 robotic workcell
sensors                                       robust internal-loop compensator (RIC)
shunt                                         rolling
simulation                                    rotary machinery
simulation environment                        rotation group
sinusoidal permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motor   saturation-type control
six-leg virtual NC machine                    self-powered robot
sliding-mode control                          sensor fusion
smart structures                              sensor planning
snakes                                        service robot
spatial control                               servo control
spindle motors                                servomechanism
stability                                     sewer inspection
Stewart platform                              shapememory-alloy (SMA) actuators
superposition                                 shoulder joint
surface actuator                              singularities
H synthesis                                         singularity analysis
synthesis                                            skill module
tactile sensor                                       soft computing
tape wound core                                      soft contact
the Pendubot                                         solid-state capacitor
time delay                                           spherical motion
torque control                                       spring energy
tracking                                             stability
trains                                               stepper motor
two degrees-of-freedom (DOF) control system          stick–slip behavior
two-degrees-of-freedom (2-DOF) Moray drive control   stick-slip friction
uncoupling control                                   strain
underactuated mechanical systems                     stress
vibration control                                    stroke amplification
vibration isolation                                  support vector machines (SVM)
vibration suppression                                swimming vehicle
vibrations                                           system identification
virtual environment                                  system integration
virtual reality                                      system stiffness
visual servoing                                      tactile
wave variables                                       telerobotics
wavelet signal processing                            thermodynamic engine model
                                                     tissue characterization
                                                     tool-flute breakage
                                                     tracking stability
                                                     trajectory tracking
                                                     ultrasonic microconveyer
                                                     underwater micro robot
                                                     uniformly ultimate boundedness
                                                     user interfaces
                                                     variable geometry turbine
                                                     variational methods
                                                     vibration control
                                                     virtual-reality (VR)-based training
                                                     vision systems
                                                     visual feedback
                                                     wheeled mobile robot (WMR)
                                                     zero dynamics

                                                                                           tractive force
                                                                                           ubiquitous com
                                                                                           ultrasonic actua
ultrasonic moto
valve functional
vehicle lateral c
vibration contro
virtual environm
virtual reality (V
visual force/pos
weight sensor
work state iden
yeast cells
2004 Index Terms/Keywords                  2005 Index Terms/Keywords
6-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) motion        H optimization
 vision                                    variable valve actuation
AC electroosmosis                          AC synchronous motor
AC permanent magnet motor                  Active damping
Acceleration factor                        Active magnetic bearing (AMB)
Active damping                             Active magnetic bearings (AMBs)
hysteresis                                 gyroscopes
Adaptive command shaping                   Active shape
Adaptive control                           Active vibration suppression
Adaptive slicing                           Actuator
Adaptive state filters                     Actuators
Adhesion forces                            Adaptive control
Aerial photographs                         Adaptive robust control
aerial robotics                            Adaptive zero-phase error tracking controller
aerodynamics                               analog implementation
Agricultural tractors                      Angular measurement
Analytical modeling                        Anticipatory learning control
Anti-windup (AW) control                   Artificial heart pump
Assembly work cooperation                  artificial muscle
Atomic force microscopy (AFM)              asymptotic stability
augmented reality                          Automated highway systems (AHSs)
Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems     Automated visual inspection (AVI)
Automated highway systems                  Automatic assembly
automotive                                 Autonomous excavations
autonomous driving                         Axially moving continua
Autonomous path following                  band pass sigma delta converter
Behavioral adaptation                      Basis function
behavioral information                     Bearingless motor
bio-nano fluidic system                    Bifurcation control
Bone drilling                              biomimetic
boost curve                                Biopsy
Bragg grating                              boundary control
Brake gain                                 Bounded error context
breakthrough detection                     broad-band damping
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)                    cam
Cellular grippers                          camless engine
coarse-fine control                        Capsule-type endoscopes
Composite controllers                      Casting process
Computer numerical control (CNC)           Central pattern generator (CPG)
computer vision                            clampers
Condition monitoring                       closed loop system
Constraint                                 color image
Contact force models                       Computation saving
contact modeling                           ConformTM extrusion
continuously variable transmission (CVT)   Constraint programming
Control                                    H
control applications                             control
control system design                      control loops
control systems                            control software testing and debugging
Cooperative control                        control system analysis
curing process                             control system synthesis
dc motors                              Control systems
deadlock avoidance                     cooling
Design specifications                  Cooperative robot control
destructive fabrication                Coriolis force
dielectrophoresis                      corrected transfer recording
Direct drive motors                    cross coupling
Direct drive robot                     Cuk converter
discrete control                       current mode
distributed control                    damping
distributed robot system               Data transmission
distributed systems                    DC motor
disturbance attenuation                dc/dc converters
disturbance observers                  decentralized control
downstream load                        decoupled control
drive train oscillations               Describing function
Dual-stage actuator system             design
dynamics                               dielectric elastomer
Electric circuit                       differential mobile robots
electrical vehicle                     discrete cosine transform (DCT)
electrokinetics                        Disk drive
electron-beam-induced deposition       Disturbance observer
Encoder                                Dual-wheel transmission (DWT)
end milling                            dynamics simulator
equivalent circuit                     electroactive polymer (EAP)
Ethernet                               Electro-hydraulic
experiments                            electromagnetic
factory automation                     electrostatic actuator
feedback                               electrostatic actuators
fiber optic                            electrostatic devices
finite element analysis (FEA)          ellipsoidal approximation
flexible manipulator                   energybased approach
flexible manufacturing                 epicyclic gear trains
flight test                            evolutionary computation
flow control                           experimental robot dynamics
force control                          fault detection
force feedback                         Fault diagnosis
force scaling                          Fault identification
force sensor                           fault tolerance
frequency domain                       fault-tolerant control
friction coefficient                   feedback
friction drive                         Feedback control system
Friction modeling                      feedback linearization
Friction-cone constraint               Ferrofluid
gain scheduled (GS) speed regulators   Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
Genetic algorithms (GA)                Fish catching
global modeling                        flexible arm
gradient methods                       Flexible joint arm
grasping-force optimization            flexible payloads
gyroscopical stabilization             flexible structures
haptic feedback                        flexible-link mechanism
haptic interface                       Flexure control
haptic perception                      force control
Hard disk drives (HDDs)                      Force sensor
hard-disk servo-system                       Free-fall sensors
heavy vehicle                                frequency shaping
holonomic                                    frequencydomain
Honeywell -Lucifer type EPP3 J-21-U-100-10   gas turbines
human–robot symbiosis                        gazing
hybrid control                               Generalized hold function (GHF),
hydraulic power assist                       genetic algorithm(GA)
impact                                       H∞design
impedance control                            Hand–eye configuration
Inchworm piezoelectric motor                 hard disk drives (HDDs)
Incremental encoder                          Hard disks
independent component analysis               Harmonic drive transmission
information maximum (InfoMax)                high temperature gap measurement
input shaping                                high-frequency excitation
Integral control                             H-infinity optimal control
intelligent space                            homogeneous electrorheological (ER) fluid
internal mechatronic devices                 hot embossing
internal model principle (IMP)               Humanoid robot
Internet                                     hybrid modeling language
internet robots                              Hysteresis
ITS                                          Hysteresis nonlinearity
Kinematically redundant manipulators         impact force
kite                                         induction motors
linear matrix inequalities                   initial value compensation (IVC)
linear motor                                 input shaping
linear piezomotor                            input–output linearization
linear-matrix inequality                     integral force feedback
low-velocity estimator                       integrated motor-bearing
lowvelocity measurement                      integrated vehicle highway systems
Magnetic leadscrew                           intelligent transportation systems
Magnetic levitation (maglev) system          Internet
max–det problem                              intersampling performance
mechatronic design                           Inverse dynamic operator
mechatronics                                 inverse Preisach operator
Micro air vehicle (MAV)                      iterative learning control (ILC)
micro gripper                                joysticks
micro manipulation                           Kinematics
micro polymer actuators                      laser communication
micro/nanoforces                             levitation control
microassembly                                Linear drive
microgripper                                 Linear matrix inequality
micromanipulation                            linear motor
Micromotor design                            linear PM motor
microparticles                               locomotion
microrobotics                                Lorentz force
mixed-objective optimization                 loudspeaker
mobile robot                                 Lyapunov method
mode separation                              lyapunov stability
model-based control                          Lyapunov stability theory
modeling                                     machine tool control
modular robot                                Machinery health monitoring
molecular manipulation                    machining
motion control                            magnetic attractive force
motor anomalies                           magnetic bearing
motor design                              magnetic drive
motor incipient faults                    magnetic levitation
Multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) actuator   magnetic suspension system
multivariable                             magneto-optical (MO) technology
nanomanipulation                          magnetostrictive actuators
nanomechanics                             manipulator
nanopositioner                            manipulators
nanorobotic manipulation                  manufacturing automation
nanostructures                            mechanical distributed systems
nanotribology                             mechatronic sorting system
networks                                  medical robotics
neural network                            microactuator
noncircular turning                       microfluidics
nonholonomic                              microgripper
nonholonomic system                       micro-lithography
nonlinear dynamic model                   micromanipulation
nonlinear system                          micropositioning
Numerical simulation                      microrobotics
optical sensor                            microsensors
optimal tension distribution              micro-synthesis
orientation measurement                   mismatched observer
outlet port                               Mitsubishi PA-10
parameter estimation                      mobile manipulation
parameter identification                  mobile robotics
Parker P3P-R                              mobile robots
passband control                          modal control
passive latches                           model
passivity analysis                        model-based control
Petri nets (PNs)                          modeling
piezoactuators                            modular robot
piezoelctric shunts                       motion control
piezoelectric actuator                    motion simulator
piezoelectric motor                       multidomain finite element analysis
piezoelectric transducers                 multimode
planar robot                              multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) collocated control
plate                                     multirate
pneumatic actuators                       multirate control
pneumatic control equipment               multirate control system
pneumatic proportional pressure valve     needle
polymer MEMS actuators                    network protocol
position control                          neural network
position/force control                    neural oscillator network
precision motion control                  Newton–Raphson method
precision positioning                     Nonlinear models
precision system                          nonlinear systems
propulsion                                non-minimum phase system
pump                                      one degree of freedom control (ODOF)
quartz resonator                          optimal control
rapid prototyping                         optimization methods
real-time (RT) operating systems            orientation control
real-time digital control                   Orthopedics
real-time system                            parallel manipulators
recursive least square method               parallelotopic approximation
refractive-index measurements               permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
reliability                                 permanent-magnet (PM) self-bearing motor (SBM)
repetitive control                          phase-plane
robot                                       piezoactuators
robot control                               piezoceramic
robot structural design                     piezoelectric (PZT) ceramics
robotic simulation                          piezoelectric (PZT) element
robust                                      piezoelectric (PZT) materials
robustness                                  Piezoelectric materials
rotating-mode                               piezoelectricity
saturation                                  pitchfork bifurcation
Sawyer motor                                pneumatic
self-organized map                          Pneumatics
self-oscillation                            point sensors
sensorless control                          point-to-point control
sensorless speed estimation                 polymer
servo-motion systems                        position and stiffness control
shape memory alloy (SMA)                    positioning
sinusoidal disturbance                      power converter modeling
situational awareness                       power generation
slip ratio                                  power optimal control
spherical sensor                            precision pointing and tracking
stability                                   Preisach model
standard working configuration              process monitoring
standing wave ultrasonic actuators (SWUM)   PZT ceramics
steering system                             real-time recognition
strain and temperature sensor               remote control
subtask tracking                            robot vision systems
support vector machine regression (SVMR)    robotic assembly
surveillance                                robotics
Taguchi method                              robots
TDC stability and damping analysis          robust adaptive control
teleoperation                               robust control
tendon-based parallel mechanism             robustness
thermal extrusion                           rotary encoder
three-way proportional valve                rotational capability
time domain                                 rotor/magnetic bearing systems
time-delay filter                           seek control
time-frequency analysis                     selfbearing motor
torque and velocity ripple elimination      self-servo track writing
Torque disturbance compensator (TDC)        sensor fault
torque disturbance observer (TDO)           sensorless control
torsion                                     sensors
track-following control                     sequential control
tractive force                              serpentine robots
travelingwave-dielectrophoretic             servo track writing
ubiquitous computing                        servosystems
ultrasonic actuator                         set membership identification
ultrasonic motor                 shaft cracks
valve functionality              shape memory actuators (SMAs)
valves                           shape memory alloy (SMA)
vehicle lateral control          shunt
vibration                        signal processing
vibration control                signal to noise ratio
virtual environment              singularity
virtual reality (VR)             sinusoidal linear motion
visual force/position feedback   sliding-mode control
visual-servoing                  sloshing
weight sensor                    smart robotic gripper
work state identification        smart structures
yeast cells                      smart work zones
                                 soil model
                                 soil parameter estimation
                                 speed control
                                 state estimation
                                 state-space averaging
                                 steer-by-wire (SBW)
                                 strain gauge sensors
                                 surface mount technology
                                 system analysis and design
                                 system identification
                                 time optimal
                                 timeoptimal control
                                 time–pressure dispensing
                                 timing-belt drive
                                 tracking control
                                 trackseeking control
                                 tunneling accelerometer
                                 two-way SMA springs
                                 underactuated manipulators
                                 vacuum enclosure
                                 variable displacement pump
                                 variable structure systems
                                 variable valve timing (VVT)
                                 vehicle lateral control
                                 velocity control
                                 velocity estimation
                                 vibration control
                                 viscous control
                                 visual servoing
                                 waste control
                                 wavelet anaylsis
wheeled mobile robots
whole-body teleoperation
z-axis MEMS vibrational gyroscope
2006 Index Terms/Keywords               2007 Index Terms/Keywords
Acceleration feedback                   2D detecting area
accelerometer                           2D motion sensing
Active control                          3-PUU TPM
Active-mode damping (AMD)               abdominal laparoscopic surgery
Actuation                               acceleration measurement
Actuator                                acceleration-based error correction
graph structure                         accelerometers
Actuator design                         Active bearings
actuator model                          Active catheters
Adaptive                                active control efficiency
Adaptive control                        active security vehicle system
Agricultural tractors                   Active suspension
Air-bearing slider                      active tilting-pad bearing
Angle gyro                              Activities of daily living (ADLs)
Anomaly detection                       Actuator
Arc welding                             Actuators
Arm exoskeleton                         adaptive approach
Automated highways                      adaptive backstepping controller
Automated manual transmissions (AMTs)   Adaptive control
Automotive applications                 Adaptive control
automotive control                      adaptive control braking
automotive systems                      Adaptive fusion algorithm
Autopilot                               adaptive mechanism
Backstepping                            Adaptive self-sensing
Bang-bang control                       adaptive sensory fusion
Bezier trajectory                       adaptive tire force model
Binary actuation                        adaptive-sliding controller
Bioengineering                          adhesive elastomer
biomedical                              aerospace robotics
Biomimetics                             agile small-scale wall-climbing robot
Biped robot                             all-accelerometer inertial measurement unit
bistable mechanism design               all-wheel independent drive vehicles
Brushless dc motor                      ambiguity problem
cascade control                         angular acceleration
Casing oscillator                       angular speed control
Caster walker                           angular velocity control
centrifugal blood pumps                 angular velocity measurement
clutch engagement control               ANSYS
cogging torque                          anthropomorphic 7DOF powered arm exoskeleton
Colloid thruster                        anthropomorphic artificial hand
complementary                           applying subsensory stimulation
Compliance                              approximation method
Constrained predictive control          approximation theory
Contact dynamics                        articulated smart structure
control                                 artificial limbs
Control ability and limitation          atomic force microscopy
Cooperative robotic system              attitude control
damping                                 auditory
DC power systems                        autoignition timing
Deformable object manipulation          Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems
Deicing                                 Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems
deployable manipulator                              automated highways
Design                                              automated path generation
design methodology                                  Automated vehicles
DGPS/inertial navigation system (INS) integration   automatic nanohandling
differential GPS (DGPS)                             automatic online acquisition
Digital control                                     Automatic switching of the augmentation modes
Digital observer                                    automobiles
direct-injection engines                            autonomous fire-detection system
Directionality                                      Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
disk drives                                         Autoregressive model (ARM)
dissipative passive haptic interface                autoregressive processes
Distributed application framework                   awakening drivers
Disturbance rejection                               backpropagation
dry clutch                                          backpropagation chemical vapour deposition
dual-stage servo systems                            backpropagation neural network
dynamic equations                                   Backstepping
Dynamic friction compensation                       Ball wheel
dynamics                                            ball wheel mechanism
Electric control equipment                          belts
Electric drives                                     bilateral teleoperation
electric field                                      biochemical particles
electric vehicle                                    biomechanics
electrode extension                                 Biomechatronic design
Electrohydraulics                                   biorobotics
electromagnetic                                     biosensors
end-effector                                        Biped gait
Energetic characterization                          Biped robot
energetics                                          body angular velocity
estimation                                          Bond graph
Exercise machine                                    bond graph approach
exoskeleton                                         bond graph representation
exoskeletons                                        Braille
extended Kalman filter (EKF)                        brushless motor
fatigue crack damage                                building management systems fires
Feedback control                                    cabin
field-oriented control (FOC)                        cable-actuated dexterous exoskeleton for neurorehabilitation (CADEN)-
finite element methods (FEM)                        Cable-driven mechanism
finite-element analysis                             CAD mechanical tool
Flapping wing flight                                cameras
flapping wing machines                              cantilevers
flexible link                                       capacitance bridge mechanism
flexible robots                                     cardiology
Flexible structure                                  cardiopulmonary resuscitation
flying height modulation (FHM)                      Car-like mobile robot
follow-the-leader control                           cascaded kernel learning machine
force balance                                       catheter-based surgeries
force control                                       catheters
force feedback                                      CCD image sensors
force sensor                                        charge- coupled device cameras
force/motion control                                chemical sensors
forward kinematics                                  Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
friction                                            chest compression
Friction compensation                     circular vector focus
Fuel cells                                clamp piezoworm actuator
funtional MRI (fMRI)                      client-server control system
fuzzy control                             client-server systems
Fuzzy neural network (FNN)                closed loop systems
fuzzy techniques                          closed-loop control system
gearshift                                 closed-loop controller
global positioning system (GPS)           closed-loop scenarios
handicapped aids                          closed-loop tracking controller
haptic device                             collision amicrorobots
haptic interface                          communication delay
Hard disk drive (HDD)                     compact design
harmonic drives                           compact tactile sensor system
head-disk interface (HDI)                 compensation
heterogeneous robot groups                complementary
High-precision localization               computational fluid dynamics
horizontal vibration                      computed torque method
hovering                                  computer-aided design
hybrid control                            Contact dynamics
Hybrid stepping motor                     Control design theory dynamics
hybrid vehicle                            control law parameters iteration
hyperredundant manipulator                control system analysis
inchworm                                  control system synthesis
inclinometer                              Control systems
Induction machine (IM)                    controller area network
induction motor                           Coordinated motion control
industrial robot                          Coordinated motion control
inertial                                  cost optimal control feedforward
in-parallel system                        CVD
input shaping                             CVD thickness
intermolecular and electrostatic forces   Cyclogyro
intersample                               damping
inverse kinematics                        data acquisition
inverter                                  DC micromotor
iterative learning algorithm              DC motors
joint limits avoidance                    dead zone magnitude
Kalman filter                             deadlock avoidance
Kalman filtering                          deadlock avoidance
kinematic analysis                        Decentralized control
kinematics                                delay times
Kinematics and dynamics                   delays
Kiteplane                                 design
knot invariant                            Design criteria
laser scanning radar                      design engineering
laser tracker                             design evaluation
leading edge structure                    design evaluation
learning control                          dexterous exoskeleton
learning control system                   dexterous manipulators
legged locomotion                         digital control
line-of-sight (LOS) guidance              digital filters
local control                             diode-shunted delay circuit
machine learning                          direct-drive motor
Macro–micro manipulators (M3)                    direct-drive pendulum
Maglev system                                    direct-drive synchronous motor
Magnetic field                                   disc drives
magnetic levitation                              Disk drives
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)                 Displacement sensors
man–machine interface                            display devices
mechanical vibration suppression                 distributed charge-coupled device camera
mechatronic courses                              Distributed micro motion system (DMMS)
mechatronics                                     disturbance levels
micro air vehicles (MAVs)                        Disturbance suppression
microactuators (MAs)                             driver safety
microautomation                                  Drowsy driving
microfabrication                                 Dry adhesives
microparts feeding                               dry elastomer adhesives
microrobotics                                    dual stage
mobile manipulator                               dual-arm master/slave telesurgical manipulator system
mobile robot                                     dual-stage actuators
mode control                                     dual-stage nanopositioning system
model predictive control (MPC)                   dual-stage piezoelectric nano-positioner
model-based control                              dual-stage system model
model-based diagnostics                          dynamic 3D surface profilometer
modeling                                         dynamic characterization
monopropellant                                   dynamic control
monopropellantpowered actuation                  Dynamic deflection tire (DDT) model
motion control                                   dynamic horizontal vector
motion redirection                               Dynamic profilometry integrated mechatronics
motor                                            Dynamics
motor drives                                     eccentric point
MR-compatible sensors and actuators              elastomers
Multi dimensional positioner                     elbow rehabilitation
multi-parametric quadratic programming (mp-QP)   electroactive polymer actuators
multirate control                                electrohydraulic control
multivariable optimal control                    electrohydraulic systems
multivariable optimization                       electromechanical test bench system
nanomanipulation                                 Electromyographic (EMG)
nanomanufacturing                                electromyographic pattern recognition
nanoscale path planning                          electromyographic signals recognition
navigation                                       electromyography (EMG)
nearly linear dynamics                           electro-oculography
neural network (NN)                              electrostatic actuator
neuroscience                                     embedded flexible structure
nonholonomic constraints                         Embedded microsensors
nonlinear controller                             EMG classifier
nonlinear identification                         EMG histogram
nonlinear system                                 EMG recognition
nonlinear system identification                  end effectors
observer-based sliding mode control              end-effector tool
onboard modeling                                 energy regeneration
onset voltage                                    energy saving
optimal control                                  energy-regenerative system
Optimum control                                  energy-saving performance
orientation estimation                           engine control
ornithopter                        engine work output
parallel kinematic machine (PKM)   Equivalent circuit
parameter estimation               estimation method
passive controller                 estimation process
permanentmagnet motors             exoskeleton design
piezoelectric                      extended Kalman Filter
piezoelectric actuator             eye movements
piezotranslator                    Fabry-Perot interferometer
planetary gear train               facial expression
polymer actuators                  facilitate controller design
polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)     fault detectability indexes
pose estimation                    fault detection and isolation (FDI)
power efficient                    fault diagnosis
power electronics                  fault indicators
power line communication (PLC)     fault tolerance
power supply                       fault tolerance position control
power train                        fault-tolerant lane-keeping control
power-autonomous robots            feature extraction
power-shuttle transmission         feature vector extraction
powertrain control                 feature-projection method
precision control systems          feedback
precision motion control           Feedforward (FF) control
precision positioning              Feedforward controller
proof mass                         feedforward input design
rapid prototyping                  finite-element analysis
real time                          flame sensor intelligent buildings
real-time digital control          flexible rotors
reconfigurable architectures       flexure-based devices
redundant manipulators             flow control
reflected force feedback           flow instability
rehabilitation                     fluid dispensing analysis
residual vibration                 fluid dispensing control
ripple tuning                      Fluid power
road vehicles                      flying machine
robot                              flying robot
robot aided rehabilitation         foot design
robot emulation                    Foot pressure
robot hand design                  foot pressure activated sensory compensation system
robotic grasping                   force allocation
robotic satellite capture          Force control
robotics                           force feedback
robots                             force measurement
robustness                         Force reflection (FR)
Rough-terrain mobile robotics      force-feedback augmentation modes
saturated control input            force-feedback control
saw-tooth surface                  force-feedback gain scheduling master&#x2013
screw theory                       force-reflecting teleoperation
self-actuating                     force-reflection algorithm
self-powered robot                 formation control
self-sensing actuation (SSA)       four-channel EMG signals
semiconductor manufacturing        Fourier transform
senorless                          frequency response function
sensor fusion                             friction compensation
sensor network                            friction dynamics
servo control                             friction observers
servo systems                             front-wheel-steered automated vehicles
shape deposition manufacturing            fuzzy control
Shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator array   fuzzy integral
shape memory alloys (SMAs)                fuzzy logic controllers design
shape recognition                         gain scheduling algorithm
short seeking                             gait analysis
shunt                                     gait dynamics
shunt damping                             gait performance
singular perturbation                     gait planning
sliding mode                              gait planning
slip and sinkage detection                gas temperature
space robots                              Gaussian distributions
speed estimation                          Gaussian mixture model
spherical actuator                        Gaussian processes
stability                                 generalized discriminant analysis (GDA)
state observer                            general-purpose 7 DOF haptic device
steerability                              gradient benchmark system
symbolic dynamics                         gradient methods
symmetric vibration                       grasping mechanism
target trajectory                         gravitational acceleration measurements
task-space sensing                        H2 decentralized control
telemanipulation                          Hall effect transducers
teleoperation                             Hall sensor
telerobotics                              hand control system
tendon-driven mechanism                   hand module
thermoelectric device (TED)               hand motor control
threedimensional (3-D) visualization      Hand rehabilitation
time delay                                handicapped aids
time-series analysis                      haptic device
tire force                                haptic feedback devices
torque control                            haptic interfaces
torque model                              haptic mouse
torque ripple                             Haptics
tracking control                          hard discs
training medical simulators               hard disk drives
tripod                                    Harmonic distortion
two degrees of freedom (TDOF) control     HCCI
uncalibrated visual servoing              head-positioning systems
unmanned air vehicle (UAV)                high-order harmonic information
unscented Kalman filter (UKF)             high-voltage IC
unstructured environments                 Hinfin control
urban environment                         Hinfin decentralized control
valves                                    homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine
variable mechanical configuration         human arm
variable sampling rates                   human computer interaction
vehicle dynamics                          human operator
vehicle following                         human walking motion
vehicle lateral guidance                  human-computer interface
vehicle positioning                       human-machine interface
vibration                       humanoid robot
vibration control               humanoid robot
vibration isolation             humanoid robotics
virtual decomposition control   humanoid robots prosthetics
wave variables                  Human–robot interaction
wear                            hybrid actuator
wearable robot                  hydraulic accumulator counter balance
zero-power control              hydraulic elevators
                                hydraulic systems
                                hydrodynamic force
                                hysteresis modeling
                                hysteresis motor control drives
                                Image processing
                                image registration
                                image resolution statistics
                                Image-guided intervention
                                Image-guided intervention
                                inclinometer sensor
                                induction motor drives
                                inertial measurement unit (IMU)
                                inertial navigation
                                input saturation
                                input-to-output stability
                                inscribed cylinder-usable workspace
                                integrated direct-drive joint
                                integrated mechatronics
                                integrated motor
                                integrator backstepping
                                integrator backstepping
                                intelligent actuators
                                Intelligent control
                                intelligent robots safety
                                intelligent security robot
                                intelligent space
                                intelligent structures
                                interactive devices
                                interferometers optical fibres
                                internal combustion engines
                                ionization smoke sensor
                                iterative methods
                                joint stiffness
                                joint transmitting error
                                Kalman filters
                                kinematic chain
                                kinematic configuration
                                kinematic structure
                                kinematically redundant inertial measurement unit
                                Lagrangian dynamics
laparoscopic minimally invasive telesurgical system
large-scale systems
laser beam machining
laser machining
laser-machined shape memory alloy actuators
learning (artificial intelligence)
legged locomotion
letter string
light interferometry
linear actuator
linear controllers
linear discriminant analysis (LDA)
linear fractional transformation (LFT)
linear induction motors
linear matrix
linear matrix inequalities
linear motion
linear optimal separating hyperplane
linear supervised feature projection
linearized plant model
longitudinal control designs
longitudinal tire behaviors
low speed
Lyapunov direct method
Lyapunov direct method
Lyapunov methods
Lyapunov theory
Lyapunov-based stability analysis
machine bearings
machine control
machine tools
machine vision
machining chatter
machining process chattering
magnetic bearings
magnetic fields
magnetic flux
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatibility
magnetic sensing
magnetic sensors
magnetometry principle
malfunction-free machining
manipulator dynamics
manipulator kinematics
mass estimation
material processing
mathematical analysis
mathematical model
maximum-allowable force perception
mean square error methods
mechanical cables
mechanical couplings
mechanical joints
mechanical work
mechatronic design
mechatronic insole
mechatronic insole
mechatronic systems
mechatronics system
medical control systems
medical parallel robot
medical robotics
medical robots parallel manipulators
medical signal processing
MEMS characterization
MHz bandwidth
microcantilever beam
microcantilever sensors
microelectromechanical system (MEMS)
micromechanical devices
microprocessor control
microprocessor control system
microrobot system
microtemperature sensor
millimeter-scale actuators
miniature robotics
minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
minimally invasive surgical system
mobile manipulator
mobile microrobots
mobile robotics
mobile robots
mobile robots tracking
model parameter coordinator (MPC)
model reduction
model reference adaptive control (MRAC)
model-based control
model-based run-by-run control
Modeling and control
modular controller
modular joint
motion control
motion control system
motion controller
motion dynamics
motion kinematics
motor torque control
mouse controllers (computers)
multidegrees-of-freedom prosthetic hand
multifunction myoelectric hand
multilayer perceptron
multilayer perceptrons
multimode steering
multiple manipulators
Multirobot coordination
multi-robot systems
multisensor fire-detection algorithm (MSFDA)
multivariate statistical process monitoring techniques
myoelectric hand control
nanoassembly planning
nanohandling automation
nanorobots assembly tasks
nanoscale measurement resolution
networked control system (NCS)
neural network
neuromuscular stimulation
Neurosurgical robot
neurosurgical robot system
Newtonian fluids
noncontact electronic joystick
noncontact omnidirectional mobile platform
noncontact sensor
nonholonomic systems
nonlinear adaptive controller
nonlinear characteristics equation
nonlinear compensation
nonlinear control
nonlinear control systems
nonlinear dynamic model
nonlinear modeling equations
nonlinear plant model
nonlinear systems
nonlinear transformation
non-Newtonian flow
nonNewtonian fluids
novel virtual metrology scheme
numerical simulation
Nyquist diagrams
observer-based compensation
obstacle avoidance
offline iterative processing
omnidirectional wheeled mobile platform
omputational fluid dynamics
online fault detection
online machining process monitoring system
online quality monitoring
open loop system
open-loop scenarios
optical displacement sensor
optical fiber
optical interferometry
optical sensors
optimal control
optimal control settle
optimal joint torque sensory feedback
optimal online structural analysis
optimal-output-transition problem
optimized motion paths
orientational installation error
pan-tilt-zoom camera
parallel manipulator
parallel mechanism
parameter estimation
parameter uncertainties
parameter uncertainty
parameters estimation
passenger car
passengers safety
passive damping
passive revolute joints
path planning
patient rehabilitation
patient treatment
pattern recognition
permanent disc magnet
permanent magnets
permanent-magnet motors
petri nets
physical constraints robot architecture
PI control
PID control
PID controller
piezoelectric actuation
piezoelectric actuator
piezoelectric actuators
piezoelectric capacitance
piezoelectric patch actuator
piezoelectrically driven microcantilevers
pipe flow
pixel space
pixel statistics
planar-distributed pin array
pneumatic actuators
pneumatic control
pneumatic cylinder actuators
pneumatic hydraulic motor
pneumatic servo positioning systems
pneumatic systems
polymer films
polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film
pose estimation
position control
position feedback capability
position sensor
position tracking
position tracking control
positioning accuracy
positioning control
positive joint torque feedback
post processing recognition system
postural sway indexes
posture control
posture-control enhancement
power installation
power-driven rotors
predictive control
predictive robot control
prehensile postures' classification
pressure sensors
Process monitoring
production engineering computing
production equipment
production wafers
propane-fueled homogeneous charge compression ignition engine mod
proportional integral derivative control
proportional-integral gain-scheduling
proprioceptive control
proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
prosthetic hand support vector machine (SVM)
prototype testing
PTZ camera
pulsation tension
pulsewidth modulation
push-off condition
radial basis function networks
radial basis function neural network (RBFN)
radial-basis function
radio astronomy
range-extended optical fiber
rapid tooling (RT)
real time
real-time pattern-recognition system
reference trajectory tracking
rehabilitation robotics
relative actuation capabilities
relaxation length
remote control
residual thresholds
residuals' sensitivity analysis
resistance 1000 ohm
resonant filter
resonant vibratory behavior
rigid body motions
rigid-body motion tracking
rigid-body rotation tracking
road friction identification method
road safety
road vehicle control
road vehicle electric propulsion
road vehicle identification
road vehicles
road vehicles sensors
robot arm
robot calibration
robot dynamics
robot joint
robot kinematics
robot manipulators
robot mimicking
robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery
robot-assisted neurosurgery
robotic assembly
robotic vehicle
robotic vehicle
robot-reachable workspace
robust control
robust environmental change detection
robust fault diagnosis
robust recognition system
root-mean-square error
rotary motion
rotary to linear
rotor position
rotors cyclogyro
roughness display
safety devices
safety driving system
scanning electron microscope
scanning electron microscope (SEM)
scheduled proportional-integral controller
seat belt
seat belt motor retractor
seat belt vibration
self-mixing laser sensor
self-organising feature maps automated multirobot nanoassembly plann
self-organizing map (SOM)
semiautonomous operation
semiconductor device manufacture
semiconductor manufacturing
sensitivity analysis
sensor fusion smoke detectors
sensor placement
sensor technology
sensor unit
sensorless longitudinal road gradient estimation
sensory receptor
servo bandwidth
settling cost
shape memory alloy (SMA)
shape memory effects
shear modulus
shoulder rehabilitation
shunting neural networks voidance
Sideslip angle estimation
signal classification
signal processing
simple model-based approach
sine wave reference trajectory
single-degree-of-freedom mechanism
single-leg quiet standing
single-leg support time index
single-zone combustion
size 3 nm to 5 nm
slave robot user interface
slave teleoperation
sliding link mechanisms
sliding-mode control
SMA-actuated biped robot
smart actuators
smooth trajectories
spatial-temporal probabilistic modeling
spherical motion
spherical wrist
squeeze-film damper
stable walking pattern
state observers
state-of-the-art robotic tools
static tire behaviors
stationary cameras
statistical process control
steady fluid dispensing
steady/unsteady flow
step motor
stimulation device
stroboscopes vibration measurement
stroboscopic illumination
stroboscopic interferometry
stroboscopic LED light source
stroke patients
structural analysis
subsensory electrical stimulation
support vector machine
synchronous motor drives
system identification/characterisation
system modeling
tactile display
tactile sensor
Taylor expression
teleoperation time-delay systems
temperature semiconductor sensor
temperature sensors
tendon-driven mechanisms
tension control
texture display mouse
thermal response
three-dimensional noncontacting angular motion sensor analysis
three-term control
tilting-pad bearings
time-consuming image registration
time--pressure dispensing
time-varying communication delay
time-varying magnetic field
tire compliance
tire dynamic deflection
tire force estimation
tire force models
tire transient properties
tire-mode switching behavior
tire-vehicle structure modes
tool malfunctions
torque control
torque disturbance rejection
torque ripple
track-following control
tracking controller
traction control
trajectory tracking
trans- lational parallel manipulator
transportation vehicle
trapezoidal waveform
treadmill ambulation
treadmill walking
tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer
two-channel controller
ultrasmall mass detection
ultrasonic motor
ultraviolet sensor
unilateral transtibial amputees
unsteady fluid dispensing
upper-limb powered exoskeleton
vacuum chamber
variable attack angle mechanism
variable structure systems
vector locus
vehicle CAN bus data
vehicle control
vehicle control Estimation
vehicle dynamic control system
vehicle dynamics
vehicle longitudinal control
vehicle longitudinal dynamics
vehicle sideslip angle
vehicle speeds
vehicle yaw moment
velocity 440 mum/s
velocity control
velocity feedback
vertical measurement
vibration control
vibration measurement
vibrotactile pattern
virtual metrology (VM)
virtual reality
virtual reality simulation
visual servoing
visual-auditory biofeedback
Vytaflex 10
walking pattern
wall climbing
wavelet packet transform (WPT)
wavelet transform
way fuzzy control
wearable Braille sensor system
wearable foot interface
wearable foot interface
wearable robotics
web handling systems
web handling systems
white light interferometric scanning principle
white light vertical scanning
whole-arm rehabilitation
wireless communication
wireless powering
wireless powering
zero moment point (ZMP)
2008 Index Terms/Keywords
 local area network
3D real-time tracking
3-D sensor
3-DOF magnetic resonance-compatible mechatronic system
5-DOF manipulator arm
Access control
Achilles tendon
Acoustic noise
acoustic noise reduction
Active sensing
Active suspension
active suspension system
active vibration control
Actuator brake damper
Actuator design
actuator electromechanical performance
Actuator saturation
adaptive control
Adaptive control
Adaptive controller
adaptive filtering
adaptive filters
adaptive nonlinear compensation
adaptive nonlinear compensation scheme
Adaptive nonlinear modeling and compensation
Adaptive robust control (ARC)
Aerial imagery
aircraft maintenance
all-purpose use
alternative orientation controller
anthropomorphic artificial hand
articulated suspension system
artificial bearing damage
Artificial hand
artificial limbs
asymmetric digital subscriber line
atomic force microscopes
Atomic force microscopy (AFM)
audio feedback
Automotive control
Autonomous vehicles
Bea Actuation
Bearing failure
Bearingless motor
biological tissues
Biologically inspired methods
biomechanical measurement
biomechanical modeling
biomedical devices
biomedical measurement
biomedical MRI
biomedical MRI diseases
biomedical ultrasonics
biomimetic-fabric-based sensing glove
Blind deconvolution
blind deconvolution denoising
brachytherapy laser ablation
Brain activity exploration
brain studies
Bristle mechanism
bristle traction force
bristle-based pipeline robot
brush pipeline robots
brushless machines
brushless minimotor
B-spline function
cantilever beam
capsular endoscopy
capsule locomotion
Cartesian coordinates
centralized impedance control strategy
closed loop systems
closed-bore MRI-guided prostatic interventions
closed-bore scanners
closed-loop scheme
closed-loop system
CMOS frontal camera
CMOS integrated circuits
Coarse seek control
cogging force
cogging force compensation
coil poles
communication line
compliant channel
Compliant mechanism
composite actuators
Computer-aided engineering
Computer-assisted medical interventions (CAMIs)
Concordia transform
condition monitoring
condition-based maintenance
Conducting polymer sensors and actuators
conducting polymers
contact sensor design
Continuous path (CP) control
continuous path controller
continuous time systems
continuously varying damper
contouring control
control design
control system synthesis
control systems
controller implementation
control-oriented model
convergence of numerical methods
convergent iterative learning law
cooperative manipulators
cost function
critical component health monitoring
current collection
data storage system
data visualisation
decentralized impedance control strategy
Deformation friction estimation
Design criteria
design engineering
design evaluation
desired compensation adaptive robust control
Device dynamics
Device tracking MRI
Dexterous robot hand
dielectric elastomer (DE)
dipole model
disc drives
diseases diagnosis
disk drives
displacement inputs
distributed multipole models
distributed sensor network
distributed sensors
disturbance rejection
drill control system
drill feed force
drill rotational torque
drilling efficiency
dual-arm cooperative manipulators
Dual-stage actuator (DSA)
dual-stage servo system
dynamic behavior
dynamic response
dynamic test
Eddy current brake (ECB)
elastically deformable channel
electric actuators
electric sensing devices
electroactive polymer (EAP)
Electroactive polymers
electromagnetic actuators
Electromagnetic compatibility
electromagnetic devices
electromagnetic interference
Electromagnetic servo system
Electromechanical coupling
electromechanical systems
electronic hardware
electrorheological fluid (ERF)
electrorheological fluid dampers
electrostatic film motor force sensor
electrostatic motor
electrostatic motors
embedded design
Embedded systems
Encoder motor drive
end effectors
ERF brake actuation principle
European geostationary navigation overlay service (EGNOS)
extended Kalman filters (EKFs)
fabric sensing glove
failure detection
failure diagnosis
fast nanoscale positioning
fault detection
Fault detection and diagnosis
fault diagnosis
Feedback control
feedback control
feedback controller
feedback loop
feedforward input
feedforward systems
fibre optic sensors
Field-programmable gate array (FPGA)
final-state control
finite elements
finite-element method (FEM)
finite-impulse-response filter
FIR filters
fixed imaging
Flexible m conducting polymers
Flexible manipulator
flexible manipulators
flexible robotic arm
Flexible structures
flight regime
flux density feedback control
flux-density-based electromagnetic servo system
flux-density-based feedback control
folded functional MRI (fMRI)
force control
force display
force feedback
force sensors
force/torque sensor
force-feedback handcontrollers
fovea sensor
frequency domain
frequency responses
frequency-domain analysis
frequency-domain system identification method
friction torque
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
functional MRI
functional MRI (fMRI)
Functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS)
fuzzy control
fuzzy integral
fuzzy logic control
fuzzy pattern matching
gain-scheduled (GS) control
gait analysis
gastrointestinal tract exploration
generalized Kalman-Yakubovic-Popov lemma
genetic algorithm (GA)
gesture monitoring
goal function
Gough–Stewart platforms (GSPs)
gradient coils
graphical user interface
graphical user interfaces
ground vehicle control
ground-hook control
Hall probe
hand posture monitoring
hand-eye coordination
haptic display
haptic interaction
haptic interface
haptic interfaces
haptic rendering
hard discs
hard disk drive
hard disk drive (HDD)
hard disk drive dual-stage actuator system
hard disk drives (HDDs)
hard rock percussive drilling
helicopter vibration signal
high-accuracy positioning
high-gain integral controller
high-gain integral controller
high-speed pantograph
high-speed trains overhead line
Hinfin control
Hinfin controller
hip angular velocities
hip joint kinematics
hip rotation
human-machine interface
hybrid neuroprosthesis
hybrid neuroprosthesis (HNP)
hybrid test
hydraulic system
hysteresis compensation
i fault diagnosis
ill-constraint pipes
image guidance
image height
image motion analysis
image processing
image resolution
image sensors
image sequences
image-guided interventions
Image-guided interventions (IGI)
image-guided prostatic interventions
imaging technologies
impedance control
impedance controller
induction motor
induction motor bearing
induction motor rotor
induction motors
industrial manipulators
industrial robots
Inertial sensors
infinite-dimensional transfer function
inner position control loop
innovative technology
integral controller
integral resonant control
integrated services digital network
internal combustion engine (ICE)
interventional radiology
Inverse kinematics
ionic polymer-metal
ionic polymer--metal composite (IPMC)
IPMC Laplace domain
Ishlinskii method
Italian high-speed lines
Italian Universities
Iterative learning control (ILC)
iterative methods
iterative optimization process
Jacobian estimation
Kalman filter
Kalman filters
Kalman–Yakubovic–Popov (KYP) lemma
kinematic design
Laplace equations
large air gap
learning systems
least squares approximations
least-squares sense
legged locomotion
legged locomotion system
light commercial vehicle
light rail systems
linear contractile actuator
linear controller
linear matrix inequalities
linear matrix inequalities (LMIs)
linear motors
linear parametrization
linear systems
linear-motor-driven system
liquid crystal displays
local scan
logarithmic coordinates
log-polar chip system
Lorentz-force-induced vibrations
low-cost semiactive nonlinear technique
low-frequency behavior
lumpedparameter model (LPM)
Lyapunov stability
machine bearings
machine control
machine interface (HMI)
machine tools
Magic angle
magic angle effect
magnetic bearing
magnetic field
magnetic fields
magnetic fields magnetic forces
magnetic flux
magnetic flux density
magnetic forces
magnetic resonance (MR) compatibility
magnetic resonance (MR) compatible robotic/mechatronic systems
magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible robotics
magnetic resonance imaging compatible robotic system
magnetic servoing
magnetic tracking
magnetostrictive actuator
man-machine systems
Manufacturing automation
map datum
master and slave manipulators
master motion tracking performance
master-slave type remote ultrasound diagnostic system
materials handling equipment
maximum load test
maximum load test
maximum torque output
mechanical devices
mechanical lever system
mechanical orthosis
mechanical sensors
mechanical variables control
mechanical variables measurement
mechatronic devices
mechatronic system
Mechatronic systems
medical control systems
medical robot
medical robotics
medical robotics application
medical signal processing
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) packaging
mobile haptic interface
mobile robot
mobile robot
mobile robots
model reduction
model-based control design
Modeling and verification
modified Prandtl&#x2013
motion control
motion control
motion generation
motion-triggered cine-MRI
motor drives
motor legged capsule
motor legged capsule
MR compatible force-torque sensors
MR environment
MR scanner
MR-compatible mechatronics
MR-compatible robotic device
MR-compatible sensor
MRI compatibility
MRI compatible
MRI environment actuators
MRI scanner
MRI systems
MRI-compatible devices
MRI-compatible mechatronic systems
multiaxis motion control
multibody dynamics
multidegree-of-freedom elect
multidegree-of-freedom electromagnetic actuators
multilink actuated endoscope
multirate control scheme
multirate wave transform
multi-robot systems
mu-synthesis approach
narrow-tilting vehicle (NTV)
neural network control
neuromuscular stimulation
noise abatement
noise test
nonlinear control
nonlinear control systems
nonlinear flexural vibration
nonlinear function
nonlinear optimization
nonlinear target tracking control design
nonlinear treatment
object deformation
object-oriented modeling
onboard processor
online estimation
optical data storage device
optical encoders
optical fiber
optical fibers
optical flow
optical head unit (OHU)
optimal control
optimal seek control trajectory
optimization methods
oscillating force signal
outdoor vehicles
outer magnetic control loop
overhead images
parallel manipulator
parallel manipulators
Park transform
partial differential equation
passive hybrid
passive microcoil fiducials
passive resistive torques
passivity control
path planning
patient diagnosis
percussive drilling
performance evaluation
permanent magnet
permanent magnet based devices
permanent magnet parametrization
permanent magnet spherical actuator
permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
permanent magnets
physics-based model
physiological motion measurement
physiological motion sensing
piano mover’s problem
piezoelectric actuator
piezoelectric actuators
piezoelectric element
piezoelectric microactuator
piezoelectric transducers
piezoelectric tube actuator
piezoelectrically actuated microcantilevers
piezoresistive conductive elastomers
piezoresistive elastomers
pinhole camera
pipeline robot
planetary gear train
PM actuators
pneumatic air motor
pneumatic control
pneumatic muscle
polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
population-based generalization
population-based uncalibrated visual servoing
position control
position measurement
postural stability
postural stability
power 0.75 kW
power 0.75 kW
power overhead lines
precise tip positioning
precision engineering
precision industrial gantry
precision positioning
process chamber
proportional integral derivative inner motion loop
prostate biopsy
prostate brachytherapy and biopsy
proximity sensing
quarter car vehicle model
rail transportation control systems
railway aerospace components
rate transitions
Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)-GPS
real-time magnetic servoing
real-time scheduler
reduced order systems
redundant manipulators
remote medical system
remote medical systems
remote ultrasound diagnostic system
resistive force generation
resistive force-torque generation
resonant control
resonant controller
response characterization
restore gait
restore gait
road holding
robot actuators
robot manipulator
robot manipulators
robot vision
robotic manipulators
robotic surgery
robotic technologies
robotic wiring harness assembly
robust control
robust control
robust iterative learning control design
robust performance
robust performance weighting function
rock excavation
sampled data systems
scanning tunneling microscopes
secant method
seek-settling vibration minimization
seismic mass actuators
self-optimizing control system
self-sensing actuation
semiactive devices
semiactive suspension
semiactive suspension control system design
semiactive suspension system
semiactive variable impedance material
sensing ability
sensitivity loop shaping
sensor based feedback c
sensor based feedback controller
sensor signals
service robots
servo control
servo mechanism
servo system
servo systems
shielded strain gauge
shock absorbers
signal denoising
signal processing
silicone elastomer
silicone-made contractile dielectric elastomer actuators
SIMO system
simple least-square algorithm
single-link flexible manipulator
singularity free workspace
sinusoidal function
six-DOF impedance control
sky-hook control
slave manipulation
slave manipulator safety
slip event detection
slippage detection
slippage experiment
slow update rate
smart materials
snake-like robot
soft actuation technology
soft compliant tactile microsensor
soft real-time systems
soft tissue motion
software engineering
space vector expression
spherical actuator
spherical motor
spinal cord injury
splines (mathematics),
static calibration
statistical test
statistical testing
stiffness control
stiffness tuning
strain gauge
strain gauges
stress analysis
structural response
superelastic legs
surgical robotics
surgical robots
suspensions (mechanical components)
switched system
synchronous drive robot
system identification/characterization
tactile device
tactile microsensor
tactile sensors
tagged cine-MRI
target tracking
telecommunication computing
telerobotic surgical system
tendinous diagnosis
three-term control
time delay
time-varying systems
time-varying uncertainty
tip positioning
tire/road friction
tissue deformation visualization
torque model
tracking control
traction force
transfer function identification
transfer function models
transfer functions
transmission mechanism
Trenitalia SPA
triaxial force microsensor
trilayer polypyrrole type conducting polymer sensors
two-pole induction motor
typical field gradient-echo planar imaging gradient sequence
ultrasonic motors
uncalibrated systems
uncertain single-input-single-output linear time-invariant system
uncertain systems
Unified Modeling Language (UML) extension
uninhibited sagittal hip rotation
variable constraint hip mechanism
variable valve actuation (VVA)
vehicle dynamics
velocity control
velocity-control-based CP controller
vibration control
vibration signal denoising
virtual environment
virtual reality
visual information
visual servoing
voice coil motor actuator
wave variables
wheel acceleration
wheel skidding
whisker like
whisker-like 3D position sensor design
wide area augmentation system (WAAS)
wide-angle foveated lens
wide-angle foveation (WAF)
wide-angle space-variant image
wireless communication system
Youla parameterization
Youla parameterization approach
λ-geometry maze router
2009 Index Terms/Keywords
2-DOF control design
3-D measurement
Abnormality detection
Actuation redundancy
Actuator design
Adaptive control
Adhesion forces
Anthropomorphic robots
Arrayed microactuators
Artificial limbs
Assistive devices
Atomic force microscopy
balanced gramian
Bidirectional communications
Bilateral teleoperation
biologically inspired control
Biped walking
Center of mass
Cluster space
collaborative control
Communication timing control
Compliance control
compliant mechanisms
componentswapping modularity
Computed torque method
Configuration state matrix
Control engineering
Control systems
Cooperative exploration
Coordinated control
Data fusion
decentralized algorithms
decentralized systems
Design optimization
dexterous manipulators
differential flatness
Dipole force model
Distributed multirobot task allocation
Disturbance observer (DOB)
Dual servo control
Dye recording
Dynamic redundancy resolution
Electric drives
electromagnet (EM)
Electronic nose (e-nose)
Emotional interaction
feedback control
field robotics
Finite-time consensus
fleet control
Flexure-based mechanism
fluid flow measurement
Force control
Force feedback
force-mode control
formation control
Frequency weighting
function approximation
gait analysis
gait monitoring device
genetic algorithm (GA)
giant magnetostrictive thin films (GMFs)
grip control
group configuration
hardwarein-the-loop (HIL)
High bandwidth
high resolution
human gait phase detection
Humanoid robot finger
humanoid robots
human–robot interaction
hybrid network
Image-guided surgery
impedance control
incremental task selection
intelligent robots
Internal force control
internal model control (IMC)
inverse kinematics
inverse torque model
ionic polymers
isotropically enhanced
Iterative learning control
jitter suppression
landing posture control
laser beam control
Least-squares methods
legged locomotion
legged robots
limit cycles
Linear and angular motion
linear matrix inequalities (LMIs)
Linear-quadratic control
lookup table
Magnetic levitation
magnetorheological fluid (MRF)
manipulator design
market-based coordination
Markov jump linear system (MJLS)
Markov processes
mechanical system design
mechanical systems
mesh sensor network
microconveyance system
microelectromechanical (MEM) resonator
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fast steering mirrors
microparallel positioning platform
micropositioning device
microswimming robot
minimum-variance adaptive control
Mitsubishi PA10-7C
mobile robot collaboration
mobile robot dynamics
mobile robot motion planning
mobile robots
mode matched
mode shape
module state vector
motion control
motion planning
motor impedance
multiagent systems
multiple mobile robot system (MMRS)
multiple traveling robot problem (MTRP)
multirobot systems
multirobot teams
musculoskeletal systems
navigation of vehicles
networked control systems (NCSs) design
neural network control
nonholonomic wheeled mobile manipulator (NH-WMM)
nonlinear control system
nonlinear coupled joints
nonlinear oscillations
odor dispersion
odor monitoring
ON–OFF valve
optical recording device (ORD)
oscillator circuit
packet loss
parallel kinematics and machines
parallel manipulator
parameter estimation
percutaneous needle insertion
permanent-magnet (PM) machines
phase domain
Phase shifting technique
phase-locked loop (PLL)
piezoelectric actuator
piezoelectric actuator (PEA)
piezoelectric ceramics
piezoelectric devices
piezoelectric transducers
piezo-flexural stages
Pneumatic actuators
pneumatic control equipment
position and force switching control
positioning control
positioning systems
posture control
powered prosthesis
precision motion control
predictive control
pressure observer
prostate brachytherapy
real-time kinematic (RTK) global positioning system (GPS) location
redundant manipulators
redundant systems
resonance frequency
robot design
robot dynamics
robot teams
robust control
robust nanopositioning
rotary series elastic actuator (RSEA)
scanning probemicroscope (SPM)
scanning tunneling microscope (STM)
seven-turning pair robot (REDIESTRO)
simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
slider bearing
slidingmode control design
slip effect
smart materials
smart shoes
solder paste inspection
speakerindependent system
speech emotion recognition
spherical actuator
Stair climbing
state-space modeling
stochastic stability
stochastic systems
strategic planning
subspace projection
switching control
tactile sensor
task allocation
terminal sliding-mode (TSM) control
time delay
time-delay control
time-varying delay
tipover prediction
topology optimization
topology reconfiguration
trackedmobile robot
track–stair interactions
ultrahigh speed
underwater vehicle propulsion
vibration control
vibration measurement
vibrations control
vibratory gyroscope
virtual prototyping (VP)
virtual reality (VR)
wafer stage control
walking control
wave variables
wheel-manipulator robot
wheel–soil interaction
wireless sensor network
tic/mechatronic systems

tible robotics
 botic system

ostic system
er actuators
radient sequence

me-invariant system
2010 Index Terms/Keywords
Active control
Active magnetic bearings
array operation
Bearing fault diagnosis
Bearingless motor
Cooling system
digital mechanisms
Dynamic system
electromagnetic actuators
electromagnetic devices
electromagnetic suspension
Environment estimation
feedforward systems
Flexure mechanism
force estimation
fractional-order systems
Fuzzy control
genetic algorithm (GA)
Grasp-type recognition
ground-based physical simulation
Hall sensor
Haptic feedback
haptic interface
hollow-shaft motor
human tactile receptor
inverse double nonlinear autoregressive with exogenous input (NARX) fuzzy (IDNF) model
magnetic bearing
mechanical haptic display
miniature haptic device
Mobile robot
modeling and identification
motion control
multifunction tactor
multiple loop
nonholonomic system
nonlinear control
nonlinear control system
nonlinear system
paper sheet control
parallel mechanism
piezoelectric actuation
planetary gear train
redundant actuation
sealed chamber
selfbearing motor
shaft speed detection
smart sensor
space radiator
state feedback linearization
system identification
tactile sensor
temperature regulation
thermoelectric cooler
two-axis pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) robot arm
upper extremity prosthesis
variable impedance approach (VIA)
wavelet energy spectrum

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