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									Beowulf Study Guide
Please answer all questions on notebook paper; staple answers and questions together.

Part I: "Grendel"
1. Where does Grendel live?
2. What can he hear?
3. How does this affect him?
4. What does he do about it?
5. Who is Grendel's earliest ancestor?
6. Why does his ancestry matter?
7. What are the warriors doing when Grendel finds them?
8. What delights him?
9. Who is the leader of the warriors?
10. Where were the warriors staying?
11. How soon does Grendel return?
12. What do the warriors do to survive?
13. How long does this go on?
14. What country does this take place in?
15. Why doesn't Grendel attack the king?
16. Why can't Grendel know God's love? **
17. Why did the warriors hope "for Hell's Support"?

Beowulf Study Guide
Please answer all questions on notebook paper.; staple answers and questions together.

Part II: "Beowulf"
1. Who was king before Hrothgar?
2. Who is king of the Geats?
3. Who is the strongest warrior of the Geats?
4. What is an omen?
5. Why didn't people regret Beowulf's decision?
6. How many soldiers go with him?
7. Who comes out to greet Beowulf and the other soldiers?
8. In what two ways is Beowulf connected to Higlac?
9. How does Beowulf describe Herot?
10. What two previous adventures does Beowulf mention?
11. What request does Beowulf make?
12. Why is this important to him? (see lines 169-171)
13. What does he ask the Danes to do if he dies?
14. How is Edgetho connected to Beowulf?
15. Why was Edgetho not allowed to return to his country?
16. Who was Hrothgar's older brother?
17. How did Hrothgar become king?
18. What did Hrothgar do for Beowulf's father?
19. In lines 212-213, who does Hrothgar think could help?
20. What do the Danes do to show honor to the Geats?

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