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					       MGMT 4020
Hiring & Retaining Human

    Course Overview
   Assumptions and Teaching
U.S. Unemployment Rate
Employers are Looking

    Job Openings – Private Sector
So Are Employees….

   Quit Rate – Private Sector
                     What I Do

   Teaching                             Director, Center
       Undergrad, PhD                    for Integrative
   Research                              Study of Work
       Hiring systems                   Consultant
       Counter-Productive Behavior          Coors, Kaiser
       Job Satisfaction                      Permanente,
       Work Climate and                      National Park
        Medication Errors                     Service, Denver
                                              Police, Vail Resorts
   Director, Office of                      IBM Professor in
    Research Integrity                        Residence
     My Assumptions about You
   Bright
   Academically experienced
   Some work experience
   Motivated?
My Assumptions about Teaching
   Learning vs. Teaching
     hands-on
     learning from/with each other

   Challenge
   Explore issues vs. just memorize facts
       Critical, independent thinking
        My Expectations of You
   Take course seriously
     Prepare in advance
     Get involved

   Professional performance standards
   Professional behavior standards
        Performance Standards
   A = Wow!            A     23
   B = Solid           B     14
                        C     6
   C = Meets minimum
    standards           D     0
   D = Significant     F     1
    performance gaps
   F = Major           GPA   3.27
    performance gaps
    Class Participation Ratings

     Attendance     Frequency        Quality
5     Excellent      Frequent         High
4       Good         Frequent        Modest
4       Good         Regular          High
3       Good         Regular         Modest
2    Intermittent   Occasional         n/a
1        Poor       Occasional         n/a
             Behavior Standards
   Honesty
   Treat others courteously
Your Expectations?
             FCQs: Most Effective
   Useful/Practical
       “I will take this course content to work”
       “Lots of real life knowledge”
   Project
       “A lot of work, but excellent learning experience”
       Project was a chance to step outside the classroom and into a
        business environment. I really enjoyed it.
   Book
       “Easy to read and understand”
       “Book & lectures worked well together”
   Quality Content
       “Prepared & organized”; “He knows his stuff”
FCQs: Least Effective/Improve
   Structure
       “project could have had more structure” (not recently)

   Team presentations – now dropped
   Exams
       “Things showed up on exam I didn’t recognize”
       “Too many tests (all cumulative)”

   Presentation
       “While the info is very important, lectures were a little bland
        at times”
       “PowerPoint becomes repetitious and boring to look at slides
        every class period”
                   FCQs: Other
   “This course was so crammed with important
    information that it was hard to take it all in….I
    learned more in this class than any other I had.”
   “Don’t particularly like the rhetorical questions about
    how I’d handle a situation…I’m looking to learn what
    you know.”
   “I actually learned something!”

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