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									                                                                                      Evaluation Plan
Evaluation Plan for: UNDP India
Programming Cycle: 2008-12
Date: 12 March 2007
      Evaluation Title             Partners        MYFF Goal          CPD or      Evaluation           Key Evaluation              Resources for    Mandatory     Evaluation    Reports
                                    ( joint                            CPAP       Completion            stakeholders               Evaluation &     Evaluation?    Status*     uploaded
                                 evaluations)                         Outcome       Date                                            Sources of        ( Y/N)                   in ERC?
                                                                                                                                     Funding                                     ( Y/N)
UNDAF Evaluation
Joint mid-term UNDAF             UN system       Achieving   the     CPD in the   Q3 - Q4      NPC/line ministries/ state          $50,000              Y
evaluation (overall and                          MDGs       and      framework    2010         departments/district                Country
select themes)                                   reducing human      of UNDAF                  administration/CBOs/private         Programme
                                                 poverty                                       sector                              budget
Outcome Evaluation
Scaled up multi-sectoral         NACO/ UN        Responding     to   CPD          Q3 2010      PLWHA/ NACO/other                   $40,000              Y
responses to achieve NACP-       System          HIV/AIDS                                      concerned ministries                Country
III goals with particular                                                                                                          Programme
references to vulnerable                                                                                                           budget
Improved effectiveness of        NPC/            Achieving   the     CPD          Q3 2010      Urban and rural poor households     $80,000              Y
poverty     reduction      and   JNNURM/         MDGs       and                                esp. women/ SC/ST,                  Country
livelihood programmes in         UN System       reducing human                                NPC/JNNURM/MoRD/                    Programme
disadvantaged regions and                        poverty                                       MoPR/state govts/ municipal         budget
for     vulnerable     groups,                                                                 corps/ distt.
especially women                                                                               administration/private sector
Capacities      of     elected   MoPR/DoPT       Fostering           CPD          Q2 2011      NPC/ DoPT/MoPR/MoRD/ state          $70,000              Y
representatives and district     / state govts   democratic                                    governments/PRIs/distt              Country
officials     enhanced      to   /ATIs/select    governance                                    administration/EWRs/ATIs            Programme
perform        their     roles   donors                                                                                            budget
effectively       in     local
Systems and mechanisms in        DoJ/ CBOs       Fostering           CPD          Q2 2011      Justice sector institutions/ CBOs   $40,000              Y
place to provide identified                      democratic                                                                        Country
vulnerable and excluded                          governance                                                                        Programme
group’s access to justice at                                                                                                       budget
local level
Communities are aware of         MOEF/           Crisis prevention   CPD          Q3 2011      NPC/ MoEF/MHA/state                 $80,000              Y
their vulnerabilities, and       MHA/            and recovery                                  govts/distt. administration/        Country
adequately      prepared    to   NDMA/                                                         PRIs/ULBs/CBOs/SDMAs/               Programme
manage (and reduce) disaster     NIDM                                                          DDMAs                               budget
and environmental related
Project Evaluation
Endogenous Tourism               MoT/state       Achieving the       CPD          Q3 2008      MoT/state govt/CBOs/private         $50,000              N
                                 govt            MDGs       and                                sector                              Country
                                                 reducing human                                                                    Programme
Rajasthan   Mission        on    GoR             Achieving   the     CPD          Q3 2008      Rural poor/state                    $30,000              N
Livelihoods                                      MDGs       and                                govt/MoRD/NPC/distt.                Project budget
                                                 reducing human                                administration/private sector
National strategy for urban      NPC/            Achieving the       CPD          Q3 2008      Urban and rural poor households     $50,000              N
poor                             JNNURM          MDGs       and                                (esp. women &                       Project budget
                                                 reducing human                                SC/ST)/NPC/JNNURM/MoRD/
                                                                                               MoPR/state govts/ municipal
                                                                                               corps/ distt. administration
Strengthening State Plans for   NPC/state          Achieving the       CPD   Q4 2008   NPC/state governments               $30,000          N
Human Development               govts              MDGs       and                                                          Project budget
                                                   reducing human
Strengthening     sustainable   MoEF/state         Achieving the       CPD   Q4 2008   MoEF/state govts/forest             $30,000          N
livelihoods for bio-diversity   govts              MDGs       and                      departments/distt.administration/   Project budget
conservation in Sundarbans                         reducing human                      CBOs
Promoting conservation of       MoEF/state         Achieving   the     CPD   Q4 2008   MoEF/state govts/forest             $35,000          N
medicinal      plants and       govts              MDGs       and                      departments/distt.administration/   Project budget
traditional knowledge for                          reducing human                      CBOs/private sector
enhancing      health and                          poverty
livelihoods security
Panchayati Raj Institutions     MoPR/DoPT          Fostering           CPD   Q4 2008   NPC/ DoPT/MoPR/MoRD/ state          $50,000          N
capacity building               / State govts      democratic                          govts/PRIs/distt                    Project budget
                                /ATIs              governance                          administration/EWRs/ATIs

Disaster risk management        MOEF/              Crisis prevention   CPD   Q3 2008   NPC/MoEF/MHA/SDMAs/                 $30,000          N
                                MHA/               and recovery                        DDMAs/state govts/distt.            Project budget
                                NDMA/                                                  administration/PRIs/ULBs/
                                NIDM                                                   CBOs/
Other Evaluation
Country Programme mid-          DEA                                    CPD   Q4 2010   DEA/NPC/UN system/ other            $100,000         Y
term review                                                                            partners                            Country
Mid term review of gender       NPC                                    CPD   Q3 2010   Line ministries/CBOs                $ 30,000         Y
mainstreaming                                                                                                              Country
Assessment of development       EO/RBAP/                               CPD   Q2 2012   EO/RBAP/ DEA                        $100,000         N
results                         DEA                                                                                        Country

* Evaluation Status: Pending, Initiated, or Done

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