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					                                                                                                               Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                                         As of07/02/2012

Topic                  Topic Question#     Question                                                             Answer
                                           DBHDS – Address question. The billing addresses are not being
                                           monitored/checked at this time, right? Purchasing has to have the Billing addresses are not being verified at this time. Orders imported to eVA
                                           address for interfacing to eVA, but eVA to CARS will not be sending must have a ordering address but not a billing address. eVA does not provide
Addresses                                1 this over?                                                          address data to CARS.
                                                                                                                The preferred method is always to have the location self-register. That is the
                                           RU - An eVA Self-Registered Vendor, Name and TIN achieve an
                                                                                                                best solution for everyone. If that is not an option, enter that location as
                                           IRS match, however the vendor address/location is not an             State-Entered. If you can't wait for the State-Entered approval process
                                           option/selection. How should the agency proceed? State-Entered,      (approx. 24 hours) or you are in an emergency, then create the order as an ad-
Addresses                                2 Ad-Hoc or request the location to self-register?                     hoc vendor order.

                                                                                                                SCC and all agencies/institutions are required to comply with the
                                                                                                                Procurement Vendor Data Standards on all procurement transactions
                                                                                                                whether they are produced by a computer system or on paper. The
                                                                                                                requirement to provide the resulting data to DataPoint is a separate

                                                                                                                So the change announced Monday (July 23) only delays implementation on
                                                                                                                Payment transactions that are processed by CARS. Any payment transactions
                                                                                                                processed outside of CARS and ALL procurement transactions must still
                                                                                                                comply with the Law now, there has been no extension issued.

                                           SCC - If CARS is not going to edit for the Vendor Standard Name
                                                                                                                Regarding APA and DataPoint specifically, APA had told us in the past that
                                           until Cardinal is rolled out and the SCC doesn't use eVA for         they are not ready for agencies to send their purchasing data to them at this
                                           procurement, when will we be required to send our Procurement        point and that they will alert agencies when they are ready and provide the
APA                                      1 data to the APA (DataPoint)?                                         format to be used at that time.
                                                                                                                07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                                Agencies are not required to use the vendor location standard name when
                                                                                                                sending transactions to CARS.

                                           Is there an issue with having one vendor name on the check and       This scenario would most likely occur for decentralized agencies. Those
                                           another vendor name passed to CARS? For instance, perhaps our        agencies send data to CARS in summary format and it is not an actual
                                           vendor database (and invoice) has a different name, so we cut the    disbursement. Individual vendor names are not sent. For decentralized
                                           check to the vendor name we have on file but we actually transmit    agencies that submit procurement vendor payment data to APA, they should
CARS Checks                              1 the Standard name to CARS?                                           be using the vendor location standard name from eVA.
                                                                                                                07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                                DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                                                                                                                DOA is working on this now but a final date for completion has not been
CARS eVA Vendor Edit                       Has a time frame been established for the DOA eVA Vendor Edit        determined. The changes must be tested by DOA and system tested with
Table                                    1 table?                                                               DGS.

                                                                                                                07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                                DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                                                                                                            The CARS vendor edit table will contain an exact match on the name from
                                                                                                            eVA, including valid punctuation. Prior to going live DOA will have flushed
                                                                                                            through the issues where punctuation in eVA is not valid for a CARS vendor
                                                                                                            name. In the beginning months, a transaction that did not match (including
                                                                                                            punctuation) will receive a warning message and appear on a report (that will
                                                                                                            be available to all agencies). This will be a trigger to the agency to correct the
                                           The majority of our vendor mismatches with eVA appear to be with discrepancy (including punctuation differences). After a period of time, the
CARS eVA Vendor Edit                       punctuation, word case, spaces,…how will these be handled on the transaction will then appear on a CARS Error Report and will require that the
Table                                    2 Vendor Edit table?                                               agency correct the discrepancy prior to processing the payments.

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                                                                                                Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                          As of07/02/2012

                                                                                                 07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                 DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                                                                                                 07/02/2012 (answer by Melinda Pearson, DOA)
                                                                                                 CARS does not distinguish between procurement and non-procurement
CARS eVA Vendor Edit       How does CARS distinguish between procurement and non-                vendors. If a voucher is sent to CARS and the vendor is not on the file from
Table                    3 procurement vendors?                                                  eVA, CARS will not try to match on name.
                                                                                                 Reportline is a web-based system that provides user access to an electronic
                                                                                                 version of reports. It replaced the old way of accessing CARS reports through
                                                                                                 remote printing. Go to the DOA website and click on the Reportline link on
                           What is Reportline? Who has access to Report line and/or how do       the right side of the screen . You will see the user manual and forms for
CARS Reportline          1 we request?                                                           requesting access.
                                                                                                 07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                 DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                                                                                                 Any payments processed through CARS by a Decentralized agency that
                                                                                                 encounters an error on the Standard Name will be reported in ReportLine.
                                                                                                 Decentralized agencies should have a process in place in their internal system
                           UMW - Decentralized agencies will have an internal process for        to ensure the Standard Name is used on payments processed. (Answer from
                           validating the standard name prior to payment. Will vendor errors     Monica Darden, DOA)
CARS Reportline          2 be reported through Reportline?

                                                                                                 07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                 DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                           DBHDS - Not all of our users use ReportLine. For the CARS warning 07/02/2012 (answer by Melinda Pearson, DOA)
                           when the name does not match, is there some other place on-line We will need to get back to you with a final answer after beginning the
CARS Reportline          3 in CARS to go to see the warning?                                 testing.
                                                                                             07/23/2012 update
                                                                                             DOA will not make any changes to CARS for the procurement vendor data

                                                                                                 The vendor location name sequence number in eVA will be the suffix in CARS.

                                                                                                 Initially a DOA Suffix field was added to eVA for each payment address. All
                                                                                                 references in eVA to that DOA suffix at the payment address level are being

                                                                                               eVA is establishing a vendor location name sequence number that will be
                                                                                               sent to CARS with the TIN and vendor name. CARS will treat the vendor
                           The DOA Vendor Data Standard Implementation Update memo             location name sequence number as the Vendor Suffix. Looking at the eVA
                           dated January 10 , states that eVA will send CARS the TIN validated specs posted on the eVA vendor data standards support page,
                           name, vendor id and the vendor ID suffix. In the Vendor Data        http://www.eva.virginia.gov/library/files/eva-vendor-data-standards/eVA-
                           Standard conference call with DGS on Monday, January 9th, it was Technical-Specs-Impact-to-Agency-Systems-Revised-as-of-January-1-
                           stated that eVA would not have the suffix but would have the        2012.pdf, you can see the vendor location standard name sequence number
                           sequence number.                                                    as the last field on the 030 file and the 030A file.
CARS Suffix/Vendor
Location Standard Name     What will be sent to CARS and is the suffix the same as the vendor
Sequence Number          1 location standard name sequence number?

                           UVA - On what files/submissions to the state must the standard
                           vendor name be used? All files to eVA? All files to Datapoint? Or     05/21/2012
Data Exchanges           1 both?                                                                 Both.

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                                                                                          Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                    As of07/02/2012

                                                                                              If an import order is sent to eVA with an invalid standard name and there is
                                                                                              no match on VLIN or TIN/ZIP then the order will be loaded as an unregistered
                                                                                              (Ad Hoc) vendor order and the name submitted by the agency will be used. If
                                                                                              there is a match on VLIN or TIN/ZIP the standard name on the corresponding
Data Exchanges        2 UVA - What happens if we send an incorrect standard name?             record in eVA will be used.

                        UVA - In a previous overview provided, mention is made that DPS     05/21/2012
                        will send PO information from eVA to APA for Datapoint. Is that for DPS already provides all eVA order data to APA, including those orders from
                        import agencies also? If so, how does that impact/change the        import agencies. At this time, APA has not indicated their plans to the eVA
Datapoint             1 requirements for what we submit for Datapoint?                      Team regarding this data and its use on Datapoint.
                                                                                            The DMBE certification issues between eVA and DMBE would not be related
                        CNU - Recently there have been a number of instances where a        to the vendor data standards. That is a completely separate process where
                        vendor appears as a DMBE-certified small business on the DMBE       we match DMBE and eVA vendor data by TIN to update the eVA SWaM
                        website but does not appear as such when searched on the eVA        certification. In most cases when DMBE does not match eVA, we have a TIN
                        Vendor tools link. Does this have anything to do with the update to mismatch between our two systems. Please report them to eVA Customer
DMBE                  1 the Procurement Vendor Data Standards currently underway?           Care so DPS can follow up.

                        UMW - (question paraphrased) We have a name for a vendor that
                        matches the DMBE name. Our W9 reflects the same name. The             07/23/2012
                        name in eVA is different and we will not update our name to match     CARS will not be editing for vendor standard name. If you see a discrepancy
                        eVA since we do not have a W9 that matches the eVA name.              in the eVA name when you have a valid, signed W9, please report this to eVA
DMBE                  2 Would this vendor error out in CARS?                                  Customer Care for follow up.

                        RU - When a State-Entered vendor is loaded into eVA, will the         Yes, as long as the TIN between DMBE and eVA match. If you see a mismatch
                        obtain the SWaM-DMBE classification status that occurs with           between eVA and DMBE (whether State-Entered or Self-Registered), please
DMBE                  3 scheduled data loads (overnight from DBME to eVA)?                    contact eVA Customer Care.

Datapoint             2 UMW - Are there any changes to the data submitted to Data Point? No.

                                                                                              Changes will be made to the eMall to include the registration type description
                                                                                              on the Choose Value for Contact screen, the Non-Catalog Screen and the
                                                                                              Review Details for Contact Screen . The registration type description will also
                                                                                              be shown on the Item Summary Screen and the Line Item Details screen.

                                                                                              When creating a non-catalog item, and you select a contact to add, you see
                                                                                              the Choose Value for Contact screen. The Non-Catalog screen is the screen
                                                                                              that includes the full description, the commodity code, the supplier, the
                                                                                              contact, the supplier part number, the contract number, the quantity, unit of
                                                                                              measure, price and amount will include the registration type. The Review
                        RU - How will end-users be able to distinguish between Self-          Details for Contact screen is displayed when you click on the contact from the
eMall changes         1 Registered Vendors and State-Entered Vendors?                         Non-Catalog screen.

                                                                                              Import agencies do not need to send eVA exempted orders to eVA.

                                                                                              Exemption from eVA has no impact on the Vendor Standard name
                                                                                              requirement. All procurement transactions, whether they are processed
                                                                                              through eVA or not, must use the Vendor Standard Name as assigned within
                        What will be the requirements for eVA exempted orders from            the eVA Vendor system. This will be true for State-Entered Vendors as well
eVA Exempted Orders   1 import agencies?                                                      once implemented.

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                                                                                                Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                          As of07/02/2012

                                                                                                 This question was asked again by a different agency. Exempt purchases must
                                                                                                 use a standard name. If the vendor is not in eVA, the agency should submit it
                                                                                                 as a state-entered vendor.

                        If the order is exempt from being entered in eVA, but the vendor is 02/13/2012
                        not in eVA, will the agency be required to enter the vendor as a    Yes. All procurement vendors need to be in eVA regardless of where the
eVA Exempted Orders   2 State-Entered vendor in eVA?                                        purchase transaction is done.

                                                                                                 07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                 DOA will not make any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                        DBHDS - It is our understanding that all vendor orders paid by CARS standards. Payments made by CARS will not be required to have the vendor
                        will require entry into eVA, including those in the list of "Exclusions" standard name.
                        stated in the APSPM, Chapter 14, paragraph 14.9.b. Are we correct
                        that agencies that enter orders to these vendors will not be             06/18/2012
                        charged the participation fee? An example would be payments              Order Exclusions in the APSPM are not required to be entered into eVA. The
                        made to learning institutions for stipends paid to physician interns data standard requirement is that the vendor data on these orders and the
eVA Exempted Orders   3 for their clinical learning experience at a state facility.              payments for these orders come from the eVA Vendor database.

                                                                                                 No, the Procurement Vendor Data Standard is nto just for eVA transactions, it
                        DSS - Just wanted to make sure we have the same definitions - the        applies to all procurement transactions whether they are done in eVA or
                        vendor is exempt from eVA but still considered by the state to be        some other way/system. So any procurement transaction done outside of
                        procurement (there is a contract with the vendor and the vendor          eVA must also have standard vendor data (and name) from the eVA Vendor
                        transactions would be payment only). For State-Entered, we only          database. So you must hafe State-Entered vendors created for any vendor
eVA Exempted Orders   4 need to worry about vendors that will have transactions in eVA?          you do procurement transactions with when they are not already in eVA.

                                                                                                 Agencies will pay the agency fees PLUS the vendor fee for orders to vendors
                        DGS - There has been some confusion about how state entered              that are not self-registered. i.e. Agencies will pay the agency fee PLUS the
eVA Fees              1 vendors impact eVA fees. Please explain.                                 vendor fee for orders to state-entered and ad hoc vendors.
                        The January 1 System Impact document states the DOA Suffix field
                        will be removed from the 030A file. Do you plan to leave the DOA
                        Suffix field in place or remove it entirely? The concern is if a data    2/13/2012
                        element is removed from this file all the following fields will be       After discussion with the agencies, by mutual agreement, the 030A specs will
                        shifted and will become a problem to coordinate the change with          be changed to put a "filler" field as a place holder for the two position field
eVA Vendor Files      1 multiple agencies.                                                       that used to be after the POSTAL_CD field.

                        VCCS - Could you confirm that the vendor files available for
                        download from eVA do NOT include our agency number (they are             05/21/2012
eVA Vendor Files      2 not agency specific)?                                                    Correct, eVA vendor files are not agency specific.

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                                                                                        Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                  As of07/02/2012

                                                                                           The reporting tool used in eVA, LogiXML, automatically encloses text fields
                     UMW - Has something changed with the Vendor Active and Inactive with quotes. The 030A file is very large. If you are downloading from the eVA
                     Address file -030A file? I have not been able to download it. I right website, it is recommended that you save it and not try to browse it online.
                     click to open and the file takes a long time to load. Sometimes it    Maria Hatcher tried and it took about 5 minutes.
                     never does load and my browser crashes. It looks like all the fields
                     are enclosed in quotes. I don't think that the file I was originally  The recommendation is to download the full file from the eVA Website or
                     testing with was like that. Is this a change fromt he orignal file?   through a URL that Maria Hatcher can provide. That process will require
                                                                                           credentials that you can get from Maria (text fields are not enclosed in quotes
                     What is the best way to download that file?                           on the URL download from Maria). After downloading the full file, it is
                                                                                           recommended that you automate the download of the incremental file
                     Will this file be set up on your end so we can automate our           (containing vendors that have changes in the last 5 days) through the Java
eVA Vendor Files   3 download?                                                             Client (see Maria to obtain the Java Client program).

                     GMU - We have been updating registered vendor names in our
                     system based on "LGL_NM" column on the 030 report assuming            07/02/2012
                     that is the standard name set in both eVA and CARS. Can we            Since so many agencies had already programmed for the 030 files and we
                     continue to use "LGL_NM" for standard vendor names and assume         were trying to limit the programming changes to the agencies, we kept the
                     the column will be renamed as "VEND_LOC_STNDRD_NM" on the             column name for the standard name as LGL_NM. On the new 030N report,
eVA Vendor Files   4 new 030N report?                                                      the column name for the standard name is VEND_LOC_STNDRD_NM.

                                                                                           We have been referring to the whole set of 030 files as the 030X files. This
                                                                                           set of files includes the 030 file, the 030A file, the 030B, file, etc. so there is no
                                                                                           single file named 030X. In the Report and Resource Center, click on the
                                                                                           Document table, scroll down tot he section under the eVA Technical Group
                                                                                           named General Technical. There is a document there named eVA Vendor
                                                                                           Data - Flat File Record Layots that talks about all of the different files. This
                                                                                           document pertains to the files as they exist today.

                                                                                          Also, see the document on the eVA Vendor Data Standards Support page for
                     RU - Where does the 030X file now reside? I found several 030 files changes to these files for the upcoming implementation of the vendor data
                     (C, Subset of C, S, A, T, B) in the report and resource center - eVA standards. It will be named something like eVA Technical Specs - Impact to
eVA Vendor Files   5 Technical group, but not the 030X.                                   Agency Systems.

                                                                                           Only vendor names that have passed the IRS check or have a W-9 to
                                                                                           substantiate their name will have the standard name verify flag set to yes.
                                                                                           The eVA Team can run a query to get that percentage in production. After
                                                                                           the meeting, a query was run and the results are that 90% of production
                     UVA - The test vendor flat files had many vendors where the           active vendor locations have verified standard names (49, 950 out of 55,549).
                     standard name verify flag was “No”. What percentage of
eVA Vendor Files   6 production vendors have standard names that have been verified?

                                                                                       It is our understanding that IRS regulations require foreign vendors paid from
                     UVA - How will foreign vendors be handled? For those that don’t   a U.S. bank to have a U.S. issued TIN and W-9. The existing IRS TIN Matching
Foreign vendors    1 have TINs, how are their standard names being developed/verified? utility will provide the verification for these foreign vendors.

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                                                                                             Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                       As of07/02/2012

                                                                                              The DOA contact is Bobby Eddleton at Bobby.Eddleton@doa.virginia.gov.
                                                                                              Bobby says there is not much that he can add that is not already in the CAPP
                                                                                              topics. The treatment of foreign vendors is largely determined by "tax
                                                                                              treaties" between the US and the respective foreign country. The CAPP
                                                                                              topics reflect broad IRS guidance for foreign vendors but do not provide
                            UVA - We reviewed the CAPP topics (see W-9 question#4) for        guidance on individual "tax treaties" for specific countries. Each
                            foreign vendors but are still confused. Who can we contact at DOA agency/institution must determine which tax treaties apply to specific
Foreign vendors           2 regarding this?                                                   circumstances.

                                                                                               On the address, enter the city name, a comma, a space and the province
                                                                                               name or whatever name is needed for the way that country is subdivided,
                                                                                               enter ** in the state, and select the correct country. Use all 9’s in the Tax ID
Foreign vendors           3 CNU - How should we enter the TIN for a foreign ad hoc vendor?     number field if you do not have a valid TIN.

                                                                                               Yes, a vendor is any procurement transaction between a government and a
                                                                                               nongovernmental source, that procurment that may or may not result in
                                                                                               monetary consideration for either party.

                                                                                               Additionally, 14.9.b.6 of the APSPM exempts Honoraria from being placed
                                                                                               through eVA. Human subject payments are not currently exempted from
                            UVA - Are payments to honoraria, human subject payments, etc.      being placed through eVA. The agency/institution may submit an official
Honoria, Human Subject      considered procurement vendors and required to follow the          request for this exemption and it will be evaluated. This does not change the
Payments, etc.            1 standard name policy?                                              requirement for following the vendor standard name.

                                                                                               07/23/2012 update
                                                                                               DOA will not be making any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                               standards. Changes will be implemented within eVA the weekend of Sept 7-
                                                                                               9. Integration Requisition XML, Integration Purchase Order XML, and
                                                                                               Integration Supplier XML changes will also be implemented Sept 7-9.
                                                                                               Changes to the 030 Vendor Files and the Order Import/Export Interface will
                                                                                               be implemented the end of September, an exact date has not yet been

                                                                                               The vendor location standard name , vendor location standard name
                                                                                               sequence number, and state-entered vendors will NOT be implemented at
                                                                                               the end of June. DOA is also busy closing out the fiscal year at the end of July
                            Will DPS and DOA consider implementing at some time other than     so it will not be a good time for them. The target date is still being
Implementation schedule   1 the end of June or other busy agency times?                        determined.

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                                                                                                  Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                            As of07/02/2012

                                                                                                   07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                   DOA will not be making any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                                   standards. Changes will be implemented within eVA the weekend of Sept 7-
                                                                                                   9. Integration Requisition XML, Integration Purchase Order XML, and
                                                                                                   Integration Supplier XML changes will also be implemented Sept 7-9.
                                                                                                   Changes to the 030 Vendor Files and the Order Import/Export Interface will
                                                                                                   be implemented the end of September, an exact date has not yet been

                                                                                                   CGI has determined that due to the large number of changes being made in
                                                                                                   eVA, they will not be able to migrate the changes to production on an
                                                                                                   evening. They will need to do the changes over a weekend. Currently, the
                                                                                                   weekend being proposed is the weekend of August 25-26, which means the
Implementation schedule   2 UVA - Please clarify target dates for sending standard name.           changes to formats will be seen in eVA on the morning of August 27. The
                                                                                                   All changes to eVA will be migrated to production the weekend of September

                                                                                                   07/25/2012 update
                                                                                                   DOA will not be making any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                                   standards. Changes will be implemented within eVA the weekend of Sept 7-
                                                                                                   9. Integration Requisition XML, Integration Purchase Order XML, and
                                                                                                   Integration Supplier XML changes will also be implemented Sept 7-9.
                                                                                                   Changes to the 030 Vendor Files and the Order Import/Export Interface will
                                                                                                   be implemented the end of September, an exact date has not yet been

                                                                                               CGI has determined that due to the large number of changes being made in
                                                                                               eVA, they will not be able to migrate the changes to production on an
                            VCCS - Could you clarify what we are required to comply with as of evening. They will need to do the changes over a weekend. Currently, the
                            8/31? Is it just the standard name or do we also need the sequence weekend being proposed is the weekend of August 25-26, which means the
Implementation schedule   3 number and/or VLIN?                                                changes to formats will be seen in eVA on the morning of August 27. The

                                                                                                   07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                   DOA will not be making any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                                   standards. Changes will be implemented within eVA the weekend of Sept 7-
                                                                                                   9. Integration Requisition XML, Integration Purchase Order XML, and
                                                                                                   Integration Supplier XML changes will also be implemented Sept 7-9.

                                                                                                   CGI has determined that due to the large number of changes being made in
                                                                                                   eVA, they will not be able to migrate the changes to production on an
                                                                                                   evening. They will need to do the changes over a weekend. Currently, the
                                                                                                   weekend being proposed is the weekend of August 25-26, which means the
                            VCCS - When will we start getting the VLIN and additional fields in    changes to formats will be seen in eVA on the morning of August 27. The
Implementation schedule   4 the (integration) XML?                                                 date will be finalized next week.

                                                                                                   07/25/2012 update
                                                                                                   DOA will not be making any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                                   standards. Changes will be implemented within eVA the weekend of Sept 7-
                                                                                                   9. Integration Requisition XML, Integration Purchase Order XML, and
                                                                                                   Integration Supplier XML changes will also be implemented Sept 7-9.
                                                                                                   Changes to the 030 Vendor Files and the Order Import/Export Interface will
                                                                                                   be implemented the end of September, an exact date has not yet been

                                                                                                   CGI has determined that due to the large number of changes being made in
                                                                                                   eVA, they will not be able to migrate the changes to production on an
                            VITA - When is the deadline for agencies to make changes to their      evening. They will need to do the changes over a weekend. Currently, the
Implementation schedule   5 system?                                                                weekend being proposed is the weekend of August 25-26, which means the

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                                                                                                 Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                           As of07/02/2012

                                                                                                     Agencies can start testing now for import/export order interfaces, requisition
                                                                                                     and order integration (along with the vendor XML) and vendor data (ex. 030
                                                                                                     vendor files). Some agencies has already started testing those changes (on
                                                                                                     Sept 4). Agencies should test as soon as possible - this week or early next
                                                                                                     week. Production migration will be performed starting the evening of
Implementation schedule   6 What is the current testing and implementation schedule?                 September and will go through September 30.

                            VCCS - On the last sample XML that I got from the technical section      06/04/2012
                            of the web site there is a field called Supplier.UniqueName in each      No. No changes are being made to the Supplier.UniqueID or
                            of the XML files but there is no field called Supplier.UniqueID which    Supplier.UniqueName fields. That was a mistake. Once the designs are
                            is where we currently get the eVA ID. Is the UniqueName field            finalized with CGI, new final copies of the XML will be posted on the technical
Integration               1 replacing the UniqueID field?                                            section.
                                                                                                     07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                     Yes, the vendor standard name sequence number will be in the XML for
                                                                                                     vendors, requisitions and purchase orders.

                                                                                                     The vendor location standard name sequence number will be in the vendor
                                                                                                     XML. We have asked CGI to determine if they can also put it in the XML for
                                                                                                     requisitions and POs in time for the August 30 production implementation.
                            VCCS - Is the vendor standard name sequence number going to be           As soon as the designs are final, we will post new documents on the tecnical
                            included in the xml for vendors, requisitions, and POs? I'm hoping       page and let you know the results.
                            the answer is yes because I'll need that in order to ensure that I put
Integration               2 the correct vendor standard name on the order.

                            DBHDS - We are an interface agency sending orders to eVA and will
                            be using the DUNS and/or TIN+ZIP match. What will happen when            06/04/2012
                            we send a file over to eVA that contains a vendor that is neither self   Orders will not reject on the interface to eVA because the vendor is neither
                            or state registered? Will the entire file reject? Or will just the       self or state registered. We will continue to process interface orders to
Interface                 1 document containing the "non-registered" vendor reject?                  unregistered (ad hoc) vendors.

                                                                                                   The eVA Team will consider and wait for responses from other interface
                            DBHDS - On the interface of orders being sent to eVA, we would         agencies. We are thinking maybe it would be best for this to be some sort of
                            really like to see an edit on the standard name when the file is sent. warning rather than a rejection. This may not be feasible for the initial
Interface                 2 This edit could possibly prevent errors on the AP/DOA side.            implementation but something that could be added later.

                                                                                                     07/23/2012 update
                                                                                                     DOA will not make any changes to CARS for procurement vendor data
                                                                                                     standards. Agencies are not required to send the vendor standard name to

                                                                                              06/18/2012 (answer from Monica Darden, DOA)
                            DGS – If the vendor name on an invoice is the same as the name on Agencies need to notify DGS when they have documentation (W-9) that
                            the eVA Order, but is not the current standard name or W-9 name validates a Standard Name that is not currently in the Standard Name table in
Invoice name              1 1, what name do we pay?                                           CARS.

                            UVA - For IRS validation failures, can the process provide us with       No, unfortunately the IRS does not provide that information. The only option
IRS validation            1 the correct vendor name?                                                 is to contact the vendor and get a copy of their W-9.

                                                                                                                   Page 8
                                                                                               Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                         As of07/02/2012

                         UMW - Is the IRS verification being done on the DMBE Name? (an No. The eVA Team does not verify the DMBE name. We bring over the DMBE
                         example was provided from the Vendor lookup from the eVA home name as a convenience in case there is a discrepancy between the name in
IRS validation         2 page, eVA Tools in the lower right corner).                    eVA and the name DMBE has.

                         The Supreme Court is required to pay many individuals/vendors
                         such as court-appointed attorneys, interpreters, court reporters,
                         etc. that provide services to the courts but may not be included in
                         the eVA Vendor file. What action will be required to continue to    01/16/2012
Non-procurement          pay these vendors when the Procurement Vendor Data Standard is Only vendors used on a Procurement (solicitation, order or contract covered
payments               1 implemented?                                                        by the VPPA) are required to be in eVA.
                         DGS - Is each agency required to provide a file of unregistered     No. Agencies are not required to provide a file for the one-time load. DPS
                         vendors for the one-time initial load of vendors into eVA as State  will be loading unregistered vendors from eVA orders dated 06/01/2011
One-Time Vendor Load   1 Entered Vendors?                                                    through 05/31/2012 for all agencies.

                         VDSS - I have started working on the spreadsheet to add State             07/23/2012
                         Entered Vendors. On the record layout for street, city, state, and        Since there will be no changes made to CARS for the procurement vendor
                         zip, the description/additional information says ordered. Most of         data standards, you should not include non-procurement vendors on the file
                         these vendors will not have PO's. The address we have is the              to be loaded into eVA . For procurement vendors, if you only have one
                         payment address. Do we enter the address we have as the                   address it can go in the address field. If you have only one phone number, it
One-Time Vendor Load   2 Ordering Address?                                                         can go in both phone number fields.

                         RU- (question was paraphrased) There are vendors on the SEV               07/23/2012
                         report that achieved the IRS match. Amazon has multiple names             DPS will need to pick a standard name for this vendor and consolidate any
                         and multiple TINs. Please describe how the vendor record will look        duplicate locations (if applicable). As soon as that is complete, DPS will let
One-Time Vendor Load   3 when it is loaded into eVA as State-Entered.                              everyone know and release an updated list with details.

                                                                                                   DPS must have a conversation with the vendor (Virginia Tech) to determine
                                                                                                   how to resolve the multiple names. DPS will let everyone know when this has
                                                                                                   been resolved.

                         RU - (question was paraphrased) There are vendors on the SEV              07/23/2012
                         report that achieved the IRS match. There are multiple names for          DPS will need to pick a standard name for this vendor and consolidate any
                         the same TIN - all variations of Virginia Tech. This TIN is also in eVA   duplicate locations (if applicable). As soon as that is complete, DPS will let
One-Time Vendor Load   4 as a Self-Registered Vendor with only one location.                       everyone know and release an updated list with details.
                         RU - (question was paraphrased) There are vendors on the SEV              07/23/2012
                         report that achieved the IRS match. Commonwealth of Virginia,             DPS will need to research this further. The IRS matching program only
                         Board of Medicine and Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of             validates the first six characters of the name. The IRS more than likely
                         Treasury are listed with the same TIN. Also Dept of Labor and             validated both name/TIN combinations because it is a valid TIN fo the name
One-Time Vendor Load   5 Industry has two TINS.                                                    Commonwealth of Virginia.
                         RU -A vendor is a sole proprietor and uses the owners SSN for the
                         business, the business name may not achieve the IRS match. What           07/23/2012
                         is the recommendation for creating the vendor information?                The ideal situation would be for the vendor to send us a signed W-9. Then the
                         Headquarter name = owners name, trading as or d/b/a =                     1099 Name 1 would be the owners name and the Vendor Location Standard
One-Time Vendor Load   6 vendor/business name?                                                     Name would equal the business /dba name from the W9.

                                                                                                   Use the newer version of WinZIP, Excel 2007 or AxCrypt, the free open source
                                                                                                   file encryption software for Windows that has been recommended by VITA.
                                                                                                   On the eVA Vendor Data Standards Support Pae, there is a link for Encryption
One-Time Vendor Load   7 How should agencies encrypt the file to be sent to the eVA Team?          Software with information on how to download.

                                                                                                   Agengies/institutions should email their encrypted SEV file to
                         What email address should be used to send the one-time file of            eVAVendorSupport@dgs.virginia.gov. The password should be emailed to a
One-Time Vendor Load   8 State-Entered Vendors (SEV)?                                              different email address. Bob Siever will provide an instruction sheet.
                                                                                                   02/13/2012 There will be no changes to the way pcard payments are
                         How will P-Card vendor pay to information be handled since the            currently handled. The credit card company will not be in eVA as a
Pcards                 1 actual payment will be made to the credit card company?                   procurement vendor.
                         UMW - Are there any special considerations with respect to credit         05/21/2012
Pcards                 2 card payments                                                             DOA needs to provide an answer to this question.

                                                                                                                  Page 9
                                                                                                 Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                           As of07/02/2012

                            UVA- There is a field on the vendor flat files named
                            RGST_TYPE_CD_DESC with values of ‘Self-Registered’ and ‘State-
                            Entered’. Can a Self-Registered vendor become a State-Entered           09/10/2012
Registration Type Code    1 vendor and vice versa?                                                  Yes, a vendor’s registration type can be changed.
                            How will reimbursements to employees for procurements be
                            handled? (I.e. An employee makes an emergency purchase during
Reimbursement to            non-business hours using personal funds and seeks reimbursement         02/13/2012 There will no changes to the way reimbursements to employees
employees                 1 from the agency?                                                        are handled. Employees will not be in eVA as procurement vendors.
Reimbursement to
employees and               UVA - Are refunds/stipends to students and reimbursements to            08/27/2012
refunds/stipends to         employees considered to procurement vendors and required to             No. These are not considered procurement vendors and are not required to
students                  2 follow the vendor standard name?                                        follow the vendor standard name.

                                                                                                    Vendors are responsible for updating their Pay To address (and all other info)
                                                                                                    in their eVA Account. If an agency receives an invoice with a Pay To that is
                                                                                                    not in eVA, the agency should notify the vendor that they need to update
                                                                                                    their eVA account and copy the eVA vendor Support team
                                                                                                    (eVAVendorSupport@dgs.virginia.gov). The eVA Vendor Support team is
                                                                                                    responsible for providing support to the vendors if they need help. If the
                                                                                                    vendor does not promptly update their account, the agency can ask the eVA
                            Who will be responsible for updating the pay to address for eVA         Vendor Support Team to intervene with the vendor to get the account
Self-Registered Vendors   1 registered vendors when changes occur?                                  updated.
                            UMW - Regarding Vendor Self Registrations –
                            Do vendors follow any standards upon eVA entry? If yes, can you
                            share with us?                                                          05/21/2012
                            Do you require a w-9 from all vendors. If so, how would agencies        Yes there are some field edits (ex. special character restrictions on name).
                            obtain a copy?                                                          We will post a copy of these on the eVA Data Standards web page before the
                            If no, what is the process if agency w-9 conflicts with eVA ?           next call. Vendors have the option to attach a W-9 but are not required. For
Self-Registered Vendors   2                                                                         guidance on obtaining a W-9 please see the section in this FAQ for W9s.
                                                                                                    They will not be automatically flipped to state-entered. DPS would generally
                            RU - If a self-registered vendor does not want to renew, will they      assume that the vendor would be flipped to state-entered but they would
Self-Registered Vendors   3 automatically be flipped to state-entered registration?                 need to talk to the vendor.
                            RU - What happens if a vendor has been deactivated dur to non-
                            payment of eVA fees? Can they be entered as a state-entered             07/30/2012
Self-Registered Vendors   4 vendor?                                                                 DPS will follow up to provide an answer.

                            DBHDS - We compared the vendors in our system with 2012 W9
                            forms then went into eVA and compare the eVA vendors to the W9          08/27/2012
                            forms and made a list of vendors whose names do not match. I            Send your informationof these 25 vendors to the Vendor Support Team at
                            have a total of 25 company names of eVA Vendor names that do            eVAVendorSupport@dgs.virginia.gov). They will work with you on the name
Self-Registered Vendors   5 not match the 2012 W9 forms. What do I do next?                         differences.

                            CNU - We input orders in eVA to pay individuals for performances,     05/21/2012
                            testing, etc., how will these changes affect our payment process?     The Vendor Data Standard requires these examples to have Standard Names
                            We do not enter SSN in eVA, we use a designated number given to       in eVA. These vendors will have to either self register or be entered as State-
                            us by our Business Office. Will we need to start entering the SSN? If Entered Vendors. Their SSN will have to be provided as the Tax Identification
                            so, are there security measures in place to make sure the SSNs are    Number (TIN). Yes there are appropriate security measures in place to
SSN                       1 not compromised?                                                      protect the TIN regardless of TIN Type (SSN or EIN).
                                                                                                  We are still finalizing the technical documents with CGI. We should have
                            VITA - Are you still working on the technical document or is it ready something for you very soon and will let you know as soon as the documents
Technical Specs           1 for agencies to start work on this early?                             are final.

                                                                                                    Dates on the 030 files were set to the format of YYYYMMDD to be consistent
                                                                                                    across the different types of files. Date/time formats are in ISO format (same
                                                                                                    format as recommended by the agencies when designing the import/export
Technical Specs           2 UVA - Has the Last Mod Date on the vendor 030 file changed?             order interface). The ISO format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.

                                                                                                                  Page 10
                                                                                         Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                   As of07/02/2012

                                                                                          If an agency is storing procurement vendor data in their system, that data
                                                                                          should include the Vendor Location Standard Name from eVA. Agencies can
                                                                                          use web services or the flat files to update their agency files.

                                                                                          There are multiple versions of the 030 files (for example, 030 – active vendor
                                                                                          locations and active ordering addresses; 030A – all vendor locations and all
                                                                                          addresses; 030T file – tax profile; 030N – all vendor location standard names;

                                                                                          For each version of the 030 files, there is a full file and a subset file that has
                                                                                          the last five days of changes. Agencies generally use the full file once to get
                                                                                          their agency vendor file updated then they use the smaller subset files on a
                                                                                          daily basis for updates.
Technical Specs   3 DOC - What is the purpose of the vendor flat files (030 files)?
                                                                                        No. The changes are being migrated to production on the weekend of Sept
                    UVA - Can we get a preview of the production 030 file before going 28-30, so the production 030 file will not be available until after that
Technical Specs   4 live?                                                               migration.
                    DMME - For import agencies, will the import layout change in        09/10/2012
                    production on October 1, so files sent on that day should be in the Yes, the import order layout will changes on October 1. Files sent that day
                    new format? Is October 1, the day that agencies can get vendor      should be in the new format. The vendor flat files (the 030 files) will include
Technical Specs   5 files that include the VLIN?                                        VLIN starting October 1.
                                                                                        We welcome assistance with testing. We anticipate reaching out for testers,
Testing           1 CNU - Do you need assistance with testing? If so, I am available.   if needed, in mid to late July 2012.

                                                                                          Agencies can start testing now for import/export order interfaces, requisition
                                                                                          and order integration (along with the vendor XML) and vendor data (ex. 030
                                                                                          vendor files). Some agencies has already started testing those changes.
                                                                                          Agencies should test as early as possible - this week or early next week.
                                                                                          People who sign up for SEV entry training will be given temporary logins and
                    GMU - What changes are available now for testing? Can agencies        passwords to the test environment after their training to practice. If agencies
                    start testing interfaces and SEV entry or should we wait until the    need specific test conditions, please coordinate with Maria Hatcher
Testing           2 training on Sept 24 or 25?                                            (Maria.Hatcher@dgs.virginia.gov).

                                                                                          Training will be conducted by webinar. The training schedule is as follows
                                                                                          (each sessions lasts 1 hour)
                                                                                          Friday, Sept 21 10AM or 2PM
                                                                                          Monday, Sept 24 10AM or 2PM
                                                                                          Tuesday, Sept 25 10AM or 2PM

                                                                                          THe eVA Vendor Data Standards Support Page has a link to a document
                                                                                          named 'eVA State-Entered Vendors Process to Create Accounts-
                                                                                          FINAL_2012_08_21' that includes screenshots of the screens for entry of
                                                                                          State Entered Vendors.

                                                                                          The eVA Team will host training webinars for those people in each agency
                                                                                          who will be entering State-Entered Vendors for approval. The eVA Team can
                                                                                          provide training material in advance. People who attend the training will be
                    RU - How will training for the entry of State-Entered Vendors be      given temporary logins to the eVA User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment
Training          1 conducted? Will training materials be provided ahead of time?         to practice.
                                                                                          People who attend the training for entering State-Entered Vendors will be
                                                                                          given a temporary login. Those logins will be generic, such as test1, test2, et.
                    Can we get a login to the eVA User Acceptance Test                    The eVA Team is asking that agencies submit information on who in their
                    (UAT)environment for training? Do I need to send a list of those      agency will be entering these vendors. That list is sufficient for setting up the
Training          2 people so their logins can be set up in UAT?                          UAT logins.

                                                                                                         Page 11
                                                                                               Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                         As of07/02/2012

                                                                                                   State-Entered vendor data is submitted for review and must be approved by
                          Currently we maintain segregation of duties between those                the eVA Vendor Support Team. So the actual responsible party for State-
                          individuals who have access to change ordering information and           Entered Vendors ultimately is the eVA Vendor Support Team, not the agency
Unregistered              those who have access to update pay to information. How will we          personnel. However, if the agency is concerned, then they can assign
vendors/state-entered     be able to accomplish this segregation of duties in eVA for State-       individuals in their organization who are not ordering individuals to
vendors                 1 Entered vendors?                                                         submit/enter State-Entered Vendor data.

                                                                                              We are interpreting the term "non eVA procurement vendor" to be state-
                                                                                              entered vendors. Our plan is to finish working with SCC's and JMU's example
Unregistered                                                                                  files to form a procedure for Agencies to follow. Based on progress so far, we
vendors/state-entered     Do you have a time frame for agencies to provide DPS with a list of should have something out to agencies on the procedure by March 16th. If
vendors                 2 non eVA procurement vendors?                                        we have it earlier, we will send it out.

                                                                                                   While agency end users will still have access to the functionality to type
                                                                                                   ‘unregistered’ (Ad Hoc) vendors on eVA requisitions they should not be using
                                                                                                   this functionality as a standard practice. This functionality should be used
                                                                                                   when there is insufficient time to create a State-Entered Vendor (typically
                                                                                                   two business days). On those circumstances where ad hoc vendors are typed
                                                                                                   into a requisition, those vendors will not be automatically added to eVA as
                                                                                                   State-Entered Vendors and will not be on the eVA vendor file. The eVA
Unregistered                                                                                       Vendor Support team will run a weekly report to identify ad hoc vendors that
vendors/state-entered     DGS – When should end users “enter an Ad Hoc vendor” (aka                should have been setup as State-Entered vendors or were in eVA and should
vendors                 3 ‘unregistered’ vendor) on a requisition?                                 have been selected by the end user.

                                                                                                   Agencies can submit new State-Entered Vendors following the ‘eVA State-
                                                                                                   Entered Vendor Process to Create Accounts’. While agency end users will still
                                                                                                   have access to the functionality to type ‘unregistered’ (Ad Hoc) vendors on
                                                                                                   eVA requisitions they should not be using this functionality as a standard
Unregistered                                                                                       practice. These vendors should be available as State-Entered Vendors and
vendors/state-entered     CNU - After the eVA data has been cleansed, how will an end-user         agencies should establish internal procedures necessary to guide their end
vendors                 4 enter an Ad-Hoc Vendor?                                                  user on submission of State-Entered Vendors.

Unregistered                                                                                       For the initial load refer to the ‘eVA State-Entered Vendor Process to Create
vendors/state-entered     CNU - Where will I get a report of Ad-Hoc vendors that were used         Accounts’ document. After the initial load a new report will be available to
vendors                 5 by my agency?                                                            agencies.

                          DBHDS - We just want to be sure we have the process in our minds         The June 1 milestone represents the tasks of the eVA Team to begin the
                          correctly. June 1st will begin the “trial runs”, then to hopefully “go   process to preload Ad Hoc Vendors as State-Entered Vendors. The process is
Unregistered              live” mid to end of August. In that time frame we will have the          outlined in the ‘eVA State-Entered Vendor Process to Create Accounts’
vendors/state-entered     messages informing us the standard name is incorrect (punctuation        document. Agencies will be notified of Ad Hoc Vendors that will not be
vendors                 6 included), but it will still process the order.                          preloaded; this will not impact end users ability to process orders.

                          UVA - Does the following apply to non-eVA vendors on orders
                          received from import agencies?
Unregistered              “the eVA technical team will pull all ad hoc vendor data from orders
vendors/state-entered     loaded into the eVA Data Warehouse for the previous 12 months” 05/21/2012
vendors                 7                                                                      Yes.

                                                                                                                 Page 12
                                                                                                  Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                            As of07/02/2012

                          UVA - The ‘Process to Create Accounts’ document says:
                          “Agencies/Institutions: Identify unregistered vendors who have
                          received POs since 9/1/2011”
                          The flowchart says:
                          “Only pull vendors who have had orders since 9/1/2011”
Unregistered              and then it mentions matching to the eVA file, but if we select non- 05/21/2012
vendors/state-entered     registered vendors, then they will not match eVA.                    The statement from the document is the outcome of the steps identified in
vendors                 8                                                                      the flow chart (step 4 through 7).

                                                                                                      These are required data elements on the Vendor Data Standard. The
                                                                                                      following default values can be used if the agency does not have this
Unregistered              UVA - Why are the vendor contact name, e-mail, and phone all                i. Contact Name: First Name = None, Last Name = None
vendors/state-entered     required in the Vendor File Record (One-Time Initial Vendor Load            ii. Email: none@none.none
vendors                 9 Template)? We may not have all of this information on file.                 iii. Phone: 000-000-0000

Unregistered                    UVA - Why is the last PO number required (in the One-Time             This information confirms that the vendor is a procurement vendor. This
vendors/state-entered           Initial Vendor Load Template)? Should that be the eVA PO              information can also be used when a call to the vendor is necessary. It can be
vendors                 10      number or our ERP PO number?                                          an eVA PO number or the agencies ERP PO number.

Unregistered                                                                                This field will tell the eVA Team if you want just a standard name or a new
vendors/state-entered           UVA - Please explain the use of Submission Reason in the    procurement location added to eVA which requires different levels of
vendors                 11      Vendor File Record (One-Time Initial Vendor Load Template)? analysis.

Unregistered                    UVA - On the flowchart (One-Time Initial Vendor Load                  Step 4 is only pulling the vendor data necessary to do the analysis of steps 5
vendors/state-entered           Flowchart), what is the difference between step 4 and step            through 19. For the vendor records remaining, Step 20 is populating the file
vendors                 12      20?                                                                   template with all the data needed for loading into eVA

                                UVA - Regarding (step 24 on One-Time Initial Vendor Load
                                “Duplicates: return each agency their copy and identify other         05/21/2012
                                Agencies that submitted the same vendor so they can                   No, by duplicates (same name, address, and TIN) we are addressing the
                                coordinate cleanup.”                                                  situation where more than one agency submits the same vendor and this
                                a. I assume this means that the addresses did not match, and
                                                                                                      vendor is identified as having an error condition. Each of the agencies will be
                                exact duplicates are OK.
                                b. Are there standards/guidelines for addresses that would
                                                                                                      notified about each other so only one will submit the correction. For the
Unregistered                    help agencies determine whose address is correct and who              second part of the question, addresses may not be the only problem but
vendors/state-entered           should change?                                                        whatever the error condition the agencies need to agree who will contact the
vendors                 13                                                                            vendor to get the correct information.

                                UVA - You indicate that when you pull all Ad Hoc vendors for
                                                                                                      Please see the answer to the question above (question #13 in the
                                review, you will remove any duplicate based on a match of
                                TIN/Name/Full Address. Are all fields going to have to exactly
                                                                                                      Unregistered vendors/state-entered vendors topic). Also, fields do not have
Unregistered                    match (i.e. what if one agency has a street address of 123            to be an exact match to be considered a duplicate. 123 Main St will be
vendors/state-entered           Main St while another has 123 Main Street)? Will that be              considered the same as 123 Main Street, data in a field must be substantially
vendors                 14      considered a match or will a duplicate be created?                    different to not be considered a duplicate.

                                UVA - What is the difference between the following actions,
                                and how will the errors be returned (see document labeled
                                "eVA State-Entered Vendors Process to Create Accounts")?
                                “Identify errors & return file to Agency/Institution for correction
                                & re-submission”
                                “Return failures to Agency/Institution for correction & re-
                                                                                                      The first quoted reference refers to step 24 on the flow chart and the second
Unregistered                    submission”                                                           quoted reference refers to step 25 on the flow chart. Agencies will get the
vendors/state-entered           (These are for Sept 3-14 on the time-line.)                           data back in the same format as submitted plus additional columns to identify
vendors                 15                                                                            the specific errors of each record.

                                                                                                                    Page 13
                                                                                             Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                       As of07/02/2012

                             UVA - Will we get the following report in the form of a
                             030report file?
                             “Provide Agency/Institutions a report of vendors successfully
                             loaded with VLIN”
                             (see the document labeled "eVA State-Entered Vendors
Unregistered                 Process to Create Accounts". This is for Oct 19 on the time-
vendors/state-entered        line.)                                                           05/21/2012
vendors                 16                                                                    Good suggestion that will be taken into consideration.

Unregistered                 UVA - For those agencies NOT using eVA Direct, what is the       Specific agency users will be given the role and privileges to enter and submit
vendors/state-entered        process for adding vendors once this initial upload is           State-Entered Vendors to eVA following the ‘eVA State-Entered Vendor
vendors                 17   complete?                                                        Process to Create Accounts’.

Unregistered                                                                                  05/21/2012
vendors/state-entered        UVA- Can the process for adding vendors be automated to          The online entry functionality provides duplicate checking to avoid this
vendors                 18   prevent double data entry?                                       problem.

                             UVA - We have end users who create the vendor and place
Unregistered                 the order before we know about the new vendor. Will this be      End users will not be able to create eVA State-Entered Vendors. In examples
vendors/state-entered        an issue for eVA as a purchase order could be reported via       where the vendor is not already in eVA as Self-Registered or State-Entered
vendors                 19   our file before the eVA vendor is entered and approved?          the import orders will continue to load as unregistered (Ad Hoc) vendors.

vendors/state-entered        UVA - How long is review and approval process of new             05/21/2012
vendors                 20   vendors supposed to take?                                        Typically two business days after submission of a State-Entered Vendor.

                             UVA - What if the agency needs to place an order within that
Unregistered                 period (the period of time when the agency has submitted         05/21/2012
vendors/state-entered        information to create a State-Entered Vendor and it has not      Agency will follow the current procedures which will result in an order to
vendors                 21   yet been approved)?                                              ‘unregistered’ (Ad Hoc) vendors.

Unregistered                 UVA - When the tested vendor records are posted, will
vendors/state-entered        agencies know which failures are results of their file           05/21/2012
vendors                 22   submission?                                                      Yes. The agency that provided the record will be identified on each record.

                             UVA - In the Agencies/Institutions step to “Correct errors or
                             obtain W-9 forms for a vendors to be resubmitted” step dated
                             Sept 17-28 (see the document labeled "eVA State-Entered
Unregistered                 Vendors Process to Carete Accounts), are agencies limited to
vendors/state-entered        only one resubmission or can multiple resubmissions occur     05/21/2012
vendors                 23   within that period?                                           The plan is for each agency to do just one resubmission.

                             UMW - In step 3 (One-Time Initial Vendor Load Flowchart),
                             “create separate files for Pass and Fail” –
                             If the vendor passes IRS and eVA edits, agencies update their
                             records with info. Correct? If correct
                             a. how do we obtain a copy of the W9 to correct our vendor
Unregistered                 b. would we add the name if we have not used the vendor in 05/21/2012
vendors/state-entered        the past?                                                     Not correct. Agencies need to wait until the records have been loaded into
vendors                 24                                                                    eVA so that they have a VLIN.

                                                                                                            Page 14
                                                                                              Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                        As of07/02/2012

                             UMW - If the vendor fails the IRS/eVA edits. A failure could
                             be the result of one of the following not matching with IRS:
                             Standard name, TIN? What other criteria?
                             for vendor ‘failures’, IF the TIN matches (assume the standard
                             name differs) – we compare the name from the report to our
                             agency vendor file. Yes?                                          05/21/2012
                             If the TIN matches but the vendor name does not, (One-Time
                                                                                               It is correct that in some cases there will be more than one name per TIN (ex.
                             Initial Vendor Load Flowchart - step flow - 10 13, 14, 17),
                             Why the jump to step 17? Process flows as if agencies will be
                                                                                               Media General with Richmond Times Dispatch, Virginia Pilot, Roanoke Times
Unregistered                 adding a different name with the same TIN as found in eVA,        etc. all sharing the same TIN). There will only be one TIN per vendor location.
vendors/state-entered        would it be correct to have more than one tax id per vendor?      A multi-location vendor could have different TINs for its separate locations
vendors                 25                                                                     (ex. franchise model).
                             UMW - In step 20 (One-Time Initial Vendor Load Flowchart),        05/21/2012
                             agencies are preparing the excel file for the list of vendors     At Step 20 the IRS check of the agency file has not been performed.
                             that have just failed the IRS and eVA edits?
                                                                                               (a) The eVA Team will analyze these records as if they are separate locations.
                             a. what happens if the vendor information I place on the excel
                             differs from the vendor information another enters into the    If there are errors you will go to step 22.
                             excel? Do you start back at step 3?
                                                                                               (b) Because the vendor record submitted is specific to the agency, a
                             b. Rather than all the agencies trying to manage the vendor       centralized group would not have the detailed information necessary to
                             fail list, can the task be centralized?                           correct the record since the order was placed by the agency.
                             c. what happens if agencies do nothing…meaning those
                             vendor who did not pass the IRS/eVA edits are simply ignored
                                                                                          (c) Definitely an option that agencies could follow. Agencies are not required
Unregistered                 and dealt with on an “as needed” basis according to the new to submit a pre-load file.
vendors/state-entered        state-entered vendor procedure?
vendors                 26

                                                                                               (a) These are completed orders that have been fully approved. This is a one
                             UMW - Regarding On Line State-Entered Vendor Entry
                             (a) What point in the PR process is step 1 performed? Before time data pull of orders dated June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012.
                             the PR is entered, part of the approval flow?
                                                                                               (b)Our target is June 1, 2012 through June 8, 2012.
                             (b) What time frame do you see the review process taking?
                                                                                               (c) Yes. See the answer to the question above that DGS asked about end
                             (c) Are you still considering keeping the Ad Hoc vendor in
                                                                                               users entering an Ad Hoc vendor on a requisition (question #3 in the
                             place? If so, how would you suggest institutions require the
                             new process (unless, of course, it is part of the approval
                                                                                               Unregistered vendors/state-entered vendors topic) . Agencies do have the
Unregistered                 process?)                                                         option to have an approval rule added for ‘unregistered’ (Ad Hoc) vendors.
vendors/state-entered                                                                          You should contact your agency assigned DPS Account Executive for help with
vendors                 27                                                                     this new approval role.

                             VCCS - We discussed the need for having a secure way to
                             provide the purchasing vendor file to you (One-Time Initial
                             Vendor Load Template) considering that it could likely contain
                             some social security numbers. Could you let us know if you
                                                                                               Since this is a one time effort we will not be setting up an SFTP process,
Unregistered                 have a way of handling files transmitted via SFTP? If not         agencies should use the secure features of winzip, excel 2007, or the free
vendors/state-entered        please let us know what other alternatives there are other        VITA approved encryption software that DPS will post on the eVA Data
vendors                 28   than what was discussed on the last call.                         Standards web page.

Unregistered                 VCCS - I believe the flowchart specifically refers to ad hoc      State-Entered Vendor functionality will not be available in eVA until 9/1/2012.
vendors/state-entered        vendors. Does that mean that the state vendor files are           State-Entered Vendor records will be available in the 030 vendor file as soon
vendors                 29   already available?                                                as they are approved.

Unregistered                 VCCS - On the flowchart when it refers to making updates to
vendors/state-entered        vendor information (for example 6 and 15) is this referring to    05/21/2012
vendors                 30   our making the changes in our internal system or in eVA?          Yes.

Unregistered                 VCCS - After number 10 on the flowchart it appears that we        05/21/2012
vendors/state-entered        have a choice whether we want to match on standard name           Yes, some organizations are attempting to standardize only on name and
vendors                 31   and location or on standard name only. Is that correct?           others on ordering location. It is an agency choice.

                                                                                                             Page 15
                                                                                           Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                     As of07/02/2012

                                                                                               The eVA Team will look at orders to Ad Hoc vendors ( the 9999999 vendors)
                                                                                               with orders dates 06/1/2011 through 05/31/2012 and will do an initial load
                                                                                               into eVA of those vendors who pass the IRS validation for TIN and name. If
Unregistered                                                                                   you would like to provide an additional file of ad hoc vendors that you will be
vendors/state-entered                                                                          ordering from in the future for the initial load you may do so but are not
vendors                 32   VITA - Do we need to worry about the 9999999 vendors?             required to.

                             VCU - For the file the eVA team will pull onJune 1, the           06/04/2012
                             process indicates that the data will be cleansed to remove
                                                                                               On the Ad Hoc data we pull on June 1, when we share the data with the
                             eVA registered vendors and duplicates. It would be helpful to
                             know how many duplicates are eliminated. For example if the
                                                                                               agencies, we'll at least be able to show a list at the order level so everyone
Unregistered                 vendor data shows a vendor 2 times or 50 times the report         can tell where we got the Ad Hoc vendors from. On the Pass/Fail files we will
vendors/state-entered        would eliminate all but one. It would be helpful to know which    look to give the number of times as you suggest so we can all see how much a
vendors                 33   vendors had duplicates and how many.                              given vendor is being re-used on orders.

                             VDSS - What is the process to correct the vendor information
                             on the Ad Hoc Vendor Files? (This question pertains to the
                                                                                               The eVA Team will load the vendors in the PASS File. From the Fail file, the
Unregistered                 email sent to the agencies that said the eVA Team Ad Hoc          agency may prepare a file (with corrected info) for the eVA Team to load for
vendors/state-entered        Vendor Files are available in the Report and Resource Center      you or you can wait until August 31 or later to enter the vendor data on-line
vendors                 34   in eVA)                                                           as a State-Entered Vendor.

                             DBHDS - Currently, if we need to enter an adhoc vendor we         06/18/2012
                             can do so immediately and if needed print a copy of the eVA       When creating a non-catalog item the existing vendor selection functionality
                             order to fax or email to the vendor. I understand that when
                                                                                               (Supplier and Contact) will be used to pick either State-Entered or Self-
                             the standard goes live entering an adhoc vendor is not to be
                             the normal process and that we are to request a "State
                                                                                               Registered Vendors. We will be adding a column on the search results screen
Unregistered                 Added" vendor. Will there be a separate drop down for these       to show whether a vendor is State-Entered or Self-Registered. So users
vendors/state-entered        types of vendors or will we submit the request in some other      should assume that any vendor they need is already in eVA, use the vendor
vendors                 35   manner prior to beginning the requisition?                        search and if it's not there then the adhoc functionality can be used.

                             DGS - We understand that if a DUNS number is not entered
Unregistered                 for a State-Entered vendor that a "dummy" DUNS number will 07/02/2012
vendors/state-entered        be assigned by eVA. How will we know whether the DUNS      The "dummy" DUNS numbers assigned by eVA for State-Entered vendors will
vendors                 36   number is a real DUNS number or a "dummy" DUNS number? start with"DB" and will be followed by 7 digits. For example, DB1234567.

Unregistered                                                                                   THe "dummy" DUNS number will be stored in the same field as the existing
vendors/state-entered        RU - In the eMall, where will the "dummy" DUNS number be          DUNS number. So the "dummy" DUNS number will be displayed anywhere
vendors                 37   located?                                                          that the DUNS number is currently displayed in the eMALL.

                             JMU - If a vendor is an eVA registered vendor but the location
                             needed is not in eVA and we request it to be state-engered is
                                                                                               Registration type is at the location level. That is the point a vendor must
Unregistered                 that location considered registered or not registered? In other   accept the MOA. If you submit a State Entered Vendor Location, as part of
vendors/state-entered        words, is the registration type based on actual vendor name       the review/activation process, the eVA Team will talk to the vendor to see if
vendors                 38   or the location?                                                  they will agree to the MOA rather than be a State-Entered Vendor.

                                                                                                             Page 16
                                                                                            Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                      As of07/02/2012

                                                                                             No. This is organization type as defined by the IRS. Valid values are
                                                                                             1 = Corporation (Incorporated)
                                                                                             2 = General Partnership
                                                                                             3 = Sole Proprietorship
                                                                                             4 = Non-Profit Associations
                                                                                             5 = Governmental Entity
                                                                                             6 = Individual
                                                                                             8 = Limited Liability Company
                                                                                             10 = Business Trust
                                                                                             12 = Estates
                                                                                             99 = Undeclared
Unregistered                 UVA - In step 5 of the State Entered Vendor Data Entry          *If the TIN Type is SSN, valid values can only by Sole Proprietorship, Individual
vendors/state-entered        Process, 'Organization Type' is referenced. Is this the same    or Undeclared
vendors                 39   as TIN Type?                                                    **If the TIN Type is EIN, then organization type value of "Individual" is not

                                                                                             Contact information is required data and should be available from the
                                                                                             purchase order that was placed with the vendor. Contact your procurement
                                                                                             office to obtain a copy of the purchase order. While first name/last name
Unregistered                 UVA - Contact Information is listed as required for the data    could potentially be a sales and/or help desk name, email, phone and fax
vendors/state-entered        entry process for State-Entered Vendors. What should be         should be obtained for hte SEV data entry process. If a fax number is not
vendors                 40   entered if we do not have that information?                     known, then use the phone number in that field as well.

Unregistered                 UVA- If a vendor has been entered by an agency but NOT yet
vendors/state-entered        activated, will users see that when they search for existing 08/27/2012
vendors                 41   vendors (so that it is not requested multiple times)?        Yes.

                                                                                             Although a form was previously mentioned, we are asking agencies just to
                                                                                             email the name and eVA login ID (If they have one) to
                                                                                             eVAVendorSupport@dgs.virginia.gov or Marion.Lancaster@dgs.virginia.gov.
                                                                                             If more inforrmation is needed, it will be brought up during the training
vendors/state-entered        How should we submit the names of the people at the             08/27/2012
vendors                 42   Agency/Institution for SEV entry?                               Bob Sievert will provide a form for the information that must be submitted.

                                                                                                           Page 17
                                                                                            Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                      As of07/02/2012

                                                                                             The entry for SEV will not use the same workflow as for eMall requisitions.
                                                                                             After the State-Entered Vendor information has been entered, the eVA Team
                                                                                             will do the approval of that vendor information so the vendor will be
                                                                                             activated. Agencies can ask their DPS Account Executive to set up a signer
Unregistered                                                                                 rule so that someone from their agency must approve a requisition that
vendors/state-entered          How is the approval workflow for SEV different than in the    includes a state-entered vendor. The name of that rule is the Vendor
vendors                   43   eMall?                                                        Registration Type Approver rule.

                                                                                             The ad hoc signer rule is for requisitions where the user did not choose a
                                                                                             vendor from the eVA Vendor file but keyed in the vendor information, name,
                                                                                             address, TIN, etc into that requisition. The new signer rule, the Vendor
                                                                                             Registered Type Approver signer rule can be used to create an approval step
                                                                                             in the workflow for State-Entered Vendors. State-Entered vendors are on the
                                                                                             eVA Vendor file but have not accepted the MOA so the agency would pay the
                                                                                             fees which could be a reason for wanting the approval step. If an agency
                                                                                             wants to approve requisitions to unregistered vendors to they have the
                               CNU - At our last meeting the topic was discussed about a
                                                                                             opportunity to review and perhaps change to a registered vendor to avoid
Unregistered                   new signer rule for State-Entered vendors. How is that        fees to the agency, they should use both rules. Agencies wanting to establish
vendors/state-entered          different from the rule for Ad Hoc Vendors? Do we need        the Ad Hoc Signer Rule or the Vendor Registration Type Approver Rule should
vendors                   44   both?                                                         contact their DPS Account Executive.

                                                                                             No. Production migration of the application changes will happen on the
                                                                                             weekend of Sept 28-30 but no data loads of state-entered vendors will be
                                                                                             done on that weekend. Trained agency users with security access to the new
Unregistered                                                                                 online entry of State-Entered vendors will be available on Oct 1. Agencies
vendors/state-entered          GMU - Will any state-entered vendors have been loaded into    may choose to wait until after the one-time vendor loads are complete
vendors                   45   eVA so they will be available on October 1?                   before they start entering vendor data online.

                               RU - If a vendor has changes to their TIN, TIN Type or Vendor
                               Standard Name between an original order and a change          No. Unless the change is to a completely different business (without
Vendor Changes - Impact        order, will the eMall cancel the original order and reissue a obligations to prior versions of the order or contract) maintenance to the
on change orders          1    new order instead of creating a new version of the order?     vendor should not cause order problems.

                               DBHDS - Will the eVA Team have a memo or some type of         08/27/2012
                               information to the vendors for the Vendor Standard            The eVA Team has not created anything at this point but will consider doing
Vendor communications     1    Requirement?                                                  so.

                                                                                                           Page 18
                                                                                              Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                                        As of07/02/2012

                               VCU - Are these definitions correct?
                               Procurement Vendor: A Procurement Vendor is an
                               individual, public body, or business that desires to sell goods
                               or services to the Commonwealth.
                               a. Self Registered Vendor: Is a Procurement Vendor that has
                               entered into a registration agreement to participate in the
                               Commonwealth’s enterprise procurement processes.
                               b. State Entered Vendor: Is a Procurement Vendor that has         07/02/2012
                               not entered into a registration agreement to participate in the   Self-Registered and State-Entered vendors will be on the eVA Vendor file. An
                               Commonwealth’s enterprise procurement processes but has           Ad Hoc vendor is a vendor on an eVA order that was not selected from the
                               been entered into eVA by the Commonwealth.                        eVA Vendor file. The vendor name, address, etc. was typed in on that order.
                               Fiscal Vendor: An entity who requires payment who is not a
                               procurement vendor. Fiscal Vendors will not be included in
                               eVA.                                                              06/04/2012
                                                                                                 These definitions are correct and have not changed.
                               RU - What is the definition of an Ad Hoc Vendor?
Vendor definitions     1

                               Will there be any future changes to the requirements for
                               length and special characters of the vendor standard name         08/27/2012
                               since the current restrictions were based on CARS and now         Bob Sievert has noted an action item for the eVA Team to find out what
Vendor Standard Name   1       CARS will not be modified for vendor standard name?               restrictions will be on vendor name in the new Cardinal system.

                                                                                                 (a)VLIN is a unique identifier for the vendor location. It is 10 positions and will
                                                                                                 always start with "VA". Cardinal will be using VLIN to identify vendor
                               VCCS -(a) It sounds like the VLIN is taking the place of the
                                                                                                 locations. VLIN is an alternate identifier to what is sometimes called the eVA
                               Vendor ID. Is this true or will both be available?
                                                                                                 Vendor ID or vend cust code.
                               (b)( For integration) I believe I saw the VLIN in the xml for
                               Vendor, PO and Requisition. Is the vendor ID still going to be (b) VLIN will be in the integration xml for Vendor, Requisition and PO. Vendor
VLIN                   1       in the XML as well?                                            ID will continue to be in the xml as well.

                               DBHDS - For vendors that have one TAX ID but have multiple
                               locations to which payment is made, is there a limit to the
                               number of VLIN that can be included? In other words if we         There is no limit to the number of locations (VLINs) that can be added. The
                               find that the location we are dealing with is not listed in the   new State-Entered Vendor entry functionality will also be used to add
VLIN                   2       vendor's drop down, how is another location added?                Locations to an existing eVA Vendor.

                                                                                        Once a VLIN is established for a location it will not be updated. Standard
                               UVA - How will VLIN and standard name updates be handled name updates will be driven by the type of merger or buyout that occures
                               for "merged" vendors (i.e. Company A purchases Company B with the aid of update W-9(s) records submitted by the vendor when this
VLIN                   3       and C)                                                   type of change arises.

                         Concerning name differences between eVA and our Agency vendor
                         tables: Since eVA vendor TINS have been validated with the IRS,         05/07/2012
                         would our agency need a new W9 from the vendor in order to make         DOA policy is that Agencies/Institutions will still be responsible for obtaining
                         changes to our vendor file? Should our procedures change to state       W-9s when they are required. DOA has also said thatif eVA has a W-9 for the
                         that DGS has verified all the info with the IRS and are the official    vendor then the Agency/Insitution can obtain the copy from eVA instead of
W9s                    1 recrods keepers of the W9?                                              going to the vendorl

                                                                                                                Page 19
                                                                            Procurement Vendor Data Standard FAQ
                                                                                      As of07/02/2012

                                                                              Email eVA Customer Care (evacustomercare@dgs.virginia.gov) to request a
                                                                              copy of the W-9, if eVA has a copy of the W-9 we will email back an encrypted
                                                                              copy. Future – plan to put in functionality so users who can enter State-
W9s    2 UMW – How would we go about obtaining the W-9 from eVA?              Entered Vendors will be able to pull down W-9’s.
         UMW - If we receive a W-9 that differs from the one eVA has on file
         which one is correct?
         The following qualify as differences:
         i. W-9 Name 1 is substantially different.
         Ii. W-9 Name is the same but the W-9 Business Name (Trade as
         Name) is substantially different.                                   05/21/2012
         iii. If any Federal Tax Classification fields are different.        If the agency W-9 is the most recent, please provide that to eVA Customer
W9s    3 iv. W-9 Address is substantially different.                         Care for processing.
                                                                             It is our understanding that IRS regulations require foreign vendors paid from
                                                                             a U.S. bank to have a U.S. issued TIN and W-9. Need DOA response to this

         CNU - The Agency is responsible to obtain W-9 from all Ad-hoc       06/18/2012 (answer from Monica Darden, DOA)
         vendors. We use foreign vendors, what is the procedure when we      That is correct. CAPP Topic 20320 and 70805 have additional information on
W9s    4 are not able to obtain a W-9?                                       this topic.
W9s    5 CNU - Should the end-user obtain a W-9 prior to creating the order? No.
         UVA - Will individual agencies need to obtain and store W-9s if the Agencies will not need to obtain and store W-9’s if the eVA Vendor has a W-9
W9s    6 supplier exists in the eVA vendor database?                         stored in eVA.

                                                                              We do not need you to submit W-9s to us at this time. However, once the
                                                                              State Entered Vendor functionality has been implemented (August 31, 2012)
                                                                              you will need to submit these vendors as State Entered Vendors prior to using
                                                                              them on orders and sending the orders to eVA. The entry process for these
                                                                              vendors as State Entered Vendors will include a step where you can (and
                                                                              should) upload a copy of the W-9 if you have one.
         VCE - VCE sends orders to eVA through the batch interface.
         Sometimes we have vendors who refuse to join eVA (unregistered      In those cases where you need to place an order faster than we can approve
         vendors). When we send their orders to eVA, they do not go to the   the State Entered Vendor (approx 48 hours), you will still be able to continue
         eMall but they go to the DGS holding tank (stored in the data       your current practices. You will not need to send us a W-9 when you send
         warehouse). Do we need to send W9s for these vendors so they        these orders but you will still need to submit these vendors as State Entered
W9s    7 can be added to eVA? If so, what format?                            Vendors before they are used on any additional orders.
                                                                             DPS accepts the substitute W-9 that is on the data standards support page as
                                                                             well as the standard federal W-9 form. We also accept another state
         RU - Is eVA currently using the substitute W9 that is posted on the agency/institution's substitute W9 as long as it is fully filled out and signed
W9s    8 eVA Vendor Data Standards Support page?                             and dated.
         UMW - We have a vendor with a different name than in eVA. We 07/30/2012
         send the W9 to eVA Customer Care. DPS deactivated the vendor in The vendor should not have been deactivated. If that happens, please let
W9s    9 eVA. Why?                                                           Bob Sievert know.

                                                                              In lieu of an instruction sheet - for agencies submitted one-time load files and
                                                                              want to send the W9s, scan and encrypt W-9 forms using WinZIP or AxCrypt
                                                                              and email to eVAVendorSupport@dgs.virginia.gov. Send the password to
                                                                              Victoria.Beasley@dgs.virginia.gov. Going forward starting October 1, agency
                                                                              staff with security access to enter state-entered vendors, will scan and attach
                                                                              the W-9 forms in eVA when they enter the vendor information on-line.

         How should agencies exchange W9 forms with the eVA Team since 08/27/2012
W9s   10 the forms may include sensitive data?                         Bob Sievert will provide an instruction sheet.

                                                                                            Page 20

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