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									Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
          One Program

                           Cyra Syed
                     M&E Coordination Officer
Governance Structure and M&E System of One
   ONE LEADER                ONE PROGRAM                     ONE BUDGET                   ONE OFFICE

      Governance Forums                            M&E and Oversight Function

     High Level Committee

                                               Responsible for high level strategic decision making related to
     Executive Committee                       funding and program direction and periodic reviews of One

       UN Country Team

                                               Reviews and approves financial and progress reports, work
    Joint Program Steering                     plans and budgets at the JP level, recommends course
          Committees                           corrections, reviews and final evaluation.

                                               Task Forces perform the same function as JPSC but at JPC
      21 JPC Task Forces                       level.

     M & E Network

  Members of Thematic Working Groups, Inter Agency Group on Gender Equality, CCI Group share the
  responsibility of JP M&E supported by the One UN Monitoring & Evaluation Network of the One Program.     2
            Role of One UN M&E Network
                    Standardized templates for Joint Annual Work Plan,
Tools Development   Joint Monitoring Plan, Joint Progress Reporting

                    Joint Progress Reports, Joint AWPs 2010 and
                    Joint Monitoring Plans
Facilitation and    Development of Delivering as One-MIS supported
Technical Advice    for tracking financial information of one budgetary
                    framework and UN’s support in Pakistan

Knowledge           M&E section on UN Pakistan web portal developed
Management and      and populated http://www.un.org.pk
                Scope of One Program M&E

Sr.#   Joint Program                     JP Component            JP Outcomes             Outputs

 1.    Health & Population                        6                     21                   67
       Disaster Risk
 2.       Management                              2                     4+                  15+

 3.    Environment                                5                      5                   27

 4.    Education                                  4                     18                   43
       Agriculture Rural
          Development and
 5.       Poverty Reduction                       4                     11                   33
        Total                                    21                     59                  185

Indicators for cross cutting issues (Gender, Human Rights, Refugees, Civil Society Participation) are
incorporated in all five JPs

     Results Based Management of One

• RBM in Planning

• RBM in Managing

• RBM in Monitoring

• RBM in Evaluation

• RBM in Reporting

JPC Annual Workplan Template

Joint Monitoring Plan Template

                     RBM in Reporting
• Shifts attention away from activities to communicating important
  results achieved by the JP.

• An effective results-based report communicates and demonstrates
  the effectiveness of intervention and makes the case to stakeholders
  and funders for continued support and resources.

• Demonstrates accountability to governing bodies of UN agencies,
  government and donors. Also used by Resident Coordinators and
  UN Country Teams for informed decision-making.

Completeness                  Consistency                      Clarity

                 Balance                    Substantive-ness
               (Good & Bad)                   & Reliability
Elements of Effective Results-based Report

     Clear                           Meaningful
     Context &                        Results

                                         Valid &
    Capacity to
                   Accomplishments    Performance
   Learn & Adapt
                       Reported       Information

Progress Report Template for
   Participating Agencies

RBM of One Program & Lead Roles
                 Tools                        Lead Role

One Program Results and Outcome Framework      UNCT / RCO

JP M&E Framework – JP Annual Workplan – JP     JP Co-Chairs
        M&E Plan- JP Annual Review

JPC M&E Framework – Annual Workplan – JPC    Convening Agents
   Monitoring Plan- JPC progress reports

Country Programs - Annual Workplan – M&E
                                             Individual Agency
        10 Steps for RBM of One Program
M&E Activities                                  Timeframe
Step 1: Joint Annual Work Plan                  Last Quarter of calendar year

Step 2:Joint Monitoring Plan (based on AWP)     December-January
Step 3: Implementation and Monitoring           Throughout the year
Step 4: M&E data generated in the field         Throughout the year
Step 5: Field reports shared with Head office   April/July/October/January
Step 6: Joint periodic progress reviews         March/June/Sep./Dec
Step 7: Half Yearly and Annual Reports          August/ February
consolidated by CAs
Step 8: Reports shared with partners            August/ February
Step 9: Feedback on reports incorporated for    As and when received
improvement and future planning

Step 10: Joint evaluations, mid term reviews    2nd year of implementation
planned and conducted                                                           12

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