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                                                           The city of Yamunotri is located in the beautiful Garhwal                            Ezine notifications
                                                           Himalayan ranges in the state of Uttarakhand at elevation of                         Article RSS feeds
                                                           3300 meters above sea level. As proceed towards to this                              Terms of service
                                                           tranquil hill station you will come across some of the most
                                                           picturesque places in the area. And moreover the way to                             Everyone:
                                                           Yamunotri includes some of the most enthusiastic activity
                                                           throughout the area. The starting point to this beautiful                            New stuff
                                                                                                                                                About us
                                                           tourist destination is Dehradun, the capital of the state of                         Link to us
                                                           Uttarakhand. One can be reached by bus from Dehradun, it is                          C ontact us
                                                           well connected with regular bus services, rail and air from all                      Privacy policy
                                                           the different cities of India and it is very easily accessible.
                                                           The journey here described as fascinating in the visitors guide
                                                           here as it covers some very nice places like the mountain
                                                           town of Barkot which is usually a stop on the way to. This
                                                           charming little town offers some of the best views of snow-
                                                           capped peaks of the Himalayas that feed the soul.

 The tour of the curved road in Barkot bus carries Hanuman Chatti, a small isolated place where the actual
 trekking begins. According to the guide visitors to here, the walk of Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri covers
 approximately 13 km. It is very important to take your share of snacks and biscuits and other eatables light to
 keep replenishing yourself during your visit to these beautiful hill stations of India. The other important things in
 the guide visitors to here as a must in your trip are a good flashlight and some spare batteries, candles,
 matchbox, an umbrella and a knife. But the most important thing is to be in your backpack medications and first-
 aid kit for any emergency.

 Here you will find a beautiful temple sat on the opposite the direction of Gangotri. The path to both is almost the
 same, but has a branch in Dharasu where the road leads to this tranquil temple of this popular hill stations of
 India. Another way to reach out to this majestic place is via Mussoorie or Barkot. This beautiful temple of
 Goddess Yamuna is situated at an elevation of 3235 metres above sea level, and this temple is one of the 4
 Dhams of Hindu pilgrimage. Every year’s thousand Hindu pilgrimage comes to visit here during ��Akshaya
 Tritiya��. Door to the temple is closed to the pilgrimage after Yama Dwitiya, the second day after Dewali. Here
 you will find two hot springs where you can take bath before going to the temple. The two springs are names are
 Surya Kund �� whose water is hot enough to cook rice and boil potato and other is Gauri Kund �� whose water
 is warm enough for devotees to take batch. One of the special things that you will notice here is that near Surya
 Kund rice is cooked and it is distributed as Prasad.

 Here you will find number of hotels and ashrams. The Chardham Camp, GMVN Rest House,Janki Chatti - GMVN
 Tourist Rest House,Syana Chatti - GMVN Tourist Rest House,Hanuman Chatti - GMVN Tourist Rest House,
 Himalayan Guest House,Hotel Kalindi,Chauhan Tourist Lodge are some of the important hotels of Uttarakhand,

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