Report Rubric by HC121004094615


									                                      Country Report Rubric

                   Below the         Approaching the           Meeting the           Exceeds the
                   Standard             Standard                Standard              Standard            Score
                       1                    2                       3                     4
    Topic           unrelated
                                     Remotely related        Somewhat relevant      Directly relevant

                                                                                   Good organization,
                                    Some organization,
                 Not organized,                              Organized, events         events are
                                    events jump around,
Organization     events make no
                                      start and end are
                                                              are somewhat         logically ordered,
                      sense                                       jumpy              sharp sense of
                                                                                   beginning and end

                                                              Some details are
 Quality of      Unable to find         Details are                                supporting details
                                                             non-supporting to
Information      specific details    somewhat sketchy                              specific to subject
                                                                the subject

                 Very frequent
Grammar &          grammar             More than two          Only one or two       All grammar and
 Spelling        and/or spelling          errors                  errors           spelling are correct

                     Needs             Vocabulary is           Vocabulary is       Vocabulary varied,
Interest Level     descriptive      constant, details lack   varied, supporting    supporting details
                     words                "color"            details need work          vivid

                                                               Legible writing,
                                      Legible writing,                             Word processed or
                                      some ill-formed                               typed, clean and
                   Illegible                                  characters, clean
                                      letters, print too                           neatly bound in a
  Neatness       writing, loose
                                     small or too large,
                                                              and neatly bound
                                                                                      report cover,
                     pages                                    in a report cover,
                                       papers stapled                                  illustrations
                                           together                                      provided

                 Report handed
                                                               Up to two days       Report handed in
 Timeliness       in more than      Up to one week late
                                                                    late                on time
                 one week late

                                    2 Source and             3 Different sources   4 or More different
Bibliography     1 Bibliography     (possible                correct format        sources, correct
                                    punctuation errors)                            format


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