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Wilton Garden Club, Inc.                       JUNE 2006            
President, Jannice Williams                                                   edited by Jannice Williams

          What a year this has been! I have enjoyed learning so much from so many of you including the
wonderful history and traditions of our club; but, what I have enjoyed the most is getting to know many of
you personally. We are truly an amazing group of ladies with many talents, knowledge and experience.
          As this year draws to a close, I’ve taken a moment to review the objectives we laid out last
September and what we’ve accomplished. Some of our greatest feats have been the website update, which
has become a dependable method of communication within the club and our on-line “Garden Variety”.
The Greenhouse has received some much needed repairs that have enabled our members to focus on
workshops for members, Girl Scout troops and school classes. Ambler Farm is thriving and provides us
opportunities to teach members about vegetable gardening among other things. Last but certainly not least,
the Plant Sale was a huge success, despite drenching rains, helping to maintain our financial strength.
Although I am very proud of our accomplishments there are a couple of areas that we need to focus on next
year, the Grounds at OTH and the garden at Horseshoe Pond Park both of which need our care and
          Of course these achievements and the day to day running of the club are possible because of the
efforts of many who I would like to thank publicly. Suzanne Knutson, scheduled many wonderful
programs this year that focused on the “basics” of gardening and peaked our interest in conservation as well
with programs on developing a meadows and another on organic gardening. Suzanne is not the only one
focused on Conservation, the Conservation Committee, led by Sue Cruikshank has really been busy this
year pulling together a tree brochure as well as co-sponsoring the Pesticides program. Sue and her
committee deserve our thanks.
          Our membership co-chairs, Judy Quattrochi and Jessica Kaplan have nurtured and involved a
wonderful group of new members whom we will officially welcome at the June Luncheon. Your teamwork
is a true example of how our club works. Thanks to Cynthia Knapp, Laura Ward and Diane Gorman for
coordinating many delicious lunches and brunches this year and for continuing to treat us to new flavors
and dishes.
          Moving on to the Greenhouse team, Paula Byrdy, Margaret Ogden and Jade Charnin have worked
hard this year to organize the many functions of the Greenhouse. Workshops, Plant Sale preparations, and
outreach programs all worked like clock-work because of their efficient efforts. Speaking of clock-work,
Maureen Thresher, Mary Cerabino and Sherry French have continued to do a wonderful job with the
seniors. The lunch and project at the Greenhouse each month is a highlight on the seniors’ schedule.
Ladies, thanks for all that you do.
          Another group that deserves some praise is Civics. Lisa Bender, along with a wonderful group of
civic-minded members, has been keeping our “garden spots” in town looking their best throughout the year.
Old Town Hall, our wonderful historic building has been cared for by Carol Russell and her very dedicated
group of “Monitors” who check in on things regularly. The building is in terrific shape because of their
extra care. Judy Robinson, our OTH Rental Chair, has done a great job organizing the rentals and keeping
Carol and her helpers informed. Many thanks to both of you for your efforts, we certainly appreciate it.
          Have you been to Ambler Farm lately to see the tremendous job Gretchen DeMattia and Liz Riley
have done with the Vegetable garden? Gretchen and Liz have been joined by several members who have
already harvested some delicious produce for the Wilton Food Bank. Well done ladies!
          Arranging Flowers have never been so much fun! Melinda Wolcott and Terry Chapin have many
NEW aspiring floral designers after offering a wide range of workshops this year. They offered a lot of
knowledge and patient support for those of us just starting out in “Floral Design”. My “gardening” hat
goes off to you both.

          The Website has really grown this year in design as well as content under the wise and talented
supervision of Lorna Lyle. It has become a dependable method for members to obtain information and
details about upcoming events. Thank you Lorna for your hard work!
          There are also some members that work very hard behind the scenes efficiently and quietly doing
their jobs. Although they are not usually in the spotlight, I would like to put them there for a moment to
thank them. Marybeth Nisco for her diligence in taking the minutes at each of our Board meetings…this is
no small task when we get into a discussion! Thanks to Jerre Dawson and Lydia Wallis for their continued
support, encouragement, and advice; Ellen Mann and Nea Martin for their work in putting together our
Executive Board for 2006/2007; and to Stacy Holmen, our Awards chairman, and Ann McDonald, our
Annual Meeting Chairman, for putting together a wonderful luncheon to celebrate the efforts of many of
our members throughout the year.
          I am sure that you will join me in congratulating Kim Young and Thelma DiMattio for helping to
orchestrate another successful Plant Sale. They cheered us on when the weather looked like it might get the
best of us and their efforts did not go unnoticed. Thanks also to Gladys Blundin and Pat Hegnauer for their
continued expertise and knowledge of the “little details” that must be done to be prepared for the Plant
Sale. One of the biggest jobs at the Plant Sale each year is of course our Treasurer who spends countless
hours collecting receipts, paying bills, making deposits and collating our income so we can determine our
financial status. Ann Marie Amelio did a wonderful job along with Paula Byrdy, Ellen Mann, Rosemarie
Malcarney and Kay Chann. Thanks for your coordination during the Plant Sale. Also, I would like to take
just a moment to thank all of you who contributed plants, assistance, creativity and knowledge. The Plant
Sale would not be successful without us all working together.
          I am looking forward to seeing you at the Awards Luncheon so that I can extend my thanks and
best wishes in person. If you won’t be there, let me wish you a safe and relaxing summer, filled with lots
of moments to spend in the garden. See you in September!

Monthly Meeting:
 Tuesday June 6th – ANNUAL AWARDS LUNCHEON- Rolling Hills Country Club

We will honor those who have contributed to the Wilton Garden Club, welcome new members
and the Board, and enjoy a delightful luncheon with your friends! Also, make time to take a
stroll at adjacent Ambler Farm to admire the gardens and scenic views.

11:00 a.m.       Board Meeting, Rolling Hills Country Club (please be prompt)
12:00 p.m.       Luncheon & Awards program commences, The Lounge at Rolling Hills C.C.

 2006 – 2007 Membership Dues are due June 30th.                              CALENDAR
  Dues form is on page 6. Please mail in your check and       JUNE
  form to Judy Quattrochi, 77 Old Boston Road, Wilton.        Mon. June 5 Flower Arranging-
  WGC Membership cards will be sent to you once your          Table arrangements for the Luncheon
  dues have been received. The cards identify you as a        1:00 -3:00 p.m. Meet at Terry Chapin’s
  member and may be shown where discounts may be
                                                              home, 18 Pine Ridge Road, to assemble
      Members who have not yet turned in a Plant Sale        arrangements.
  Donation Form or a payment in lieu of participation         Tues. June 6 Annual Awards
  will be charged $55 ($40 + $15 late fee). Please            Luncheon
  submit a donation form to our membership chair, Judy        12:00 p.m.       Rolling Hills Country
  Quattrochi (77 Old Boston Road) or a check to Ann           Club, join us for this enjoyable
  Marie Amelio (135 Cedar Road).                              afternoon.
      Pot Storage – Please clean your pots and put           Sat. June 10 Garden Tour: Hosted
  them in a large garbage bag to keep them clean. We          by the Redding Garden Club and New
  are asking members to hold onto their pots until            Pond Farm. 10:00-4:00 Please contact
  next Spring when we will organize CLEAN pots by
  size and store them in Kim Young’s barn in
  preparation for our “Digs”.

               Johanne Kurz at New Pond Farm (938-2117) for details.
Sat. June 10   West Hartford Garden Club – 2006 Garden Tour
10:00 – 4:00   Tour six private gardens from a Water Garden Retreat to a Colonial Kitchen
               Garden. Proceeds to benefit Civic Development.
Sat. June 10 A Night in Tunisia – Gala and Art Auction to benefit the artist in
5:30 – 11 p.m. Resident Program of the Weir Farm Art Center. For more information please call
               (203) 761-9945.
Sat. June 17 Anglewood Gardens Tour – This day has been designated “Garden Club Day”
9:00-5:00 p.m. and the money raised from donations for the tour will go to the Dana-Farber
               Gillette Center for Women’s Cancers in Brookline MA. Anglewood Gardens is
               a private garden that has been dedicated to all cancer survivors, their families and
               friends and to the memory of those who have succumbed to this illness. For
               more information please visit the website or
               call Mary Anne Athanas directly at (203) 458-2000.
Sat. June 24 An Old-Fashioned Summertime BBQ – to benefit Ambler Farm
7p.m. –11p.m. Please join in the fun at our 3rd Annual Ambler Farm BBQ.
Fri. June 30 Membership Dues Deadline. Please send your dues to Judy Quattrochi, 77 Old
               Boston Road.

Wed. Aug. 30 Board Members Welcome – an opportunity to welcome new chairmen and
9:30 a.m.    discuss our objectives for 2006/07 as well as our budget. Jannice Williams’
             home, 42 Pheasant Run Road.

Mon. Sept. 11   Monthly Meeting
9:00 a.m.       Board Meeting, Old Town Hall.
10:00 a.m.      Arrive and Sign in, Pilgrim Hall. BRUNCH will be served before the program.
10:45 a.m.      General Meeting and Announcements
11:00 a.m.      Program Commences

        Nominees for the Wilton Garden Club Board, 2006 – 2007
         Nominating Committee: Ellen Mann and Nea Martin
 President: Jannice Williams               Treasurer: Ellen Mann
 Vice President: Jerre Dawson              Assistant Treasurer: Paula Byrdy
 Secretary: Ann Marie Amelio

 Elections will be held at the Annual meeting in June.

                                         PLANT SALE 2006
          WOW! Just like the postman, through wind, mud and drenching rains we will deliver the
PLANTS! The sale was a great success with a net profit more than $11,000 over budget due partially to the
close attention to expenses. Congratulations to all who contributed their time, knowledge and gardens to
the sale.
          In addition to WGC members, we had a lot of help from family members who helped us during
the plant sale as usual. Please join me in thanking the following individuals for all their help during the
sale. Roving cashiers included Irving Chann, Mark Chapin, Dick Husta, Dick Martin, and Dan Riley.
Under the Orchids Tent, we had Steve Symonds and Sue Dillon. Dean Keister was a big hit with his
festive hat selling raffle tickets and donating his computer skills to the Silent Auction. Wiley Bell and
Cheque were a huge help not only in the perennial section but with set-up and clean-up. Thanks for all
your contributions. Lauren Mirabile’s husband was a big help when he found us some wood frames to act
as a bridge over numerous mud puddles. As you can see we had help from many to make this sale a
success. THANKS!!
          We certainly appreciated all the hard work contributed by each plant sale committee chair and
thoroughly enjoyed working with you all. See you at the June Luncheon.

2006 Plant Sale Report through 5/31/06 - Thanks to all of you who helped make this year’s Plant Sale
such a success. Strong sales and well managed expenses produced a profit above expectations.

Assessments                                  800.00
Cash for Cashiers                            650.00
Other (GH)                                 3,302.00
Public Sale                               35,477.15
Silent Auction                             4,300.00
TOTAL Plant Sale Income 2006              44,529.15
Pre-Sale Plant Sale Income 2006            5,095.00
TOTAL INCOME                              49,624.15

Annuals                                      662.45
Cash to start                                650.00
Creative Baskets                             446.24
Digs                                         256.28
Grasses & Ground Covers                      299.64
Greenhouse                                   221.18
Hanging Baskets                            1,104.82
Herbs                                        405.67
Orchids                                    1,194.80
Other                                        242.94
Perennials                                 1,148.88
Permits, Tents, Tables                     1,050.00
Publicity                                    315.59
Rock Garden                                  300.00
Security, Boy Scouts                          99.21
Setup & Cleanup                              125.82
Shrubs                                       639.20
Signs                                        292.78
Silent Auction                                14.41
Vegetables                                 1,344.85
Wildflowers                                1,488.41
TOTAL Plant Sale                          12,303.17
Pre-Sale Plant Sale
Peonies                                      652.62

Products                                           0.00
Raffle                                           115.40
Repellents                                       204.00
Shrubs                                           744.31
TOTAL Pre-Sale Plant Sale                      1,716.33
TOTAL EXPENSES                                14,019.50
TOTAL INCOME LESS EXPENSES                    35,604.65

Plant Sale Historical Comparison

           2005                                                          2006

          7/17/2005                                                    5/31/2006

           actual            budget         difference                  actual            budget         difference
                             $                                                            $
 Income $ 52,542.03         35,000.00   $    17,542.03        Income $       49,624.15   45,000.00   $     4,624.15

                                                              Expense $      14,019.50   20,750.00   $    (6,730.50)
 Expense $ 21,200.22        11,100.00   $    10,100.22

                                                              Profit      $ 35,604.65    24,250.00   $    11,354.65
 Profit    $ 31,341.81      23,900.00   $      7,441.81


AMBLER FARM : The Ambler Farm Vegetable Garden crew will continue to work in the
garden on Mondays and/or Thursdays from 8:30 – 11 a.m. Come have some laughs, learn about
growing fruits and vegetables, fulfill your committee requirement and give back something to the
people in our town who could use a hand. No experience necessary!
                                                         Gretchen DeMattia and Liz Riley

Interested in helping with the floral arrangements for our Annual Awards Luncheon at Rolling
Hills C.C.? On Monday morning, June 5 we need help collecting flowers and greens from
members’ gardens as well as your own garden to use in the arrangements.

From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Monday June 5, we will assemble the arrangements at Terry Chapin’s
home, 18 Pine Ridge Road. Hope you will join us for this fun tradition.

Please help us keep the gardens around town looking their best this summer by giving us one
hour of your time. All it takes is around 15 – 20 minutes three times a week (or less if rain is
plentiful) to keep the WGC spots watered and looking great! We have organized the gardens into
         Group 1: Horseshoe Pond oval – bring water jugs
         Group 2: Town Hall (on Danbury Road) – hose available (This is easy!)
         Group 3: Train Station, 2 Veterans Memorials, Oval at Ridgefield Rd. –bring jugs.
         Group 4: Old Town Hall, no watering necessary, JUST WEEDING!!
Please call or email me at (762-5115 or and let me know
when you’ll be available. Pick a few numbers if possible. If you are flexible, let me know if I
can put you in the schedule where there are openings. We will have gallon jugs with caps

available and will let you know where to get them, depending on who’s watering the prior week.
Please leave the “number” that corresponds with the week and group that works for you when
leaving a message. (We have listed those who have already signed up during the May meeting).
                                GROUP 1          GROUP 2        GROUP 3        GROUP 4
Week 1: 6/5 – 6/11              1                2              3               4
Week 2: 6/12 - 6/18             5                6              7               8
Week 3: 6/19 – 6/25             9                10             Lorna Lyle      12
Week 4: 6/26 – 7/2              13               Patty Contino 15               Dorothy S.
Week 5: 7/3 – 7/9               17               18             19              20
Week 6: 7/10 – 7/16             Nan Merolla 22                  Nan Merolla 24
Week 7: 7/17 – 7/23             Nan Merolla 26                  Nan Merolla 28
Week 8: 7/24 – 7/30             29               30             31              32
Week 9: 7/31 – 8/6              33               Patty Contino 35               36
Week 10: 8/7 – 8/13             37               38             39              40
Week 11: 8/14 – 8/20            41               42             43              44
Week 12: 8/21 – 8/27            45               46             47              48
Week 13: 8/28 – 9/3             49               50             51              52
Week 14: 9/4 – 9/10             53               54             55              56
Week 15: 9/11 – 9/17            57               58             59              60
                                                         Lisa Bender and Jannice Williams

Old Town Hall Building:
Many thanks go out to the following Garden Club members for faithfully taking care of Old
Town Hall this year. Without the monitors, it would be impossible to maintain the building with
all the rentals we have weekly. The following helped care for one of Wilton’s treasures.

Marge Anderson                                           Jade Charnin                               Mary Honeycutt                             Rita Weber
Anne Bennett                                             Gloria Case                                Cora Martin
Gladys Blundin                                           Lila Griswold                              Nea Martin
Connie Brown                                             Anne Hamar                                 Ann Morris
Lois Bruce                                               Elinor Hauff                               Linda Schmidt

                                                                                                                                 Carol Russell


                                            DUE$                                 ARE                         DUE!
The deadline for dues is June 30, 2006. Payments postmarked after that date will be
subject to a $15 late fee. Please complete this form and mail to: Judy Quattrochi, 77 Old
Boston Road.

Enclosed is my check payable to the Wilton Garden Club for:
 Active Membership - $35  Sustaining Membership - $65

Name ____________________________________                                                                  Phone __________________

                  DO YOU GO ONLINE?
Do you have Internet access? Yes  No 
Would you be able to receive Garden Variety online if you are currently receiving it
through the mail? Yes  No 

Current email address: ___________________________________________

How many times in the past year have you accessed the Wilton Garden Club’s Website?

(Estimate) _________________________

What else might you like to see on the Wilton Garden Club website? _______________

                    ANNUAL COMMITTEE

     To successfully continue the Wilton Garden Club’s operations and meet new goals,
    we need participation from all members on our committees. Active members are
   required to participate in the activities of at least one committee. Please make your
  choice and sign up or you will be assigned to a committee.

         Ambler Farm                    Awards                          Civics
         Conservation                   Flower Arranging                Garden Therapy
         Greenhouse                     Herbarium                       Horticulture
         Old Town Hall Building         Old Town Hall Grounds           Publicity
Additionally: All Active members are required to assist the Hospitality Committee
annually. Please choose from the following dates below (one minimum required):

         Sept 11                        Oct 16                          Nov 13
         Jan 8                          Feb 12                          Mar 12
         Apr 9                          May 21
Name _______________________________________                 Phone ______________________________

email _______________________________________

We would also like to know your interests and talents in other areas such as Newsletter, Website,
and Publicity, so that we can continue to maintain these very important areas of our club. If you
have background or expertise in any of these areas please let me know. Thank you, Jannice

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