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                           Our Pledge                                                                     Exchange Programs
Department of Statistics

                             The Department of Statistics at the Chinese University                         Peggy Tong joined two exchange programs
                             of Hong Kong was founded in 1982. Our primary                                  when she was in Year 3:
                             mission is to provide quality education and undertake
                                                                                                            Living and learning outside of CUHK and Hong
                             cutting-edge research. In today’s Information Age,
                                                                                                            Kong has enriched my university life so much,
                             statistics have proven to be an indispensable tool in
                                                                                                            and in so many ways, that I find it difficult to
                             business, social studies, engineering, medicine, clinical
                             studies, genetics, and marketing. To meet the
                             increasing demand for well-rounded statistics                                  In the spring semester of 2008, I
                             graduates, we offer undergraduate programs in                                  was an exchange student at
                             Statistics and Risk Management Science. Postgraduate                           Nanjing University in China. In
                             programs leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees are also                         the summer of that year, I went
                             offered to those students who intend to become                                 to the Innsbruck University in
                             experts in the field.                                                          Austria to study German. These
                             Details of the Risk Management Science Program are presented in a              two exchange experiences were
                             separate leaflet.                                                              very different, but equally
                                                                                                            fruitful     and       extremely
                                                                                                            meaningful to me. I made
                           Undergraduate Programs                                                           friends from different countries;
                                                                                                            my language proficiency has Examination, Chinese calligraphy
                             The curriculum of the Statistics Program is specially                                                            course at Nanjing University
                                                                                                            improved; and I have come to
                             designed to prepare students for careers in fields such
                                                                                                            experience and know more about different
                             as business, teaching, and research. The curriculum
                                                                                                            cultures. There has been much fun and
                             covers the core of the subject, while maintaining a
                                                                                                            knowledge and so many experiences that I
                             balance between theory and practice. Students can
                                                                                                            definitely would not have gained had I not
                             choose to specialize in one of the two following
                                                                                                            participated in these activities.
                                                                                                            Raymond Wong joined an exchange program
                             1. Data Science and Business Statistics
                                                                                                            when he was in Year 2:
                             Students are equipped with contemporary statistical
                             techniques to meet the challenges of the                                       In summer 2007, I joined an exchange program
                             ever-advancing business world.                                                 arranged by the Statistics Department of CUHK.
                                                                                                            This program provided students with the chance
                             2. Statistical Science
                                                                                                            to take part in research work at Colorado State
                             Students are prepared with advanced statistical
                                                                                                            University in the USA. This experience was
                             techniques that can be applied in various sectors in
                                                                                                            extremely valuable and unique, especially for an
                             today’s Information Age.
                                                                                                            undergraduate student. I am grateful to the
                             (Note: some statistics courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for     Department of Statistics for organizing and
                             the Minor Program in Risk Management Science.)
                                                                                                            funding such a meaningful program.
                             Undergraduate Admission Requirements
                             (HKALE requirements)
                             Applicants are required to obtain the following grades
                             in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination

                                Grade E or above in                        AS Chinese Language & Culture, AND
                                                                           AS Use of English

                                Grade E or above in                        2 AL subjects, OR
                                                                           1 AL subject plus 2 AS subjects

                                At least one subject from                  AL Pure Mathematics
                                                                           AL/AS Applied Mathematics
                                                                           AL Physics
                                                                           AL Chemistry
                                                                           AS Mathematics and Statistics
Career Prospects
  Although some of our graduates have continued their
  studies and pursued a higher degree, most have joined the
  workforce after graduation. As evidenced by the career
  development of our graduates, they are well-received in
  various sectors of the community. Many now hold key
  positions in the civil service and in such private sector fields
  as business, finance and banking, and research and

Employment Records of 2010 Graduates
                                                                               A Visit to Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR

                          Education           5.7%
              37.1%                        Information
             Business,                     Technology                 Alumni
           Banking and                     Statistics, Consultancy,    Several alumni are happy to share their
              Finance                      Government and
                           34.3%                                       experiences as Statistics graduates of CUHK.
                                           Other Professional
                                                                       Name: Frankie MO Kwok-fai
                                                                       Undergraduate: 1997/Major: Statistics
                                                                       1999/Master of Philosophy in Statistics,
                                                                       2007/Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Sciences
  Our internship program reflects our continued efforts to             Company: Department of
  enhance career opportunities for statistics students. The            Clinical Oncology, CUHK
  major objective is to provide participating undergraduate            Title: Scientific
  students with opportunities to engage in research activities         Officer/Bio-Statistician
  in both academic and non-academic institutions and to
                                                                       I am glad to say that Statistics
  equip themselves with more professional and statistical
                                                                       has influenced my life a lot. I
  expertise. The department will seek out available intern
                                                                       completed both my Bachelor
  positions in both the government and private institutions.
                                                                       Degree (1997) and Master
  Jodie Lau took up a summer internship in the Census &                Degree (1999) in Statistics at
  Statistics Department, HKSAR when she was in Year 2:                 CUHK. My time there accounts for a large part of my
                                                                       good memories. The campus environment and
  As a summer intern in the Census & Statistics Department, I          study style at CUHK are very impressive.
  joined a section of the trade statistics branch in the economic      Furthermore, career talks exposed me to the wide
  statistics division. This internship provided me with valuable       range of career choices available to a Statistics
  experience that was highly relevant to my studies at the             graduate.
                                                                       My current post is Bio-Statistician in the
  Ka Ho Chan worked as an intern in AirGini Asia Pacific               Department of Clinical Oncology, CUHK. My main
  Limited when he was in Year 3:                                       duties include statistical analysis, database
                                                                       programming, and report writing. I have engaged
                         As a Marketing Research Analyst in
                                                                       in many clinical research studies of cancer, ranging
                         AirGini Asia Pacific Limited, I learnt a
                                                                       from phase I to phase III. Statistics is very important
                         great deal of practical skills and
                                                                       in the design of protocols, sample size estimation,
                         knowledge. I acquired a clear picture of
                                                                       and randomization and in the initial and final
                         marketing research, as AirGini provided
                                                                       analysis of all clinical data. The results of analysis
                         a precious opportunity for me to draft a
                                                                       may change the practices of the medical world.
                         research design and co-ordinate the
                                                                       Statistical knowledge thus helps to improve
                         research process. This experience was
                                                                       patients’ quality of life.
                         definitely useful and paved the way for
                         my future career.
  Name: Wendy CHAN Wing-man                                                Assistant Professor
  Undergraduate: 2001/Major: Statistics                                    Fan, Xiaodan (樊曉丹) BE, MS(Tsinghua); MA, PhD(Harvard)
  Postgraduate: 2003/Master of Philosophy in Statistics                    [Computational Biology, Hierarchical Model, Statistical Computing, Pattern
  Company: Hang Seng Bank                                                  Yam, Sheung Chi Phillip (任尚智) BSc(ActuarSc), MPhil(HKU);
  Title: Credit Policy and Information Manager                             MASt(Cambridge); DPhil(Oxford)
                                                                           [Actuarial Science & Mathematical Finance, Probability Theory & Stochastic
                                                                           Analysis, Rough Path Theory, Nonlinear Control Theory]
  The Statistics Program utilizes lectures, applications, and
                                                                           Yau, Chun Yip (邱俊業) BSc(HKU); MPhil(CUHK); PhD(Columbia)
  presentations to deliver knowledge on various                            [Long-memory Time Series, Change-point Analysis, Extreme Value Theory,
  disciplines, including       computer       science, risk                Composite Likelihood Inference, Spatial Statistics, Environmental Statistics]
  management, and business applications.                                   Instructor
                                                                           Ho, Kwok Wah Remus (何國華) BBA, BSc, MPhil, PhD(HKUST)
  From the Statistics program, I learnt how to incorporate                 [Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms, Financial Risk
  statistical techniques and concepts into my work.
                                                                           Ng, Chi Tim (吳自添) BSc, MPhil, PhD(CUHK)
  Statistical knowledge is also very useful and important                  [Option Pricing Theory, Statistical Inference of Time Series Models,
  in today’s business and financial industry.                              Stochastic Calculus]
                                                                           Emeritus Professor
  In short, the program will provide you with a solid                      Lee, Sik Yum (李錫欽)
  foundation for business development, and I strongly
                                                                           Adjunct Professor
  recommend it to you.
                                                                           Fan, Jianqing (范劍青)
                                                                           (Professor, Department of Operations Research & Financial Engineering,
                                                                           Princeton University)
                                                                           Ho, Wing Huen Frederick (何永煊)
Teaching Staff and Their Research Interest                                 (Former Commissioner, Census & Statistics Department, HKSAR)
                                                                           Lee, Chun Man Thomas (李俊文)
  Professor of Statistics                                                  (Professor, Department of Statistics, University of California, Davis)
  Chan, Ngai Hang (陳毅恒) BSc(CUHK); PhD(Maryland)                           Wong, Wing Hung (王永雄)
  [Time Series, Finance and Econometrics, Oceanography, Inference for      (Professor, Department of Statistics and of Health Research and Policy,
  Stochastic Processes, Large Sample Theory]                               Stanford University)
  Professor                                                                Adjunct Associate Professor
  Cheung, Siu Hung (張紹洪) BA(C’dia); MA, MSc(Georgia);                      Wong, Po Shing Samuel (黃寶誠)
  PhD(Temple)                                                              (Chief Consultant, RiskMan Limited)
  [Multiple Comparisons, Simultaneous Prediction and Forecasting]
                                                                           Honorary Professor
  Gu, Ming Gao (顧鳴高) BSc(Fudan); MA, MPhil, PhD(Columbia)
  [Biostatistics, Resampling Methods, Statistical Computing]               Hall, Peter Gavin
                                                                           (ARC Federation Fellow, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The
  Li, Kim Hung (李劍鏗) BSc, MPhil(CUHK); MSc, PhD(Chic.)                     Instructor
                                                                           University of Melbourne)
  [Statistical Computing, Nonuniform Random Numbers, Optimal
  Designs]                                                                 Professor (by courtesy)
  Poon, Wai Yin (潘偉賢) BSc, MPhil(CUHK); MBA(Hull); PhD(Calif.)             Zee, Chung Ying Benny (徐仲鍈)
  [Structural Equation Models, Marketing Research, Ranking Data,           (Professor, Department of Community and Family Medicine, CUHK)
  Influence Analysis, Categorical Data]
  Associate Professor
  Chan, Ping Shing (陳炳城) BSc, MSc, PhD(McM.)
  [Order Statistics, Analysis of Censored Data, Robustness]
  Leung, Pui Lam (梁沛霖) BSc(CUHK); MA, PhD(Mich.)
  [Multivariate Analysis, Decision-Theoretic Estimation, Data Mining]
  Song, Xin Yuan (宋心遠)
  [Latent Variable Models, Bayesian Method, Statistical Computing,
  Nonparametric and Semiparametric Methods, Statistical Diagnostics]
  Wong, Hoi Ying (王海嬰) BSc(HKBU); MPhil, PhD(HKUST)
  [Derivatives Pricing, Interest Rate Modeling, Financial Risk Analysis]
  Wu, Ka Ho (胡家浩) BSc(CUHK); MSc(Dal.); PhD(Alberta)
  [Robustness, Time Series, Multiple Comparisons]

                                                                                   General Enquiries:

                                                                                   Department of Statistics
                                                                                   Tel.           (852) 3943 7931
                                                                                   Fax            (852) 2603 5188

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