ROLE PROFILE

Department: Library & Heritage Service        Job Title:                         Grade:
Learning & Children’s Services                Library Customer Service           C+2
Directorate                                   Officer
                                              Post Number:


1   RESPONSIBLE TO:                                 2   MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY
    Customer Service Supervisor                         FOR:
        Customer Service Supervisor
        Deputy Customer Service Supervisor
        Senior Customer Service Officer
        Saturday Customer Service Assistants
        Library Service Delivery Co-ordinator
        Service Development Librarians

        General public as library customers

                                   MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB

       To provide an efficient, friendly, customer focused library service
       To work flexibly, enrolling customers, answering customer enquiries, supporting
        customers with ICT and assisting customers to use self-service
       To actively promote the use of the library assisting with stock promotions, ICT learning
        sessions, events and activities inside and outside the library
       To demonstrate a clear understanding and commitment to RBK’s Six Steps to
        Delivering our Customer Commitment and to deliver a service that puts the
        customer at the centre of library service activity

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   Actively engages in positive cross-communications and team working
   Communicates clearly and appropriately with the public and colleagues
   Seeks, listens to and reports the views and ideas of customers to the Customer Service

    Ensure that you develop your own knowledge and expertise and it is up to date and
     effectively transferred to team members

   To provide a high level of customer service to library customers, responding positively
      and providing a service that puts the customer at the centre of library service activity in
      line with RBK’s Six Steps to Delivering our Customer Commitment

      To issue and discharge books and any other items of stock using the Library
       Management System and Self-Service

      To register new members using the Library Management System, explaining the range
       of services available and how to make the best use of them

      To actively promote the use of self-service to customers, assisting customers to use it
       and making it part of the introduction to the library for new joiners

      To deal with telephone enquiries in a timely and efficient manner

      To sort, shelve or file returned library materials, tidy shelves and displays, undertake
       routine book repairs, process new stock and withdraw stock within set procedures.

      To assist with maintaining a high standard of presentation in the library covering stock,
       information provision, notice boards, leaflets, displays, furniture, cleanliness and overall
       presentation of the building

      To assist with displays of library stock on agreed themes and promotions

      To assist with organising and delivering library events and activities both inside and
       outside the library

      To assist senior staff with the opening and locking up of the building

      In the absence of a senior member of staff or when requested, to open and close and
       secure the library building, setting and unsetting security systems as required

      To work flexibly across branches and provide cover in other libraries as required.

Customer Care

      To demonstrate a clear understanding and commitment to RBK’s Six Steps to
       Delivering our Customer Commitment and to deliver a service that puts the customer
       at the centre of library service activity
      To communicate courteously and effectively with all customers in person on the phone
       or by email seeking ways in which to meet their requirements
      To answer customer enquiries referring complex enquiries to senior or specialist staff
      To use ICT including the Library Management System, online reference resources held
       by the Library Service, the Council’s website and other electronic resources to answer
       customer enquiries
      To promote the benefits of library membership to all customers ensuring that joining
       procedures are carried out efficiently and to the standard set down by the Library
      To assist the public with the use of public access PC’s and the Internet
      To escalate customer complaints or issues to senior staff in a timely and efficient
      To advise the Customer Service Supervisor, Team Leaders and professional teams of
       customer demand relating to stock, changes in procedures, new policies, revised
       charges etc.

Cash Handling

      To calculate relevant charges and fees and handle cash, cheques and Chip & Pin
       payments from the public ensuring that income is properly accounted for
      In the absence of a senior member of staff, or when requested, to supervise cash
       handling on a day to day basis
      To assist senior staff with morning and evening routines including setting up floats and
       cashing up
      In the absence of a senior member of staff, or when requested, to set up floats and cash
       up at the end of the day

Resource Management

      To process new stock and circulating stock ensuring that it is carried out quickly to
       maximise customer choice at the branch
      To unpack courier service deliveries ensuring they are distributed quickly and efficiently
      To assist customers to use photocopiers, printers and other library equipment
      To assist with the display and filing of newspapers and magazines
      To assist with the display and filing of Council information including Agendas, Minutes,
       Traffic Management Orders and other information relating to the running of the Council,
       Government and other information
      To assist with the promotion of all library resources to the community, working with
       senior staff and the professional teams to reach the widest possible audience,
       participating in outreach activities to bring new groups into the library

Learning and Development

      To contribute to the basic training and induction of new staff including Saturday
       Customer Service Assistants

Data Protection

      To be aware of the Council’s responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 for the
       security, accuracy and relevance of personal data held on library systems and ensure
       that all administrative and financial processes comply with this
       To maintain customer records in accordance with library policy and procedures and
        statutory requirements

Health and Safety

       To be responsible for your own health and safety and be mindful of the health and
        safety of other staff and service users.

       The safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults as set out in A Safe Place to
        Be: Promoting the Safety of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults in
        Kingston Library and Heritage Service, reporting any concerns to senior staff

   To provide support and share knowledge with colleagues in front line services and to
      provide cover as required
   To work in accordance with RBK‘s Equal Opportunities, Health & Safety, relevant
      policies and legislation
   Act as a role model for the fair and respectful treatment of others
   Actively challenge discrimination and disrespect where necessary
   Any other duties commensurate with the grade of the post, as may be required from time
      to time.
                        An equal opportunities employer

                            PERSON SPECIFICATION

Job Title: Library Customer Service Officer

Post No:                                                           Grade: C + 2

                    Essential                                                 Desirable

Qualification             Good all round education with a minimum of 5 GCSE            A’ levels
                           subjects. To include Grade A – C in Maths and English        ICT
                           Language                                                     qualification

Experience of:            A minimum of one years’ experience working in a public
                           library, a public service, retail, finance or similar
                           environment involving face to face contact with the public

Knowledge of:             Knowledge and understanding of good customer care
                          Microsoft Office applications
                          Books and reading

Other                     Ability to work flexibly, including late
Requirements:              evenings and alternate Saturdays, and occasional
                           additional Saturdays as requested to meet operational
                          To travel to and work at any library required to do so
                          Physical stamina to move and shelve books to a height
                           of 5 feet

Ability to:               Ability to communicate confidently with the public in a
                           positive and friendly way
                          Ability to build strong customer relationships
                          Ability to answer customer enquiries using ICT including
                           the Library Management System, online reference
                           resources, the Council’s website and other electronic
                          Ability to work successfully as part of a team
                          Ability to assist customers to use ICT and enthusiasm for
                           its use in engaging customers in learning and re-skilling
                          Enthusiasm for the promotion of library services to all
                           age groups and communities
                          Reliable, committed and organised

                    Meets the following criteria as set out in the One Council
                    Leadership and Management Framework:

                    Delivering Services
                     Identifies and is responsive to customer needs, working with
                       senior colleagues to provide innovative solutions
                     Consistently displays commitment to a ‘One Council’ way of
                   Recognises the role that technology plays in improving the

                Personal Effectiveness
                 Demonstrates a high level of personal drive and energy that
                   sets an example to others
                 Displays a commitment to own personal development and
                 Actively promotes a culture that values equality and diversity
                 Is flexible and adaptable to changing goals and

Other              Has a strong commitment to following our Six Steps to
Requirements:       working as One Council:
                       1. Recognise the need to continually learn and adapt.
                       2. We willingly share our knowledge and learning with
                       3. We work collaboratively across teams, services and
                           partner organisations
                       4. Looks for ways of improving what we do and how we
                           do it
                       5. We are comfortable with new technology and modern
                           methods of working
                       6. We are determined to make a difference to the lives
                           of our customers

                   Has a strong commitment to following our Six Steps to
                    delivering our Customer Commitment:
                            We go out of our way to get it right first time
                         We listen, understand and deliver
                         We respond positively and politely
                         We respect each customer as an individual
                         We take responsibility for the customer’s issue or
                         We work as a team to deliver the solution

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