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                              COMMUNITY INPUT FORM
       The State Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking community input for its new five-
year plan (2007-2011). Please fill out the following brief survey below to assist us in this endeavor.
You will find information about the Council on the back on this form.

Check the statement below that best describes you ...
  I am a person with a developmental disability
  I am a family member of a person with a developmental disability
  I am an employee of an agency that provides services to persons with developmental
  Other ___________________________________________________________________

Check the three areas that are most important to you.
Community Supports          Early Childhood       Education Employment
Health       Public Awareness         Self-Determination
Other ________________________________________________________________________


For the areas that you've checked, please describe the issue or problem as you see it. Include any
suggestions that you have on how to improve the situation. Feel free to use additional pages.

Would you like to be on the Council's mailing list?  Yes       No
If so, what is the best way to reach you? Telephone # _______________ Fax # ________________
Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Mailing address:___________________________________________________________________
Email address: ____________________________________________________________________
        Hawaii State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Mission Statement                                  THE COUNCIL
The mission of the Council is to support people
with developmental disabilities to control their   State Councils were established in response to
own destiny and determine the quality of life      the federal Developmental Disabilities
they desire.                                       Services and Facilities Construction Act of
                                                   1970 (PL 91-517). Hawai‘i’s Council was
Vision Statement                                   established in State Law by Act 198, Session
People with disabilities are treated equally and   Laws of Hawai‘i in 1975.
enjoy fundamental human rights, among them
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They   The Council is administratively attached to the
have choices about where they live, work and       Department of Health (DOH). The department
play, and they receive the supports they need to   serves as the designated state agency,
do so.                                             providing fiduciary and administrative support.

Implementation Statement
                                                   COUNCIL ACTIVITIES
To this end, the Council will:
• work for self-determination;                     The Council engages in analysis and policy
• advocate for systems change;                     development regarding issues pertaining to
• provide information, education and planning;     systems change for individuals with
• serve as conscience/monitor of the State; and
                                                   developmental disabilities and their families.
• promote best practices.
                                                   •   Training for individuals with developmental
                                                       disabilities and their families including
                                                       legislative advocacy, training on the
   Maggie Baxter           Elvira Lee                  legislative process, and leadership
   Donna Bishaw            Makia Malo                  development
   William Burwell         Evan Murakami           •   Demonstrating new approaches to
   Oralie Carter           Sheryl Nelson               services, supports, and assistance
                                                   •   Informing federal, state, and local
   Ann Collins             John Noland
   Mark Conley             Debbie Rivers           •   Fostering interagency collaboration and
   Dr. David Fray          Mark Romoser                coordination
   Martha Guinan           Charlene Tarr           •   Eliminating barriers and enhancing the
                                                       design and redesign of systems
   Dr. Patricia Heu        Paul Vargas
                                                   •   Maintaining a resource library with articles,
   Paul Higa               Betsy Whitney               books, research studies, and videos that
   Liz Ann Ihu             David Woll                  may be borrowed free of charge
   Dr. Jean Johnson        Mark Yabui              •   Developing and supporting coalitions
   Mary Jossem             Charlotte Yoshida       •   Educating the public
                                                   •   Coordination and support for community
   Jean Kiyabu             Dr. Jonna Zane
                                                       activities that support the Council’s mission

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