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									                         The General Council of the Bar
                               Job Description

Title:              Education Officer (Exams and Assessment) – Education and Training

Directorate:        The Bar Standards Board

Purpose:            To contribute to project development for education and training for the
                    Bar with particular reference to exams and assessments at the
                    academic and vocational stages of training. To provide support and
                    when required to deputise for the Exams and Assessment Coordinator

                    To be responsible to the Exams and Assessment Coordinator for
                    administrative matters relating to the exams and assessments
                    associated with Bar Professional Training Course [BPTC], the Central
                    Examination Board [CEB], the Bar Council Aptitude Test [ BCAT] and
                    the Bar Transfer Test [BTT].

Reports to:         Exams and Assessment Coordinator

                        To oversee the work of one Administration Assistant in the
                           section (this does not include line management responsibility)
                           on a day to day basis to contribute to the accomplishment of the
                           objectives of Exams and Assessment Team and more widely
                           the Education and Training department;

                        To respond in a professional, efficient and timely manner on a
                           daily basis to email and phone queries in relation to all aspects
                           of the Exams and Assessments, keeping accurate records of all

                        To contribute to the planning and administration and quality
                           assurance of all aspects of the centrally set examinations
                           system which includes the operational aspects of the following:

                            a)    Contributing to the recruitment and training of External
                                  Examiners for the centrally set examinations;

                            b)    Contributing to the planning and coordination of the CEB
                                  examiners teams in relation to the centrally set
                                  examinations (currently three knowledge areas);

                            c)    Contributing to the coordination of the production of
                                  examination papers for CEB, including proof reading and
                                  formatting of exam papers ;

                            d)    Using appropriate IT and management information
           systems as and when required for all aspects of exams
           and assessments;

     e)   Successful liaison with a wide range of stakeholders,
          including Providers, CEB examining teams, Inns
          Education officers, printers etc;

     f)   Contributing to the coordination of accurate statistical
          processes in relation to examination data;

     g)   Contributing to planning and coordination of examination
          boards for centrally set examinations, twice a year;

     h)   drafting accurate minutes, memos, reports on production
          of reliable data input;

     i)   Contributing to coordination of exam venues and
          invigilation with Providers, in the UK and overseas;

     j)   Contributing to the coordination of reasonable
          adjustments in relation to exams and assessments
          according to appropriate legislation;

     k)   Contributing to the oversight of security in UK and
          overseas of confidential documents in examinations and

     l)   Contributing to the coordination of the scanning of
          examinations and production of accurate data reports for
          examination boards to consider;

     m)   administer regulations relating to exams and
          assessments with procedural accuracy.

 To contribute to the coordination and administration of the Bar
   Council Aptitude Test (BCAT) as a minimum entry to the BPTC;

 To contribute to the administration of the Bar Transfer Test for
   transferring solicitors and/or lawyers from other jurisdictions;

 To act as secretary to the BPTC Providers meetings. To work on
                       other sub-committee linked to the Exams and Assessments as
                       and when they are needed.

                     To contribute to the Education and Training Committee as and
                       when required;

                     In collaboration with the Equality and Diversity Advisers, to be
                       aware of equal opportunities issues as they affect the CEB and
                       exams and assessments , and to assist with the monitoring and
                       reporting of statistics in this area;

                     To liaise with the Inns of Court and external educational,
                       professional and governmental bodies in relation to the
                       academic and vocational stages of training;

                     To undertake such other duties as may from time to time be
                       required by the Exams and Assessment Coordinator or the
                       Education Manager
Internal &       Using competent verbal, written and electronic communication:
Relationships:       Liaise with departmental staff in Education specifically, the BSB
                       more generally, the Bar Council and through various
                       Committees to communicate, consult, and action activities
                       relevant to the role;

                     Liaise with the Inns of Court and external educational,
                       professional and governmental bodies in relation to the
                       vocational stage of training;

                     Liaise and maintain good working relationships with a variety of
                       stakeholders and clients to facilitate tasks and functions
                       specified for the position.

Accountability       Exams and Assessment - For CEB process – high level of
                       accuracy required for all work linked with exams and

                     Central Examination Regulations for Student Review – accurate
                       checking of marks and adherence to time deadlines.

Special              Travel to University sites will be required throughout the year;
                     Flexible hours of work will be required in particular in relation to
                       Committee work;

                     Good communication skills are essential as is the use and
                       maintenance of confidentiality in data management at all times.
                       The post will require the holder to possess excellent attention to
                       detail, record keeping skills, interpersonal skills and responding
                       well under pressure.
This job description may be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.
                            The General Council of the Bar
                                 Person Specification

POSITION:        Education Officer (Exams & Assessment), Education & Training

                     ESSENTIAL                                     DESIRABLE

QUALIFICATIONS         UG Degree / or equivalent
                       No known desire to undertake BPTC in
                        near future
                        (the job holder will have access to the
                        exam questions and other confidential

SKILLS                 MS Outlook & Word                             Interest in developing IT
                        (Intermediate level)                           skills including learning
                       MS Excel (Intermediate level)                  new systems and
                       Excellent interpersonal skills                 processes
                       Effective communication (ability to           Electronic File
                        convey information clearly & accurately        management
                        at all levels both orally & in writing)       Customer relationship
                                                                       management IT
                                                                      Booking venues, travel and
                       Organisational and operational
                        development (time management &
                        workload planning)

KNOWLEDGE              Knowledge of UK Higher Education, in          Experience of working in a
                        particular exam preparation, results           Registry or Student
                        analysis and data output                       Administration department
                       Knowledge of examination protocols             in Higher Education and/or
                        such as invigilation, secure transfer of      Knowledge of the legal
                        exam documents                                 profession
                       Basic finance and budget preparation          Knowledge of External
                                                                       Examining processes
                       Drafting of reports, emails and               Committee/meeting
                        preparation of letters                         preparation and support

ABILITY                Work as part of a team – contributing,        Successful leadership of
                        co-operating with and supporting other         projects
                        team members
                       Problem solve – ability to provide
                        constructive advice and analyse
               Use initiative - work in a proactive way
                to anticipate events, and opportunities
                as they arise
               Attention to detail
               Work under pressure
               Work with minimum supervision

QUALITIES      Integrity when working with confidential
               Flexible - able to change direction, or
                modify the way in which you do
                something; willingness to try, be
                adaptable and have a positive outlook
               Adaptability
               Reliable
               Committed
               Self Motivated
               Being able to deal with difficult
                situations confidently, sensitively and

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