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     Top Criteria to Check
when Choosing Pu-erh Tea

 The quality of tea is affected by a lot of
factors & it is best that you know them to
               get quality tea.

         A. Area of Production
Four main regions producing high quality Pu-erh tea
in Yunnan: Simao, Xishuangbanna, Boshan, and

              B. Leaf Source
Pu-erh teas are obtained from harvested leaves
of arbor tea trees or qiao mu, bushes of tea or guan
mu and wild trees.

Pu-erh tea derived from arbor trees are
richer in flavor and has stronger energy
or qi.

 Wild tea trees
   are usually
found in dense
  forests near
  regions and
 their produce
   possess a
 unique taste.

           C. Farming Methods
Plantation Style (taidi cha): Consists of tea bushes
planted neatly but densely in plains or hillside
terraces. The yield is large & is the most common type.

Ancient Tea Gardens (gushu cha): Consist of arbor trees
planted from seeds carefully chosen and cultivated in
high altitudes. They produce less per year.

Sustainable Gardens (shengtai cha): Organic method
where tea trees are cultivated from seeds without
being pruned and spaced alternately with fruit trees.

           D. Harvest Seasons
Done in spring, summer & fall. “First Spring Tea”, new
buds near the end of March are the best. While leaves
from fall and summer season are lower in quality.

                   E. Grades
Pu-erh has 10 categories. The grade is ascertained by
the time of harvest, the amount of buds and the
leaves’ freshness.

Lower number means young leaves closer to
the buds while higher means mature leaves
that are farther in the branch.
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