Beauty Solutions: Eye Bags And Dark Circles

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					     Getting Rid Of
       Eye bags

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What are eye bags?
Bags under eyes are a common problem for a lot of people. Scientifically, it is called per orbital
puffiness. This happens when fat build up below your eyes. Sometimes it’s not just fat build-up. It also
causes the areas around your eyes to darken.

These bags are formed because the skin in that area
weakens. It becomes less elastic, sags and allows fats and
fluids to be collected. The size of eye bags vary from age
to age but it usually grows bigger as you get older.

As people are often vain and would like to look
presentable always, eye bags are probably one of their
worst enemies. Having eye bags make you go haggard.
This is why most of those who have eye bags are dying to
get rid of it.

Your bags under your eyes may be caused by various reasons. There are logical and mythical
explanations for that. Here are some information that will give you a better idea of what these fatty
little eye bags are and how you can get rid of them.

What causes eye bags?

There are a lot of reasons why people have eye bags. It usually comes with age when the skin loses its
elasticity. Genetics is also another factor. If your family has eye bag problems then you’re most likely to
acquire them too.

Lifestyle issues like insomnia, stress, smoking and drinking may also worsen your eye bags. Your diet
may also have an effect on the size of your eye bags.

But sometimes, these eye bags are signs of some serious illnesses. For instance, it is one of the
symptoms for people having thyroid problems. It can also be an indicator of kidney problems.

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How can I get rid of eye bags?
There are a lot of ways to sans these BagsUnderEyes. There are natural
methods but you can also try some medication or surgery.

Applying something cold around the area is one good solution. Cucumber
is one thing that they often use.

At times, you can feel that there’s more to it than just eye bags. Or you’re
already too bothered by the presence of your eye bags. If this is the case
than you might as well ask your physician how to get rid of eye bags
under your eyes.

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Description: Many of us worry about bags under the eyers.Scientifically, ti is called periorbital puffiness.It is a buildup of fats under the eyes.At times, it doesn’t just create a fatty area there.You might also experience dark circles in these areas.