Agenda Item No.

MONDAY, 16 JULY 2012 AT 2.00 PM                            11(C)

Report of the Director Resources & Performance

Author:                   Mark Handford-Jones, Interim Head of Estate & Asset
                          Management (Tel: 01992 556212)

Executive Member:         David Lloyd, Resources & Economic Wellbeing

Local Member:             Richard Roberts (Kings Langley)

1.    Purpose of report

1.1   To seek Cabinet approval for the disposal of Ball Pond Farm, Kings Langley.

2.    Summary

2.1   These reports (items 11A, 11B and 11C on the agenda) propose disposal of a
      group of assets to contribute towards the Capital Receipts Programme for the
      year ended March 2013.

2.2   The Scheme of Delegation requires Cabinet approval for this disposal.

3.    Recommendation

3.1   A report on this item of business will be considered by the Policy, Resources
      and Performance Cabinet at its meeting on 11 July 2012. The Panel will be
      invited to recommend to Cabinet that the asset be authorised for disposal on
      terms to be approved by the Director Resources & Performance in
      consultation with the Executive Member for Resources & Economic Wellbeing.

3.2   The recommendations of the Panel will be reported orally at the Cabinet
      meeting and circulated to Members in the Order of Business sheet.

4     Balls Pond Farm, Kings Langley

4.1   The Kings Langley estate extends to 620 acres to the west of the A41. The
      estate can be seen both edged red and blue on the attached plan EM13335B
      (Appendix 1).

4.2   Balls Pond Farm, which comprises a Grade II listed farmhouse and
      outbuildings could be carved out together with a small section of the estate to
      form an attractive single lot. An example of the boundary which could be
      delineated is shown on the attached plan EM13337 (Appendix 2).

4.3    The remaining estate could be amalgamated with other nearby Hertfordshire
       County Council farm holdings, whilst maintaining full independent access to
       this land holding in the future if required.

4.4    Due to other activities on the Hertfordshire County Council Rural Estate, the
       opportunity has arisen to relocate the current farm tenant this coming autumn
       and to facilitate this amalgamation of the remaining estate.

4.5    The disposal strategy would be to retain Lambert Smith Hampton,
       Hertfordshire County Council’s principal disposal agent, to undertake an
       extensive marketing process and appoint a joint agent with specialism in
       disposal of this type of property.

4.6    The site lies within the Green Belt, but does not form part of the Hertfordshire
       County Council Green Belt holdings.

4.7    Hertfordshire County Council’s planning consultants have concluded that
       bearing in mind the location in the Green Belt; the ‘greenfield’ nature of the
       land; the location on the ‘wrong side’ of the A41; and the relatively
       unsustainable location, there are unlikely to be any prospects for significant
       built development of the proposed disposal site in the foreseeable future.

4.8    The premises have been considered within the context of the Hertfordshire
       County Council Service Property Priorities review and are not suitable for
       alternative use.

4.9    The disposal of the Grade II listed farm building is in keeping with
       Hertfordshire County Council’s current policy in relation to the management of
       its listed buildings.

4.10   The disposal of the Grade II listed farm building, outbuildings and surrounding
       section of the estate is in keeping with the objectives of the Hertfordshire
       County Council Rural Estate Improvement Plan.

5.     Financial Implications

5.1    A confidential estimate of the anticipated capital receipt is outlined in a report
       on the Part II agenda for this meeting.

6.     Conclusions

6.1    Cabinet is invited to consider whether to approve disposal of this asset at the
       best consideration reasonably obtainable.

Appendix 1: Asset Plan - Kings Langley Estate (Plan EM13335B)
Appendix 2: Potential division of Balls Pond Farm (Plan EM13337)

Background Information

Report to Policy, Resources and Performance Cabinet Panel, July 2012


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