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									                            CURRICULUM VITAE
                                                                      Address: 41, Laxman,
                                                                               Emerald City,
                                                                               Shivaji Nagaer road,
                                                                               Aurangabad -431001
                                                                              9881199022, 9370528490

Avinash Ballal
WORK                 Presently working with Biostadt India Limited , Aurangabad as a Senior Manager –
                     Packaging Development since Nov’2011, The product portfolio of the company is –
                     Biotech Research products , Pharma , Crop Protection , Pesticides &, Aquaculture.
(Total : 21 Years)

                     Earlier worked with a Pharma MNC M/s.Sandoz Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai as a
                     Senior Manager-Packaging Development from Jan’2007 to Nov’2011. The product
                     portfolio of the company contains Pharma –Solid dosage forms & API’s dedicated to
                     the Generic markets of US , Europe,Canada & Japan.

                     Worked with M/s Wockhardt Limited -Aurangabad in the Packaging Development
                     from from July 1997 to Jan’2007. The product portfolio of the company was
                     Biotech, Parenteral (SVP&LVP), Nutritional, Dental Care,Food products &
                     Pharma ( Solid dosage) .

                     Earlier I Worked with M/s Lupin Laboratories Ltd, Aurangabad as an Executive-kaging
                     Packaging Development from 1995 to 1997.

                     Started my carrier with M/s.Wockhardt Ltd ,Aurangabad as a Chemist –QC from
                     1990 to 1995.

PRESENT ROLES        Managing the responsibilities of the new pack development activities of all the Agro
                     chemicals & Aqua products with the help of 4 sub-ordinates.
                     also Includes following major activities like,
                        Vendor Developments.
                        Costing of Packaging Materials.
                        Re-engineering of Innovators samples.
                        Development of an innovative packaging materials.

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               Trouble Shooting
               Cost Saving Projects
               Quality Improvement Projects..

PROFESSIONAL      Successfully developed packs for all Markets like Domestic , US , ROW & Europe.

ACHIEVEMENT       Achieved the Cost saving in Packaging materials Approx. Rs. 75 Lacs per Annum.
                  Successfully developed packs for most sensitive molecules for US Market.
                  Presentation delivered on” Leachable & Extractable” at Sandoz , Germany.
                  Presentation delivered on “Aldehyde impurity from blister foils”.
                  Presentation delivered on “Child-resistant packaging” at SDC meet.
                  Successfully Implemented “ Holograms “ on Blister & Strip packs for which we
                   have received “World Star Award “ in 2000.
                  Developed Cold-Chain packs for Biotech Formulations- Domestic & Exports.
                  Development of Insulin Pens (Disposable & Reusable)
                  Technology Transfer for UK Markets
                  Faced the regulatory Inspections like – USFDA & MHRA
                  Team Leader of Novartis packaging forum.

EXPERTISE      Worked for all the types of pack developments – i.e. Pharma , Parentral ( SVP & LVP)
               Biotech , Nutritional , Food , Dental Care, Bio-Pesticides , Aquaculture & Animal Health
               Care etc , Knowledge of all Packaging machines.
               Pack development for Insulin, EPO & Vaccine formulations – Cartridge pack, refilled
               syringe & Insulin Pens etc.

AWARDS                Spot Award for cost saving ideas for the year 2011.
                      Excellence in Support Function Award from Sandoz CEO in 2010.
                      Spot Award for implementation of cost saving projects for 2010.
                      Excellent Team work Award in 2009.
                      Excellence in Support Function Award from Sandoz CEO in 2008.
                      “World Star Award ” in 2002 for Packaging Excellence
                      Significant Performance Award from Wockhardt CMD in 2000.
                      Merit Performance Award from Wockhardt CMD in 1991.
                      Best Suggestion Awards in 2000,1998,1995 & 1994.

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                         B.Sc. ( Biochemistry) from Marathwada University,Aurangabad.
ACADEMIC                 Graduation in Packaging Techonology from IIP,Mumbai
                         Diploma in Pharma Packaging Development from IPER,Pune.
                         FDA Approved in Chemical & Instrumentation.

                         Proficiency in package
COMPUTER SKILLS          SAP System
                         ERP
STRENGTHS                Problem solving ability.
                         Workability under pressure.
                         Handling of Multi functional activities.
PERSONAL          Date of birth: 15 August 1968
                  Sex: Male
                  Marital Status: Married
                  Languages known: English, Hindi and Marathi
                  Hobbies: Cricket & Traveling

                  Father : Mr. Arvind L.Ballal – Farmer
                  Mother : House-wife
                  Spouse : House Wife
                  Children’s : Two

PERMANENT         41, Emerald City , Sara Towers , Shivaji Nagar Road ,Garkheda ,Aurangabad –431005
                      0240 2356708

PREFERRED         Anywhere in Maharashtra


                  Mr. Arun Kumar Mathur
                  Head – Development Operations
                  Sandoz Pvt.Ltd.
                  Tel : 9833287686

                  Mr. Ajay Bapat
                  GM-Packaging Development
                  Emcure Limited.
                  Tel : 9370130037

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I hereby affirm that the information given in this resume is true to the best of my

Signature: Avinash Arvind Ballal

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