Agreement to Lease or Rent a Berth or Store a Boat at a Marina by pellcity27


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									           Agreement to Lease or Rent a Berth or Store a Boat at a Marina

This Lease Agreement is made this the (date), between (Name of Marina), a corporation
organized and existing under the laws of the state of (name of state), with its principal office
located at (street address, city, state, zip code), hereafter referred to as the Marina, and (Name
of Boat Owner), hereafter referred to as Boat Owner.

1.      Marina hereby leases to Boat Owner and Boat Owner hereby leases from Marina, that
portion of the piers of Marina known to Marina as Berth (number or other designation) a
(covered or open) Berth designed for a vessel of (size) with electric and fresh water outlets,
subject to the following terms and conditions:

Description of Boat and Owner Information.
    Name of Boat: ________________________;
    Registration number: ________________________;
    Sail or power: ________________________;
    Length: ________________________;
    Beam: ________________________;
    Owner's telephone number: ________________________;
    Emergency telephone number: ________________________;
    Insurer: ________________________;
    Insurer's telephone number: ________________________;
    Radio call letters: ________________________;
    Sail Number: ________________________; and
    Date of last Coast Guard inspection: ________________________.

2.     Rent and Fees. Boat Owner shall pay Marina, for the use of the berthing space,
together with provided utilities and a license to use adjacent areas, $             per month,
payable in advance at the offices of Marina. This lease shall continue in effect from month to
month subject to termination on (number) days' written notice by either pa
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