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									On June 28, 2006, Mrs. Burdick requested the following information regarding
Agenda Item CC15 - Consultant Contract for Junior Achievement of the Palm
Beaches, Inc.:

REQUEST: This is a very costly program for 60 children. How will the children
be selected? Provide a copy of the curriculum for summer camp.
RESPONSE: The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant provides the
funding for 60 Westward students to attend a summer program all day, five days
a week during June and July. Students were selected to attend the program
based on the following criteria approved in the grant application:
Third grade students who did not pass the FCAT; third through fifth grade
students whose FCAT scores were in levels 1 and 2; low performing first and
second grade students, based on their SRI scores and classroom performance.

The regular price for 60 students to attend Exchange City for one week is
$25,000. The Department of Safe Schools negotiated the lower rate of $18,750.

Attached is a copy of the Exchange City weekly schedule of activities.

Cheri E. Young, CPS
Executive Secretary

Ann Killets
Chief Academic Office
3300 Forest Hill Blvd., C-316
(561) 649-6888, PX4-6888
(561) 649-6837, PX4-6837 (FAX)

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