ANTRIM BOROUGH COUNCIL
Minutes of the proceedings of a Meeting of the Public Services Committee of Antrim
Borough Council held in The Round Tower Chamber, Antrim Civic Centre, Stiles Way,
Antrim on Thursday 27 November 2008 at 2pm.

In the Chair                       : Councillor H Cushinan

Other Members Present              : Aldermen -

                                     S Dunlop
                                     M Rea
                                     R J Loughran

                                     Councillors -

                                     T A Burns
                                     T Clarke
                                     A D Cochrane-Watson
                                     D R J Ford
                                     B Graham
                                     D Kinahan
                                     A A Lawther
                                     P Lewis
                                     M Lucas
                                     D Ritchie
                                     J Smyth

In Attendance                      : Assistant Director - Administration
                                     Public Relations Manager
                                     Planning Officer
                                     Planning Service Representative:
                                         Mr Melvin Bowman, Senior Planning Officer
                                     Roads Service Representatives:
                                          Mr Jim Campbell, Principal Engineer
                                          Mr Neil Balmer, Section Engineer
                                     Committee Secretary (K Smyth)

Apologies                          : Councillors -

                                     A K Brady
                                     O C J Keenan
                                     A Logue

                                                                Public Services Cttee

                             PLANNING SCHEDULES


AGREED: accept approval, the objections having been noted.     T/2007/0799/F
                                                               (CONSTRUCTION) LTD

AGREED: accept approval.                                       T/2007/1026/O
                                                               D CHICK

Alderman Rea entered the Meeting at 2.02pm.

AGREED: accept approval, the objections having been noted.     T/2008/0086/F
                                                               DUNSILLY HOTEL LTD

AGREED: accept approval.                                       T/2008/0170/F
                                                               R & G O’NEILL

AGREED: accept approval.                                       T/2008/0172/F
                                                               MRS RICHARDSON

Councillor Cochrane-Watson entered the Meeting at 2.05pm.

The ongoing delay of the character study for the Belfast and   T/2008/0252/O
Greystone Roads was discussed together with relevant           MR I McMASTER
background information relating to the Planning Clinic.

    It was proposed by Councillor Ford, seconded by
    Councillor Smyth, that the application be referred to
    Planning Management Board.

    It was subsequently proposed by Councillor Ritchie         MR I McMASTER

                                                             Public Services Cttee

    that the approval be accepted.                          (continued)

A recorded vote on Councillor Ford’s proposal resulted as

     In Favour:     Alderman S Dunlop
     10             Councillor T Burns
                    Councillor T Clarke
                    Councillor A Cochrane-Watson
                    Councillor D Ford
                    Councillor B Graham
                    Councillor D Kinahan
                    Councillor A Lawther
                    Councillor P Lewis
                    Councillor J Smyth

     Against:       Alderman B Loughran
     3              Alderman M Rea
                    Councillor Ritchie

     Abstentions:   Councillor Cushinan
     2              Councillor Lucas

AGREED: that the application be referred to a Planning
Management Board, the reasons outlined being strong local
objection, policy and precedent.

AGREED: accept approval.                                    T/2008/0312/O
                                                            MR & MRS C & D

AGREED: accept approval.                                    T/2008/0383/F
                                                            MAY ESTATES LTD

AGREED: accept approval.                                    T/2008/0420/F
                                                            MRS S CRAIG

AGREED: accept approval.                                    T/2008/0434/F
                                                            MR J HILL

                                                                     Public Services Cttee

AGREED: accept approval, the objections being noted.                T/2006/0924/F
                                                                    MR C GREEN

AGREED: accept approval, the objections being noted.                T/2007/0582/F
                                                                    EASSDA LTD

AGREED: automatic deferral by Planning Service pending the          T/2008/0391/O
outcome of Draft PPS21.                                             MR J McGUCKIEN

TABLED: Filenote from Council’s Planning Officer, circulated        (1) DRAFT PPS21
for information, outlining key information regarding Draft PPS21    (2) AUTOMATIC
‘Sustainable Development in the Countryside’.                           DEFERRALS

NOTED: the Senior Planning Officer advised that -

   (1)   a letter had been issued from Cynthia Smith (Chief
         Executive, Planning Service), although this had not
         yet been received by Council;

   (2)   the Divisional Office had set up a dedicated PPS21
         team to prioritise automatic deferrals and these would
         be dealt with in the order they were deferred originally
         (with farm dwellings and replacements first);

   (3)   only approvals would be issued with refusals being
         held until the end of the PPS21 4 month review period.

AGREED: accept approval, the objections being noted.                T/2008/0396/O
                                                                    MR & MRS B MILLAR

AGREED: defer one month for a Planning Clinic provided the          T/2008/0399/F
material planning reasons were submitted and accepted by the        BALLOO PROPERTIES
Senior Planning Officer on Friday 28 November 2008, otherwise       AND DEVELOPMENTS
Planning Service would proceed to issue refusal - Alderman
AGREED: accept approval, the objections being noted.                T/2008/0406/F
                                                                    A PATTERSON

                                                                     Public Services Cttee

The Senior Planning Officer outlined the nature of the              T/2008/0433/F
objections.                                                         McCOMBE BROTHERS
Councillor Cochrane-Watson highlighted the absence of a
character study to assist such determinations in the Belfast and
Greystone Roads and sought consistency in the decision-
making process.

     It was proposed by Councillor Cochrane-Watson,
     seconded by Councillor Clarke, that the application
     be subject to a Management Board Referral.

Voting on the above proposal resulted as follows:

     In Favour :    13
     Against   :    0

Council’s Planning Officer clarified the criteria applied to
Management Board Referrals.

AGREED: that the application also be referred to Planning
Management Board, the reasons outlined being consistency,
policy and precedent.

AGREED: defer one month for a Planning Clinic, the material         T/2008/0452/O
planning reasons outlined and accepted - Alderman Rea.              S McCOMB

Councillor Ritchie requested a deferral for a Planning Clinic on    T/2008/0504/F
behalf of the objectors, however, this was declined by the Senior   MRS A McNICHOLL
Planning Officer.

     It was proposed by Councillor Ritchie, seconded by
     Councillor Kinahan, that Council do not accept the
     approval and request a Planning Clinic on behalf of
     the objectors.

NOTED: that Council corporately disagrees with the approval

A Planning Clinic referral was requested by Councillor Graham       T/2008/0541/A;
but not granted.                                                    T/2008/0543/A
                                                                    ULSTER WOOL
Despite the relevant background information presented the           GROWERS LTD

                                                                    Public Services Cttee

Senior Planning Officer refused to reconsider the refusal

      It was proposed by Councillor Graham, seconded by
      Councillor Clarke, that Council corporately disagree
      with the refusal decision.

Members indicated their intention to raise the matter with Roads
Service later in the Meeting.

AGREED: that -

(1)   Council corporately disagrees with the refusal decision;

(2) a letter be forwarded to the Divisional Planning Manager
    conveying the background to this application, road safety
    concerns and outcome of discussions with Roads Service
    later in the Meeting.

AGREED: defer one month for a Planning Clinic, the material        T/2008/0587/F
planning reasons outlined and accepted - Alderman Rea.             MR & MRS A WELLS

AGREED: defer one month for a Planning Clinic, the material        T/2008/0600/F
planning reasons outlined and accepted - Alderman Loughran.        MR M SMALL

AGREED: automatic deferral by Planning Service pending the         T/2008/0606/O
outcome of Draft PPS21.                                            KARL
                                                                   CONSTRUCTION LTD

AGREED: defer one month for a Planning Clinic, the material        T/2008/0638/F
planning reasons outlined and accepted - Alderman Rea.             MR W HYDE

AGREED: automatic deferral by Planning Service pending the         T/2008/0646/F
outcome of Draft PPS21.                                            MR & MRS G

                                                                     Public Services Cttee

AGREED: that the Planning Clinic be held on Wednesday 10            PLANNING CLINIC
December 2008 in Meeting Room 1, Antrim Civic Centre.

                         OTHER PLANNING MATTERS

LETTER: No. 3 had been circulated.                                   NI HOSPICE CARE:
                                                                     CHANGE OF USE
AGREED:        on the proposal of Councillor Clarke, that Council    PLANNING
write to Planning Service, as requested by Strategic Planning,       APPLICATION
expressing support for the change of use planning application        7/6/5
submitted for the NI Hospice Young Adult Facility on the Old
Ballyrobin Road, Templepatrick and also the need to have the
application dealt with quickly due to its nature.


There was an interval at 3.20pm. The Meeting resumed at 3.45pm and
with the exception of Councillors Burns and Lewis, all Elected Members
previously present returned to their seats.

                                                                   Public Services Cttee



Page 134 of the Minutes of the Public Services Committee           ATTENDANCE BY
Meeting held on 25 September 2008 refer.                           ROADS SERVICE:
                                                                   2008/09 ROADS
REPORT: No. 4 had been circulated.                                 PROGRAMME FOR
                                                                   THE ANTRIM
Committee Chairman welcomed Roads Service representatives          BOROUGH
Mr Jim Campbell (Principal Engineer) and Mr Neil Balmer            6/3/1
(Section Engineer) who were in attendance to present the Roads
Programme for the Antrim Borough.

TABLED:      undernoted documentation from Roads Service,
copies of which were available from Committee Secretariat upon
request -

   (1) Press Release dated 27 November 2008;

   (2) Letter in response to enquiries from Elected Members
       submitted in advance of the Meeting.

NOTED: that -

   (1) matters requiring follow-up information (raised in either
       (2) above or during the Meeting) would be issued directly
       to the relevant Elected Member and copied to Council;

   (2) request for Roads Service enquiry forms to be used by
       Elected Members where possible.

Councillor Lewis returned to the Meeting at 3.47pm.

Mr Campbell reported investment totalling £3.1million was
announced for the Antrim Council area this year including
completion of the following schemes -

         250metres of footway constructed on the southern side
          of the Dunadry Road, costing £124,000 between Clady
          Road and the Railway Bridge. Traffic management
          improvements were also highlighted with the
          introduction of a priority working system.

         Stopping sight distance had been improved on the
          Lurgan Road, Crumlin on the bend at the junction of      ATTENDANCE BY
          the Cherryvalley Road incorporating the relocation of    ROADS SERVICE:

                                                                      Public Services Cttee

          hedge / fencing.                                            2008/09 ROADS
                                                                      PROGRAMME FOR
         Traffic calming measures costing £35,000 had been           THE ANTRIM
          introduced on a number of streets in Randalstown,           BOROUGH
          including residential areas as well as schools on the       (continued)
          Barnish Road and Craigstown Road.

         Schemes to be completed included junction visibility
          splay improvements at Craigstown Road / Ballylurgan
          Road, Staffordstown Road / Blackrock Road and at
          Castle Road / Milltown Road.

Implications regarding the Review of Public Administration were
highlighted together with the ongoing needs for road maintenance
and delivery of the strategic roads improvement programme.
Roads Service were committed to scheme delivery and
minimisation of disruption arising from works. Road works
advance warning assurances would be via signage and media
information prior to commencement.

Mr Campbell then spoke in detail to the individual projects
outlined in the programme and responded to enquiries on the
undernoted issues:

Councillor Lucas left the Meeting at 4.10pm.

         Dungonnell Road / Dublin Road Junction: Delay in
          Scheme Progression - Representatives took note of
          the disappointment expressed but explained that
          following detailed examination the cost outstripped the
          resources. It was hoped that the scheme could be
          revisited with isolated improvements being progressed
          to improve the overall route. However, with bridge
          widening and design costs going up discussions were
          ongoing in Roads Service to consider an alternative
          Scheme. Mr Campbell was appreciative of efforts from
          Council to lobby the Minister to ensure scheme
          delivery in the future. (Alderman Rea)

         Greystone Road / Fountain Hill Junction: Poor
          Sight Lines - representatives noted the visibility
          complaint, particularly with regard to motorcyclists, and
          undertook to investigate accordingly.        (Councillor

                                                                      ATTENDANCE BY
                                                                      ROADS SERVICE:
         Stiles Way / Steeple Road Junction: Traffic Light           2008/09 ROADS
          Survey - Mr Campbell was unaware of the request for         PROGRAMME FOR

                                                                 Public Services Cttee

    consideration of a Roundabout to replace the Traffic         THE ANTRIM
    Lights and undertook to investigate accordingly.             BOROUGH
    (Alderman Dunlop)                                            (continued)

   Cunningham Way / Belmont Road Junction:
    Possibility of speed limit - representatives noted the
    request for a 40mph speed limit for investigation
    (Councillor Smyth)

   Fairfields, Dublin Road: representatives undertook to
    investigate the complaint of difficulties exiting the
    development. (Councillor Smyth)

   Renewal of White Lines throughout Borough:
    representatives detailed the categories applied to
    defective white lines and other competing budget
    priorities (high friction surfacing / cats eyes) but noted
    the request for investigation. (Councillor Smyth)

   Craigstown Road / Ballylurgan Road Crossroads:
    Scheme delay - representatives noted the
    disappointment expressed, however, confirmed that
    land acquisition had been completed with scheme
    commencement planned early in the new year.
    (Alderman Loughran)

   Barnish Road Footway: representatives noted the
    disappointment expressed that the whole scheme was
    not being progressed, however, stage 1 would
    commence this financial year with stage 2 the following
    financial year. There was a possibility that the two
    schemes may be rolled into one. (Alderman Loughran)

   Printshop Road: Weight Limits            - representatives
    noted the comments for a review          of the 16 tonne
    weight limit, however, explained that   this was an easily
    enforceable limit which required          plated vehicles.
    (Councillor Ford)

   Antrim Town: Speed Limits - representatives noted
    the request for speed limits in Antrim Town to be
    reviewed. (Councillor Ford)
                                                                 ATTENDANCE BY
                                                                 ROADS SERVICE:
                                                                 2008/09 ROADS
                                                                 PROGRAMME FOR
   Street Lighting and Overgrown Hedges -
                                                                 THE ANTRIM
    representatives confirmed that it was the responsibility
    of the landowner to cut back overgrown hedges and

                                                                       Public Services Cttee

           where necessary Roads Service would issue                   (continued)
           enforcement notices accordingly. (Councillor Ford)

          Street Lighting: Economical energy improvements
           - representatives confirmed that pilot studies were
           underway to ascertain how to reduce street lighting
           energy in an environmentally safety context. Roads
           Service energy bill from NI Electricity was in the region
           of £7million. The impact of the Review of Public
           Administration on such matters was unknown at this
           stage. (Councillor Lawther)


     (1)   Elected Members were requested to consider
           submissions relating to bus stop improvements,
           holding / lighting facilities and grass verges as these
           would be particularly welcomed by Roads Service.

     (2)   On behalf of the Antrim District Road Safety
           Committee, Councillor Ritchie commended Roads
           Service on their endeavours to ensure safer roads for

     (3)   Request from Councillor Ford for the Roads Service
           Autumn / Winter Report to include a copy of the road
           gritting map.

Councillors Clarke and Ritchie left the Meeting at 4.35pm.

          Belmont Road: Speed limit - representatives noted
           the concern expressed that the road did not meet the
           criteria for a 40mph speed limit. (Councillor Graham)

          Dublin Road / Ballymena Road / Randalstown
           Road: representatives noted the comment that the
           filter lane had not fully addressed the problem with
           poor lane discipline.      Mr Campbell offered the
           opportunity to view the Traffic Section plans for Castle
           Way to allow comment prior to scheme
           commencement (Councillor Graham)
                                                                       ATTENDANCE BY
          Glenavy Road, Crumlin - representatives noted the           ROADS SERVICE:
           request for a footway. (Councillor Logue)                   2008/09 ROADS
                                                                       PROGRAMME FOR
           Traffic Calming Measures, Toome - representatives          THE ANTRIM
           undertook to investigate the request accordingly.           BOROUGH
           (Councillor Cushinan)                                       (continued)

                                                                      Public Services Cttee

         Planning Application for directional signage Ulster
          Wool Growers: T/2008/0541/A & T/2008/0543/A -
          representatives noted the road safety concerns
          expressed and undertook to revisit the matter in light of
          the information given and the regional significance of
          the facility. Alderman Rea undertook to contact Ulster
          Wool Growers and request that they contact Roads
          Service accordingly. (Alderman Rea)

Alderman Loughran left the Meeting at 4.35pm and returned at

During the course of discussion several Members congratulated
Roads Service on various completed schemes.

The identification, programming and progression of schemes on a
priority basis was highlighted. Mr Campbell referred to letters of
thanks submitted by the residents and Elected Members for
particular schemes and expressed appreciation on behalf of
Roads Service.

Mr Campbell thanked Members for the opportunity to address
Committee, endeavoured to investigate all outstanding queries
and reminded Members of the opportunity to submit enquiry
forms to raise local issues or operational matters.

On behalf of Committee the Chairman congratulated Mr Campbell
and Mr Balmer on their programme and there being no further
questions they withdrew from the Meeting at this point, 4.45pm.

LETTER: No. 5 had been circulated.                                    DISABLED PARKING
AGREED: that the proposal from Roads Service to provide an            ADJACENT TO No. 2
on-street disabled parking space outside No. 2 Templeton Park,        TEMPLETON PARK,
Templepatrick be welcomed.                                            TEMPLEPATRICK

LETTER: No. 6 had been circulated.                                    DISABLED PARKING
AGREED: that the proposal from Roads Service to provide an            ADJACENT TO No. 2
on-street disabled parking space outside No. 2 Thyme Park,            THYME PARK,
Antrim be welcomed.                                                   ANTRIM

                                                                     Public Services Cttee


TABLED:      Letter dated 20 November 2008 from Mr J Allen,          DISABLED PARKING
Traffic Management.                                                  PROVISION:
                                                                     No. 20 NEW STREET,
AGREED: that the proposal from Roads Service to provide an on        RANDALSTOWN
street disabled parking space in an on-street lay-by outside No.     6/3/1
20 New Street, Randalstown be welcomed.

LETTER: No. 7 had been circulated.                                   PROPOSED SPEED
AGREED: that the proposal from Roads Service to introduce a          CREEVERY ROAD,
30mph speed limit on Creevery Road, Antrim be welcomed, the          ANTRIM
new limit extending from A26 Lisnevenagh Road for a distance of      6/3/1
470 metres easterly toward Thornhill Road.


LETTER: No. 8 had been circulated.                                   LISTING OF
                                                                     BUILDINGS OF
AGREED: that the proposal from NI Environment Agency to List         SPECIAL INTEREST:
Templepatrick Railway Station as a Building of Special               TEMPLEPATRICK
Architectural or Historic Interest was welcomed by Members with      RAILWAY STATION
support being expressed in principle and the undernoted              11/3/1
concerns noted -

         the listing may have a potentially detrimental effect on
          efforts to see the railway station re-opened at some
          point in the future;

         the proposal should be subject to the objectives of the
          regional transportation strategies that may seek to
          revive such facilities in the future.

                               ANY OTHER BUSINESS

NOTED: receipt of the undernoted item of correspondence, a           CORRESPONDENCE
copy of which had been placed in the Members’ Library:               ITEMS

                                                                      Public Services Cttee

       (1)   Letter dated 10 November 2008 from Inclusive
             Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee (IMTAC):
             The Baywatch Campaign (NI) - Providing Accessible
             Parking; A Good Practice Guide.

TABLED:          Filenote from Council’s Planning Officer, for        CONSULTATION
information, outlining that the issue of ‘Management Companies        RESPONSE TO
in Apartment Blocks’ raised by Kieran McCarthy MLA was no             PRIVATE MEMBERS’
longer being pursued through a Private Members’ Bill,                 BILL:
alternatively the NI Law Commission aimed to include it in their      MANAGEMENT
next programme for the review of laws.                                COMPANIES IN

NOTED: as advised by the Planning Officer, contact with the           CONTACT WITH
Divisional Planning Office was now via NI Direct. All Members         PLANNING SERVICE:
were advised to clearly state their title to ensure no difficulties   NI DIRECT
were experienced in progressing immediate contact.                    7/6/3

There being no further business the Meeting concluded at 4.55pm.

Mayor                __________________________

Chief Executive __________________________

Date                __________________________


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