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                   Fresnel Lens Photovoltaic Concentrator Array
Innovation                                                ENTECH, Inc.
Research                                                   Keller, TX
          Domed/Arched refractive concentrator system
        providing higher efficiency at lower weight and cost

 Developed both Point-Focus Mini-Dome Lens and Line-
  Focus Cylindrical Lens Arrays for space power applications
 Concentrator array provides spacecraft power at one-half to
  one-third the cost of current planar arrays
 Received the prestigious Schreiber-Spence Technology                   Solar Concentrator Array using Refractive
  Achievement (1999) and Turning Goals into Reality (2001)           Linear Element Technology (SCARLET) Space Array
                                                                       GOVERNMENT/SCIENCE APPLICATIONS
 Achieved first demonstration of over 30% net operating
  efficiency for a photovoltaic system under outdoor conditions    NASA/USAF/Boeing PASP+ (Photovoltaic Array Space
                                                                    Power plus Diagnostics) experiment flown in 1994 – first
                    COMMERCIALIZATION                               in-space demonstration of ENTECH lens concept
 Over $1M in Space Lens sales to date to Boeing, AEC-Able
                                                                   First demonstration of photovoltaic (PV) concentrators as
  Engineering, and others
                                                                    an operational power system in 1998. The highly
 More than 20 new jobs were created at these companies             successful 2,600 watt SCARLET PV array on JPL’s New
                                                                    Millennium Deep Space One Mission provided primary
 Concentrator arrays now being commercialized/marketed by          power for the electric propulsion ion engine and
  AEC-Able Engineering/ENTECH team
                                                                    spacecraft, enabling the probe to reach its targets
 Approximately $10M in space array sales to date by                (asteroid Braille 7/99 and comet Borrelly 9/01)
  ENTECH and the concentrator team
                                                                   Under NASA Glenn’s Energetics Program, an advanced
 Approximately $3M in Phase III funding from NASA Glenn,           concentrator was developed providing 4X more power per
  NASA Marshall, and private industry                               unit mass than the SCARLET array
Glenn Research Center                                                                             1985 Phase II, NAS3-25192, rev. 2/03
Space Power Technology                                                                            NASA Contact – Michael Piszczor
3-100                                                                                             Company Contact – Mark O’Neill

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