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					                                           host family agreement

    1.   We _______________________________ confirm that we have read all written materials provided by ABC Languages Au
         Pair Agency and that we fulfil all criteria. We understand that the au pair programme is a cultural exchange and not a
         contract of work and shall treat our au pair as a member of the family and not hired help.

    2.   We confirm that we have answered all question honestly and that all information in our application (including description
         of au pair duties) is accurate.

    3.   After placement, we shall stay in touch with our au pair and shall arrange to pick her up at the nearest airport or train / bus
         station on her arrival in Ireland. We shall not encourage our au pair to travel to our family before we have confirmed the
         placement with ABC Languages Au Pair Agency.

    4.   We agree to give the au pair a private bedroom, board and pocket money (€90: au pair, €115: au pair plus) on a weekly
         basis (in cash) every Friday and to subsidise transport to English classes.

    5.   We are familiar with and agree to abide by all conditions, in particular those regarding the number and distribution of
         working hours, au pair duties, pocket money, free time, holidays, language courses, transportation cost and the
         termination of an au pair agreement.

    6.   Upon arrival in our home, we shall discuss with our au pair in detail our entire expectation of the au pair agreement,
         including a written or verbal explanation of the weekly or daily routine, her precise duties, time off and advice on handling
         the children. We are aware that she will need time to adjust to his/ her new surroundings and responsibilities, and we shall,
         accordingly, provide our au pair with a familiarisation period.

    7.   We shall set house rules: use of telephone and other facilities within the home, daytime and overnight visitors and smoking
         for our au pair.

    8.   We shall discuss any arrangements for holidays in advance. The au pair is entitled to a full day off every week, a week’s paid
         holiday every 6 months & 1 week end off every 6 weeks (Friday evening to Monday morning).

    9.   We shall make a real effort to introduce our au pair to the culture of our country and to assist in her learning of the
                 language. We shall respect cultural differences.

    10. We will arrange time off in order for our au pair to attend the English classes.

    11. We realise that the success of the au pair match depends largely on our initiative. We shall try to integrate our au pair into
        our family life and, should any problems arise, communicate openly with him/her and together actively seek a solution. If
        the problems persist and cannot be resolved the agency will be contacted for assistance. ABC Languages Au Pair Agency
        will be in constant contact with the au pair and your family to ensure that a happy relationship is being enjoyed.

    12. If no solution can be reached and we decide to terminate the au pair arrangement, we agree to give a two-week notice.
        During this time, the au pair shall perform her normal duties and be given room, board and pocket money.

    13. We understand that our au pair shall be taken out of our home without replacement if
        We fail to abide by this agreement
        We falsify any information in our application
        We are responsible for repeated problems with numerous au pairs.

    14. Should we decide to cancel our application, we shall inform ABC Languages Au Pair Agency immediately.

    15. We shall also notify the au pair agency immediately if there are any changes to our application.

    16. Signature of Host Mother: _______________________                 Date: _______________________

    17. Signature of Host Father: ________________________                Date: _______________________

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