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                       Planning Procurement Certification

Competitive Negotiation - This is the appropriate method of procurement for services, (i.e.,
planning consultant) when using TxCDBG funds to pay for these services. In competitive
negotiation, the Department requires that proposals be requested through certified mail from at
least five sources as well as publishing the Request for Proposal in a newspaper of regional
circulation. Negotiations are then conducted with more than one of the sources submitting offers,
and either a fixed-price or cost reimbursable type contract is awarded.

Be aware that when an inquiry is made by a consultant regarding an advertised RFP, the locality
must respond by mailing an RFP package to the inquirer, regardless of the number of inquiries.

Please sign and return the attached certification that your locality understands and is performing
its obligations regarding procurement of professional services and its Planning and Capacity
Building Fund (or Colonia Planning Fund) grant award.

I,                                                                ,
     Print Name and Title of Authorized Signatory

Certify with respect to the expenditure of Texas Community Development Block Grant
Program Planning Funds provided under contract by the Texas Community
Development Block Grant Program that the

Print Name of Locality
understands its obligation to procure professional services according to Texas
Community Development Block Grant Program regulations within six (6) months of the
contract's start date, and that it will accomplish procurement of professional services
according to the method prescribed in the Planning and Capacity Building Fund/Colonia
Planning Fund and Texas Community Development Block Grant Program Project
Implementation Manual.

                                                 Signature of Authorized Contract Signatory

                                                                 Print Name and Title

Place a photocopy of this completed form in your Planning Fund grant file and return the original
form to:

Joe Midura, Planning Grants Coordinator
Texas Community Development Block Grant Program
Office of Rural Affairs
P. O. Box 12847
Austin, Texas 78711

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