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					          Groups in the past have done some of the following:

                                Tourism options

Coastal processes and landforms
      How does the coast influence tourism?
      Coastal landforms

Weather and Climate
     How does the weather influence development?
     How does Lyme benefit from its climate?

Environmental Issues
      Tourism – benefits and drawbacks
      Tour of town to note tourist and resident businesses
      Discussion of tourism issues with Town Council or Hoteliers Association
      Project to assess drawbacks and benefits

       Land use conflict
       Property prices – where will it end?
       Facilities for locals vs. tourists
       What about the farmers?

       Traffic problems in Lyme
       Talk from Lyme Regis Development Trust on the Traffic Survey
       What are the traffic problems?
       What can be done?

       Conservation vs. development
       Preservation of an ‘unspoilt’ environment
       Cost-benefit analysis of conservation
       Who benefits from development?

      Development of a small coastal town
      Visit to the Lyme Regis Museum and town walk
      Study of factors influencing development in Lyme

       How does development affect quality of life?
       How do the development factors studied affect people in Lyme and at home?
       What could change in future?

       Comparison of two UK regions
       Comparing factors in home region to those in Lyme
       Assessment of levels of development in both areas
Economic Activities
     Benefits and drawbacks of tourism in Lyme Regis.
     How does the town cope with a doubling of its population in the summer?
     How does seasonal employment affect the local population?

       What are the current issues affecting farmers today?
       How can farming survive?
       Organic farming and food issues

       Tertiary activities
       Retail trade – local and tourist
       Restaurants, hotels and cafes – a way of life?
       Other service industries around Lyme

       Computer-based work
       Home selling

       Global citizenship
       Youth issues and action – talk with Lyme’s Youth Forum
       Politics at the grassroots level – talk with Lyme Town council

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