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Consultation Sheet Level 2 Men s by 22AThu


									                                      Level 2 Consultation Sheet – Men’s                              Portfolio Reference:

Unit number(s):                                                      Student name:
Date:                                                                Clients name:
New client / regular client                                          Service cost:
Service time - start:                    Finish:                     Total:
Service / Treatment provided:
Shampoo/condition Cutting              Facial hair       Patterns          Colour and lighten     Dry and finishing hair
Scalp treatment       Texturising      Locking           Perming           Plaiting / twisting    Event planning

Considered all influencing factors:
Hair Type                             African        Caucasian            Asian
Hair Texture (layers of cuticles)     5              8/9                  12
Density (amount of hair)              Thick          Medium               Thin
Hair Movement                         Straight       Curly
Hair Length                           Above          Below Shoulder
% of White Hair                       None           10%                  25%              50%              75%
Skin Tone                             Warm           Neutral              Cool             Ash
Hair Condition                        Normal         Heat damage          Chemical         Product          Environmentally
                                                                          damage           build up         damaged
Scalp Condition                       Normal         Oily                 Dandruff         Dry              Product build up
Growth Patterns                       Cowlick        Widows peak          Nape Whorl       Double           Male pattern
                                                                                           crown            baldness
Piercings                             Facial         Ears
Facial contours                       Mouth          Width of lips        Nose             Shape jaw        Moles/dimples
Will the contra-indications affect the service:                                      Advice given / Actions taken
History of allergic reaction to colour       Yes                 No
Other known allergies                        Yes                 No
Skin disorders and diseases                  Yes                 No
Incompatibility of products on hair          Yes                 No
Medical history                              Yes                 No
Medical advice or instructions               Yes                 No
Evident hair damage                          Yes                 No
Cuts & abrasions                             Yes                 No
Recent injuries/scar tissue                  Yes                 No
Time interval from last chemical service Yes                     No
Removal of extensions/plaits                 Yes                 No
Lifestyle                                    Yes                 No
Face shape:

Oval                          Round                              Square                           Oblong
Personal protective equipment:
Gown          Towel          Cape                     Cap                 Gloves            Apron             Cotton wool

Hair Tests:
Porosity                      Good                               Average                          Poor
Elasticity                    Good                               Average                          Poor
Incompatibility test          Negative reaction                  Positive reaction
Skin test                     Negative reaction                  Positive reaction
Colour test                   Achieved target result
Development test              Achieved target result
Bonding glue skin test        Negative reaction                  Positive reaction
                                      Level 2 Consultation Sheet – Men’s                             Portfolio Reference:
Type of beard / moustache:
Tapered beardline          Full beard outline                   Rooftop moustache                Pencil moustache
Lipline moustache

Type of hair cut:
Uniform layer                  Fade                             Crew cut                         Square cut
Graduation                     With fringe                      Without fringe                   With a parting
Without a parting              Around the ear outline           With a fade

Techniques used:
Shampoo / Condition         Effleurage          Petrissage        Rotary                  Friction
Cutting                     Club cutting        Scissor/clipper Fading                    Freehand           Thinning
Shaving                     Dry shave           Skin tension      Ear hair                Eyebrow hair
Creating patterns           Straight lines      Curved lines
Neck/outline shape          Tapered             Squared           Rounded                 Natural            Created
Beard/moustache             Tapered             Full beard        Moustache only          Eyebrow
Dry and finish hair         Finger dry          Straightening     Smoothing               Volume             Movement
Twisting techniques         Twist out           Comb twist - on / off scalp               Bantu knots        Flat twist
Colouring                   Full head           Re-growth         Partial head            Full head quasi
Perming                     Nine section        Directional       Brick
Texturising application     Smoothing           Combing           Hand

Products used:
Shampooing                  Normal              Oily                 Chemically           Dry                Dandruff
Conditioning                Surface             Moisturising         Reconstructor        Scalp
Scalp massaging             Oils                Creams               Shampoo /            Spirit based       Lotions
Styling/finishing           Heat protector      Spray                Creams               Pomade             Wax / gel
Colouring                   Temporary           Semi                 Quasi                Permanent          Lightener
Perming                     Alkaline            Acid                 Exothermic           Pre treatment      Post treatment
Texturising                 Sodium              Non-sodium           Scalp protectors     Pre / post         Normalising
                            texturiser          texturiser                                treatments         shampoo

Equipment used:
Cutting     Wide tooth          Tail comb       Scissors       Thinning        Clippers         Clipper           Razors
comb        comb
                                                               scissors                         attachments
T-liner        Straighteners    Hand dryer      Nozzle         Flat brush      Steamer          Other:
High           Vibro            Bowl and        Heat           Round           High
               massage          brush           accelerator    brush
frequency                                                                      frequency

Using the ICC numbering system identify the present colour of hair:

                    Roots            Mid-lengths              Ends

Quantity of colour product used:             ¼ tube            ½ tube                ¾ tube                  whole tube
Quantity of lightening product used
Peroxide strength used:                    2%          4%              6%               9%            12%         Other:
Mixing ratios:
                                      Level 2 Consultation Sheet – Men’s      Portfolio Reference:

Advice given to client:                           Advice given:
Homecare routine                       Yes   No
Suitable aftercare product             Yes   No
Advice regarding heated styling        Yes   No
How to recreate and maintain style     Yes   No
Time interval between services         Yes   No
How lifestyle can affect durability    Yes   No

Which health and safety acts were covered whilst completing the service(s):
Act:                                 How:

Areas for future development:           Assessors comments:
Client care

Student comments on service:

Assessors comments on service:

  Working progress                                                                   Competent

Assessors Signature:                                 Student Signature:

IV Signature:                                        Client Signature:

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