Included in the cost structure is a set of basic QC checks outlined below by OX93Mu


									    Service Offering from Macro Innovations, Cambridge
Macro is offering the contract production of monoclonal antibodies and Fc fusion
proteins. The service offer is for the growth in appropriate systems, harvest of the
culture using centrifugation and filtration followed by TFF concentration (eg 50Kda).
A standard single step purification using Protein A or G will be used to isolate and
purify your antibody. The final step will be a buffer exchange into PBS with a
terminal sterilisation for storage at volumes required. Typical storage will be at 2-8oC.

Macro aims to provide a collaborative personal and interactive approach with our
clients in order to provide a flexible response to project needs that develop.

A flexible pricing structure based on the antibody or protein quantity desired, with the
purification method, and any special requirements.

A standard costing structure for processing upto 1L of culture medium is highlighted

                                              Guide Costing £
                         Quantity (mg)
                                25                     700
                                50                     950
                               100                    1400

If your requirements differ from our proposed standard conditions we will provide a
quotation for your specific project work.

Included in the cost structure is a set of basic QC checks outlined below:-

Quantification of the purified antibody using A280nm using an extinction coefficient of
1.4 for IgG.

A purity profile using SDS PAGE analysis

Confirmation of product using a Western Blot with the clients reagents.

If required at additional services can also be requested:-

Small cell bank prepared (5 ampoules)         £75
Antibody isotyping                            £60
Arrangement of Mycoplasma testing             £125 (includes external test fee)
Mycoplasma eradication protocol               £775

Payment of 50% total on order the remainder on project completion once material has
been received.
Project Requirement Information Form
Please complete the following form and either email it to
By Post:
Macro Innovations Ltd,
Unit 6,
Edinburgh House,
Innovation Park,
Cowley Road,
Tel 01223-424283
Contact Name



Contact details

Cell Line designation

Product designation

Growth medium currently used
including any additional additives
Typical culture period

Typical morphology of cultures
(suspension, adherent, semi adherent)
Typical cell density achieved
Estimated Productivity (mg/mL)

                                  Project Requirements

Amount of product required                  25mg   □     £700
                                            50mg □       £950
                                            100mg □      £1400
Mycoplasma free certificate                    Yes □        No □
Mycoplasma test required      Yes   □   £125
                              No    □
Cell bank required            Yes   □   £75
                              No    □
Antibody Isotyping Required   Yes   □   £60
                              No    □

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