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									   NOTE: The message this presentation conveys is a general view
    of the scourge of all wars & the suffering that it brings. We want
    to remind you that hundreds die every day in many parts of the

   world as the result of wars, suicide bombers & collateral damage,
        though the main focus is on Israel & Lebanon at this time.
      The pictures we use to illustrate this slide show are from a
   variety of scenarios of places in recent history, not just from one

                            particular place.
   Our prayer is for world peace. This will become reality when the
    Prince of Peace physically establishes His Kingdom on Earth.
   You can have His Kingdom and His peace within you right now.

                    ♫ Turn on your speakers!
      “Blessed areADVANCE SLIDES
              CLICK TO the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God”
                             Matthew 5:9
The skies are black with clouds,
the clouds of the smoke of war.
 The ground is red with blood,
  the blood of innocent lives
   caught in the inferno and
        torments of war.

  Villages, towns,
   and cities are
 being destroyed.
Poor and innocent
civilians, including
small children, are
    being killed,
      maimed &            Families are
 deprived of basic      being torn apart,
    necessities.         watching their
                       loved ones die in
                        pain and agony.
                    BRIEF FACTS ABOUT WAR
The world has never         The “War on Terror” is now      CURRENT HOT SPOTS:
been completely free        center stage on the world       LEBANON / ISRAEL
from the scourge of war,    scene. Terrorist attacks &      IRAQ
but no period in all of     suicide bombers claim           SUDAN
history has witnessed the   hundreds of innocent lives      CHECHNYA
escalation of war as the    almost everyday!                KASHMIR
20th & 21st century. The                                    AFGHANISTAN
International Red Cross     ETHNIC CLEANSING                SRI LANKA
estimates that over 100     The Associated Press reports that during the 20th
million people have been    century the murders perpetrated by nations against their
killed in wars since the    own people exceeded the death caused by wars with
last century began.         rival nations. Citing Stalin’s purges, China’s Cultural
                            Revolution, Cambodia’s “Killing Fields,” the so called
Since WW 2, which was       ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, the horrors of Rwanda etc.
supposed to be “the war     the grim verdict is reached:
to end all wars,” there
                            “On every continent but North America & Australia,
have been over 150
                            governments have murdered those they governed by the
major wars, as well as
                            thousands & millions, often turning neighbor against
hundreds of smaller
                            neighbor. By one estimate the killing rage has
conflicts, armed
                            extinguished 170 million lives.
rebellions & revolutions.
                            This is the century that coined the term ‘genocide’.”
Is any cause worth so great
    a cost in human life?

 Are injustices on the part of one
  government corrected by the
      injustices of another?
 What government is righteous and
just and worthy of judging another?
  No army can claim to be waging war
        on the side of “right.”
 War, killing, death, and destruction are not
right. Humanity was placed on this earth to
love and care for one another, but because
  of selfishness and greed, the world has
 become increasingly corrupt, and fighting
   and killing have become a way of life.

      MEANT TO BE!
“From whence come wars and fightings among you?
 Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in
                 your members?”
                        JAMES 4:1

   God is almighty. He could use His power to force
   humanity to do what is right, but He chose to give
              man the majesty of choice.
  He allows each person and each nation to determine
  their own destiny through the choices they make. He
   does not impose His will or His plan upon mankind.
 How much less should mere mortals impose their
  will and plan upon others? People should never
         This is not their beliefs or way
force others to conform to God’s way. of life.
  One government should never force another to
        This is not ideals and desires.
   operate according to itsHis plan.
                              God knows the hearts of
                               men. He will reward the
                              peacemakers & will judge
                                  the warmongers.
                                 Every man will give
                                account before Him in
                                the Day of Judgment.

Search your own heart.
 Determine where you
stand—whether on the
  side of peace or the
side of war, on the side
 of freedom or the side
       of tyranny.         Parents having their children write &
                           sign bombs that will kill other children
          Those who truly know and love God, and
          those who follow His words and example
                      strive for peace.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God”
                 Matthew 5:9.
     Are you a peacemaker and worthy to be
             called a child of God?
        Are you personally acquainted with the God who is love?
    Have you come to Him by praying to receive Jesus into your life?
If you know Him in name only, you can change that here and now. Get
    to know Him personally and intimately. Receive His spirit of love,
    peace, and light into your life and heart. Talk to Him. Call on Him.
         If you don’t know what to say, you can pray this prayer:

  Jesus, I want to know You personally. I want to understand
  the truth. I want to see the world the way You see it. I want
    to understand Your will, and I want to do my part to fulfill
   Your will. I want to stand up for truth and justice. Give me
    strength to do so. Show me what I can do to change the
    world around me for the better. Show me how to love my
   fellow man, how to help and care for others as You would
  help and care for them if You walked on earth today. Show
           me what I can do to promote peace. Amen.
Now that you have Jesus in your life, then even if
  there’s war and turmoil, confusion and chaos on
 the outside, you can have peace on the inside —
in your own heart — through the Prince of Peace,
                    Jesus Christ.

    Take a stand with God, a stand for peace,
              a stand against war.
    Take a stand for freedom, and against the
    hypocrisy, greed, and selfishness of those
           who are eager to wage war.

Pray for peace. Pray for the innocent. Remember,
you are accountable to God and will stand before
          Him one day. Live accordingly.
 Although the outlook may appear bleak, the day is soon
coming when God Himself will interfere in this violent world
           and war shall be forever abolished.

    The Bible tells us that when Christ returns to earth,
   “He shall judge between the nations, and rebuke many
  people; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and
their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword
    against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”
                                Isaiah 2:4

              Feel free to share this show with those
                    you think may appreciate it.

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