09 IOP 07 Amendment 1 by OX93Mu


									                                                                                                  Solicitation Number:                09-IOP-07
                                State of South Carolina                                                    Date Issued:               05/08/2009
                                                                                                  Procurement Officer:                Erick Austin
                                                 Amendment 1                                                    Phone:                803-737-0555
                                                                                                      E-Mail Address:                 eaustin@io.sc.gov

   DESCRIPTION: Elevator Repair
  USING GOVERNMENTAL UNIT: South Carolina Budget and Control Board – Office of General Services

The Term "Offer" Means Your "Bid" or "Proposal". Unless submitted on-line, your offer must be submitted in a sealed
package. Solicitation Number & Opening Date must appear on package exterior. See "Submitting Your Offer" provision.

   MAILING ADDRESS:                                                                        PHYSICAL ADDRESS:
Budget and Control Board                                                                 Budget and Control Board
Office of Internal Operations - Procurement                                              Office of Internal Operations - Procurement
           1201 Main Street, Suite 700                                                              1201 Main Street, Suite 700
           Columbia, SC 29201                                                                       Columbia, SC 29201
           Attn: Erick Austin                                                                       Attn: Erick Austin

  SUBMIT OFFER BY (Opening Date/Time): 05/22/2009 10:00AM                                                     (See "Deadline For Submission Of Offer" provision)

  QUESTIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY: 05/18/2009 5:00 P.M.                                                        (See "Questions From Offerors" provision)

  NUMBER OF COPIES TO BE SUBMITTED: One (1) original in hard copy, three (3) copies in hard copy clearly marked
“copy”, (1) redacted copy clearly marked “redacted”.
 CONFERENCE TYPE: Not Applicable                                                                          LOCATION: Not Applicable
     DATE & TIME:
  (As appropriate, see "Conferences - Pre-Bid/Proposal" & "Site Visit" provisions)

   AWARD &  The award, this solicitation, and any amendments will be posted at the following web address:
 AMENDMENTS http://www.state.sc.us/dio/OIOSolicitationsAmendmentsNoticesAwards.htm

Unless submitted on-line, you must submit a signed copy of this form with Your Offer. By submitting a bid or proposal, You agree to
be bound by the terms of the Solicitation. You agree to hold Your Offer open for a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days after the
Opening Date.                           (See "Signing Your Offer" and "Electronic Signature" provisions.)

 NAME OF OFFEROR                                                                         Any award issued will be issued to, and the contract will be formed with,
                                                                                         the entity identified as the Offeror. The entity named as the offeror must be
                                                                                         a single and distinct legal entity. Do not use the name of a branch office or
                                                                                         a division of a larger entity if the branch or division is not a separate legal
 (full legal name of business submitting the offer)                                      entity, i.e., a separate corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.

 AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE                                                                    TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NO.

 (Person must be authorized to submit binding offer to contract on behalf of Offeror.)   (See "Taxpayer Identification Number" provision)

 TITLE                                                                                   STATE VENDOR NO.

 (business title of person signing above)                                                (Register to Obtain S.C. Vendor No. at www.procurement.sc.gov)

 PRINTED NAME                                                 DATE SIGNED                STATE OF INCORPORATION

 (printed name of person signing above)                                                  (If you are a corporation, identify the state of incorporation.)

 OFFEROR'S TYPE OF ENTITY: (Check one)                                                                                              (See "Signing Your Offer" provision.)

  ___ Sole Proprietorship                                    ___ Partnership                                ___ Other_____________________________

  ___ Corporate entity (not tax-exempt)                     ___ Corporation (tax-exempt)                    ___ Government entity (federal, state, or local)


                                                                     PAGE TWO
                                                             (Return Page Two with Your Offer)
      HOME OFFICE ADDRESS (Address for offeror's home office /                  NOTICE ADDRESS (Address to which all procurement and contract
      principal place of business)                                              related notices should be sent.) (See "Notice" clause)

                                                                                 Area Code - Number - Extension        Facsimile

                                                                                 E-mail Address

      PAYMENT ADDRESS (Address to which payments will be sent.)                 ORDER ADDRESS (Address to which purchase orders will be sent)
      (See "Payment" clause)                                                    (See "Purchase Orders and "Contract Documents" clauses)

      ____Payment Address same as Home Office Address                           ____Order Address same as Home Office Address
      ____Payment Address same as Notice Address (check only one)               ____Order Address same as Notice Address (check only one)

      Offerors acknowledges receipt of amendments by indicating amendment number and its date of issue. (See "Amendments to Solicitation" Provision)
      Amendment No.      Amendment Issue   Amendment No.     Amendment Issue    Amendment No.      Amendment Issue      Amendment No.    Amendment Issue
                             Date                                Date                                  Date                                  Date

      DISCOUNT FOR                    10 Calendar Days (%)          20 Calendar Days (%)           30 Calendar Days (%)          _____Calendar Days (%)
      (See "Discount for Prompt
      Payment" clause)

      (June 2005): Section 11-35-1524 provides a preference for offerors           MUST INITIAL HERE. ______________.
      that qualify as a resident vendor. A resident vendor is an offeror that
      (a) is authorized to transact business within South Carolina, (b)            *ADDRESS AND PHONE OF IN-STATE OFFICE
      maintains an office* in South Carolina, (c) either (1) maintains a
      minimum $10,000.00 representative inventory at the time of the
      solicitation, or (2) is a manufacturer which is headquartered and has
      at least a ten million dollar payroll in South Carolina, and the product
      is made or processed from raw materials into a finished end-product
      by such manufacturer or an affiliate (as defined in section 1563 of the
      Internal Revenue Code) of such manufacturer, and (d) has paid all            ____ In-State Office Address same as Home Office Address
      assessed taxes. If applicable, preference will be applied as required        ____ In-State Office Address same as Notice Address
      by law.                                                                                                                            (check only one)

      PREFERENCES - SC/US END-PRODUCT (June 2005): Section 11-35-1524 provides a                                     IF THIS PREFERENCE
      preference to vendors offering South Carolina end-products or US end-products, if those                       APPLIES TO THIS
      products are made, manufactured, or grown in SC or the US, respectively. An end-                              PROCUREMENT, PART VII
      product is the item identified for acquisition in this solicitation, including all component                  (BIDDING SCHEDULE) WILL
                                                                                                                    INCLUDE A PLACE TO
      parts in final form and ready for the use intended. The terms made, manufactured, and
                                                                                                                    CLAIM THE PREFERENCE.
      grown are defined by Section 11-35-1524(B). By signing your offer and checking the                             OFFERORS REQUESTING
      appropriate space(s) provided and identified on the bid schedule, offeror certifies that the                  THIS PREFERENCE MUST
      end-product(s) is either made, manufactured or grown in South Carolina, or other states                       CHECK THE APPROPRIATE
      of the United States, as applicable. Preference will be applied as required by law.                           SPACES ON THE BIDDING
      PAGE TWO (NOV. 2007)                                          End of Page Two

                                              AMENDMENT 1

                                     BVB # 09-IOP-07, Elevator Repair

                                 Clarification and Opening Date Change

This amendment contains important reference information which was gathered since the site meeting held on
Wednesday, May 6, 2009. Included for your information are:

    1. A copy of the U.S. Elevator / Thyssen Elevator submittals for Elevator No. 3 from the 1995 State
       House renovation.
    2. Section 14242 from the S&W Project Manual for the 1995 State House renovation.
    3. Clipped copies of Elevator No. 3 shaft section and location on plan taken from S&W drawings for the
       1995 State House renovation.

The above are provided as general information only. Although it is the best description of existing conditions
currently available, the Owner does NOT guarantee its accuracy. The successful Offeror will be expected to
field verify conditions as needed to effect a successful repair to Elevator No. 3.

Responsibilities and Obligations

The overall scope of work shall include all cleaning, repair, and replacement of elevator system components as
needed to restore Elevator No. 3 to good working order and safe operation. The successful offeror will be
responsible for the removal and disposal of contaminated materials and any related environmental clean up that
may be required. In short, the successful Offeror must be able to deliver a ‘turn-key’ job to the Owner –
including any environmental remediation work which he assigns to properly qualified and licensed


Offerors will submit a cost proposal to perform a complete replacement of the hydraulic jack assembly and
hydraulic oil at Elevator No. 3. This ‘BASE BID’ cost shall reflect the following:

       Does NOT include cost for environmental clean up of contaminated ground or inter-casing fill
        materials. See below for “Separate Negotiated Costs.”

       Does NOT include cost for re-drilling of the well hole. See below for “Separate Negotiated Costs.”

       Does NOT include cost for removal of auxiliary steel outer casing. See below for “Separate Negotiated

       DOES include the cost for removing the existing cylinder, PVC protective casing and all other
        associated hydraulic jack components as required to effect a complete replacement of the hydraulic jack
        assembly. The ‘BASE BID’ cost proposal must include all costs normally associated with a hydraulic
        jack replacement in which any leaked hydraulic oil is still contained within the cylinder and/or its PVC
        protective casing. Note: The cost to remove and properly dispose of this, still contained, existing,
        hydraulic oil must be included in the “BASE BID” cost. The cost for replacement of the PVC
        casing as well as the sand and resin inter-casing fill materials must also be included. Offeror can
        assume for the BASE BID proposal that these fill materials are dry and uncontaminated. The only costs
        not to be included in the “BASE BID” cost are listed in the “Separate Negotiated Costs.” section below.

Separate Negotiated Costs:

            1. There is a possibility that the cylinder and/or the PVC casing may be damaged and that oil has
               leaked into the surrounding inter-casing fill materials and ground. Once the cylinder has been
               removed, the successful Offeror will notify the Owner’s Agency Coordinator (OAC) so that the

                    latter can have the site checked by an environmental specialist. (The successful Offeror will
                    include a 7 calendar day delay in the schedule to allow for this investigation). Once the extent
                    of the contamination is known and a remediation plan has been developed by the Owner’s
                    environmental specialist… The successful Offeror will obtain cost proposals for the remediation
                    from appropriately qualified and licensed firms. The additional cost for the remediation will be
                    incorporated into the successful Offeror’s contract by negotiated change order. Once a change
                    order cost is agreed upon, the successful Offeror will retain the selected remediation firm(s) as a
                    subcontractor(s) to perform said remediation work in accordance with EPA and SCDHEC
                    standards and regulations as required by law. The successful Offeror will allow for a 20
                    calendar day minimum delay in their schedule for the procurement and execution of the
                    remediation work.

               2. The Owner does not anticipate the need to remove or replace the outer steel well hole casing.
                  Should that become necessary, however, the cost for this work – including any re-drilling if
                  necessary -- shall be added to the successful Offeror’s contract by negotiated change order.


All work must be completed, fully tested, and approved by the regulatory authorities for use by the public no
later than November 20, 2009. The Owner shall deduct from the contract, liquidated damages in the amount of
$250.00 for each calendar day past November 20, 2009 that the elevator is not ready for safe operation and use
by the public.

NOTE: Should remediation work require more time than what is already to be allowed for in the schedule (See
“Separate Negotiated Costs” section above) then an extension of time will be considered and, if necessary,
added to the successful Offerer’s contract via negotiated change order.


Offeror shall submit a signed Cover Page and Page Two. Offeror should submit all other information and documents requested in this
part and in parts II.B. Special Instructions; III. Scope of Work; V. Qualifications; VIII. Bidding Schedule/Price Proposal; and any
appropriate attachments addressed in section IX. Attachments to Solicitations. [04-4010-1]

     1. Cost proposal for “BASE BID” as described above.
     2. Company information including: history, size, location, and related experience on similar
     3. Proposed sequence of operation for performing repair including steps that will be taken to
        protect the building and its occupants.
     4. List of references with contact information.


Offers will be evaluated using only the factors stated below. Numerical weightings are provided for each evaluation factor. All
evaluation factors, other than cost (which must be at least 60%), will be considered prior to determining the effect of cost on the score for
each offeror. Once evaluation is complete, all responsive offerors will be ranked from most advantageous to least advantageous. [06-

Bids will be evaluated by a review panel on the basis of the following criteria.

A. Cost:       60%
B. Background, Qualifications, Relevant Experience, and proposed sequence of operation:                                   30%
C. References:        10%

New Opening Date

The new opening date for the soliciatation will be May 22, 2009 at 10:00am.


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