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5 ways to keep yourself busy


									If you are alone and are at home, its the time when you normally tend to feel left
away and become lousy towards work. If you are one of them, fear not, you are not
alone. Almost 60% of us where in significant number of people are
housewife's spent our day at home where in our routine is to eat, clean and sleep.

Tiered of following the same routine all the time? Let’s find out what we can do which
would keep us busy.

Maintain a Schedule for the day

 Start your day by Preparing a To-do List for that day in which work out is a part of
it. When you start completing it, you will realize what you have done and what next you
have to do, it kind of eases you from the pressure of doing nothing and being
ambiguous in your life. Once you get comfortable with this, start assigning time frame
for each work and try maintaining balance for every work. Analyze the new possibilities
of getting the work done and collate it with your schedule for optimizing your day.

Socialize yourself

 Find some space in your life for your family and friends around you, try knowing their
interests, share your feelings, explore and discusses new ideas with them. With the
present social media advancements, socializing yourself is not a big deal. Follow news
papers and TV shows to recreate your feel and also to know about the rest of the
world. Meet new people and create new friendships as many as you can to avoid being
idle. Research online about things which puzzle you.

Keep your interests alive

 With time, we leave behind the things which once where dear to us, may be because
of the age or may be because of the changes in the trend. Go back in your life and
question yourself what you needed the most and what you wanted to be, start working
on those which interests you a lot and makes you feel good. Whether it is cooking or
painting, indoor or outdoor, spent time for them to relax yourself.


Make a habit of travelling at least for a short distance, A new place, A new feel, things
which we see and hear have a great impact on our mood. Shopping could help, if not,
visit a place where you find yourself in the past.

Learn new things

With the advancements in technology, new turns old with in short period of time. Learn,
explore, teach, and improve things which are likely to be helpful for you as well as

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