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									                            Free Bill of Sale Template

                                               Bill of Sale

Details of the Issuing Company:

Name: ________________________ [mention the name of company or business firm]

Contact details:

___________________________ [Address]

_____________________ [telephone number]

________________ [email id]

Sold by: _________________________ [mention name of the salesman or particular sales agency, store,

department, etc.]

Other details:

_________________________________ [mention if some other details need to be specified]

Company code: _______________

Buyer Information:

Name: _______________________ [mention the name of the buyer]

Address: ___________________ [give proper mailing address of the person or company]

Telephone number: ___________________ [office/ residential]

                           Personal details: _________________________

Product Details:

Name: _________________
Type: _______________

Size: ____________

Make of the product: __________________

Facilities provided: _____________________

Other details: ________________

Date of manufacture: ____________

Validity period: _____________

Cost: __________

Seller’s Statement:

I agree to have sold the above product to the mentioned buyer on ___________ [date of sale]. The product was in

the perfect state during sale and all relevant details provided regarding the product are true to the best of my



[Signature or office stamp]

Buyer’s statement:

I agree to buy the above-mentioned product or service on __________ [date of purchase] in exchange of an amount

of ___________ [mention the cost] by cash/ cheque or ______________ [mention if some other form of

payment is included].



Witness: _________________ [name]

________________ [signature]
Date: ___________

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