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									                                                     RECRUITING FAQ

To become a VIP with 3 in the new program, do they just have to be 3 recruits or 3 qualified recruits? Yes, we
have an AMAZING new VIP program. You no longer need 4 recruits to be a VIP member and get 50% off all of the time or
50% profit! Now you only need 3 people! :) Now, to promote to the level of VIP it doesn't matter if the recruits are qualified
or not to get your promotion. HOWEVER, you do want to work on each and every recruit “qualifying” because otherwise
you do not make a single penny on them getting the package.

What does it mean to be a “qualified” recruit? Now, first I will say that you never ever use the word “qualify” with a
new recruit because that is BC lingo and doesn’t mean anything to a new member and it will just confuse them. In saying
that, these are the 4 ways to qualify a recruit… PLEASE NOTE: qualifying has to be done in first 60 days


         They order the $125 package and do one of the following:
         Order $500 retail ($225 cost) at 50% off when they join.
         Order $1000 retail (50% off… cost $450) at BeautiU date
         Order $1000 retail total combined orders in their first 60 days

         Or if you use my recruiting sheet on Presentation Book page... if they get the $375 I Deserve It All Package they
         are instantly qualified.

So, that is how you get a recruit qualified. Things that help in this, showing her the new products, helping her see what
she needs to do spas, customizing her based on her concerns and wish list products on her Client Profile Sheet etc… and
showing her how to share the products with at least 3 people!

If you have 1 recruit already, do you need 2 or 3 to hit VIP? If you have 1 recruit already you need 2 more.. wherever
you are on personal recruits… you just need to get it up to 3 to get VIP status.

How do you overcome the objections of someone who wants to recruit but $125 is too much for them to spend
etc… and how do you qualify recruits when this is the case. There are numerous ways you can answer this, all with
different actions to take but I will just give you one way you can handle this…

If someone tells me they don’t have $125 to invest then I tell them to have a spa session and they can do one of two

    1.   At the spa they can take what I would have given them in free products for being a hostess based on how much
       their guests ordered etc… and use that towards a rebate on the package. For example… if she earned $50 in free
       products from me (which is $25 cost to me) then I would give her $25 off of her package.
    2.   She could also just go out and get outside orders and I would give her half of whatever she collected in orders
       off of her package. So, if she collected $300 in outside orders then that is $150 off of her package.

Now that we can bring guests to BeautiU… does it cost anything for them to come? No, as long as the guest is
above the age of 18 they can come with you for free.

What do you give to someone who is interested in signing up but not totally committed to it (wants more
information)… I would give them the RECRUITING FOLDER (see under RECRUITING PAGE)
Excluding the Membership Recruit Package pages 1& 2. Everything else I would give them. Also, I would direct them to
go to my website and see more about our opportunity and then BC also has a great recruiting brochure! 

If I recruit someone from out of state… what is the procedure for training them? Well first off, they are still part of
your team and your Directors team so you would make sure you are both in contact with her on a consistent basis to
support her. I would also look to find a director in her area and have your Director contact that Director to see if she can
come to that Directors unit meetings. Then you also want to find a BeautiU online that is closest to where she lives in her
state 
In regards to discount members creating a share group, what if the group orders under $300? do you still place
the order? What if the members want to know what their discount is going to be before they order? If the order is
under $300 they are still getting 30% off their products. Yes you still place the order. If your discount members and the
people they share their discount with want to know what their discount is going to be ahead of time you simply include in
the email the discount breakdown and tell them that based on what their total orders combined total, that will determine
what they get as a discount:

$0-$99.99 = 25% off
$100-$299.99 = 30% off
$300-$499.99 = 40% off
$500-$799.99 = 45% off
$800+ = 50% off
(or if it is an ordering special where it is $350 gets you 50% off etc then you will put that instead)

Do the recruits you recruit have to be from the state you live in or can they be from anywhere? Are they counted
in another state or here? We do not have “regions” that limit us to where we can work. You could be in California
visiting family and do a spa there, come back and do a spa in ohio, go to florida and recruit someone there etc… That is
what I love about our company. We don’t have “areas” that we are limited to. You can work anywhere in the US and
recruit anywhere in the US including Puerto Rico. However we can’t recruit outside of the US like in Canada, Mexico etc..
because of the Customs laws for ingredients, money differences etc.. But yes, you can have recruits and clients all over
the country and they all count as yours, your team, etc.

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