USNH HR and Payroll use e mail as a cost effective and sustainable way to communicate with employees by jSa9s5


									                  University System of New Hampshire
                   Employee E-Mail Submission Form

         Employee Name:

              USNH ID # :

USNH HR and Payroll use e-mail as a cost effective and sustainable way to
communicate with employees. We strive to provide high quality service in the
most cost effective manner possible. In keeping with this initiative, e-mail is
used to communicate the following (the list is not all inclusive): Payroll Direct
Deposits with a link to WISE for full payroll stub details, employee
reimbursements paid through Accounts Payable, Web Time Entry related
deadlines and information, etc.

• Enter your e-mail address(s) in the appropriate section below.

     • Campus E-mail Address (CM) : All communications will be sent
       to your campus e-mail if this is the only address you provide.
       Must be a USNH, UNH, PSU, KSC or GSC e-mail.

     • Direct Deposit/Web Time Entry E-mail Address (ACH): Provide
       a personal e-mail address if you would like your direct
       deposit and WTE notices sent to an address other than your
       Campus e-mail address.

 Employee Signature/date:

Employee contact phone #:

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