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					Senior Design Project Data Sheet
Project #     Project Name                    Project Track                    Project Family
P07106        METEOR guidance                 Aerospace                        METEOR
Start Term    Team Guide                      Project Sponsor                  Doc. Revision
2006-2        D. Patru                        Harris Corp                      1

Project Description                                       Strategy & Approach
Project Background:                                       Assumptions & Constraints:
Project METOER intends to perform a suborbital            Assumptions
test during the summer of 2007. The METEOR                1.    given navigation algorithm will function
project develops on previous work of several SD                 properly without major modifications
teams and graduate projects. This project will            2.    given IMU will be suitable
cooperate with several other teams in order to            3.    suitable microprocessor will be made
build a complete launch system.                                 available at acceptable price

Problem Statement:                                        Constraints
P07106 is responsible for maintaining controlled          1.    budget is US $10,000.oo
rocket flight along a path from 30km ASL                  2.    mass of complete system should not drive
vertically to 100km ASL. The project is to develop              redundant mass over 20% of the fuel mass
a functioning navigation and guidance system
and implement it on a rocket.
                                                          Issues & Risks:
Objectives/Scope:                                                  allowable mass is alarmingly low on first
1.   Develop algorithm for tracking and correcting                  order calculations
     rocket trajectory                                             design     operating     environment      is
2.   Select/develop hardware to implement                           extreme
     algorithm                                                     the testing of certain systems has limits
3.   develop mechanism for guiding rocket                          all technical aspects of the system will
4.   assemble complete guidance system onto                         go      well    beyond      undergraduate
     rocket in flight ready form                                    coursework
                                                                         i. 6 DOF kinematic models
Deliverables:                                                           ii. compressible flows
                                                                       iii. designing systems for spaceflight
    demonstration tests of system                                               1. extreme environments
    2 flight ready systems installed on rockets                                 2. low factors of safety
    kinematic model of rocket for future use                                    3. high acceleration
    documented control software                                       iv. develop above and beyond
    electrical and mechanical schematics and                               graduate level research to
     drawings                                                               implement navigation system
    SDI & SD II deliverables                                      cost of certain components is very high
                                                                   specifications will be difficult to develop
                                                                    due to lack of available experience with
Expected Project Benefits:                                          guided rockets
    Success of this project will contribute                       SD coursework is still being adapted to
     towards a suborbital test of a single stage                    support the cooperation of multiple
     rocket.                                                        teams

Core Team Members:
    A. Mark      EE
    D. Ben       ME
    G. Dave      ME
    H. Joseph    ME
    K. Ryan      EE

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