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									The Great Gatsby

    Chapter 4
Nick makes a list of all the people who attended a parties at Gatsby’s house
   that summer. The list includes New York businessmen, wealthy East
   Eggers, theatre people, a doctor and even a man presumed to be a prince.
   He then goes with Gatsby for lunch to New York. As they drive to the city
   Gatsby tells Nick about his past but Nick suspects that he is lying. Gatsby
   gives a long list of his accomplishments. When a policeman pulls Gatsby
   over for speeding, Gatsby shows him a white card and the policeman
   apologises for bothering him. Gatsby explains to Nick that he had once
   done the police commissioner a favour.
Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfshiem who, he claims, was responsible
   for fixing the 1919 World Series. He gives Nick the impression that the
   source of Gatsby’s wealth might be due to something unsavoury and that he
   may have connections to the sort of organised crime that Wolfshiem is in.
Nick sees Tom Buchanan in the restaurant and goes over to introduce Gatsby,
   but when he turns around he finds that Gatsby has left to avoid seeing Tom.
After lunch Nick sees Jordan Baker who tells him the details of her
   conversation with Gatsby at his party. She reveals that Gatsby wants Nick
   to invite Daisy to tea as he afraid that she will refuse to see him. He intends
   to show up at the tea as well and surprise Daisy.
S. Gatsby is proud of his achievements.
Q. “He reached in his pocket, and a piece of metal, slung on a ribbon
     fell into my palm.”
A. This shows that he is proud of his achievements in the war because
     he carries the medal around with him and shows them off to Nick.

S. Gatsby is paranoid.
Q. “What’s your opinion of me anyhow?”
A. This shows that Gatsby is paranoid because he asks to know what
     Nick thinks of him to see if he really likes him, as there are a lot of
     rumours about him and he is a ware of this. He needs to make
     sure that Nick really likes him as he does not have many real
     friends, people just use him for his parties.
S. Nick shows an interest in the people who came to Gatsby’s house.
Q. “Once I wrote down on the empty spaces of a timetable the names of those
     who came to Gatsby’s house that summer… All these people came to
     Gatsby’s house in the summer.
A. This shows that Nick shows interest in the people who come to Gatsby’s
     house because he made a long list of everyone and adds information
     about each of them. It gives the impression that maybe he wants to be
     invited to some of Gatsby’s parties.

S. Gatsby is aware of the rumours that are being told about him.
Q. “I don’t want you to get a wrong idea of me from all these stories you hear.”
A. This shows that Gatsby knows that people spread rumours about him and
       he doesn’t want Nick to get the wrong impression of him from what he
       hears and doesn’t want him to believe the rumours.
Class - The card that Gatsby shows to the policeman when he gets pulled over
   for speeding suggests that Gatsby is of higher class as when he produces
   the card the policeman then says “Know you next time Mr Gatsby. Excuse
   Also all of the people who came to Gatsby’s party in the summer seemed to
   be of a high class.
Desire – Nick listing all the people who came to Gatsby’s party suggests that
   perhaps he desires to be invited to one of Gatsby’s parties.
   It becomes clear that Gatsby bought his house to be across the bay from
   Daisy, this shows his desire to be with Daisy and to have her love him, as in
   chapter 1 we see him standing looking out over the bay, he is looking at the
   light at the end of Daisy’s dock. The light for him represents Daisy, and
   represents hope. He hopes that he will be able to win her back from Tom.
American Dream – Gatsby’s car could represent the American Dream. His
   car is really high class and would have been expensive, which suggests that
   Gatsby has a lot of money and is living a life of high class. “It was a rich
   cream colour… a labyrinth of wind-shields that mirrored a dozen suns.”

The American Dream means something different to different people, but for
   Gatsby, the dream is that through acquiring wealth and power, one can also
   gain happiness. To reach his idea of what happiness is, Gatsby must go
   back in time and relieve an old dream. To do this, he believes, he must first
   have wealth and power.
                    Key Incidents
The key incidents in this chapter are when we find out that Gatsby
  wants Nick to invite Daisy over for tea and that Gatsby plans to
  show up to surprise Daisy. This shows that he wants to see her but
  he was too shy too talk to her himself and he was afraid that she
  would say no, so he wanted to see her through Nick.
Another key incident is when Nick and Gatsby go to lunch in the city
  and Nick meets Meyer Wolfsheim. We find out that Gatsby may
  have been involved in some crime with Wolfsheim when he was
                          younger and this may be how he gained some
                          of his wealth.
White is a colour that has the deeper meaning of false
  purity or goodness. Daisy and Jordan are always seen
  in white.
An egg symbolises a false show of purity on the outside,
  but rotten and corrupt on the inside.
This chapter is set in New York at first for lunch with Gatsby and Nick
   meets Wolfsheim, he finds out that in his past Gatsby was involved
   in organised crime, this may be how he gained some of his wealth.
   Nick then met Jordan Baker in the city to find out what Gatsby had
   talked to her about at his party and found out that Gatsby wanting
   Nick to invite Daisy to tea and Gatsby would then show up.
The way that Daisy acted on the night before her wedding suggests
  that she didn’t really want to marry Tom and that she just wanted to
  be married. This also suggests that she may not be happy with Tom
  and now that Gatsby is back she will want to go back to him,
  because she loved him so much before he went to the war and
  before she met Tom. The only reason that she couldn’t be with
  Gatsby in the past was because he had no money, but now that he
  has money and everything she wants, she could now be with him if
  she wasn’t married.
1.    What does Nick make a list of at the beginning of the chapter?
2.    Why did Gatsby get pulled over on his way to New York with Nick?
3.    Who does Gatsby introduce Nick to?
4.    Who does Nick meet after lunch?
5.    How is Gatsby shown to be paranoid?
6.    How is it shown that Nick has an interest in the people who came to
      Gatsby’s house?
7.    Why does the card that Gatsby shows the policeman when he gets pulled
      over show that Gatsby is of a high class?
8.    What does the light at the end of Daisy’s dock represent for Gatsby?
9.    Name one key incident in this chapter?
10.   What does an egg symbolise?
11.   Where is this Chapter set?
12.   What does the way that Daisy acted on the night before her wedding
1.    The people who attended Gatsby’s house in the summer.
2.    He was speeding.
3.    Meyer Wolfsheim
4.    Jordan Baker
5.    He asks to know what Nick thinks of him.
6.    He makes a list of everyone who attended his parties.
7.    Because the policeman apologises to Gatsby.
8.    Represents Daisy and hope.
9.    Find out about Gatsby’s plans for tea with Daisy/meeting Meyer
      Wolfsheim and finding out about Gatsby’s possible past.
10.   False purity on the outside, rotten on the inside.
11.   New York.
12.   That she didn’t really want to marry Tom and just wanted to be

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