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									                                                                                Purchasing Department
                                                                                5700 Cass Avenue, suite 4200
                                                                                Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                                                                (313) 577-3734
Division of Finance and Facilities Management                                   FAX (313) 577-3747

                                                                             May 18, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for participating in the Pre-Proposal Meeting on May 18, 2009 , to provide Moving Services for Dr. Novak.
Following is the meeting and walk through clarifications from our meeting.

Those in attendance from the Univrsity were as follows:

             Ken Doherty, WSU Purchasing
             Kim Tomaszewski, WSU Purchasing
             Dr. Raymond Novak, Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The following note and clarifications were made at the Pre-proposal meeting and site visit:
    Project requires does not require prevailing wage rate;
    Boxes and packing materials and Move Labels are to be provided by the Vendor;
    Valuation of the equipment/items to be moved has been increased to $200,000.00;
    Please let us know in your cover letter if the move schedule proposed in the Request for Proposal can be met by
         your company. Otherwise, indicate the best date your company can meet;
    Additional unit pricing to reflect included and additional charges are to be provided on Schedule 2A;
    All boxes and equipment are to be moved into the lab space at Children’s Hospital. Nothing can be left or
         staged in the hallway;
    Please include the cost for packing and unpacking on REVISED Schedule C (attached);
    Hours of the move may be changed from the normal business hours to have a starting time of Noon to
         accommodate peak times at Children’s Hospital;
    The University will be responsible for moving chemicals;
    The Unvirsity will have a representative at the lab in Children’s to assist and guide with unpacking;
    The move may take place in two phases, one for the equipment and supplies and the other for the freezers.
    Freezers must be maintained an a “near minus 80 degree” level throughout the move, to ensure that research
         tissue samples are preserved.

Please remember the proposal are due in the Wayne State University Purchase Office no later than Wednesday, June
8, 2009 , 4 pm. Your proposal must be submitted on the attached REVISED Schedule C.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this Addendum, please contact me at (313) 577-3757 or email me at
ac9934@wayne.edu. Thank you for your interest in doing business with Wayne State University.


Kimberly Tomaszewski
Senior Buyer

Cc: K Doherty, Purchasing
     Schedule C

REVISED Cost Schedules
                              SCHEDULE C (1A) REVISED
                                 Dr. Novak’s Laboratories


Number of Movers __________________@ $________________ per hour

for ________________ hours.                                             $______________________

Number of Supervisors ________________@ $________________ per hour

for ________________ hours.                                             $______________________

Number of Other ____________________@ $________________ per hour

for ________________ hours.                                             $_________________________

Number of Movers __________________@ $________________ per hour
(Packing & Unpacking)

        for ________________ hours.                                     $______________________

                                         SUBTOTAL                       $_______________________


Number of Vans ____________________@$___________ per hour               $______________________
including portal to portal.

Full Cost Replacement Insurance @ $200,000.00                           $_______________________

Additional Cost for Packing Materials (Boxes, speedpacks, etc.)         $________________________

Special Charges (Attach any support sheets)                       $__________________________

                                GRAND TOTAL                              $_______________________
                                        SCHEDULE C (Line Item) (2A)
                                              DR. NOVAK

         (Unit Costs for additional items not included in the Base Bid Specifications)

                           (PURCHASE)         AT NO CHARGE AS            OF TWO MONTHS AFTER      COMMENTS
                                               PART OF MOVE               COMPLETION OF MOVE
Letter Tote
Legal Tote
Dish Packs
Library Carts
Bubble Wrap (Non-
Regular Bubble Wrap
Shrink (Stretch) Wrap
Packing Paper
New Massonite
Door Protection
(Corner Gurads)
Speed Packs
Moving Pads/Blankets
Dollies for Totes
Elevator Protection

 In addition to supply charges, please also provide the following:

            Service Requested                       Charge for Service               Additional Comments:
Delivery of packing materials & equipment
Pick up of packing materials & equipment
Long term supply rental (please explain)
   Disassembly (union)
   Disassembly (non-union)
   Reassembly (union)
   Reassembly (non-union)

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