Caterham and District Horticultural Society by jSa9s5


									                           Caterham and District Horticultural Society
                                                   ESTABLISHED 1886

                                Located in the shed on the allotments behind the library,
                                            Avenue Road, Caterham on the Hill
                                          Open Saturday mornings 9.30 – 12.00
                                                 Membership only £3.00


    It is best to lift the remainder of your potatoes and store them in a dry, dark,
     frost free place.
    Check all stored produce on a regular basis to ensure they are not rotting. Onions
     can rot from the base or top, and if left will affect adjacent ones.
    Pumpkins can be stored and used when required.
    Protect plants of the cabbage family with netting (pigeons love them!)
    Winter leeks and parsnips can be left in the ground until required, although if snow
     is expected then lift some for storing. Parsnips taste better after they have been
     subjected to a frost.
    Keep the ground clear of weeds. You can cover the area with an old carpet or black
     plastic sheeting which will help.
    Remove old raspberry and blackberry canes. Prune currant bushes. Continue to
     pick apples and other fruit before the first frost can affect them.
    If required, order manure.


    Tidy flower beds. Support shrubs and climbers. Continue to take cuttings in early
     October. Bring in the last of your tender plants or apply protection where
    If required continue to cut the lawn and apply an autumn dressing.
    Bulbs are now available. Why not plant some in pots for the spring?
    Service petrol and electrical tools (movers & strimmers, etc).


       Check heaters and make sure that the greenhouse is clean. Apply bubble wrap on
       the inside to reduce heat loss and to keep the cost down.

          Why not become a member of the Society? - Still only £3.00
Benefits include gardening products at low prices, and more gardening advice.
We’re at the Society’s trading hut, on the allotments, Avenue Road, Caterham on
the Hill, Saturdays from 9.30 to 12.00.

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