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 NEWSLETTER - Spring 2011
                                                                                   No 1 - 2011

                                                                            Hon. Research Adviser:
Farmers Spill the Beans on the Meat Markets -                                    Dr Alan Long
Rising Prices and Shaky Supplies                                            Patrons: Isobel Davies,
                                                                            Dale Vince, Peter Singer
Fears are growing over the UK’s beef supply                                    14 Woodland Rise,
Fears are growing over the UK’s                                               Middlesex UB6 0RD
beef supply. The industry has                                                Tel/Fax: 020 8902 0073
issued a double warning,
published in the Meat Trades                                       
Journal (18/02/2011) about                                         
supplies “tightening later this
                                                                            Registered Charity No. 1045293
year and the rising crippling
cost of production.” The
National Farmers’ Union (NFU)
explained last week that                                               beef-veal job; and nutritionists
farmers received on average just                                       are beginning to declare a view
48% of the final retail price of                                       that consumers should limit
their beef. The sector suffered                                        their intakes of red meat to less
oversupply in 2010, “coupled                                           than 70kg daily (which could be
with a massive hike in feed                                            regarded as 3 rashers of bacon
prices as well as energy and                                           – an average sustainable and
fertilizer costs, which means                                          practicable for British
that most are producing stock                                          consumers, especially if they
problems in the latter half of                                         heed the messages carried by
2011.”…                                                                our Portfolio of Eating Plans
                                                                       and the appropriate practice
…This woe and gloom                                                    and example). The
emphasize the cogency of the       Alan Long spreads the VEGA          susceptibility of intensive
Grow Food, not Feed Message        message at Borough Market           farming to recent adverse
and the farming industry’s         on a cold January morning           weather in areas of high-input
neglect of the waste in present                                        cereal and sugar crops spell, as
conditions of production, which                                        populations of all domestic
are aggravated by ignorance of     booming prices of feed and fuel     populations swell, increase the
environmental aspects and          – to which changes 4 life in        risks run in feckless farming
animal welfare. The looming        consumption contribute              and economic policies. We have
threats of Recession and           cognate adversities to the dairy-   been warned!…

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Poultry Farm and Slaughterhouse Face Closure

Appeal Fails to Overturn Decision by Stratford and Avon DC

Summers Poultry Products of        development to extend the           the local authority that the
Cank Farm in Tamworth in           firm’s premises. An inspector       slaughterhouse extension and
Arden, Warks, has sought           for the Secretary of State for      other alterations in the Green
unsuccessfully to overturn a       Communities and Local               Belt should not go ahead…
decision by Stratford-upon-        Government has rejected the
Avon District Council against a    firm’s appeal and agreed with

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Bill Clinton Goes Vegan(ish)
Bill Clinton is Named the Animal World’s New Best Friend

“Bill Clinton is named the                                                high-school weight,” says Mr
animal world’s new best friend”                                           Clinton, who added that he had
and “The former president has                                             researched the past 25 years of
become vegan (There’s just the                                            medical evidence about the
small matter of the fish),” run                                           benefits of turning vegan and
the headlines of the                                                      found that 82% of those who
Independent on Sunday                                                     switched to a plant-based diet
(02/01/11). The report explains                                           had unclogged their arteries
that “he was the president who                                            naturally.
famously couldn’t jog past
McDonald’s without grabbing a         The organisation hailing Mr         We add that he is following the
snack, which makes Bill Clinton       Clinton’s dietary change is         advice we have been offering
a most unlikely candidate for a       PETA (People for Ethical            with leaflets offering practical
vegan hero. But that is what          Treatment of Animals.) Mr           advice over the last 4 or 5 years
swapping burgers for beans has        Clinton has recently revealed       for implementation of the Stern
done for the former fast-food         that he now lived on “beans,        Messages urging reduction of
fanatic, according to a leading       legumes, vegetables, fruit, “but    consumption of meat and dairy
animal rights campaign group…         absolutely no dairy.” He was        in a Portfolio of Eating Plans
Mr Clinton opted for the              scared into making the switch       offered free to the public on our
ultimate in new year cleanses –       after doctors followed up           website.
a largely vegan diet – to purge       quadruple-by-pass surgery by
his body after it had taken one       inserting 2 stents – tubes that     We are seeking volunteers to
burger battering too many.            keep the coronary arteries open     augment this campaigning in
This is, after all a man who          – in his heart last February.       more sites, e.g. appropriate
ordered a double hamburger            “The prospect of waddling his       railway stations and in towns
(and fries) to fuel up for an anti-   vegan daugher, Chelsea, down        and cities such as Bristol,
obesity speech.” Apparently he        the aisle last summer only          Brighton, Manchester,
hasn’t resorted to what is a          hardened his resolve,” states the   Chichester, Guildford and
popular and highly effective (in      IoS.                                Totnes. Please tell us if you
the short term at least)                                                  could spare the occasional hour
procedure in North America,           “The upshot of his new              or two to join the picket lines
stapling in the gut.                  vegan(ish) lifestyle has resulted   and distributions of leaflets.
                                      in Mr Clinton losing 11 kilos
                                      (24lb), returning him to his


Hand and Fingers Cut Off in Yorkshire Processor Plant
Firm Fined £14,000 with £8,387 Costs

A meat processor, Cranswick            trapped up to his elbow for 10     Hodgson lost the ends of 2
Convenience Foods in                  minutes in a machine with 2         fingers when feeding plastic
Wombwell, South Yorks, has            sets of rotating knives, a court-   film used for packaging meat
been fined £14,000 after a            heard. He had to have his left      into machinery. Studleigh-
worker lost his hand in a meat        hand amputated after an             Royd, the factory’s parent
processing machine and                accident in December 2009 at        company was fined a total of
another lost the ends of 2            the site.                           £14,000 for the 2 offences and
fingers.                                                                  £8,387 costs after admitting 2
                                      Three months later, in another      safety breaches.
James Hardcastle, aged 33, was        accident at the factory, Liam

The Hajj Pilgrimage, Sacrifices and Devotions
Mass Events in Tourism and Travel that Affront a Green View of the Numinous
and Respect for Life

Pilgrims assembled on landing       for 3 days. In 1982 King Fahd       factions protesting liberal,
at Jeddah’s airport for the         opened the world’s biggest          reformed and other non-
welcome at the state-of-the-art     slaughterhouse, with enough         conformity with sacerdotally
Hajj terminal as they begin “a      space for 500,000 sheep and         restricted religious practice.
journey of a lifetime” to the       cattle, whence the sacrificial
major rituals of the Hajj after     meat and offal are frozen,          Live animals drawn for the Hajj
the Umrah preliminaries and         preserved and distributed to        slaughter may originate from
the celebrations of the Eid ul-     Muslims everywhere.                 many areas in North Africa and
Fitr on the 9th September last                                          the Middle East; some may be
year. The Hajj culminated in        Flouting the Quality of             walked in by drovers. Imports
procedures observed from 14th       Mercy                               from the Antipodes are
November to 17th November                                               declining, because New Zealand
and ending with the Eid ul-         The method of slaughter             has ceased exports of live
Adha on 16th November, with         conforms to Muslim practice,        animals for killing for meat in
final rites the next day and        the stricken animals’ throats are   the Middle East. N.Z. practices
return home. The calendar of        cut, to the recitations of          common killing methods that
events for next year are already    prayers, with no attempt at         apparently satisfy both the
decided: Eid ul-Fitr, 30th          “humanely” stunning them to         Halal authorities and European
August; Hajj 4th November to        render them insensitive to the      importers, so the meat travels
7th; Eid ul-Adha 6th November.      pain of the assault and of the      on the hook rather than on the
(Dates are subject to local         subsequent bleeding out until       hoof. We understand that
sightings of the new moon.)         death supervenes. This process      Australia has still held back, but
                                    is the cause of much                the animal welfare movement
In previous years we have given     controversy in Europe, where        there must surely prevail and
details of the rituals, which       calls for bans of such              the N.Z. example be adopted.
involve an enormous                 ritual/religious slaughter are      We understand also that no live
throughput of sheep, cows           being sought for meat               sheep from the U.K. or Irish
(probably cattle of various ages,   consumed in EU countries and        Republic will reach the
female and male) and camels, at     fully labelled on provenance in     offensive treatments inflicted
its peak at the massacre on Eid     common with other methods of        on the animals at the Hajj
ul-Adha. A dish of baby camel       killing in licensed premises.       proceedings. However, such
meat, roasted whole, is served      These proposed controls may         possibilities are at present being
during the feasts at the end of     escape rigorous application,        monitored and VEGA has
Hajj. During each Hajj              however, and – like Jewish          sought help from DEFRA and
Muslims kill about 700,000          methods, which are similarly        other EU authorities to ensure
sheep and 8,000 cattle or           offensive to populations            that movements of sheep and
camels. Some slaughterhouses        numbering many objectors with       goats be halted if such livestock
“handle” 50,000 animals a day,      no religious persuasions or         are abandoned to such cruelty
with 28,000 butchers working        members of various sectors or       outside the Union…

For the full article, see:

Gangmaster Fined over Supplying Workers for a Slaughterhouse
Without a Licence
Dungannon Gangmaster Convicted

A gangmaster based in               slaughterhouse business             Contractors pleaded guilty to
Dungannon was convicted on          without the appropriate             the charges, which referred to
23 November 2010 at Omagh           licence(s). She was fined £750      events in January and February
Magistrates Court on a charge       and ordered to pay costs. Tracy     2010…
of supplying workers to a           Gallagher of Gallagher Meat

For the full article, see:
Obituary - Glyn Davys, A Stalwart for Low Input Farming and
Glyn Davys, a campaigner against malnutrition, died on 4th January 2011, aged 85

Glyn Davys, a campaigner              prompted by Bill Pirie’s                (mycology). Glyn developed a
against malnutrition, died on         biochemical reasoning and               variety of machines of different
4th January 2011, aged 85. He         experience of persistent                sizes and potential for
was born on the 1st March 1925.       epidemics of protein-calorie            producing milks and cheeses fit
After a career in the theatre,        malnutrition, particularly in           for low-input systems of
Glynn spent most of his life          tropical countries, where the           subsistence, with due regard for
combating malnutrition in             climates and spread of disease          components, toxic or beneficial,
Third World countries by              and conservation of water have          that leaves can offer.
demonstrating the effectiveness       latterly entered the discussions        Unfortunately the greenness in
of leaf concentrate (LC), “which      and applications of stock-free          such products in “civilized”
he described as the greatest          farming and the consequences            countries was associated with
untapped food resource on             in many human communities of            contamination of dairy-
Earth,” to quote from the short       lactose-intolerance. Pirie              products (eg from bacterial
obituary The Times                    worked at Rothamsted                    pathogens) and removal of the
(14/02/2011) devoted to him.          Experimental Station. He was a          undesirable chlorophyll failed
LC is an extract from leaves rich     biochemist whose researches             to attract populations of rich
in protein (for that is where         there earned him an FRS.                countries who overlooked the
plants synthesize it, in a variety                                            wastage of yields from
of tastes and forms) and              Davys and his collaborators in          overworked female animals.
vitamin A, iron and other             the Find Your Feet project, who
micronutrients. Davys was             included the scientists in the          If only people of the calibre of
dogged in promoting it as a           Vegetarian Nutritional                  Gandhi, Bernard Shaw, Bill
sustainable means of tackling         Research Council, from whom             Pirie, and Glyn Davys could
malnutrition and as a way of          VEGA Research Trust has                 have survived to vitalize today’s
helping to meet the increasing        derived in various forms and            Big Society with the enterprise
global demand for food.               extensions that embrace the             and altruism they displayed in
                                      potential in both terrestrial and       their time!
The post-WW2 years covered            maritime crops (mariculture)
an age of altruistic research         and from trees and food yeasts


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