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					2008 William Gaddis Experiment: This Tournament is About Learning
Round 6


1. The benevolent divine being of these people, Ndjambi Karunga, is described in Part III of Gravity’s Rainbow. In 1880,
these people warred against their neighbors, the Khoi-khoi, and their important leaders included Salatiel Kambazembi,
Kahimemua, and Nikodemus Nguvauva. These people fled through the “Trail of Bones” to the Omaheke desert after losing
the Battle of Waterberg. Their surviving members were then targeted by an “extermination order” issued by Luthar von
Trotha. For fifteen points, name this Bantu tribe of Namibia, the target of German genocide from 1904 to 1907, who were once led
by Samuel Maharero.
ANSWER: the Herero (6)

2. The sixth set of these works contains a piece in memory of Niels Gade and the melancholy "Vanished Days." Another set
of these works opens with a berceuse, and includes a folk "Fling Dance" and "Spring Dance." Its final volume, its
composer's Opus 71, was published thirty-four years after its first volume, which includes a "watchman's song" inspired by
Macbeth, and begins with an "Arietta." It includes its composer's Opus 12, Opus 38, Opus 54, and Opus 65, and contains pieces
such as "Erotik," "Butterfly," "Wedding Day at ► Troldhaugen," and "March of the Trolls." FTP, identify this collection of 66
short works for solo piano by Edvard Grieg.
ANSWER: Lyric Pieces [or Lyriske stykker] (3)

3. Silicates of this element are found in rocks such as kaolinite and andalusite, and along with manganese, its silicate is
found in spessartine. Studies on freshwater snails show that orthosilicic acid aids in the removal of this element in vivo,
while several plants resistant to it release organic acids to prevent its uptake. This metal's hydroxide is used as a binder for
phosphate in hemodialysis, and absorption of this element's cation under acidic conditions causes ► hydrangeas to change from
pink to blue. Organometallic compounds of titanium and this element make up Ziegler Natta catalysts, and this element is the
central atom of a hydride is used to reduce esters and carboxylic acids, and is stronger than Sodium borohydride. For 10 points,
identify this element which is extracted from bauxite via the Hall Heroult process.
ANSWER: aluminum [or aluminium] (1)

4. This thinker wondered “In Times like these, Who Needs Psychoanalysis,” in New Maladies of the Soul. This author
schematized two modalities of language, the semiotic and the symbolic, and this philosopher's concept of the chora, derived
from Plato’s Timaeus, drives the understanding of the semiotic in works such as the Revolution in Poetic Language. This
critic wrote a trilogy about female genius which analyzed Hannah Arendt, Melanie Klein, and Colette, and analyzed the concept of
the "foreigner" in Strangers to Ourselves. In About Chinese Women, she put forth her controversial feminist views, and she
discussed depression in Black Sun. FTP, name this author of Desire in Language, a French post-structuralist thinker often
associated with ► Helene Cixous and Luce Irigaray.
ANSWER: Julia Kristeva (4)

5. Prior to this event, tensions rose when Chinese farmers drove Koreans out from Wanpaoshan, and when Captain
Nakamura Shintaro was arrested and executed as a spy. It led to the Seiyukai Cabinet of Inukai Tsuyoshi replacing the
more moderate cabinet of Wakatsuki Reijiro, and in response to this event, Chang Hsüeh-liang was ordered to pursue an
unpopular policy of nonresistance. Originally planned by Seishiro Itagaki and Kanji Ishiwara, this event occurred on September
18th when Suemori Komoto placed ► explosives at Liutiaokuo, and caused the United States to issue the Stimson Doctrine.
Immediately after this event, the Kwantung Army invaded Manchuria. FTP, name this 1931 incident between Japan and China,
where a bomb destroyed part of a railroad near Shenyang.
ANSWER: Mukden Incident [accept Manchurian Incident, September 18 Incident, or Liutiaokuo Incident before mentioned]

6. Early rulers of this polity included King Uran the Last and Queen Yaruga. A later king, Alfin, was killed in a plane
crash, resulting in the ascension of Queen Blenda. Another of its rulers, Thurgis the Third, facilitated his trysts with Iris
Acht by constructing a secret passage to this country's Royal Theater. A more recent ruler of this country married Disa,
Duchess of Payn, and escaped through the Rippleson Caves after learning of a plot devised by the Shadows. Its seat of power
is Onhava Palace, and notable people from this country include Sudarg of Bokay and Conmal, who translated the works of
Shakespeare into its native language. Its final king fled to New Wye to teach at Wordsmith College, only to be tracked down by the
assassin ► Jakob Gradus. FTP, name this "distant northern land," the fictional country of which Charles Kinbote believes himself
to be the exiled king in Pale Fire.
ANSWER: Zembla (4)
7. The thromboxane A2 synthase is the only member of type 5 of this family of proteins, though it lacks their most
distinctive function, where as isoform 24A1 these proteins aids in the degradation of vitamin D3. The nuclear pregnane X
receptor is known to regulate it, while drosophila strains resistant to DDT overexpress type 6g of these proteins. Some
members of this family of proteins catalyze the rate limiting step in the biosynthesis of steroids and prostaglandins, while
some others help rid the body of toxins by hydroxylating them at the heme cofactor found at their active sites and are the sites of
drug metabolism. For fifteen points, identify this large family of monooxygenase proteins so named for their characteristic
absorbance peak, and are found in large quantities in the smooth ER of the liver.
ANSWER: cytochrome p450 monooxygenase [or CYP450 or just CYP] (4)

8. The background of this work's first scene features a cat tied to two bladders being thrown out a window. The second
scene depicts four fat barristers trapped in a fallen carriage, whose driver is in the midst of beating a horse. The central
figure of this work is pictured inserting an arrow into a dog’s rectum in the first scene, and is grabbed by men carrying
pitchforks after murdering his pregnant lover Ann Gill in its third scene. Its final scene depicts “the reward of” the title trait, and
portrays the central figure’s dead body being dissected by surgeons. Focusing on Tom Nero, who progresses from brutality to
animals to outright murder, for fifteen points, identify this series of engravings by William Hogarth.
ANSWER: The Four Stages of Cruelty (6)

9. This author asked "when he hath the kernel eat, / Who doth not fling away the shell?" in his poem "Community." In
another poem, this author lamented bringing "The spider Love, which transubstantiates all, / And can convert manna to
gall" to “Twickenham Garden.” He wrote "when thou from this world wilt go, / The whole world vapours with thy breath"
in a poem comparing his lover's fever to the fire that will destroy the world, and asserted "Since thou and I sigh one another's
breath, / Whoe'er sighs most is cruellest, and hastes the other's death" in a poem comparing his tears to coins minted by his lover's
face. His elegies include "The Bracelet" and "To His Mistress Going to Bed," and he wondered "by my troth, what thou and I Did,
till we loved? were we not wean'd till then?" in "The ► Good-Morrow." FTP, name this author whose collected Songs and Sonnets
include "The Bait," "The Relic," "The Flea," and "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning."
ANSWER: John Donne (1)

10. According to hagiographic traditions, his prodigious intellect was made known to the nagas, who passed to him the
radical Perfection of Wisdom texts. In his analysis of the water-jug, he separated reality into the concepts of svabhava or
ultimate essence, and samvrtisat or conventional, in order to explain the realization of anatman or “no-self” in attaining
nirvana. His presentation of philosophical argument took the form of stotras or hymns to the Buddha adopting a highly
paradoxical form, a style that would be adopted by his successors. The founder of the Madhyamaka School, his systematization of
sunyata or emptiness is found in his attributed work The Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way. Sometimes known as “the
second Buddha,” FTP, name this first ► Mahayana philosopher in India.
ANSWER: Nagarjuna (4)

11. In one painting by this name, the central figure is naked except for a billowing, S-shaped red cloth, and stares at a
figure sleeping with her left elbow resting on her right thigh. That painting by Luca Giordano was inspired by an earlier
work with this name, which was commissioned for the Alabaster Room by Alfonso d’Este. In the lower left corner of this
painting, the artist’s name is inscribed on a gold urn, while its upper right features eight stars shaped like a crown. The foreground
features a man with snakes wound around his body and a satyr, as well as two ► cheetahs pulling a chariot, which the first title
character is leaping from. Set on the island of Naxos, FTP, name this painting by Titian of the first meeting between the daughter
of Minos and the Roman god of wine.
ANSWER: Bacchus and Ariadne (1)

12. The father of one of the main characters of this show lost one of his eyes when it was fired as the Shot Heard Round the
World at the Battle of Lexington. The female lead on this show attracts the attention of Glurge after getting braces, while in
another episode a main character is "flashed" and has to remove his picture from all of the newspapers. The viewfinder is
used to investigate the efficacy of the assignments performed by the students on this show, while Jim Belushi plays Simon, a
human intent on capturing another character capable of greatly increasing his size. The headmaster of the academy on this show,
who is assisted by Snorch and Zimbo, ► wears bright red high heels on each of his four feet and is named The Gromble. One of
the main characters holds his eyes in his hands, while another sort of looks like a candy cane with big lips. Starring Krumm, Oblina
and Ickis, FTP, name this Nicktoon where those characters usually have to scare people.
ANSWER: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (2)

13. An intermediate step in this reaction sees the formation of a carbene group from an alkyl halide. One of its namesakes
also created a mechanism for synthesizing ketones and aldehydes with Choung Un Kim and an olefin synthesis with Ronald
Winter. Although it does not involve an aryl ketone, it does produce the same result as the Fritsch-Buttenberg-Wiechell
rearrangement and the Seyferth-Gilbert homologation. Like in the Wittig reaction, a dibromoalkene is formed via a ► ylide
intermediate in one step, and its penultimate step sees the formation of an alkynyl-lithium from a dibromoalkene .FTP, this method
of creating terminal alkynes from aldehydes, named for an American and a German.
ANSWER: Corey-Fuchs Reaction (4)
14. One character in this play asks for a woman with a "clever breast" because he believes that no woman has a brain.
Another character pretends to be her twin sister Dicea in order to fool the dimwitted slave Sceledrus. In the fourth act,
Milphidippa tells the protagonist that Acroteleutium is dying of love for him, causing the protagonist to hasten to the house of
his neighbor, the elderly Periplectomenus. That character had earlier plotted with Palaestrio to allow Pleusicles to escape with
Philocomasium, who is being kept against her will in the house of the title character. In the first scene, the parasite Artotrogus
praises the incredible military deeds of the protagonist, the vain Pyrgopolynices. FTP, name this play by ► Plautus about a
braggart soldier.
ANSWER: Miles Gloriosus [accept The Braggart Soldier or The Braggart Warrior or The Boastful Soldier or The Boastful
Warrior until “braggart soldier”] (5)

15. Landmarks in this county include the Pelisor Palace, constructed by Karel Liman, and the Pelesh Castle, built in the
style of Ludwig II by Wilhelm von Doderer. The Hunedoara Castle is a popular destination, and the Sarbi Susani is a
wooden church named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in this country. The Horezu Monastery in this country is
considered a masterpiece of the Brancovenesque style, and the towns of Rasnov and Bran are also famous for their castles. The
Andesite sundial is a noted feature of the fortifications at ► Sarmizegetusa, and cities like Sighisoara and Brashov feature Gothic
monuments from prominent Saxon communities in Transylvania. FTP, name this country whose Palace of Parliament built by
Ceaucescu in Bucharest was an attempt to build the world's largest building.
ANSWER: Romania (1)

16. This document condemned the subordination of the legislative and judicial powers to the executive, and argued that a
certain nation had been offered peace full of shame in exchange for tyranny. After this document was published, police
killed Carmen and Aquiles Serdan. Originally drafted by Federico González Garza, Roque Estrada, Juan Sánchez Azcona,
and Enrique Bordas Mangel, it attacked the choice of Ramon Corral as a successor, and was partially inspired by a raid on
its author's newspaper El Anti-Reelectionista. First issued during its author's exile in San Antonio, it called for an uprising on
November 20th, and proclaimed the nullification of a fraudulent election won by Porfirio Diaz. FTP, name this 1910 plan issued by
► Francisco Madero, which marked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.
ANSWER: Plan of San Luis Potosi (5)

17. This society was socially dominated by figures known as machtierns. (mack-tearns) Early leaders of this polity included
Salomon, Nominoe, and Erispoe, who defeated King Charles the Bald. The marriage of Conan IV's daughter allowed one
king to rule over it until the ascension of Geoffroi. One notable event in this region, the Arret de Conflans, saw Jeanne de
Penthievre displaced in favor of direct rule from Philip VI. The death of Charles of Blois caused a period of difficulties in this
region, and this state flourished under Dreux leaders such as Jean ► IV and Jean V. Arthur, Geoffroi's son, was famously killed by
King John, and Anne of this region married Charles VIII and Louis XI, which led to the 1532 incorporation of this duchy into
France. FTP, name this region which included such cities as Vannes, Brest, and Quimper, a peninsular region of northwestern
ANSWER: Brittany or Bretagne (2)

18. This figure's main antagonist was the subject of a lost play by Sophocles, and Chaucer wrote about this character in
between the stories of Arachne and Phyllis in The Legend of Good Women. In book six of Metamorphoses, Ovid states that
this character's antagonist called up viperous sisters from the Stygian pit after learning of his son's death. According to
Apollodorus, this sister of Butes and Erechtheus was the daughter of Pandion and Zeuxippe. This woman's sister killed
Itys, cooked him into a pie, and fed him to his father after this woman wove a tapestry depicting the crime against her. After Tereus
raped this sister of Procne and cut out her tongue, she was turned into a ► bird whose song Milton used to represent melancholy in
"Il Penseroso." FTP, name this woman from Greek myth who was turned into a nightingale.
ANSWER: Philomela (3)

19. This author's late works include a monograph about male domination and Pascalian Meditations, and he argued that
life is composed of overlapping but autonomous "fields." He redefined Husserl's concept of "doxa" as the beliefs a society
takes for granted, and posited that individuals are shaped by a set of dispositions he termed a "habitus" in Outline of a
Theory of Practice. This author of On Television theorized that social status is determined by the axes of economic capital,
social capital, and cultural capital, and argued that differences in taste are used to legitimize social differences in his major
work, which is subtitled "a social critique of the judgment of taste." For twenty points, name this contemporary French
sociologist, the author of Distinction.
ANSWER: Pierre Bourdieu (6)

20. This effect was experimentally verified by Carver and Schlicter using electron-saturated samples of lithium, and one
recently developed protocol that uses it is the DPFGSE experiment. The steady-state enhancement of this effect is derived
by setting the ratio of bulk magnetization equal to the ratio of two gyromagnetic ratios, and for a short peptide, it must be
measured in the rotational frame rather than the laboratory frame. Commonly used for protein domain structure determination, it is
the basis of the ROESY and NOESY ► variations of NMR. FTP, name this effect, the transfer of spin polarization from one
population to another via relaxation, named for an American physicist.
ANSWER: Nuclear Overhauser Effect (4)
21. This author condemned nihilism in his novels No Way Out and At Daggers Drawn. In one of his short stories, Tsar
Alexander I attempts to outdo England by ordering the title character to create a mechanical flea. In another, the monk
Ivan Sever'ianovich Fliagin tells passengers on a boat about being captured and crippled by Tartars on his pilgrimage. In
addition to "Levsha" and "The Enchanted Wanderer," this author wrote a novella about a woman whose passionate affair with
Sergei causes her to kill her nephew Fedia and her husband Zinovii, which was adapted into an opera by Shostakovich. FTP, name
this 19th century Russian author of ► "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District."
ANSWER: Nikolai Leskov (4)

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