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									             The Speakers                                The Venue
   Peter Bennett works for the National Counter         The Windmill Village Hotel,
    Terrorism Security Office                            Allesley, Coventry CV5 9AL
                                                         Tel: 024 76 40 40 40
   Andy Macquiban is the Chemical Safety Adviser
    at the University of Bristol.              

   Pete Jewell is the Safety Coordinator,               Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
    Department of Biology & Biochemistry,                is available at the Windmill Village Hotel
    University Radiation Protection Officer and          at a cost of £95. Delegates should make their
    Microbiological Protection Adviser at the
                                                         reservations direct with the hotel.
                                                                                                                       Managing the Nasties
    University of Bath
                                                                                                         17 November 2010
   Andrew Northrop works for the Medical                Final details will be forwarded on receipt of   The symposium will interest those of us who have to
    Research Council                                     payment. Refunds cannot be made for non-        manage hazardous agents (chemical, biological and
                                                         attendance or cancellations if received after   radiochemical), some of interest to terrorists and other
   Peter Thomas works for the Department of
                                                          Friday 5th November 2010.                      criminals, or give advice to colleagues handling them
    Animal Health, Mia Carbon, DEFRA
                                                                                                         legitimately to help ensure they are kept secure and
   Paul Jackett is a regional safety Coordinator with   Please inform the organiser of any special      handled safely, without imposing draconian management
    the Medical Research Council                         dietary or access needs on application.         measures.

   Anton dePaiva is the Deputy Director of Safety       Symposium Organiser 17 November                          What's new in Biotransport,
    and BioRisk Manager at Imperial College
                                                         David Heath                                               zoonoses and other issues
   Lorraine Metcalf & John Newbold work for the         Tel : 01628 63 45 23
    HSE                                                  E.mail                 18 November 2010
                                                                                                         This one day symposium will provide delegates with
   Janice Carter is the Technical Manager,              Symposium Organiser 18 November                 recent information for biotransport issues, where are we
    Biomedical Resources,, Aldenbrookes Hospital,                                                        on the Single Regulatory Framework and the ISTR
                                                         Dr Arthur Mitchell
                                                                                                         accreditation scheme. Zoonotic issues looks at what it is
                                                                                                         and how it may affect you.
   Dr David Langley is at the University of             Tel: 0131 650 3284                              The Symposium will interest BSOs and managers
    Cambridge                                            E                    responsible for staff handling animal and insects capable
                                                                                                         of transferring harmful zoonotic agents.
   Martin Vinnell is Director Health and Safety,
    University of Cambridge
                                                                                                         ISTR extends a cordial invitation to
                                                                                                         non-members to attend these symposia.
17th November – Managing the Nasties                              18th November – Biotransport, Zoonoses                  Application Form
                                                                                      and other issues                   Return to:David Heath
09.15- 10.00      Registration & Coffee                                                                                  1 Havelock Crescent
                                                                  09.15- 09.45     Registration & Coffee                 MAIDENHEAD SL6 5BL
10.00             Chairman’s welcome                                                                           
                                                                  09.45   Chairmans welcome                                Name and Title
10.10             Project Revise Expectations
                  Peter Bennett NaCTSO                            10.00   Import of Animal Products for research
                                                                           purposes including future developments         Address
11.00             Coffee                                                   Peter Thomas – Department of Animal Health,
11.30             Impact of Project Revise on Research                     Mia Carbon, DEFRA
                  and Teaching - Andy Macquiban,                  11.00   Coffee
                  University of Bristol                                                                                   Telephone

                                                                  11.30   The ISTR accreditation scheme                   e-mail
11.50             Vetting of Staff – Michael Stephens,                    “Where are we now”
                  MRC                                                     Paul Jackett – Medical Research Council
                                                                                                                          17th November          Member £130
12.30             Lunch                                                   Anton dePaiva – Imperial College
                                                                                                                                                 Non Member £150
14-00             Disinfection database- Dr Hans De Soet          12.00   Update on the Single Regulatory Framework
                                                                          Lorraine Metcalf – HSE                          18th November          Member £130
                  University of Amsterdam
                                                                          John Newbold – HSE                                                     Non Member £150
14.30             A User Guide for Control –
                  Pete Jewell, University of Bath                 12.45   Lunch                                           Discount of £10 if booking is received by 15th October
                                                                                                                          Payment can be made by:

15.15             A Management System for Drugs                   14.00   The Bugs are in the Post                        BACS payable to ‘ISTR’ at HSBC account no
                  Andrew Northrop, MRC                                    Janice Carter - Aldenbrookes Hospital,          21519565 sort code 40-31-30
                                                                                                                          cheque made payable to ‘Institute of Safety in
15.45-16.00       Round up session followed by tea                                                                        Technology & Research’
                                                                  14.45   The GM Tale/Tail of Zoonotic Disease
Project Revise is a joint initiative between counter-terrorism            Dr David Langley – University of Cambridge
security advisors and universities and similar research                                                                   I require an invoice
institutions. Its aim is to identify and encourage the            15.30   Flowers in a Jiffy Bag - Martin Vinnell
implementation of policies, procedures and appropriate                                                                   (The Institute is not VAT registered)
                                                                  15.50-16.00      Closing remarks
security measures to reduce the unauthorised accessibility to
hazardous materials (and, in turn, reduce the overall threat of                                                           I would like to receive details if future ISTR
terrorism).                                                                                                               events

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