GREENLAND PASSAGE (1996) LIMITED
                                   MINUTES OF MEETING

Minutes of board meeting held on Thursday 17th April 2008 at 7:30pm at the Moby Dick public house,
6 Russell Place, Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe SE16 7PL

Present                         Bob Muid – Chairman (BM)
                                John O’Kelly – Director (JOK)
                                Jon Phillips – Director (JP)
                                Dominic Roberts – Director (DR)
                                Manager – Rendall & Rittner Limited (SVH)

Apologies for Absence           Steve Comben (SC)
                                Jeremy Elliot (JE)
                                Marcie Battersby (MB)
                                Sally Manderson (SM)

1.   Introduction
     BM opened the meeting and SVH noted the apologies as listed above. BM took the chair for the

2.   Previous minutes and matters arising
     The previous minutes of the meeting held on the 27th February 2008, were considered and

3.   Matters arising
     The progress with regard to the Intercom System was discussed. SVH explained that the order
     had been placed with Interphone Security Group Limited and that they were now pulling together
     their suppliers.

     A general discussion on Security took place – SVH mentioned to the board that Acre Lifts had
     attended site to carry out a repair to the KFT lifts and that their van had been broken into, with all
     the tools stolen. The board recommended that Acre be allowed to utilise the car parks – through
     Tony Sell, when they attend to carry out any works.

     SVH confirmed that the letters regarding the Princes Court gardens had been sent to the
     leaseholders in breach and that he expected the respective leaseholders to be in contact shortly. BM
     suggested Seamus the gardener be asked if he would be interested and able to carry out the
     clearance work – should no action be taken by the leaseholders. SVH to action.

                                                                                       SVH to ACTION
4.   Management Report – SVH talked through the previously circulated management report – a copy
     of which is attached to these minutes.
                                                                            SVH to ACTION

5.   Service Charges – SVH explained that 3 accounts were being looked into for errors of calculation.
     These accounts would be resolved as soon as possible.
                                                                                SVH to ACTION

6.   Operational Matters

           Roof Leaking above 25 QDC
            JOK and SVH explained to the board members that they had carried out an inspection of the
            roof areas above and around 25 QDC. It was apparent that a section above the block
            containing 25 QDC had water ingress into the lift shaft at random times. A section of
            asphalt covering required repair. Additionally photographs were taken along the main front
            gulley, to record the condition. SVH was instructed to arrange for the repair to the leak
            above 25 QDC. JOK advised the in due course, a similar inspection of the roofs of Princes
            Court would be carried out.

                                                                             ACTION SVH / JOK

           Lift Phone Doors – Quotation (PC & QDC)
            JOK and SVH had met with a lift engineer from Acre Lifts – and a panel removed from the
            lift car for inspection. The old telephone boxes were still in place and the phone lines
            located within these boxes – however the covering panel needed to be cut out to allow a
            metal plate to be fitted on the front of telephone boxes. SVH was requested to obtain 2
            quotes for the works required on a per lift basis.
                                                                                      ACTION SVH

           Royal Court External Decorations
            SVH opened by explaining that a meeting had taken place with McKillopsmith at the offices
            of R&R. In attendance were Dominic Roberts (RC), Mr. Juncher (RC) & SVH. Following
            discussions, John McKillopsmith agreed to come back to Greenland Passage (1996) Ltd
            with a revised fee proposal. Unfortunately it was not possible to judge the way in which
            McKillopsmith would come back. SVH requested to monitor / chase the response.

                                                                                   ACTION SVH
           Princes Court – Garden Encroachment
            SVH confirmed that the letters, with lease plan extracts and photographs of the Princes
            Court garden areas from original development materials – had been sent. Board Members
            were pleased with this and SVH agreed to summarise the responses received at the next
            meeting / via email to the board.
                                                                                   ACTION SVH

           Lift Telephones – KFT
            SVH confirmed that the phones were now fitted and functional within the KFT lift cars.
            Additionally he advised that the ceilings of the lift were due to be replaced with Perspex
            coverings (as apposed to the existing plastic grills). SVH to follow up.
                                                                                      ACTION SVH
7.   Other Items requiring attention

        Greenland Passage Sign
         BM explained that he had not been able to speak to Des Curran regarding the design of a new
         sign to replace the old one. In the meantime, it was agreed that the old lighting frame and bolts
         should be removed – and then disposed of.
                                                                                       ACTION SVH/BM

8.   Any Other Business

        Freehold Purchase Update
         SVH presented the quotation received from Maunder Taylor Surveyors in the sum of £4000 +
         VAT to carry out the valuation and any additional time, such as LVT hearings would be
         charged at £280 + VAT per hour for Bruce Maunder Taylor. The earlier quotation received
         from Peter Tobin of Strettons Surveyors was for £4500 + VAT, including any time required for
         additional work. After discussion it was agreed that the valuation needed to be carried out but to
         assist with the decision making process Duncan Rendall’s opinion on preferred contractor
         should be sought. SVH was requested to speak to Duncan Rendall and then report back to the
         board for further instructions.
                                                                                     ACTION SVH

         SVH presented the freehold purchase calculation sheet to the board members and ran through
         how it worked. Board members were pleased with this document and would work through it in
         their own time. However it was a useful tool. SVH was requested to forward the electronic
         version of the document to all board members following the meeting.
                                                                                  ACTION SVH

        Weekly R&R Site Inspections
         SVH confirmed weekly site inspections were occurring on Friday mornings each week with
         Tony Sell.

        KFT Door Replacement Works
         SVH confirmed that the door had been replaced successfully at KFT. JOK and SVH had
         inspected the door and had agreed a number of minor alterations were required. To include a
         hand protector for the frame, to prevent injury. It had been possible to fit the door to open
         outwards, as requested by a number of the residents.
                                                                                        ACTION SVH

        Service Charge Demand Problems
         A handful of service charge problems remained and SVH advised that corrective action was
         being taken by the accounts team at R&R. SVH expected the corrections to be completed within
         the next 10 – 14 days.
                                                                                 ACTION SVH

        Tony Sell – Onsite Caretaker
         SVH was requested to ensure Tony Sell carries out the following items;
         1) Install higher wattage energy saving bulbs within the lower ground floor hallway of KFT
            (within the up lighters).
         2) Consideration be given to alternative light fittings – perhaps glass to allow more light out of
            the fitting.
    3) Speak to the residents within KFT – regarding dumped / stored items within the parking
    4) Continue to place pressure on the cleaners to improve the standard.
                                                                            ACTION SVH

   Communal Hallways, Matting & Marble Repairs (where required)
    SVH was requested to carry out a thorough survey of all hallways, to document the places
    where marble repairs are required. The board members can then inspect these areas and
    consider whether or not to engage a specialist marble repair firm or take an alternative
    approach. SVH advised that he had received a quote from a company called Marble Shine, a
    firm that he had used in the past. They quoted an hourly rate of £37 + VAT, including materials
    to carry out the repairs. However BM expressed that he would like to see a fixed price based on
    the actual work required.
                                                                                ACTION SVH

   Cleaning Standards Around the Development
    SVH confirmed that the cleaning standards around the development were significantly
    improved. In particular KFT had vastly improved and residents were commenting to that effect.
    The outstanding cleaning of the white air vents within the common part hallways was due to be
    carried out ASAP. Following this special cleaning of the floors will follow. All members were
    pleased to hear of an improvement.
                                                                                ACTION SVH

   Redecorations – Royal Court
    DR explained that they were ready to proceed with the works – as soon as the weather allows
    them too. All leaseholders within Royal Court were in agreement with the proposed works,
    contractor and basis for payment. SVH advised that he would arrange to meet with the
    contractor ‘Bondergaard’ and complete the necessary contract paperwork.
                                                                              ACTION SVH

   Car Park Lighting
    BM presented a quotation he had received from W Portsmouth & Co Ltd for £15,132 + VAT –
    for the installation of new additional light fittings and movement sensors within the 3 car parks.
    This was more expensive than S A Croft (£7715 + VAT) and KM Services Ltd (£12887 +
    VAT). It was therefore agreed to run with the S A Croft quotation. JOK requested a plan of the
    lighting location points be sent to him for approval before instructing the contractors.

                                                                                ACTION SVH

   Window Frames
    It was confirmed by SVH that under the terms of the lease, leaseholders are responsible for the
    windows, window frames, glass panes & mechanisms too. The management company is
    responsible for the structure of the building including the water proof coverings of the building

   Gardening Committee
    Andrew Manson of Bespoke Gardens had met with the committee members and provided a
    quote for the reshaping of the gardens as follows; £3,300 for design fee + £28,000 for the cost
    of the works required. (Forming of banks and planting up). JOK had however found plans of the
    drainage system built into the gardens and recommended that this be looked into further – as it
       may be possible to use drainage water off of the system to water the grass area. JOK agreed to
       investigate and carry out the ‘first hit’ of the investigational work required.

      53/54 QDC
       It was noted that contractors were required back to correct the work carried out to the large roof
       terrace of 53 QDC. SVH to speak to the contractors accordingly.

                                                                                   ACTION SVH

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.45pm

Date of next meeting; 1 Month’s time
- Thursday 5th June 2008 at Moby Dick Public House – Start 7.30pm

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