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									Supplier Introduction &
       Eric Jacklin: F.M. Callahan & Son, Inc.
Supplier Support Committee Leadership Team Chair

       Stephane Chaumeil: Galion – UITS
  Supplier Support Committee Leadership Team

                01 March 2011
      Purpose of this Session
• Provide some background on

• Show you where to find the
  information and tools to successfully
  prepare for your Nadcap audit

• Introduce you to key individuals who can help you
  understand the Nadcap accreditation process

         Introduce Yourself

Your Name

Company Name

 What special process/es
  will be audited

Introducing the Supplier Support Committee
          (SSC) Mission Statement

   Our goal is to represent the
   supplier community and work with
   the Nadcap Management Council
   to enhance the effectiveness and
   economical value of the Nadcap
   system for the mutual benefit of
   suppliers and subscribers.

     Some SSC Achievements
• Supplier Survey every two years
                                        Want to get
• Flowdown templates                    involved?

                                    Talk to any SSC
• Increased Supplier Voting in      member at this
  Task Group ballots                    meeting

• Mentoring program for new suppliers

Where does the SSC fit in Nadcap?
Industry Representatives

                                          PRI Board of Directors          Financial

                                      Nadcap Management Council               Nadcap program

                                  Task Groups                  Supplier Support Committee
                           • Technical experts                    • Non-technical group
                           • Determine requirements               • Work on systemic issues
                           • Final decision on accreditation

Structure of the SSC Leadership Team
                                        Eric Jacklin
                                        F.M. Callahan & Son

                     Vice Chair         Position Vacant

          Americas                              Europe
   Lloyd Barker                            Stephane Chaumeil
                     David Michaud
   Alcoa                                   Galion UITS
                     Fountain Plating

   Suzanna                                  Paul Evans
                      Dave Jones            JFIMS
   DeMoss             Nex-Tech
   ACT                Processing
   Sarah Fuqua                              Yoshiomi Sukesada
   Kearfott Corp                            Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo
   (Secretary)                  7
SSC Task Group Reps

 AQS                        Heat Treating       Sealants
 Mark Brown                 Jon Steltenpohl     Suzanna DeMoss
 Braddock Metallurgical     Paulo Products      ACT

 Chemical Processing        Materials Testing   Surface Enhancement
 David Michaud              Corwyn Berger       David Jones
 Fountain Plating           Exova               Nex-Tech Processing

 Coatings                   NDT                 Welding
 Dale Harmon                Gary White          Mike Schleckman
 Cincinnati Thermal Spray   Orbit Industries    Voss Industries

 Composites                 Non-conventional
 Miguel Gerdel              Machining
 Thermal Structures         Rick Scott
                            Rich Technology

I.    Introducing Nadcap
II.   Why Nadcap?
III. How do I get started?
IV. Audit Preparation Tips
V.    The End of the Audit
VI. What Now?

    Nadcap Definition

    The leading, worldwide
cooperative program of major
companies designed to manage a
cost effective consensus approach
to special processes and products
and provide continual improvement
within the aerospace industry.

Activity is Governed by Procedures
    Quality policy describing              AS7003             Aerospace Standard which
    the quality system of the                                documents the requirements
          organization.                                        for implementing Nadcap
                                                              industry consensus-based
                                        Quality Manual          accreditation programs.

 Scope and general                                                Specific
operating procedures                                           procedures by
  for each specific     NOP (Nadcap Operating Procedure)
                                                               which Nadcap
 Nadcap commodity                                                operates.
                   NTGOP (Nadcap Task Group Operating Procedure)

                                                                     Specific procedures
                                NIP (Nadcap Internal Procedure)        by which PRI /
                                                                        Nadcap Staff
        Roles and
   responsibilities for
 Nadcap Auditors, and                 Auditor Handbook
clarifications to facilitate
  and standardize the
      audit process.                          11
Every Step is Managed by Industry
                             Audit Checklist

                                                Qualification &

                        Industry experts
                       manage all key steps

        Corrective Actions
                                               Audits Conducted
          as Required

                               Audit Results

Nadcap has a wide reach

I.    Introducing Nadcap
II.   Why Nadcap?
III. How do I get started?
IV. Audit Preparation Tips
V.    The End of the Audit
VI. What Now?

             Why Nadcap?

• The Customer Perspective
  – Achieve greater consistency across
    the supply chain and throughout
    the industry

                   Nadcap Members                  Triumph Group Inc.
                                              Parker Aerospace Group
SAFRAN Group Sikorsky Aircraft Volvo Aero
 AIRBUS     Rolls-Royce plc Honeywell Aerospace M7 Aero Space LP
 Ball Aerospace    BAE Systems (USA)   DCMA         Air Force, WPAFB
Pratt & Whitney    AgustaWestland   Hamilton Sundstrand Latecoere
                                        Israel Aerospace Industries
Hawker Beechcraft Raytheon Company
  EADS Astrium                           Thales Rockwell Collins
 EADS Premium AEROTEC                               Eurocopter
  The Boeing Company                             EADS Defense &
 Liebherr-Aerospace SAS       Lockheed Martin        Securities
  Rolls-Royce Corporation EADS Airbus Military    Heroux Devtek
AVIO S.p.A    GE Aviation GSA       309th Maintenance Wing- Hill AFB
 Goodrich Corporation      General Dynamics Corporation
    Bell Helicopter     BAE SYSTEMS Military Air     MTU Aero Engines
 Alenia Aeronautica SpA     Solutions (MAS)      Spirit AeroSystems
   Textron Systems     Cessna Aircraft Company United Space Alliance
   EADS Aerolia       Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems
            Why Nadcap?
• The Supplier Perspective

  – Because my customer said so!

           The Real Reason
• Quality improvements
 An increasing percentage
 of Nadcap accredited
 companies report quality
 improvement in the
 area(s) related to their
 Nadcap accreditation(s)

I.    Introducing Nadcap
II.   Why Nadcap?
III. How do I get started?
IV. Audit Preparation Tips
V.    The End of the Audit
VI. What Now?

Obtain and Read the Primary Documents
                   Checklist      You will be audited
                   AC7XXX         using this checklist:
                 Audit Criteria   get it from eAuditNet
                  Job Audits
   Standards &
                                         Audit Handbook

                      Clarifies the checklist & customer
                    requirements: get it from eAuditNet

Understand the Whole Process
        Supplier Action                           PRI Staff Action
    1                       2                 3                      4

                          Request         PRI Audit             Auditor
                           Audit          Scheduled            Assigned

                                     7                6

9                            8                                           5

                      Task Group               PRI
Issue Cert                                 Technical
                          Approval                              Completed
                                          Staff Review

                   Subscriber Action

             Schedule the Audit
1. Complete a preliminary
   questionnaire and return it to
   PRI Scheduling Staff

2. PRI Scheduling Staff will send
   you a quote for the audit cost
   and duration

3. Schedule the audit using eAuditNet (and help from PRI
   Scheduling if needed) for a time that suits you (and meets
   your customer’s expectations)

                Do Some Research
             Go to

1. Register as a new user (limited access)
2. Contact PRI for full access (email
    Important! Audit Scheduling
• Schedule the audit when you are
  processing real parts from an
  aerospace customer

• The auditor wants to see job audits (a
  step-by-step review of all processing
  on actual hardware to evaluate how
  you meet customer requirements)

• Tell PRI in advance if you will not
  have real parts for the Nadcap audit

I.    Why Nadcap?
II.   How do I get started?
III. Audit Preparation Tips
IV. The End of the Audit
V.    What Now?

Read the Procedures

• NIP 7-02 Audit Process              Why does this matter?

• NIP 7-04 Post-Audit Process        The procedures provide
                                     guidance on key aspects
• NIP 7-07 Export Controlled         of the process including:
           Materials & Information   - Response timeframes
                                     - How to reduce audit
• NOP-008 Supplier Merit Program       frequency from 12 to 24
• NOP-011 Audit Failure Process      - How NOT to fail the
                                       audit and what happens
                                       if you do

Understand the NCR Classifications
 Major Nonconformance:
 The absence of, or systemic breakdown of, the Process
  Control and/or Quality Management System OR
 Any non-conformance where the effect impacts or has the
  potential to impact the integrity of the product

 Minor Nonconformance:
 Any single system failure or lapse in conformance with the
  applicable standard or audit criteria

Check your Quality System Approval
Nadcap recognizes:

• AS / EN / JISQ 9100 and AS9003
   – From a registrar listed in the
     IAQG OASIS database
   – Substitute: AC7004

• ISO / IEC 17025
   – For testing laboratories
   – From a NACLA/ILAC approved accreditation body
   – Substitute: AC7006

Evidence your Quality System Approval
 For initial audits:
 • Provide a copy to PRI Scheduling when
   you schedule your Nadcap audit
 • If you don’t have this, AC7004 / AC7006
   will be added to the scope

 For reaccreditation audits
 • Provide a copy up to 60 days after the audit end date OR
 • Schedule AC7004 / AC7006 at least 90 days before the
   audit start date (if you know you won’t comply with option 1)

            Perform a Self Audit!
Use the Nadcap checklist
• Be strict with yourself

• For each question, record:

   – Where in your system you
     meet the requirement

   – Where you have objective
     evidence of compliance

   Use the Self Audit Results to
    Improve Your Operations
 If you cannot list where in your
  system you have documentation
  and what you will show the auditor
  – the answer is No!

 Fix all “No”’s with Root Cause
  Corrective Action before the
  Nadcap auditor arrives

I.    Why Nadcap?
II.   How do I get started?
III. Audit Preparation Tips
IV. The End of the Audit
V.    What Now?

         At the End of the Audit
 Meet the auditor to review the report
  including any non-conformances
 Ensure all NCRs are understood:
  this is what you are responding to. If
  it’s not clear to you, will the Staff
  Engineer / Task Group understand?              Meet with
                                                the auditor
 Invite the right people including          each day for a
  top management                           review so there are
                                               no surprises
 Raise any issues or problems

         After the Auditor Leaves
 Provide feedback about the audit on eAuditNet

 Appeal an NCR, Staff Engineer decision or
  Task Group decision if you are not happy
   – Contact the Staff Engineer for information

 Contact PRI Management if you’re not satisfied
  Scott Klavon
  Nadcap program and Aerospace Operations

Respond to All Non-Conformances
Provide the following in your answer:

• Immediate Corrective Action Taken (Containment)
• Root Cause of Nonconformance
• Impact of all Identified Causes and the Root Cause
• Action Taken to Prevent Recurrence
• Objective Evidence Attached

         Response Due Dates
Initial responses:         21 calendar days
Subsequent responses:      7 calendar days

Important note: This is the time to respond
to the NCRs, not necessarily to fix them.

No extensions can be granted BUT

30 extra days are allocated in case more time is needed.

Be aware: using extra days may affect merit and using
more than 30 extra days may result in audit failure.

  Need More Help with RCCA?
A link to Response Requirements
is on the page with the NCR
Root Cause Corrective Action
training class
Free whitepaper called
Root Cause Corrective Action –
Nadcap Style (in the News section)

I.    Why Nadcap?
II.   How do I get started?
III. Audit Preparation Tips
IV. The End of the Audit
V.    What Now?

     Remember the Key Points
• Do your research

• Be prepared

• Perform a self-audit

• Understand Root Cause
  Corrective Action

• Ask for help if you need it!

                Make Contact
• PRI Scheduling Staff          To arrange your audit

• Nadcap Staff Engineers        For guidance on checklist

• Supplier Support Committee    To get involved, request a
                                mentor etc

• eQuaLearn                     For training on RCCA etc

                  Go Online
•        PRI company website

•          Nadcap audit specific

•          PRI training opportunities

       Any Questions?

Thank you for your
Please ask questions
and give feedback on            To receive a
                               copy of this
this tutorial.             presentation, email


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