Case #2 � Technology Commercialisation by Ax2YAZF


									               Case #2 – Technology Commercialisation
Client Profile: Our client has been a major supplier of metallurgical smelting
technology into the global mining and metals industries for over 25 years. Its
unique technology has been adopted by major mining and metals operations in
Asia (Japan, Korea, China, India); South America (Peru,), Africa (South Africa,
Zambia) and Australia.

Client Issue: The project engineering nature of the client’s business results
involves winning multi-year contracts on an irregular, difficult to predict basis
making cashflow very irregular. The client has a requirement to establish new
business products and services with predictable, regular income streams. One
key initiative proposed is the commercialization of a unique flotation chemical
agent which selectively recovers oxidized metallic minerals previously
unrecoverable. The client required assistance developing and implementing a
commercialization strategy.

Our Approach: Executive Compass worked closely with the key client
executives to identify the range of mineral deposits types and related known
mining operations where the flotation technology would be most effective. A
general approach to sequential trialing from pilot through plant scale was
developed and key success criteria were developed. A number of early
technology adopters among major mining companies were identified and
engaged to support test trials at their major mining operations.

Solution Delivered: Executive Compass provided strong technical and
commercial support resulting in the construction and early implementation of an
effective technology commercialization program. This resulted in very positive
test trial results across a significant number of major mining operations and base
metal ore types in Chile, Peru, South Africa and Australia. Based on this early
encouragement the program was expanded to a broader range of operations with
a defined need to recover oxidized metallic minerals which led to subsequent
important commercial contracts.

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