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					                                                        PROGRAMME ON BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
                                                             SIMULATION FOR FACULTY

                                                Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is organizing a
                                                Mnagement Programme for the benefit of academicians,
   Dev Bhoomi Group Of Institutes               working professionals & students with the help of
            Dehradun                            AIMA. AIMA’s simulation is a software-based game known
                                                as ‘Chanakya.’. It focuses on planning, and decision
                                                making in the area of material sourcing, procurement,
  Cordially Inviting you to attend              inventory control, R&D, marketing and finance. The
                                                software collates participants’ decisions and generates the
         PROGRAMME ON                           results in the form of financial statements, economic data,
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SIMULATION                  business statistics and inventory updates with the cost of
              FOR                               product and average cost of product etc.
                                                The Simulation Programme covers many contemporary
             Academicians                       situations & variables that ensure better & faster learning
  (On 16 Oct & 17 Oct, 2012)                    related to business management.
                                                •To understand Business Strategy and decision making in
                                                context with linking to the course contents to give practical
               Organized by                     exposure to the participants for the following:
                                                       Improving and developing competency in the
 Department of Management Studies ,                    decision-making process & comprehend skills
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology , Dehradun          required for effective & efficient management of
          THE CHIEF PATRON                             Passing through confronting situation emerging in
           Shri Sanjay Bansal                          business issues, challenges of external and internal
            Chairman                                   forces, economic up-downs, unforeseen crisis and
                                                       opportunity to grow business.
                                                       Comparing financial growth of own Company & with
                                                       competitors & develop plans for further growth
                                                  Ultimate focus through Simulation
  •To analyze situation by seeing the effect
  of decisions made by them in each round         •Inculcate the holistic view and vision about
  of play & trying to connect it with the class   business management and convert the Faculty
  room teaching in:                               as versatile teachers to handle theories with
     Sensitizing and making students             practical examples.
     understand the importance of business        Process of Business Simulation
     statistics to strategy formation and         •AIMA uses its proprietary software branded as
     analyze various options to come to the       Chanakya.’ for the Simulation Programme
     consensus as a Team.                         that is conducted by the Expert Games
     Using business information to position      Administrators (Faculty) of AIMA.
     themselves better in the cut throat          •Total number of participants are restricted to
     competition in order to compete in           32 and divided in 8 teams comprising of 4
     national and global economy.                 persons each and each member is given the
•       Understand the importance to operate      option to take the responsibility of :
business with constraints of resources as         •Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
well as unforeseen , unpredictable situations     •Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
and teaching students about:                      •Chief Operations Officer (COO) &
      *.Optimal use of resources                  •Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
        * Inventory management                     A hypothetical case study containing various
         *Costing and pricing of the product.     scenario based on real experience and facts is
         *Launching of product on proper          presented to the participants. They have to
opportunity.                                      take decisions to maximize the winning criteria.
          *Market trendsand its effect            In every round, newer developments are
onbusiness promosion.                             intimated to them such as launching of
           *Quality effect on sale etc.           products, operational constraints, logistics,
                                                  bidding process, price fluctuations, natural
                                                  calamities etc.
•The simulation covers cross functional coordination &
exercising consensus to make commercial & strategic
                                                             •The AIMA faculty facilitates during each round of session
decisions on Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations,
                                                             and bounds participants for discussion among themselves
environment sensitivity etc.
                                                             as-well-as with AIMA faculty.
                                                             •At the end of exercise, participants are encouraged to
Methodology                                                  discuss their business strategy, use of various parameters
                                                             of business and its impact, mistakes made and learning,
•The entire simulation will be conducted virtually through   innovation ideas that emerge during exercise and
AIMA’s software Chanakya.’.                                  ultimately how simulation can be used in discharging their
•The Game Administrator of AIMA will make detailed           functional activities.
presentation on simulation Exercise and briefs the
participants about the rules of the game. The initial        Learning and takeaways
handouts (written contents) comprising information about
industry, product or services along with financial           The participants are able to:
statements, various business ratios, marketing data on       •Experience practical examples in the areas of corporate
pricing, market share, Earning per share, procurement and    governance, ethics and sustainability with business
inventory data etc indicating constraints in which the       growth
industry has to operate (based on real experience), are      •Comprehend operative and strategic decision making
given to the participants.                                   process under constraints of time, resources and
•The participants are given a task to take decision based    information.
on the scenarios set in the contents in each round, which    •Get a comprehensive understanding of the financial
are known as Quarters in financial, commercial and           impact of their thinking, action and execution.
economic terms. The decisions made by the participants       •Understand cross-functional relationships and roles
are fed in the computer.                                     among various management functions leading to
•Each team will receive a Management Report of their         planning, execution and review of business growth
company in each round of game that will have financial       •Build up competitive cutting edge essential in today’s
performance in General Accounting Accepted Principles        business environment.
(GAAP) format, Operational Data and Periodic reports.        •Get exposure to experiment to gallop a company in a
•The team may be able to buy Research Reports                competitive simulated environment without causing
periodically and also buy competitor data to benchmark       damage to a live company.
their performance.
•Find out rationale of their action correlating with   2 Day Program Schedule as under -
finance and economic environment
                                                       Day 1
•Sensitizing themselves about human behaviour
                                                       Session Opening                         09:00 am
while working together                                 Games Presentation (briefing on         09:30 am –
•Appreciate significance of collective participation   Simulation)                             11:30 am
for achieving a common goal.                           Tea break                               11:30   am –
• Get a synoptic view of a company’s operation                                                 11:50   am
                                                       Trial Round (to help participants       11:50   am –
                                                       to understand techniques of             01:00   pm
•Size of the Group
•The programme will be conducted in a                  playing game)
competitive format where Maximum 32 participants       Lunch Break                       01:00 pm –
                                                                                               02:00   pm
form 8 teams of 4 participants each.                   1st   Round of Game   (1st   Quarter)   02:00   pm –
•They will represent all 8 virtual companies                                                   03:15   pm
Participants are expected to have knowledge of         Tea break                               03:15   pm –
basic economic, financial, operational and                                                     03:45   pm

inventory terms used in the business.                  2nd Round of Game (2nd Quarter)         03:45   pm –
                                                                                               05:15   pm
• Each Team must bring one laptop and know
                                                       Result of 2nd Quarter                   5:45 pm
use of Excel sheet . Calculator can be used to
carry out huge number calculations.                    Day 2

                                                       Session Opening                          09:30 am
Structure of the Business Simulation                   3rd Round of Game (3rd Quarter)          10:00   am    –
•Each team will play 4 – 5 Quarters.                                                            11:00   am
•Teams are given clear goals to achieve with           Tea break                                11:00   am    –
                                                                                                11:30   am
emphasis on financial gains Teams will be given
                                                       4th Round of Game (4th Quarter)          11:30   am    –
identity number to compare themselves with                                                      01:00   pm
competitors                                            Lunch Break                              01:00   pm    –
                                                                                                02:00   pm
. Duration and time schedule                           5th Round of Game (5th Quarter)          02:00   pm    –
                                                                                                03:15   pm
•Duration of the Programme will be about 2 days
                                                       Result of 5th Quarter                    4:00 pm
                                                                                                   LOCATION MAP OF DBIT, DEHRADUN
  Who Should Attend ?
  Lecturers Executives from Govt. and Private organization who are keen to develop
 Business decision making skill and Lectures who are involve involved in developing
 such skills in students.

 Registration fee –Each Team will have four participants preferably one with
 financial / Accounting background
 * Executives from industry / organizations     -- Rs 8000/=
 * Teams from Institutes                         -- Rs 4000/=
 Note: The Institutes may include one final year Student per team s. In case of
 mixed team of faculty and students the registration charges will Rs. 3500/-                                         Manduwala
 For Registration – Contact at. Dr. Amit Gupta & Dr. rahul Chamoli
                       Mob +919837513458 & +919634794858
 .Note: Due to the nature of 2012
 Last date of registration – 12 Oct, the programme and the learning
 expectations, the availability of seats are limited. You need to register
 early to obtain confirmation of your space.

About Dev Bhoomi Group Of Institutions, Dehradun [Estd 2005]

Dev Bhoomi Campus is located in a serene environment, in the picturesque location of
the lower Himalayas with a salubrious climate, about 15 Km from Dehradun city, off
Chakrata Road, National Highway NH - 72. The nearest Airport is Jollygrant about 35KMs
from the Institute. The sprawling main campus is spread in one piece of the land of 210                     Workshop on      Quality Control Concepts
Bighas , in the surrounding of greeneries, floras & faunas beside the National Forest                                      Organized by
The Group is running Ten Professional Institutions (each having individual premises /
                                                                                                              Department of Management Studies ,
buildings) are operated under Uttrakhand Uthan Samiti, and Shri Krishan Educational                    Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology , Dehradun-248001
Trust, non-profit Society / Trust Trust,     professionally managed by the Eminent
Academicians, Industrialists and Scientists. Keeping in tune with the upsurge in                                           Registration Form
technical developments, the Samiti being committed to the cause of quality education,
has established Ten Temples of Learning and Innovations. These are :                          Name of the Applicant : …………………………………………..
                                                                                              Name of the Organization : ……………………........………………
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, Dehradun (DBIT)         [ Estd in- 2005]                  Address : ……………………………………...……………………
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Management Studies, Dehradun (DBIMS)              [ Estd in 2007]
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Dehradun (DBIPR)            E std in 2007]
                                                                                              Contact Number …………………. Mobile ………………………
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology for Women, Dehradun (DBITW)          [ Estd in 2008]       Email ID: …………………………………………………………
Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand Utthan Samiti Group of Institutions, Saharanpur (UUSGI)             [   Amount …….....… DD/ Cash Dated …………Bank ……………
Estd in 2009]
TechWords Wali Gram Udyog Group of Institutions, Roorkee (TWWGGI)[                E std in
2009]                                                                                         Signature of the Applicant : ……………………..
Shri Krishan Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Kurukshetra          [ Estd 19 97]
Shri Krishan Polytechnic(Morning & Evening Shifts), Kurukshetra          [Estd 2005]

                                                                                                Lunch & Refreshments for two days for the
        Excellent Placement Record Over 1300 Students Placed –2012                                participants will be provided by DBGI
                For Placement details visit :

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