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Ref. No. 127 / Electricity Ombudsman / A (62) –dated 31.12.2010

Shri Rajesh Awasthi, Chairman
Shri Shree Ram, Member
Smt. Meenakshi Singh, Member

In the matter of:
Sub: Petition under section 142 of the Electricity Act 2003 for non compliance of the
order of Ombudsman on the basis of reference made by Ombudsman in accordance
with section 14 of UPERC (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Electricity
Ombudsman) Regulation 2007.

M/s Prakancha Metal Works Pvt. Ltd., 2 A / 393, Azad Nagar, Kanpur.

                                                                        -------- Petitioner


Executive Engineer, Electricity Distribution Division, Raniya, Kanpur Dehat.

                                                                      -------- Respondent
                                (Hearing on 10.4.2012)

The petitioner M/s Prakancha Metal Works Pvt. Ltd filed a complaint under section 142
of the Electricity Act 2003 for non compliance of Electricity Ombudsman’s order dated
30.12.2010 in appeal no. 62/2010.
The relevant portion of Electricity Ombudsman’s order is given below:
**miHkksDrk O;Fkk fuokj.k Qksje dkuiqj e.My dk vkns”k fujLr fd;k tkrk gSA
vH;kosnudrkZ dk c<k Hkkj izLrqr izkFkZuki= dh frfFk fnukad 31@1@2001
ls gh ekU; gS mlds fo:) yxk;h x;h isukYVh vkfn lekIr dh tkrh gSA izR;FkhZ
la”kksf/kr fcy fuxZr djsa ,oa vH;kosnudrkZ }kjk tek /kujkf”k dk lek;kstu fd;k
tk;s rFkk fnukad 10@6@2003 ls lek;kstu dh frfFk ds e/; dh vof/k esa
miHkksDrk }kjk tek vf/kd /kujkf”k ij 16 izfr”kr Nekgh pØo`f) C;kt iznku fd;k

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The complaint was received on 28.11.2011.           The Commission in its order dated
30.3.2012 directed respondent Executive Engineer to personally appear before it on
10th April 2012.

During the course of the hearing the petitioner and the respondent Executive Engineer
were present. The respondent was represented by Shri A. S. Rakhra, Advocate.

The respondent requested 3 weeks time to file the reply.

The Commission grants 3 weeks time to the respondent to file the reply and respondent
is directed to provide a copy to the petitioner. The petitioner is granted one week time to
file rejoinder.

   (Meenakshi Singh)                  (Shree Ram)                     (Rajesh Awasthi)
      Member                            Member                           Chairman

Dated:     20.4.2012

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