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                  Telamon leads Central Indiana in green energy application

                    Installing solar panels and new LED product result in substantial savings

Carmel, Indiana – February 22, 2012 – In its commitment to environmental sustainability, Telamon
Corporation recently completed two green projects, one of which was developed internally.
Trend Lighting T8 High-Bay LEDs (which are UL-certified), developed as a joint venture between Telamon
Energy Solutions (a subsidiary of Telamon Corporation) and Trend Lighting Corporation, replaced 100 high-
energy consuming metal halides. This installation is the largest in Carmel, a suburb of Indianapolis.
“The LED fixtures are rated to last more than three times longer than traditional metal halides which were
originally installed in the building,” according to Mike Morley, Facility & Safety Administrator. ROI on this
project is 4.6 years, and estimated energy conserved is 60%.
“Available soon for commercial application, the T8 High-Bay LEDs will provide substantial energy savings
especially for large, open buildings such as warehouses, supermarkets and gyms,” Morley continues.
Customers will enjoy seamless installation and smooth operation of this new LED system, he says.
The other project is the installation of the Telamon Solar Array, comprised of 230 Sanyo HIT solar panels
located atop the roof of the high-bay warehouse. This system allows Telamon to meet its goal of obtaining
10% of its electricity from renewable sources.
“The entire project – from conception to implementation – took only three months,” explains Morley. “We
took unused space on the warehouse roof for use in producing electricity.”
Under ideal conditions, the peak power output of the system could exceed 50kW. “That is a whopping 25%
of our total energy consumption. It is conceivable that on weekends our solar array may even put electricity
back into the grid, transitioning Telamon from an energy consumer to a producer,” Morley continues. The
high efficiency of the panels allows for an overall ROI of less than seven years. The 20-year power warranty
assures a lifetime of inexpensive power.
About Telamon Corporation
Telamon is a value-added distributor of telecommunication products plus a global provider of integrated supply chain
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About Trend Lighting
Based in Taiwan, Trend Lighting offers expertise in optics design, mechanical design, electrical design and thermal
management. For more information, visit

For more information:
Mike Morley, Facility & Safety Administrator
(317) 818-6752

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