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					                             SENIOR MEAL PROGRAM

Well-balanced, nutritious noon meals are available to persons age 60 and older and their spouse
of any age. All seniors are welcome regardless of income. A minimum donation is suggested
for the meal. Special diets are available for both congregate and home-delivered participants.

There are 9 senior meal sites located in 9 communities throughout the county. The congregate
setting provides socialization and an opportunity to participate in recreation, education and
wellness events. Look in the “Senior Sampler” newsletter and local newspapers for the meal
site nearest you and the monthly menu. Please call the meal site the day before to reserve a
meal. Call Senior Services for more information at 269-8690.

                                    NUTRITION SITES

                            CASHTON Meal Site – 608-487-6129
                             812 Main Street, Cashton, WI 54619
                                Carol Hultberg – Site Manager
                                  Serving Time: 11:30a.m.

                            CATARACT Meal Site – 608-487-6128
             Little Falls Town Hall, 4124 County Highway I, Cataract, WI 54620
                                 Renee Pratt – Site Manager
                                   Serving Time: 11:00a.m.

                          KENDALL Meal Site – 608-463-7622
                     Kenview Manor, 412 Spring St., Kendall, WI 54638
                              Joyce Thonesen, Site Manager
                                Serving Time: 11:30a.m.

                          NORWALK Meal Site – 608-343-3158
            Norcrest Senior Housing, 206 West Center Street, Norwalk, WI 54648
                             Shirley Degenhardt, Site Manager
                                 Serving Time: 12:00noon

                          SPARTA Meal Site – 608-269-6778
            Sparta Community Center, 1000 E. Montgomery St., Sparta, WI 54656
                              Paulette Bolton, Site Manager
                                Serving Time: 11:30a.m.

                    TERRY’S HIDEOUT (Restaurant) – 608-269-9953
                     10041 County Highway XX, Cashton, WI 54619
                        Terry Bjorkman, Owner (No site manager)
                      Serving Time: 11:30a.m. (TUESDAY ONLY)
                           TOMAH Meal Site – 608-372-7291
           Kupper-Ratsch Senior Center, 1002 Superior Avenue, Tomah, WI 54660
                                 Teri Rice – Site Manager
                                 Serving Time: 11:30a.m.

                           THE BOG RESTAURANT – 378-3514
                           3514 Blarney Road, Warrens, WI 54666
                             Georgette Martin, Owner/Manager
                            Serving Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

                             WILTON Meal Site – 608-487-6130
                  Wilton Fire Station, 806 Railroad Street, Wilton, WI 54670
                    Clarice Doyle/Peg Hedrick - Substitute Site Managers
                                   Serving Time: 11:30a.m.


1. A person age 60 or older and the spouse of the person regardless of age are eligible to
   participate in the congregate nutrition program. Any special dietary needs can be met. A
   donation of $3.50 per meal is requested. ($6.60 for those under 60 and no spouse over 60.)
   Actual meal cost is $9.12. (Door-to-door transportation is available at most meal sites.)

   A younger spouse may receive congregate meals on a contribution basis ONLY if the
   eligible spouse is or has been an active participant in the congregate meal program.

2. If meals are SERVED in housing facilities primarily occupied by the elderly, meals
   may be made available to non-elderly disabled individuals residing in the facility on a
   contribution basis.

3. Non-elderly individuals with disabilities, who reside at home with or accompany older
   individuals to the meal site, may receive meals on a contribution basis

4. There is an option of offering a meal, on a contribution basis, to non-elderly individuals who
   provide volunteer services during the meal hours.

   The decision to offer meals on a contribution basis to non-elderly volunteers must be
   approved by Age Advantage. Written procedures must be developed which describe how
   and when (such as hours and duties) non-elderly volunteers are eligible to receive a meal.

5. Any nutrition services staff, guests, and volunteers who are age 60 and over, are considered
   to be eligible older persons for purposes of receiving meals. These individuals must be
   given the same opportunity as any other regular participants to contribute to the cost of the
   meal in accordance with usual contribution procedures.

6. Residents of Group Living Homes

   a. There are no federal regulations, State laws or policies that require the Elderly Nutrition
      Program to subsidize meals provided to residents of a group living home.

7. Any special dietary needs can be met by meals available so that the meals would not
   jeopardize the health of the individual. Exceptions to this rule are restaurants:
   Terry’s Hideout (Sparta/Cashton) and The Bog (Warrens) who do NOT have special
   diets available.


Home-delivered meals are transported from the meal sites to individuals who are unable to
participate in the congregate setting. The individual must meet the guidelines below in order to
be able to receive them.

1. Individual must be 60 years of age or older or be a spouse of a person at least 60 years of age
   who participates in the program. A donation of $3.75 per meal is requested. Our cost to
   provide the meal and its delivery is $13.46. (Statements are sent out monthly.)

2. Disabled persons under 60 years of age may receive meals if they reside with older
   individuals or live in an elderly housing unit where congregate meals are served. Those
   under 60 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Meal cost for those under 60 is $7.90
   per meal.

3. Individual must be homebound. This means he/she does not leave his or her home under
   normal circumstances.

4. Person must be unable to participate in the congregate meals program because of physical or
   emotional problems. Most meal sites provide door-to-door transportation.

5. There is no spouse or other adult in the same house, building or area who is able to prepare
   all meals.

6. Any special dietary needs can be met by meals available so that the meals would not
   jeopardize the health of the individual.

7. Individual is able to feed himself or herself.
8. The individual is unable to physically or emotionally obtain food and prepare adequate

9. The individual agrees to be home when meals are delivered or to contact the meal site
   manger or our office when absence is unavoidable.

10. The individual must not have other resources to provide meals on weekends. Individual
    must have facilities to store weekend meals. The individual must be able to, or have a
    relative or friend, heat up prepared weekend meals.

11. Resident of Monroe County.

For information on home-delivered meals guidelines, contact the Nutrition
Program Coordinator at (608) 269-8692.


    JANUARY - New Year’s Day (or closest week day if falls on the weekend)

                                  APRIL - Good Friday

                                  MAY – Memorial Day

           JULY – 4th of July (or closest week day if falls on the weekend)

                               SEPTEMBER – Labor Day

                 NOVEMBER – Thanksgiving Day and the day after

DECEMBER – Christmas Eve (only when it falls between Tuesday – Friday) and
      Christmas Day (or closest week day if falls on the weekend)


When meal sites are closed due to inclement weather, home-delivered meals are also cancelled.
These cancellations are announced on local radio and television stations early in the morning.
Side streets and country roads may remain snow covered and slippery the day after a snowstorm
therefore, home-delivered meal drivers may arrive late with your meal. Please be patient and
wait 30 minutes after your usual delivery time to report an undelivered meal. Please have your
driveways, sidewalks and porch steps clear of snow and ice, so our drivers can deliver your
meals safely. Senior Services does not want to put the drivers at risk of falling and injuring
themselves. If you have trouble finding someone to shovel for you, contact Senior Services for
snow-shoveling options. The number is 269-8690 or 372-8690, Monday through Friday, 8:00
a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Remember to stock up on extra non-perishable food such as: canned soup, stew, tuna, fruit and
vegetable juices, canned fruit and vegetables. Other nourishing foods to keep on hand are:
peanut butter, pasta, rice and dry milk. It is important to have these available. You never know
when you will need them. BE PREPARED!

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